notes Oh God this game ate my brain. No pairings, pre-game, just a little short piece. More puns than should be tasteful. Spoilers for…the beginning of Kingdom Hearts II. I think. Yeah.

disclaimer Much as I wish it, I don't own Kingdom Hearts, and I'm not making money off of this.

Stopping by the Woods

"I don't want to die," she says softly, playing with the covers of her white white bed absentmindedly.

He looks over from where he's standing, gazing out of the window. "You and me both," he tells her lazily, a smirk lifting one corner of his mouth.

She smoothes her blanket firmly and hops off her bed. "Can we even die?" She's been wondering for awhile.

He lifts one shoulder and lowers it. "We can live can't we?"

She says, faltering, "I'm not even a Nobody. I'm a witch and witches are bad…are worse."

He stretches, raising his arms over his head. "Look. I might be alone in this sentiment, but I'd like to believe whether we're alive or not is something for us to decide. Yanno?"

"Oh." She joins him at the window. "What are you looking at?"

He points a thumb. "Not what, princess. Who."

She flinches at the nickname, as always. She doesn't know why. She is no one's princess. Nobody's. Haha. Demyx would laugh.

She gazes out the window, just in time to see someone cloaked in black and impossibly blond step through the entrance. "The Keyblade," she says in surprise, tasting the syllables on her lips. This is the first time she's said them.

He looks surprised. "Didn't think you knew that word. Well. you're just full of surprises." He arches an eyebrow and gives her a look that makes her squirm. Like he's expecting more from her. It's a secretive look. She doubts he'll ever tell anyone about this conversation. She doesn't know if she should care if he did. He turns his attention back to the window, and she turns her attention back to the Keyblade. "Number XIII. Now we got a complete set. More wet behind the ears than Marluxia's garden…well. Bad analogy."

"A complete set of what?"

He grins recklessly, spreads his arms, and proclaims, "A complete set of everything, sweetheart. Can't start something without having a beginning to start at right? That boy" (He says it like it's a bad thing) "is the beginning."

She frowns. She likes it even less when he calls her sweetheart. She's nobody's heart. "He's new."

"Weren't you listening, princess? He's very new. Suppose I'd hafta take on the difficult task of teaching him the ropes. Suppose somebody's got to do it."

She considers. He doesn't sound that unwilling. "A Nobody has to do it," she clarifies.

He give her another one of his sharp-eyed considering looks. The ones that tells her there's more to him than meets the eye—she tightens her hands a little bit. They've clenched into fists. When he's gone she'll unfurl them and examine the red marks left behind. "Think you're funny now, princess?"

She is thinking about the light-haired boy again. She'd like to draw him, she decides. "No. What is his name?"

He laughs, but she doesn't get the joke. "Roxas. One of the more obvious ones goin' around."

"Roxas…" she murmurs, trying to think of the drawing. The darkest black. The best yellow.

He lifts an eyebrow at her "…got it memorized?"