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Chapter 32. Wouldnt Have It Any Other Way

Two days, it had already been two days since he had made the worse decision of his life. The worst thing about it was that he hadn't been the only one his decision had affected. Dean and Caleb had been hurt and could have possibly been killed. If that had of happened Sam knew that he would have never been able to forgive himself.

Caleb hadn't lasted long in the hospital at all he had stayed the first night mainly because he had been put to sleep by pain meds but by late afternoon the next day he had been nagging to be let out. Being twenty six he hadn't needed to ask John's permission to be released and he had signed his own forms once the doctors had agreed to let him go on the assurance that he would use the crutches he had been issued and that he would be staying with someone for at least a few days. John assured Caleb's doctor that Caleb would be a good boy or he would drag him back in himself. Sam had smiled at the look on Caleb's face and his quiet muttering of "Anyone would think I was six, not twenty six." Sam hadn't bothered to say that Caleb wasn't far off with that statement.

Dean's condition had not been so simple. He had been asleep since he had been brought in. The doctors assured them that besides the bruising and cuts to his face he was fine but his body was suffering from severe exhaustion and had shut down in order to recover. They said that Dean would wake up when he was ready. It was strange to see his brother lying there so still for such a long amount of time. Dean was always in motion; he hated staying still and had a very short attention span if things didn't interest him enough. Sam theorized that that was probably why Dean hated school so much.

"Sammy?" Sam's musings were interrupted by the quiet call of his name.

He turned to the form on the bed and saw his brother's green gaze settled on him and he thought it was the best thing he had ever seen, "Dean, you're awake."

"Great deduction there Sherlock," Dean quipped tiredly, still seeming half asleep but Sam smiled. If Dean was being sarcastic he was probably okay, "How long have I been out?"

"Two days." Sam moved his chair closer to Dean's bed.

"You're kidding me?" Dean asked, waking up a little bit more.

"Nope, Doc says your body needed the rest," Sam explained as he stood up and lifted the head of the bed a little so that Dean could sit up, "Do you remember what happened?"

Dean frowned and then looked at Sam, "Bastard ghost possessed me."

"Yeah … I-I'm sorry about that." Sam lowered his gaze.


"I'm sorry that I didn't believe you … I was acting like an asshole and you got hurt because of it and I'm really sorry."

"Sam, look at me," Dean demanded and Sam lifted his head and met Dean's eyes, "That is not your fault."

"Yeah it is Dean. If we had of worked together from the beginning …"

"We might have both been screwed. There's no point in playing the 'what if' game Sammy."

Sam sighed, "Yeah maybe, but that still doesn't excuse my behavior. I should have trusted you."

"Yeah you should have," Dean said seriously, "but …

"You should hate me for how I've treated you. You're a really great brother Dean and sometimes I forget everything you do for me. I mean I would never have even gotten to go on that camp if it hadn't been for you. I should have been grateful not treat you like crap … I'm sorry Dean."

Dean stayed silent looking at his brother for a moment. It warmed his heart to hear his brother say that he thought he was a great brother and how much he appreciated him but as much as he had been cursing Sam for his behavior during the camp he hated to see his brother feeling badly.

"Sammy, you're my little brother, you're supposed to be annoying and ungrateful it's in the rules. I'm the big brother. I'm supposed to be amazing and great," Dean smirked.

Sam rolled his eyes, "Dean I am trying to apologize here man."

"Look Sammy yeah you have been a major pain in the ass but dude I could never hate you, you're my brother."

"Is that another brother rule?"

"Damn straight."

"Can you forgive me?"

"If I say yes will this chick flick moment end?"

"Dean …"

"Yes Sammy I forgive you …happy now?" Dean answered exasperated.

Sam smiled, his shoulders feeling a little lighter as Dean took his burden away, looking after him as he always did, "Yeah thanks Dean."

"Great," Dean said, glad that that was over with, "Where's Dad?"

