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Chapter 8


Lei sat by the fire pit, using its light to allow him to work on his newest seal-spell matrix. It had been only a week since he felt the pulse of a fraction of Eden's power being released due to a chain breaking, and his hands hadn't stop shaking yet; and to top it off he started let loose small burst of mana. It took his brother a day to calm down, and then Kyuubi herself finally let go of her boyfriend yesterday; being alive when the GF was made and witnessing its path of destruction and then to feel its power again shook her up greatly. For the mage it was different, it was like a punch to his face when he felt that power. It scared him that he might end up having to fight it; what scared him more is the fear they might fail their mission. Not even the Shimigami itself can take on the man made creature. He growled as his quivering hands ruined yet another slip of paper and crumpled it up and tossed it into the flame and started on a new one, only to have it turn to ash as his mana made another burst. "FUCK!" he shouted grabbed his hair and started to pull. The shout startled the rest of the gang, even making Carbuncle jump up in surprise from its nap. The red haired maiden sighed as she looked over to the mage who once again started to work on another sheet.

"Lei, you have to stop. For Kami sakes you have been so bugged out and have ruined several boxes worth of our blank seal paper! You're in no condition to be working on whatever it is you're working. And on that topic WHAT THE HELL IS IT?!!" The demon shouted out in frustration, making the blonde of the group and the green fox to jump again.

"It's a new teleportation seal." The mage growled out.

"But, um, we already have those." Naruto said as gently as he could, not wanting to add more tension than there already was as his six blonde fur tails and fox ears drooped. Unlike the others, he liked to keep his features hidden till battle thanks to the villagers who called him names and beat him. He looked at the full moon and sighed, it was like this between the two around this time. For his lover, every full moon week was when she was REALLY in the mood. Last time he ended up with a broken pelvis, but a big grin on his face. For his brother, The full moon is when he starts his period, his prankster period. The signs basically start with the pulsing of his mana and short temper before he starts to let loose with the pranks. Fortunately for the them, Lei's P.P. is only at its worse during the first hour, then it's just watching out for lots of sudden pranks for about a week.

"This one is different. The ones we use makes us have to travel to a certain seal to get to where we DO want to go. THIS baby here lets us go from seal to seal to seal without the walking and saving us time. . .time that we desperately need right now," the mage finished with a serious tone in is voice. "We don't have the pleasure anymore of sight seeing or easy paces. The world is in danger of another 'Purifying' Naruto, something that we do not want." and with that the mage went back to his work, swearing and tossing ruined and/or incorrect seal papers into the fire. "CARP ON A STICK!!!" he shouted at his latest failure. (a/n: I do say that a lot.)

With a growl, Kyuubi got up and dragged Naruto into their tent and shut, forgetting to place a silencing seal on the tent before she got busy of smothering her boyfriend in kisses as she purred and growled.

Meanwhile in another Universe

Naruto grunted as his face met the ground again. Spitting out the turf as he picked himself up he growled at his best friend for making him eat dirt. He narrowed his eyes and his six tails bristled. "Damn it Sasuke!" he shouted out at the other ninja who was smirking at him, his blood red tails flaying behind him. With a grunt the blonde wonder charge at the Uchiha and went in for an axe kick, only for it to be blocked like he wanted it. With a quick spin he back handed the dark haired ninja square in the jaw. "Ha!" the hyper active shinobi shouted as Sasuke rolled on the ground to recover from the attack. "Come on Sasuke, I say we take this up another level." The blonde smirked as he held out his wrist which had a band on it with a green gem on it.

Sasuke smirked as he held out his special band, the gem on this one though was red. "And I say it's about time we did." The one of the two last Uchiha stated as both ninjas crossed there arms, connecting the bands on each arms.



"ACTIVATION!!" Both shouted out and in a shimmering light their clothes changed into their Illumina Knight uniforms. "Let's do this!" both shouted at the same time and then charged each other once again

Back in the Mercs' Universe

Lei held his breath as he continue to put the ink onto the paper, so close he was to completing the new seal, unaware of the increase moaning coming from the tent. "Just a little more and I got it." he said softly, unaware another mana burst was ready to go within him.

"Oh baby!" a female voice moaned out and repeated louder and louder, the mage still not noticing.

Illumina Universe

The two kitsune princes were once again at a stand still, both cover in dirt and bruises. "Okay Naruto, I think it's time to go up another level." Sasuke said while smirking.

