All I own is my computer. Set somewhere between 'Heart of Cloud Tower' and the episodes at the Resort Realm. In the first season, it's kinda hinted at that Darcy liked Riven for real, not just as part of another mind game of hers. Yet how did she go from that to wanting to kill him in 'Last Resort'? This kinda fills the gap. Also note that this fic mentions things that normally wouldn't happen in a kids cartoon, so just be warned.


By tears-in-rain

Darcy, the Dark Witch, lay moodily on her bed. Lord Darkar's castle was dark, damp and uninviting. Countless ghouls and other nasty creatures prowled the shadows, and there was a constant feeling of dread and ageless malice that lingered throughout the stonewalls of the old fortress.

In other words, it should have been perfect for the Trix witch, but something was affecting her mood and stopping her from enjoying her misery.

Sighing deeply, Darcy rolled over onto her stomach and chewed on her lower lip as she fiddled with her long golden brown locks. There must be something that had triggered this mood, she had concluded, but she didn't know exactly what. She wasn't bored. She and her sisters had only just returned from obtaining Cloud Tower's piece of the Codex a few hours ago. She most definitely wasn't missing her studies. She didn't even miss tormenting the more pathetic witches at Cloud Tower, a common pastime for her during her schooling.

Darcy was restless. At first she was able to ignore it, but now it had grown like cancer to affect her body so much that she seemed to actually ache from it. It was a built up tension that she wasn't able to release. She had even visited some of Magix's less desirable parts on the outskirts of the city to try and find some relief, but those wannabe warlocks and corrupt half-rate knights had only added to her frustration.

Now, too agitated to even sleep, Darcy finally acknowledged a fact that she had always known, but had never been ready to except until now. There was only one person who would be able to fulfill her in the way she so desperately needed and unfortunately that person was beyond her reach.

Despite the way she had so casually neglected him, Darcy had always harboured genuine feelings for Riven ever since that day she had first laid eyes him. Sure, he was two years younger than her, but he had a wonderful dark state of mind that had thrilled her. Given half the chance, Riven could have been one of the most infamous warriors in centuries. During their time as a couple, he and Darcy had done some truly terrible things together, most of which she was certain his friends didn't know about. Most of what they got up to wasn't exactly the kind of thing one would mention at the country club. Darcy had ripped his innocence from him and had enjoyed leading him into the world of sinful delights and he in turn introduced her to a level of passion and intensity she had never known.

Riven had such wildness in him that it had even made her doubt the reliability of the love spell she, the member of the Trix and descendent of the Ancient Coven, had placed upon him. Although she knew he enjoyed their interactions as much as she did, she could sometimes see it in his eyes that he was struggling to get his mind free from her control. On these occasions, they would have the most intense arguments as he rebelled against her that would eventually lead to another form of intensity.

They would have been perfect together. Once the Trix had control of the Dragon Fire, Darcy would rule the Magical Universe and take Riven to join her in their dreadful reign.

The Lord and Lady of Darkness. That was her fantasy.

It was when she started having these fantasies that she began to suspect she had deeper feelings for this cold outsider than just lust. It was also when Icy stepped in and told her to end it.

"Once we have the Dragon Fire, there'll be no need for your little pet," Icy had told her just before the three Trix Sisters left for Earth to claim the Dragon Fire from that pathetic Bloom.

"What?" Darcy questioned dumbly.

"Riven. We have no need for him after tonight."

"Yeah, with the Dragon Fire we'll have no need for a spy creeping around Red Fountain," Stormy agreed as she ran her fingers through her hair to umph it up a little bit more. A witch had to look her best when going out to enslave the universe. "We'll own Red Fountain."

"So we don't need a spy, that doesn't mean we should get rid of him," Darcy tried to argue, knowing that she was stepping onto dangerous grounds. Her sisters didn't approve of emotional attachments. They saw them as a weakness just waiting to be exploited and while Darcy did agreed with that thought process, she wasn't about to just cave without some kind of resistance. "I can find another use for him."

"I'm sure you could," Stormy muttered suggestively, her tone speaking volumes.

"I'm starting to worry about you and this Puppy Dog of yours," Icy said coldly, her chilling blue eyes scrutinizing her sister closely. "Don't tell me you've actually fallen for that loser? How very vulnerable of you, Darcy."

Ultimately, it was that comment that had forced her to throw away the only man she has ever saw a future with. She couldn't have her sisters doubting her strength like that. Not when they were about to take over the Magical Universe.

And now, after failing with the Army of Decay and being imprisoned at Light Rock, she was waiting in Darkar's castle for the next opportunity to attack those stupid pixies presented itself, feeling restless. This was not ho she had envisioned her life going.

With another frustrated sigh, Darcy got to her feet and silently made her way over to a darken corner of her room. Gathering her power, she summoned a spell that would allow her to travel to anywhere she wanted, using the shadows as a gateway.

That's the thing with witches; if they want something, they'll usually just go and take it.

Riven couldn't breathe!

Someone was straddling his chest and holding him down with a hand covering his mouth and nose. Unbridled panic shot through, scattering his thoughts and making it impossible for him to think logically. He couldn't even see who was attacking him. The curtains had been drawn so no moonlight shone through the window, plunging his and Helia's dorm room into pitch-blackness.