"He's been a busy man, while you have been sleeping. The cops have been by asking questions about what happened and why he was even there."

"What did he say?"

"He told them that there had been a family emergency so he had come to pick us up when he couldn't get a holed of anyone at the camp."

"What about all the people that were possessed. I mean they set the damn building a light with kids inside it."

"Miss Northam came by before the police did and spoke to dad. They agreed that telling the cops that they had been possessed wouldn't be exactly believable so they decided to say that Mrs. Chipshaw had made them sick and that's why they went nuts."

"What does the old bitch have to say?"

"Nothing … she's dead. The cops found her body in the study pretty badly burnt." Sam walked over to the cabinet on the other side of the room and poured a glass of water when he saw Dean lick his lips, "Here," he said once he was back at his brother's bed side.

"Thanks," Dean took a couple of sips before handing it back to Sam, "How are they? I know my experience wasn't something I ever want to do again."

"Umm as far as I know they are all recovering nicely … well … everyone but Mr. Graham, Dad said that he had been possessed for too long and his body was just to worn out."

"Stacey?" Dean suddenly remembered.

"She's fine, just a slight concussion and smoke inhalation. She came by to see you yesterday and I gave her Pastor Jim's number, she said she would call you soon."

"Thank God." Dean sighed as he leant back into his pillow."

"You really did a number on Dane," Sam commented.

"Oh yeah … that had been a long time coming," Dean stated, an angry look in his eyes at the memory of why had had beaten the shit out of the other kid.

"Cops haven't said anything to us about that so hopefully that mean's you won't get in trouble for that."

"So did Dad complete the job?"

"That's what he went to do last time he left. He had to wait till the cops left the area plus he was going to make a phone call to Pastor Jim to make sure that Caleb was behaving himself." Sam laughed.

"Shit Caleb … how is he?" Dean remembered everything about the fight with Caleb.

"He's fine. Knee's in a cast and he has been forced back to Pastor Jim's to lick his wounds with strict instructions to use the crutches and do as he is told, like a good little boy," Sam smirked as he remembered Caleb complaining about being treated like a child yet still doing exactly what John told him to do.

"Man I really did a number on him," Dean groaned.

"Oh yeah I have a message from him for when you woke up," Sam said reaching into his pocket and pulling out a piece of folded paper.

Dean opened it up and read Caleb's familiar handwriting, 'Deuce, get off the guilt trip oh and don't go getting any ideas. Possessed is the only way you will ever kick my ass, remember that. Now get your ass back to Jim's so I have someone to join in my misery, your old man is a spoil sport and Jim's not much better.' Dean grinned and folded the note and looked back at his brother, "So when do I get out of here?" he asked looking expectantly.

Sam looked at him for a moment like he had forgotten about something, "Oh … I guess I should probably tell them that you're awake."

Dean nodded, "Probably."

"I'll be right back." Sam turned around and headed out the door to Dean's room.

Dean stared at the door for a moment after Sam went through it, thinking about everything that had happened since the start of the summer. He was really starting to believe that Sam was right. Maybe his family was cursed. They couldn't even go on a normal school camp without running into crazy ass ghost's wanting to possess people. It just proved his point that they weren't made out for normal. He just hoped that Sam realized that sooner or later. It would be easier on everyone, but for some reason Dean thought that Sam's phase at wanting a normal life was going to last longer than they all thought. The next few years was definitely going to be a trial if the last year was any indication. He sighed and looked at the paper in his hands. Caleb's way of saying that everything was okay and that he held nothing against him. He knew though that he would always feel a little guilty but also knew that they would probably never talk about it. It was just their way and Dean was fine with that because Caleb's note had said enough. He relaxed more into the mattress and waited for Sam to come back. He couldn't wait for his father to finally arrive so that he could get out of the damn hospital.

One week later.

"Ha! You're gonna have to do a little better than that Damien, unless you don't mind me taking all your money," Dean teased as he reached over and grabbed the bills that were in the middle of the table.