"Then lets not wait anymore." The blond stated and both crossed their arms once again

"BAN-" both started

M. Universe

"OOOOOHHHHHH NARUTO!!!!!" Screamed out a certain vixen and setting off a chain of events. Carbuncle waking up and slamming into a mage in fright which spooked said mage making him slide the ink brush against the seal paper changing what said seal does when charged with said power being a burst of mana on a large scale and being sent into the seal.

I. Universe

"KAI!!!" both young teens shouted out and another burst of energy covers them

The world freezes in place and person fades into existent. His blue hair in a small pony tail. His unique eyes having a strange symbol for pupil with a scar over his right eye. His left hand being robotic and shows with the blue denim jacket covering his red shirt. His denim pants being baggy and covering his shirt. "Hello all you sexy women and men out there. It is I, Cre A. Tor….00X. Now then it's time to explain rips." Cre stated as he clapped his hands together. "Now rips can happen in two ways. One way is through one powerful source sending out a burst into another universe. The other way is two polar opposite powers send out a pulse of immense power at the EXACT same time. Thank you for your time." He smiles and then disappear and time starts again.

Sudden the energy explodes and sends the two boys head first into tree trunks, knocking both of them out and into la-la land. But thanks to that they were not able to hear a certain group that fell from the sky and into trees and bushes with lots of thorns.

At the hospital

Akane snapped her head to the window as soon as she felt something she hadn't felt since she met her alternate self. "Hm, seems like we have some visitors." she said softly, as she went over her patients papers again.

"You say something?" One of her fellow nurses ask who over heard her.

"Nope, excuse me I have to go see Tsunade-sama about something." And with that the queen of the kitsune left to go see the Hokage.

Naruto grumbled as Kyu place another bandage on his face, covering his whiskers marks. Course he had better than his brother who was sporting an afro with scratches all over his bodies while Kyu and Carbuncle were just fine…cause they landed right on the mages spine. "So what happened?" the ninja asked as he let his girlfriend wrap the top of his head in bandage.

"A whole series of events that started with YOU forgetting to USE the SEALS I gave you." The mage growled and Kyu blushed a bit and pouted cutely. With a sigh the mage continue "when I messed up the seal I was working on I sent a pulse of mana through it and…well we fell from the sky and landed here. He looked over to the ruin tents and was happy they had everything sealed away. Reaching into his pocket he pulled out one of his gadgets that actually work and has use in the field. It looked like a telescope with several lenses on it all different colors on top of a stock and a hollow wooden tube. "I'm going to take my seal snipe ((A/N: yes I said snipe not sniper)) and see if I can't figure out where we are." he then took to the trees and landed on the highest branch and looked around through the lens. "Well I don't…see…OH MY KAMI NOOOOOO!!!!!" he screamed and fell off the tree. Causing the other members to circle around him. "It's….it's awful."

"WHAT, what is it?!!" The blonde shouted out in fear.

"We're in Kohona…and they removed my work of art!!" The mage cried as he sat up, covering his face with his elbow. "WHY, WHY?!!! Who could of done this?!!" suddenly the mage was under a spotlight and world disappeared; causing the others, even the baby GF to sweat drop at the sight.

"Ooooky, it's official Naruto. . . Your brother lost his mind."

"Kyu, I doubt he had one to begin with."

"Mew" the little green fox, who's left front paw that had a splint on it due to the fall being so high and hitting a branch, nodded in agreement with the other two.

"RIGHT!" The mage stood up suddenly and was all business. "We need to gather some info so it's time for recon. Naruto you're on your own on this one. Kyu, you need to take Carbuncle with you with his broken leg and all. We'll meet back up here by sunset. BREAK!" And with a wave of his hand the three flashed out of his sight while he made his way to the village. . . Sometimes it sucks being a mage, no high speed movements. "Show offs." he then frowns 'Why do I feel that something is wrong with my Arcane?'

With Naruto

Naruto was puzzled at what he was seeing from the villagers; no hated glares, no sneers, no bad whispers, just odd looks. He had remove is K.M. Jacket and hidden the steel plate on his headband to keep his identity hidden. 'What the hell? It's like they wonder why I look like this…and not bother with the ears and tails.' However his thoughts were cut off with a familiar smell filled his nose. With drool slowly going down his mouth he let his nose guide him to his favorite place in the entire world let alone the village. Ichiraku's ramen bar. Without a second thought he flashed into his personal seat and made his order, not noticing the odd glances the chief and waitress gave him before shrugging and go to make his order. "Oh man, nothing like a good bowl of ramen on a mission." he chuckled before he dug into his ramen.

