Summer Camp

Author: Tara AKA lovinjackson :-)

Summary: Sam is happy when John allows him to join his friends on Summer Camp but will Sam's need for normalcy put himself and his big brother in danger?

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Summer Camp

Chapter 1. Friday Afternoon

Time always seemed to slow down on Friday afternoons, or at least that's what Dean thought as he sat trying to zone out the noise of his Economics teacher rambling on about stuff that in his opinion was totally useless and not to mention boring. He couldn't stop himself from staring at the clock that was situated above the blackboard at the front of the class. The bell signaling the end of the day would be going any minute but the more he stared at the clock the slower the seconds ticked by.

It was the end of the week and all Dean wanted to do was get out of there and forget about school for the entire weekend. It wasn't that he was terrible at school, in fact he got good grades in most of his classes, but at seventeen he was now heavily involved in the Winchester family business and he didn't see how any of this was going to help him in hunting ghosts and other supernatural beings. If given the choice he would pick helping his Dad out on a hunt over school any day but unfortunately he didn't get a choice in that department.

Dean had already suggested to his father that he leave school and join the hunt full time but John had disagreed stating that he wanted both his boys to get a decent education, telling Dean that his mother would have wanted them to at least finish High School. John rarely spoke about Mary and Dean wasn't one to disobey his father's orders so here he was Friday afternoon waiting for the bell to go to end his boredom.


"Finally" Dean muttered, shoving his notebook in his backpack and started for the door.

"Those assignments are due on Monday people." Mr. Graham, the old grey haired Economics teacher, shouted over the rush of his students, "Mr. Winchester a moment please,"

Dean stopped in his tracks and closed his eyes, "So close!" he said to himself, then turned around and ambled over to his teacher's desk.

"Sir I have to meet my brother."

"Can you repeat anything I have taught today?" Mr. Graham asked ignoring Dean's comment about his brother.

"Economics," Dean answered sarcastically.

Mr. Graham gave Dean a foul look. He was not impressed, "Mr. Winchester, you have only been at our school for two months and already you have missed numerous classes and rarely hand in any assignments. What do you have to say for yourself?"

Dean was saved from having to answer the question by the sound of the classroom door opening. Both Dean and Mr. Graham turned and looked towards the sound to see a woman with short brown hair, who Dean recognized as his English teacher, poke her head around the door.

"Sorry to interrupt you Mr. Graham." She said in a way of greeting.

"What can I do for you Miss Northam?" Mr. Graham asked looking annoyed at being interrupted.

"I needed to see Dean about something, are you finished with him yet?"

Dean looked up at this /Great what have I done now?/ he thought. He looked back at his Economics teacher who once again looked annoyed. But if Dean thought about it the old man always looked annoyed.

Mr. Graham snorted, "Fine you can have him now."

"Thank you."

"I suggest you take your education serious young man." Graham said sternly looking over his glasses at Dean.

"Yes Sir." Dean answered politely remembering that his father had warned him about getting in trouble at school and after all, any more smartass remarks would only keep him there longer.

"You're dismissed."

Dean didn't need to be told twice. He made his way out the classroom quickly following Miss Northam out into the now deserted corridor.

The two started walking down the hall when Dean spoke up, "You wanted to see me about something Ma'am?"

She stopped walking and turned to look at him making him realize why out of all his classes he didn't mind English so much. She was really attractive. Dean guessed she was probably around 35 years old; she had brown eyes and short brown hair and definitely made English a much more enjoyable experience. Plus out of all the teachers that he had had over the last couple of years, she didn't automatically think he was a trouble maker. She treated him like he was worth the time. So although school wasn't his number one priority, it was still nice to have someone on his side.

"Not really," she answered, "I was walking past and saw that you were about to get a dressing down from Mr. Graham so I thought I would come to your rescue."

"Umm … not that I'm not grateful but why?" he asked confused.

"Well for one Mr. Graham happens to be an old grump and secondly it's a real drag to be kept behind on a Friday afternoon."

Dean gave her a genuine smile, "Thanks."

"Your welcome, but he is right about one thing Dean," She stated and she started walking again, Dean following her, "You should take your education a little more seriously. You're a smart kid and if you put your mind to it you could go really far."

"Thanks." He said again, not knowing what else to say to the compliment he had just received.

"Well you better get moving your brother will be waiting for you." She reminded him with a friendly smile.

Dean's eyes widened as he remembered his brother, "Sammy!" he exclaimed and took off running down the hallway, then all of a sudden skidded to stop, "Thanks again Miss Northam!" he thanked her then took off running again.

Jacqueline Northam just shook her head, smiling, as she watched the boy tearing down the corridor. She didn't bother telling him off for running in the corridor because it would have been a waste of time.