"Damn that was hard earned cash Deuce," Caleb griped as he sat on the other side of Jim's kitchen table, his injured leg out in front of him being held up by another chair.

"Hard earned? Like you have ever been hard up for cash Mr. Heir to the Ames family fortune," Dean smirked.

"Yeah well what can I say? I'm special," Caleb responded as he shuffled the cards.

"Yeah special alright," Dean countered making a circular motion next to his head.

"Smartass much?" Caleb asked and then dealt the cards between him and Dean.

"Moronic much?" Dean countered.

Sam stood in the kitchen doorway watching the two hunters banter back and forth. He walked into the kitchen shaking his head at them as he passed, "Remind me again how old you two are?"

"Old enough to order you around runt, now get me a beer from the fridge," Caleb answered, getting a snicker from Dean.

"Get it your self Hop Along," Sam replied, getting a laugh from Dean when he saw the glare Sam had just received from the psychic.

"I get injured in the line of duty and you make fun of me?" Caleb asked dramatically putting a hand to his chest.

"Of course … according to Dean it's my job to be annoying."

"Yeah … to him." Caleb pointed his finger at Dean who was smirking at him.

"Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference," Sam quipped as he pulled out a soda and placed that in front of Caleb instead.

"Hey what's that supposed to mean?" Dean and Caleb asked that the same time.

Sam rolled his eyes, "My point exactly."

Sam was saved from having to having to say anything else when the phone rang. He walked over to answer it as Dean and Caleb shrugged their shoulders at each other and continued on with their card game.

"Pastor Jim Murphy's residence," Sam greeted into the phone.

"Sam, is that you? It's Stacey."

"Oh hi Stacey, how are you?" Sam asked and looked over at Dean and saw that Dean was looking at him with interest.

"I'm doing okay, Jay's doing better too. Actually we were wondering if we could stop by and see you guys."

"Um yeah sure that would be great. I'm sure Dean would love to see you both." Sam gave her the address and then they said their goodbyes. When he hung up he looked over at Dean and Caleb who were looking at him expectantly.

"That was Stacey."

"I got that Sammy."

"She said her and Jay were going to drop by … they should be here soon."


Dean was out in the sun washing his car when he saw his Dad pull up and get out of his truck. John walked up the driveway and up to his son, "She's looking nice Dean."

"Well like you said Dad, if I look after her she'll look after me," Dean smiled as he stood back with his father and admired his black beauty.

John reached up and squeezed the back of Dean's neck in a rare show of physical affection. Since coming back from camp John had let the boys take it easy. He had felt guilty about the whole thing. He knew he couldn't have known what was going to happen when he had given into Sam's request but he still felt like the whole situation could have been handled a whole lot better. He knew one thing. He was very proud of his eldest son. He knew that Dean had been possessed protecting his brother and once again the fact that Caleb had been right flashed through his mind. He should never have doubted Dean in the first place.

"So how long are we staying here for?" Dean asked, startling John back into the present.

He retracted his hand from his son's neck, "I haven't found anything that urgently needs my attention so I'm thinking we might stay for another week."

"I think that's a good idea … I mean it wouldn't be fair to Pastor Jim to leave him alone with Caleb," Dean joked, earning a laugh from his father. Dean smiled in return. John Winchester laughed rarely and it was good to hear it occasionally.

"Yeah … Caleb will be going to stir crazy soon."

"What do you mean soon, he's already driving everyone nut's."

"Nothing new then. Sammy should be happy we are staying a little longer anyway."

Dean nodded. Sam had been spending as much time with Daniel, Matt and even Mike who had changed quite a bit since his experience at camp. Dean and John both turned to look down the driveway and saw a blue ford pull up at the curb.

"That's Stacey and Jay," Dean told his father and the two watched as the new arrivals made their way up the driveway.

"Hey Dean," Stacey greeted Dean with a hug, which Dean returned.