"Naruto-kun?" a small voice came from behind him, turning his head the blonde soon started choking at what he was seeing.

With Kyu and Carbuncle

The Nine-tailed vixen sighed as she missed wearing her jacket, but it was for a good reason, leaving her in favorite white shirt with only one sleeve, to hide her daggers for her right arm, that accent her hair and eyes; her blue skirt only going to her knees show off her perfect legs, her boyfriend loves her leg, and ended with her boots. She gently petted her small friend while she made her way to the front gate, forgetting to hide her fox features while she made her way. "I swear these people really have no sense of the word security." she spoke softly so only the green little fox could hear her.

"Excuse me." A tiny voice spoke out, making Kyu stop and look around, only to look down to see a girl with lavender kitsune features who had the eyes of a certain powerful clan. Next to her was a full kitsune girl around the same age that looked like her when she was that young, number of tails, 3, and all. ((A/N: well she is)) "Are you here visiting the village?" Akemi asked as she looked over the elder kitsune.

Thinking as fast as she could on her feet she thought it would be best to go with the façade of being a tourist; course she still berated herself for forgetting to hide her tails and ears. 'and I'm supposed to be the sane one in the group'"Yes I am." She said as she kneeled down and smiled at her mini me. A small whimper came from her green friend whom she petted to calm down a bit, causing the two little girls to 'aw' at Carbuncle

"Then we'll give you the grand tour of our village then go see Kaa-san about your friend's paw!!" Akemi shouted as she pumped her fist into the air, joined soon by her friend Hanabi. And before Kyu could make any objections, both girls grabbed her sleeve and started to show her around, causing said woman to sweat drop.

'What have I gotten into.'

With Lei

Lei sighed as he look through the occult store looking for Tarot cards, since his were lost meaning he's not only have to get a new one. . .he'd have to sleep with it under his head all over again. "Damn it, if I didn't need these right now I wouldn't worry about this. Damn Arcane. . . If it weren't so powerful and needed I'd laugh at it." he mumbled to himself as he looked over all the cards they had 'So many damn decks, ah there it is!' he thought as he pulled out the eldest looking deck and went to the clerk and smiled gently.

"I'd like to buy this deck, would gold be good currency. I'm afraid it's all I have." The young woman smiles and nods and soon started to drool at the five gold pieces falling from the mages hand, all shaped like coins. "Each one weighs about 2 oz., oh and keep the change." he said with a fox like smile and picked up his new deck and left.

Unlike his two teammates the mage went full out with his disguise after the team broke off for information. He hid his fox trait with his spell and also changed out his jacket with a large purple over coat with studded sleeves with red trimming, a white undershirt under that. With another spell he changed his hair from his normal style to short, straight gray hair. On top of his head was a purple hat with a red band on it with a symbol of a fox on it. He also had on a pair of purple studded pants with black boots and white gloves to finish his look ((A/N: Think of Grave from Gungrave)). All these changes made by spells he made himself, since no ninja can sense mana he could always go full out with magic to hide himself. But right now he was frowning as he shuffled his deck again after his tenth test.

"It's just as I thought, the Arcane is weaken severely to the point I can only use level one Fool type spells. Fortunately all his hiding spells fall under that level and he still had his elemental matrix spells. "Not only that, I'm also cut off from most of summons. Where the hell did we end up?" he mumbled to himself before rubbing his head. "Damn, I guess I should pull a prank or something to relax myself." he then put his new deck away and left the stone park table, only to hear a certain perverted giggle. Ah, his prank victim made himself known, he always loved the easy one. With a quick mutter of spell lexis he smirked like a fox when he saw a white haired man going flying into the female hot springs; soon followed by screams of pain from the man. Suddenly the mage's smirk grew wider and dark as he made his way to the ANBU head quarters. His period has started.

With Akane

The kitsune queen shivered suddenly as she felt something wash over her. "Akane-chan are you alright?" the current Hokage asked from behind her desk, wondering why one of her fellow medic-nins was in her office.

"I felt a disturbance in the force." she spoke softly before trying to shake it off and get to the point at hand.

With Naruto

It took a lot of effort to keep him from sputtering and pointing at the sight before him. To start with, he saw a supposed to be dead girl that set his way of the ninja with a group of some of his friend and a brown haired girl he never saw in his life. Two, all of them are younger than he is, throwing him for a bigger loop. And thirdly, three of them had fox ears and tails. 'Where…the HELL did bro send us?!!' he thought to himself as he try to recompose himself. "HEY GUYS!!" he shouted in his. . .former life style, with a big fox grin and a loud voice.