Sam sighed as he looked at his watch for what felt like the thousandth time. Dean was almost 10 minutes late and as much as Sam liked school he didn't want to spend his whole Friday afternoon in the schools parking lot.

He leaned back on the black 1967 Chevy Impala, Dean's Impala. That still sounded weird to his ears. Since before he was born the car had been cherished by his father and Sam's whole life had been in that car. Their father had finally given the car to Dean for his 16th birthday after much nagging on Dean's part, but it still felt weird to call the family car Dean's car.

He looked down at his watch again and started to get frustrated. He really hoped the reason for Dean's delay didn't mean that he had gotten in trouble because Sam wanted his father in a good mood when he got home.

The school had informed all the students today that for the first month of the summer holidays they were going to hold a summer camp. The group of friends that Sam had managed to make in the short time they had been in Blue Earth Minnesota had told him that they were planning on going and asked Sam if he was going to go too. Sam had told them that he wanted to join them but would have to ask his Dad. Since they had come to Blue Earth they had been staying with their family friend and fellow Hunter Pastor Jim Murphy and Sam was hoping to get his help in convincing his Dad to let him go.

Sam knew that his father's other friend Caleb was coming down during the break and had asked for John's help in hunt and that John was planning on bringing both his boys with him. He knew Dean couldn't wait to go on a hunt. They hadn't been on a real good hunt since staying with Pastor Jim and Dean was itching to get back into it. Sam on the other hand was not. At thirteen he was starting to feel like he wanted more in life than just hunting, he was the only kid he knew at his age who was proficient in cleaning, loading and firing of a numerous number of weapons, and some of the many criminal activities that were imperative in the life of a hunter.

Sam wanted some normalcy. He wanted to stay in the one place for more than a couple of months, he wanted to join a soccer team and he didn't want to have to see his brother and father come back injured from hunting. So he was going to start out by trying to get his father to allow him to go on this camp. Caleb's job would probably go a lot smoother without him tagging along anyway. Well he hoped his dad would see it that way.

He looked up when he heard a noise and saw his brother jogging towards him.

"Why are you so late?" Sam asked when Dean came to a stop next to the driver side door of the car.

"Mr. Graham asked me to stay behind." Dean answered unlocking the car door, then leaning over to unlock Sam's side.

"You didn't get into trouble again did you?" Sam groaned as he slid into the passenger seat placing his backpack on the floor in front of him.

"Would you believe he wanted to commend me on my outstanding work?" Dean asked as he started the car, smiling at the sound.

"Umm … no," Sam said rolling his eyes.

"It was nothing." Dean told him, pulling the car out onto the street and started heading for Pastor Jim's.

"So you're not in any trouble?"

'No! Dude what's your problem?" Dean asked frowning.

"Nothing I just need Dad in a good mood today that's all."

"Why? What do you want?"

"Well if you must know I wanna go on summer camp with the school. It's only 2 hours away from here and it's being held at this old Orphanage that was restored. It's on this land in the country somewhere and all my friends are going." Sam rambled, hoping to get his brother on his side as well.

"You wanna go on summer camp?" Dean asked incredulously.


"Sammy it's for geeks and Dad will never go for it. You know he's been planning this job with Caleb for a while."

Sam scowled, "It's not for geeks Dean and I don't see why I shouldn't be allowed to go!"

Dean looked at his brother and rolled his eyes at the petulant look Sam was giving him, making him look every bit the child that he was.

"You wanna know why? Because you need all the practice you can get. Its good training, that's why you're coming on this hunt,"

"All I'm asking for is one summer camp … it doesn't even run all summer. It's just for one month."

Dean sighed as he turned onto Jim's street," Look Sammy I'm not saying you shouldn't be allowed to go, I'm saying that Dad isn't gonna let you out of this hunt."

"Can you back me up?" Sam looked up at his brother hopefully, giving his famous puppy dog look that rarely failed with his older brother.

"I'll do what I can but I can't promise anything." Dean relented.

"Thanks Dean." Sam beamed.

"Yeah, yeah Geek boy,"

"Shut up."

"You shut up."

"You shut up."

"You shut up."

"Are you sure your seventeen?" Sam asked sarcastically.

"Shut up." Dean smirked.

"My point exactly,"

Pulling into the driveway of Jim's house which was situated right next to the church Dean saw that his father's truck was parked further up the driveway.

"Oh look Dad's home." He commented.

"Great." Sam said unenthusiastically as he opened the door and got out of the car.

He had been hoping that he would have a few moments to explain his plans to Pastor Jim first but now that his father was home that wasn't really an option. It would be better to just come out and ask.

He followed Dean up the steps and into the house, the whole way preparing how he was going to ask his father in his mind.

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