"It's good to see you both," Dean told them sincerely and then looked at his father, " Guys this is my Dad, Dad these are my friends, Jay and Stacey Dalesfed." Friends, it felt weird introducing his friends to his father. That never happened. They were never around long enough for their father to meet any of his friends if he actually made any that were worth mentioning.

"I believe I owe you a thank you Mr. Winchester," Stacey said shyly. Sam had explained to her how she had been rescued from the building and what had transpired after.

"Don't mention it, besides it was Dean that raced into the building and brought you to safety." John looked at his son proudly and then back at the teenage siblings in front of him, "Well it was nice to formally meet you's. I'll get out your hair. Is Jim inside?" John asked looking at Dean.

"Yeah he got home a few minutes before you did," Dean told him.

"Great. See ya's."

"Nice to meet ya Sir," Jay said as John turned around and headed into the house.

"Dude nice hair cut," Dean smirked pointing to Jay's head.

"Oh please don't remind him, he has been whinging about that all week," Stacey moaned.

"Well sue me for liking my hair the way it was," Jay sniped at his sister.

"Well for what it's worth, one guy to another, it suits you," Dean told him. It was a little weird seeing Jay with short hair but Dean wasn't lying. It did suit him and once he got used to it would probably even look better than the long hair.

"Guess my guest wasn't fond of my hair."

"How are you doing with all that?" Dean asked. He had been a little freaked by the experience so he could only imagine how Jay had felt.

Jay shrugged, "It's all kind of surreal ya know. I mean I'm still finding it hard to believe. Man Stacey told me what you guys do. I can't believe you deal with that shit regularly."

"Yeah well being possessed was a new one for me too."

"Is Sam around?" Jay asked.

"Yeah I think he is around near the church with Daniel."

Stacey turned to her brother and looked up at him, "Jay maybe you should go and get the boys," she suggested.

Jay took the hint that she wanted a moment with Dean and nodded his head, "Okay I'll be back."

Dean and Stacey watched Jay head across the front yard before finally turning to look at one another.

"Dean, Sam told me what you did to Dane."

Dean rolled his eyes, "Man that kid has a mouth."

"He deserved it. I remember what he did. I really wanted to say thank you, you know for caring and saving my life."

Dean's cheeks reddened and then felt embarrassed. Dean thought of himself as quite a ladies man but with Stacey it was different. He found he really did care and thought more of her than just good for fun. It wasn't too often that he got close enough to one girl to actually develop feelings for them and they hadn't even had the chance to explore anything yet. He wasn't even sure whether she liked him more than a friend and for once he was too nervous to ask. He wasn't sure he wanted to know anyway since they would be leaving in a week anyway. These were the times when Dean felt a little regret for their father's choice in lifestyle.

"It was nothing really, I'm just glad your okay."

"I'm glad you're okay too. I was really worried when you went missing." Stacey reached down and took his hand in hers.

"I'm sorry things worked out badly with you and jerk off, but you really do deserve much better than him."

"I'm not sorry. I don't know what ever made me decide to go with him. I'm just sorry I'm not going to be able to experience better."

"What?" Dean asked confused.

Stacey squeezed his hand, "My mum got offered a new job in New York and after what happened in Leota she decided to take it. I would have really liked to get to know you better." She gave him a sad smile.

"When are you leaving?"

"Tomorrow," she replied.

"Well this is new … usually I'm the one that leaves people behind," he quipped.

"This sucks big time I know."

"We'll be leaving in a week anyway," Dean told her looking into her eyes, engraving her face into his mind.

"Guess it just wasn't meant to be," she shrugged, "It's a shame because you are definitely something better."

Dean blushed again, "Yeah well, no more high school jocks okay. He laughed a little trying to cover up the redness in his cheeks. Feeling like this was new for him and he hadn't worked out whether he liked it yet.