"Naruto, what happen to you and where's Sasuke? Didn't you two go off for a spar?" The brown haired, slivered fur girl asked; looking to be the leader of the group to Naruto's view.

"Well Sasuke was worn out from our fight so he headed home and I decided what I look like when I was older so I put up a henge. So you guys like how I'll turn out?" He said with a smirk as he entered a pose. If there was one talent he was ever thankful for was his ability to think on his feet better than anyone. 'heh, man am I glad for all those pranks I did' unknown to him, someone in the group wasn't too sure that this Naruto was their Naruto.

'Why do I feel that this isn't my Naruto?' a young heiress and second princess thought, both being the same person.

'He doesn't even look like me!!' The inner Naruto in her shouted as he pouted, 'He has to be from another person like that other NARUTO!!'

'But he seems to know us' she thought talk to her inner boyfriend. ((A/N: oookay, raise your hand if that sounded creepy))

'Then give him a test or something.'

"Hey guys, remember why we came looking for him." Ino stated, forcing Hinata back into reality.

"Oh that's right! We started looking for you to ask you if your powers feel a little off. So far we can guess that something is off with our Illumina powers." Kasumi explained to her 'brother'.

"Well now that you mentioned it, both me and the teme felt a little bit weird. But we shrugged it off as being tired from the sparring. So that's why we ended it and he went home, probably asleep by now." the prince of pranks beautifully lied. 'Thank you Kami for that bit of info…but what are Illumina powers?'

"Maybe if we had a training session, it might show us what's up with our powers." Haku suggested, receiving nods from all the knights and Naruto.

"Alright! To the training grounds!!" shouted the leader of group shouted out and soon Naruto found himself being dragged off.

Now back to Kyu

The female member of the mercenary group let out a sigh as she was dragged all over the village, from the front gate to the hot springs. "And here is the heaven to all the women and girls of Kohona, THE MALL!!" the chibi red furred kitsune proudly proclaimed as she presented it to Kyu who started to drool at the sight of the large building.

"It's….it's so beautiful." she whispered as she wiped the tear in her eye. Carbuncle just rolled its eyes at her reaction.

"Come on, there's still more to see!!" The violet furred half kitsune stated as she dragged Kyu away from the mall.

"NOOOOOO!!! LEAVE ME BEHIND!!!" The mercenary cried as tears fell from her eyes as she started to have a hissy-fit causing many of the people to sweat drop at the sight as they dragged her to the Hokage tower.

Back with the two knocked out knights

With a heavy groan, the eyes of the wind knight start to flutter open, "Ugh, what the hell happen?" he whispered to keep his headache from getting worse. Looking around he sees his best friend starting to wake. "Oi, Sasuke, you okay?"

"Hn, I feel like I slammed head first into a tree." Sasuke said and then looked at a tree and saw a dent that looked like his head. "Oh, I did." he spoke with a sweat drop coming off from his head.

"Come on, lets go see Kaa-san to get patched up." The blonde ninja before picking up his friend and limping out of the clearing.

Back with Naruto and most the Illumina Knights

Naruto was amazed at what he was seeing right in front of him. As he watched each match go, these kids shouted out some words and BAM! They transform and gain new abilities, each one with a different element. 'Holy Damn! If we're not careful these guys can give us a run for our money' the mercenary thought as he watched Neji shoot off lighting from an attack which was blocked by a stone being summoned by Chouji. 'Oh carp on a stick!! They think I'm their Naruto who's supposed to have that kind of power!' at this revelation the merc started to sweat a bit.

"Oi, Naruto it's our turn." The only brunette of the young group before moving to the center of the training ground. "Why don't we start off with shinobi techniques only to start with?"

Naruto had to smirk, his dumb luck just bought him some more time to think of a way to escape with as little injury as possible. "Sure thing sis. Sounds like a lot fun actually." He stated confidently as he stood up and then drew his sword and stabbed it into the ground before entering into his personal stance. "I hope you're ready for a good fight."

Kasumi was a bit surprised at the stance her 'brother' took, but wrote it off as more of his secret training and then put on her own Uzumaki grin "I'm always ready to fight."

