My Name is Linear
Written by Chu2 Ayane

NOTE- This fic has MAJOR spoilers for Evolution 2 and the ending of the first one. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK. Also, Why hasn't anyone cared about Evolution? That RPG series is so cute! Ahem. Evolution, Linear Canon, ect, are (c) Sting, ESP, Sega and Ubi Soft. Thank you Ubi Soft for bringing this game to the US! Ahem... enjoy this story about Linear.

Hi. My name is Linear Cannon. I live with Mag Launcher and his butler Gre Nade, at the House of Launcher. I appeared there one day, when Mag's father brought me there. It was rainy, and I stood on the door step, holding a letter for his son. It read-

You Must Protect this girl,
Linear, untill I return

I could see the horror, yet calm in Mag's face as he read the letter, and then saw me. And from that day forward, I lived with Mag.

We've been through rough times, like the whle 8th Empire fiasco with Prince Eugine, that lecher, and now, this commotion going on with a young boy named Yurka. I like him, for some odd reason, but I like, no I love Mag Launcher.... it's so hard. Who do I choose? I have to decide soon.... who my heart belongs too..... Personally, I think Chain Gun, Evolutia bless her, wants me to choose Yurka, so she can have Mag.

She likes him, I can tell.

Do I feel threatened?

No, just some competion.

I like that in a way.

But, moving on, I feel... different to others... like I'm not human. I'm right, I'm not. (Author's Note- HUGE SPOILER!!! READ AT OWN RISK) I _AM_ Evolutia, the holy artifact that the House of Launcher, and others were searching for. I showed that after the fight with Prince Eugine.... perhaps that is why Yurka likes me... I may never know. It's funny... me being a powerful CyFrame in the body of a young, 17 year old girl, yet, quiet and all.... don't you agree?

Evolutia.... how did I become that? It's so long, yet so confusing, and so blurry..... sigh.... A firey, angelic bird.... beautiful, yet deadly.... ohhh....

Well, I know this is short, but I have to go on an adventure with Mag and Pepper Box. I will write in you later journal.

-Linear Cannon
I write short stuff eh? I'm not a long writer. I hope this infulences you to play Evolution- World of Sacred Device, and the upcomming Far off Promise- Evolution 2. Bye!