Stacey laughed as well and then smiled up at him, "Your a good guy Dean, never forget that." She locked her gaze on Dean's and the two stared at each other and only broke the contact when they heard Jay and the boys walking across the yard, towards them.

Stacey let go of Dean's hand and smiled at Sam and Daniel, "Sam, Daniel … its great to see you."

"Jay told us that you're leaving," Sam told her and then looked at his brother, saw the redness on his cheeks and smirked before bringing his attention back to Stacey.

"Yeah I'm afraid so. Dean tells me you're leaving as well."

"We always do, eventually," Sam sulked.

"Well maybe we'll run into each other again some day?" Jay suggested, "I think we should at least keep in contact.

"Yeah I think we should," Dean replied, ignoring the surprised look his brother was giving him, "Hold on a sec," he said holding up one finger and then turning around and getting into his car. They watched as he reached into the glove box and pulled out a piece of paper and pen and wrote something down on it.

Dean got back out of the car and handed Jay the piece of paper, "That's Pastor Jim's address and phone number, its probably best to go through there if you wanna contact us but I have put my Dad's cell number on there just in case as well."

"Thanks. When we get to New York I'll send our address and number to you." His friend pocketed the note.

Dean held out his hand to shake Jay's and was shocked when the boy pulled him in for a brief hug, patting him on the back, "It's been real man, take care of your self."

Dean stood back, "Yeah the same goes for you too! And if you ever have any problems of the supernatural kind you know who to call." Dean smirked.

"Ghostbusters?" Stacey joked, causing Sam and Daniel to laugh.

"That's funny," Dean replied sarcastically.

Stacey smiled at him and then pulled him in for a hug, "Take care of your self Dean." Dean hugged her back, "You too," he told her before releasing her.

Stacey and Jay said their goodbyes to Sam and Daniel and then made their way back to their car, leaving Dean, Sam and Daniel watching them from their spot next to the Impala. Sam looked up at Dean and smirked, "You actually like her."

Dean glanced down at his brother and then swatted at his head, "Shut up Sammy."

The three boys were interrupted when the car door opened and Stacey got out and hurried back up the driveway. Dean gave her a confused look, "You forget something?"

She stood in front of him and nodded, "Yeah I forgot there is something that I can experience before I leave." She reached up and cupped his face in her hands, standing up and pulling him in for a kiss. After the initial shock Dean wrapped his arms around her and strengthened the kiss.

Sam and Daniel stood there with their mouths open as they watched the two kiss. Sam had known that the two had liked each other but once Stacey had gone back to her car he had thought that was the end of it.

Finally the two teenagers came up for air and Dean looked into Stacey's eyes a smile spreading on his face. "That was …"

"That was definitely worth experiencing, thanks Dean," she said with a smile gracing her face as well. She leant back up and quickly pecked him on the lips before stepping back and out of his embrace. "See ya guys," she waved and ran back to the car where Jay was waiting for her shaking his head with a amused smile on his face.

The three boys watched as the blue ford finally drove away. For a moment they were all silent and then Daniel looked up at the older Winchester brother, "Man you are so cool."

Dean looked down at the two younger boys and winked, "When you've got it, you've got it." Dean smirked at them before heading up the drive and into the house.

"You just have to boost his ego don't ya?" Sam complained but couldn't wipe the smile off his own face. It was good to see his brother genuinely happy.


Later that night Sam walked into the lounge room with his book to find Caleb sitting there by himself, flipping through the channels. He had no idea where His Dad or Pastor Jim were, but he was actually glad he had caught the psychic alone because there was something he had been meaning to talk to him about since getting back to Jim's.

"Is there anything decent on?" Sam asked as he sat down next to Caleb on the couch.

Caleb glanced at him and then back at the TV, "Nah, not really."

Caleb continued to flick through the channels and after a moment realized that the room was too quiet. Whenever Sam Winchester was in the room it was always filled with constant chatter. A quiet Sam usually meant a brooding Sam and brooding Sam usually meant a pissed of John so he inwardly groaned and cursed himself for caring. He flicked off the TV and turned to Sam, "Okay runt, what's wrong?"