Naruto had to use all his will power to keep his eye from twitching 'that's MY grin!! How DARE she use that. Oh I'm going to SUE HER ASS!!!' he ranted in his head. Before anyone could see it the blonde mercenary was under her and coming up with a kick. However she quickly pulled off a back flip in an attempt to not only to dodge the attack, but to clip him in the chin. Sadly she was only able to pull off the former for the blonde wonder quickly side stepped and brought his lifted foot down where she was going to land. Fortunately she rolled the side and attempted to knock him off balance with a sweep kick, only for him to jump backwards and get back into his original fighting stance. He smirked HIS smirk.

'Ooookay, he's been seriously training or something is very wrong' Was what went through everyone's mind.

With Akane and the Hokage

It was taking every once of their great strength to only chuckle at the sight before them. Six member of the ANBU were standing before the two most powerful women to report of an attack on their HQ….a prank attack. Indeed the black ops had been pranked. Their uniforms were now bright red and their hair hot pink. Their mask though, they looked like they were having bloody noses. "S….so is th….that all you have t…to report?" Tsunade asked, her knuckle in her mouth trying her best to keep it in. They nodded. "Thank you I….I'll look into it. Dismiss." and with that the ANBU vanish from view…..and the two were on the floor laughing their sexy asses off ((A.N. : WHAT?!! You look me in the eye and tell me they don't have they hottest rumps ever!! ((Gets hit with a mallet with the words "Pervert Basher 2500" on it by NeoKenshin)) )).

"That….that was the greatest prank I have ever seen!!" Akane stated between her laughter as tears fell from her eyes.

"Well, well, well, it seem Lei has finally went into his Prank Period." a sweet yet seductive voice said. Quickly the two women calmed themselves down and look to see a kitsune woman standing in between the two youngest kitsune girls in the village.

"Hey, Kaa-san, we found her coming into the village to visit so we lead her around and came here for her to see you." The red headed girl said happily.

"Ah, so this is the other me." Akane stated as she stood up and looked Kyu over, "You look almost-"

"Like this sweet little thing here," Kyu stated as she patted the top of Akemi's head, "I thought the same thing. So I guess Lei did send us to different dimension if you're me." she stated as she looked Akane over. "Just call me Kyu."

"Call me Akane. So do you mind telling me how you got here?" Akane asked her newly met counterpart.

"Well, only Lei would really know. But for the next hour he'll be hard to talk to; so we might as well find MY Naruto first."

"Wait, so that wasn't done by your dimension's Naruto?" The blonde in the room questioned as she remembered what happened to the ANBU and giggled.

"Nope, and knowing Lei he has already started his latest prank and making it bigger as he's planning the ultimate prank." Kyu let out a heavy sigh. "I swear when he has his period it's like he's a different person." With a clap of her hand she suddenly got a smile on her face. "Well come on, we need to find my Naruto and a team to help us contain my crazy friend." Carbuncle yipped, as it picked up its head from its resting place on her shoulder. "Oh, and maybe get my little friend some medical attention." She giggled innocently which made the rest of the females in the room wonder if she really was a Kyuubi.

With the knights and the mercenary

'Okay something is not right with Naruto' Kasumi thought as she panted heavily as she looked at Naruto. 'It's like he's not Naruto, yet he is' ". . . wait a minute." She said as she stood and look over Naruto, and noticed where the two bandages were on his face. "Say Naruto, what happened to your cheeks, are you just covering up your whiskers?" she asked.

"What is she talking about, didn't his birthmarks fade away?" Tenten whispered to the rest of the group.

"I think she thinks he's a fake, like I do." Hinata stated, "When we first met him, I felt something was off about him. He could be like that other one and could be from a different dimension. We just have to see how this plays out." she whispered to the group who nodded in understanding.

"Hey! I take pride in my whisker marks!" Naruto shouted in anger and pulled off the two bandages to show them to the world. "SEE!!" he froze as the girl smirked that just said 'got you'. "Oh son of a…"

"Sorry, but MY brother lost his whisker marks during an invasion." Kasumi said as she stood straight up and dusted her clothes off. No sooner than when the secret was out, the two missing knights stumbled out of the woods. "Oh there he is right now."

"Huh?" both Naruto stated at the same time and turned to each other, "what the?!!" both started to examine the other.

"Damn you're short." M. Naruto started flatly which infuriated I. Naruto ((A/N: M for Mercenary and I for Illumina))

"WHAT THE HELL!!!" I. Naruto shouted and dropped his friend from his shoulder. "The first thing you say to me is that I'm SHORT?!!"

"Cause he likes to ruffle peoples hair the wrong way." a sweet voice spoke from behind the large group. They turned to see the hokage, the queen of the kitsune, the youngest fox feature children in the village, and one other woman with a smirk on her face.

"Oh come on Kyu, I'm not that bad." M. Naruto fake pouted but then wore a grin of his own.

"Wait a minute…oh no, not again!" I. Naruto said, smacking his forehead.

"I'm afraid so Naru-chan. Looks like we've got some guests from another world." Hinata said to her confused fiancé.

"Oh so this must be the Kyuubi of the other dimension. I have to say he does have a very hot mom." Neji stated…only to receive a hard elbow to his midsection from his girlfriend along with an icy glare from the Ice Illumina Knight.

"Mom?" Both mercenaries said at the same time with blank stares, which quickly turned into a lust filled grin as they turn to look at each other and then embraced. "Well, we haven't role played that in a while have we?" The vixen spoke with a silk like voice and moved her face closer to his. Causing nearly all of the viewers, including a now awake Sasuke, to raise a brow.

"Yeah it has been, I thought it was very exciting and surprise we haven't done that in awhile." The tall blonde man started in a husky voice.

'Oh kami…please tell me they're not talking about' Everyone there was thinking that was a teenager or older.

"I had goose bumps the whole night and day afterwards." The Red minx stated and then kissed her lover.

That did it. Everyone but the two kids started to scream and gag. Some even tried to tear out their eyes. "OH GOD THAT'S WRONG….IT'S LIKE NARUTO IS KISSING KAA-SAN!!!" The leader of the Illumina knights screamed as her brother was losing his lunch behind a tree, Hinata rubbing his back to comfort him. The two kids just tilted their heads wondering what's going on.

Both Mercs laughed at the sight before them before looking at the Hokage Mountain and chuckle. "Well it seems like Lei has started huh?" M. Naruto stated. The sight before was a colorfully done mountain side with all the hokage's with bloody noses and all looking at a drawn pin up girl on the far side of the mountain.

"Yep, we better go find him." Kyu stated and then noticed everyone was finally starting to calm down, though still looking a little green.

"So, that was the guy that sent me to the hospital huh?" the toad sennin stated, scaring everyone at his sudden appearance…only to start laughing at the lone ANBU with pink hair a red suit.

"HA HA HA, laugh it up." The Yondaime stated with a twitch in his eye.

"Come on, we're going need all of you to help catch him and hold him for about an hour." M. Naruto stated as he picked up his sword and strapped it to his back. "Personally, I want to see how you guys do. Lei isn't know as the hidden prankster for nothing." HE grinned a grin that sent down shivers through their bodies as they started to follow aware of a pair of miss match eyes watching them. With a grin, the hidden figure moved silently, it was time to set up his greatest prank to date.

To be Continued . . . .

Omake One:

"Heh, heh, heh. Oh this is brilliant, pure gold!" Cre, Shouted as he continued to type on his PC, the screen reflecting off his glasses.

"I don't know. . .isn't that a little much?" NeoKenshin asked quietly as he looked over the work.

"My comrade, OF COURSE IT'S TOO MUCH!! THAT'S WHAT MAKES IT FUNNY!!" The blue haired wonder shouted as he stood up, flames bursting behind him, making Neo step back scared as he started to sweat. "ONLY THROUGH THE USE OF OVER DOING STUNTS CAN ANYONE LAUGH HARD AND CRY!! IT MAKES THEM WANT TO READ MORE!!" He continued to shout as he raised his arms over his head. With a scream, Kenshin found himself pulled to an open window with Cre pointing to the stars. "My brother, the stars shine down on us. With our combined Fanfiction Author powers, WE WILL CONQUER THE WORLD AND HAVE WOMEN JUMPING AT US TO TAKE THEM!!!"

"SHUT UP!!!" A random person shouted and tossed a boot towards Cre, Only for the red eyed man to move the innocent FF Author in the way, receiving a boot to the head.

"GAH!!" Neo cried out before getting knocked out and falling to the ground.

"NO!!! MY BROTHER!!" Cre shouted and quickly went to his side, "Fear not my brother, I will avenge you!! IN YOUR NAME I WILL MAKE OUR DREAM COME TRUE!!!"

"YOU'RE THE ONE THAT GOT HIM HURT!!" Kasumi shouted and bashed Cre into the ground. "BAKA BAKA BAKA!!" She shouted out, smashing him into the ground more each time. With a huff she left him on the ground as she took her knocked out creature out of the room.

"Oh….the fate…of a fanfic…author" Cre manage to say before become unconscious.

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