"Nothing," Sam replied evasively.

"Sammy I'm psychic remember, I can read you if I have to."

Sam looked at Caleb and frowned, "You know your not supposed to do that."

"Stop changing the subject."

"Fine … there is something that I have been meaning to talk to you about," Sam admitted.


"Caleb, if someone happened to have a vision would that mean that they are psychic?" Sam asked hesitantly.

Caleb frowned he had forgotten about what had happened at the cabin, but in his defense he had had other problems at the time.

"Umm … well I guess that depends. I guess certain desperate or traumatic situations have been known to give people certain abilities … well that's what I have heard anyway. It's not always a permanent thing."

"Are your visions always painful?"

"Yeah pretty much, you had a vision at the cabin didn't you Sammy?" Caleb ventured.

"I never said that."

"It's nothing to be ashamed of Sammy." Caleb wasn't really sure what to say to the kid. Jim and his own father had mentioned to John that they thought the kid might have some powers but John hadn't wanted to hear any of it. He wasn't sure how much he should say.

"Look Sammy, if you have one again come and see me but it was probably just a once off thing."

Sam looked up at Caleb and nodded. He prospect of actually having a psychic ability actually scared the crap out of him and certainly didn't want to see anymore people die in his head but he felt a bit better knowing that if something like this did come up again he had someone that would know what it was like. That was something Dean or his Dad couldn't do for him, "Thanks Caleb."

"No sweat dude, now I think you should get me a beer."

"Pastor Jim told you no beer," Sam reminded him with a smirk.

"Yeah well what the old man doesn't know cant hurt him," Caleb told the youngest Winchester.

"Is that so young man?" Caleb and Sam both turned quickly upon hearing the Pastor's voice from the kitchen doorway to find Jim standing there frowning at Caleb.

"I was just … umm … telling Sammy what Dean had told me," Caleb lied badly.

"Hey Damien, leave me out of your lies," Dean said walking down the stars, catching the last part of the conversation.

"Gee thanks for your support Deuce," Caleb replied sarcastically, glaring at his young friend.

"Your welcome." Dean gave him a smart ass smile as he snatched the TV remote of Caleb's lap and then slumped down onto the arm chair next to his friend and clicked on the TV.

At that moment John opened the front door and walked in closing it behind him, holding a book that he had just borrowed from Jim's church library, "Hey guys, what's going on?" he asked as he saw everyone was present.

"Caleb's in trouble," Sam told his father with a smartass grin.

"What did you do now Caleb?" John asked in a teasing voice, winking at his youngest son.

"What is it; pick on the injured tonight or something?" Caleb asked exasperatedly.

"We can't help it if you are handicapped in more ways that one," Dean quipped as he continued to flip through the channels.

"Nobody asked you Romeo," Caleb taunted back, the only reaction was a smartass smile pull at the side of Dean's mouth.

"Caleb was being a smart alec about Pastor Jim's rules, called him old and then lied to him." Sam laughed as he explained to his father.

"Sammy you are such a tattletale," Dean complained.

"When are you ever going to understand that my name is Sam not Sammy?" Sam asked, frustrated.

Dean snickered and looked at his brother, "Sam you'll always be a Sammy …" poked his tongue out at Sam in a childish gesture, "just like Caleb will always be Damien or moron or butthead or Lucifer or …"

"Yeah and just like Dean will always be Deuce or Stupid or …"

"Dude that is so lame, even Sammy can do better than that," Dean teased.

Pastor Jim shook his head as insults went flying to one boy to the other in a well practiced rhythm. Jim looked at John who had an amused smile on his lips and gave up. That man, when in a rare good mood, was just as bad as his boys, Caleb included. Jim walked into the kitchen to get some drinks while he listened to the banter coming from his lounge room. He smiled to himself as he realized he wouldn't have it any other way.

The End

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