Riven tried to struggle free but whoever was sitting on him had effectively pinned his arms down with their knees and no amount of twisting amounted to anything. His chest burned and he began thrashing to get his face free, but his attacker held on. A thousand horrible thoughts raced through his mind as more time since his last breath passed by. He tried to give some kind of a noise to wake Helia, but the hand muffled any attempts at a cry for help.

Finally, when he honestly felt like he was about to suffocate, he felt his attacker shift their weight and he sensed more than saw a face coming closer to his.

"Boo," a voice breathed hotly in his ear.

Suddenly the hand covering his face was gone and Riven took such a deep breath that he choked and started to cough. His attacker laughed in cruel delight, not getting off him but instead sliding back so they were straddling his hips instead of his chest.

"Darcy?" Riven gasped between coughs, sitting up slightly.

"I'm glad you remember me, Puppy Dog," the witch grinned.

Riven frowned at his old pet name. It was so degrading. "What are you doing here?"

"I came to visit you, lover," Darcy purred, leaning forward to nibble on his neck. The hero in training had always had such a sensitive neck, to the point were it would only take a few kiss and bites to convert him to putty in her hands.

"Leave me alone," Riven growled, jerking his skin away from her mouth. However he still wasn't able to suppress the waves for pleasure that shot through his body. Darcy knew exactly how to turn him on.

"Why?" Darcy questioned in a deep, seductive voice that slithered down his spine in just the right way. "Don't you remember all the fun times we had when we would sneak into each others rooms? You never objected then."

And then, to remind him of all those times before he had a chance to think, she captured his neck with her mouth and bit hard into his flesh. One of her hands slipped under the old t-shirt he had worn to bed and began to caress his hard stomach and chest, occasionally dropping lower to tease him. And although he knew he shouldn't be letting her use him like this again, Riven couldn't stop all those old memories from flooding back to him. Her scent, her touch and the way her body was pressed almost desperately against his had clouded his mind so that all he could feel was lust for the girl sitting on top of him. It was like someone had flicked a switch in his mind and all he wanted was her, the consequences be damned.

Giving into desire, Riven covered her mouth with his and groped at her body. He could feel her smile against his mouth and she tugged more desperately at his clothes. Seeing with his fingertips, Riven made out the folds of her clothes and the soft skin underneath. She almost seemed to shudder as he ran his hand up her back and under her shirt.

"Oh Riven," she gasped, pulling back and then returned to biting and sucking on his neck. There was something about that voice that caused Riven to pause. Something wasn't right. For some reason, this wasn't what he wanted. But if waking up to this ravishing young woman demanding all of him wasn't what he wanted, what did he want?

Then, like waking from a deep sleep, it slowly came to him. All he really wanted was that blue-eyed fairy that always knew how to set his teeth on edge. She was so annoyingly devoted to him despite everything that he had done to deserve her rejection that she had somehow wormed her way into his heart.

Not like Darcy.

Darcy wasn't Musa.

"No," Riven ordered, pushing Darcy away from him. Darcy may have been his lover once, but things were different now. He had finally chosen a side and it just happened to be opposite to the side Darcy was on. Therefore, he had to stop this. Unfortunately his hands were trembling and he found that he was too weak to get her off him completely.

"Stop fighting it," Darcy told him, sliding pass his weak hands to run her tongue across his collarbone as she tried to get his shirt off him. However, now that he was starting to think clearly, Riven continued to fight against her.

"Get off me."

"You want this."

"No, I don't!"

"Don't be silly."

"Darcy! Get off!"


In his attempt to get her off of him and her attempt to hang on, Darcy had ripped his shirt clean down the middle. Riven didn't care. He had stolen the shirt off Brandon anyway.

"That's better," Darcy purred happily and she tried to get her mouth to his chest, something Riven knew he couldn't let happen. His body had already started to betray him enough.

Seizing her by the shoulders and holding her at arms length, Riven glared at his ex through the darkness. "Darcy, get out of here."

"Oh come on. You want this just as much as I do."

"No, I don't. What do you want with me?"

"You know what I want."

"I'm not going to be your puppet anymore."

"I don't want a puppet. I need a whore."

"I refuse to be that too."

"Why?" Darcy asked, all seductiveness gone out of her voice. With dreadful persistence, she dug her nails into his shoulders and sneered down at him through the dark. "Do you think you're better then me now? Don't forget; you and I have a history. I know what you're capable of doing. What you've done. Do you really think your royal friends would approve of what you and I got up to? And what about that pathetic pixie, Musa? She's a princess, Riven. Princesses don't consort with street scum like you."

"But you do."

"You're talented. I'm willing to overlook your many failings for that."

"Get off me," Riven hissed between clenched teeth. She was placing doubts in his mind. This was just another mind game of hers. His friends didn't care that he had been a street rat while they had been growing up in palaces. Last year he had almost made the mistake they did and it had almost cost him his life, not to mention the fate of the Magical Universe. Riven wasn't going to let that happen again. Gathering his strength, Riven shoved Darcy off of him and she fell with a crash to the floor of his dorm. Riven was so angry he didn't even notice her nails ripping through his flesh as she fell. Instead, he stood fuming over her.

"Riv?" Helia asked sleepily, woken up by sound of Darcy crashing to the floor, but the two ex-lovers took no notice of him.

"Run back home to your deranged sisters and that Darkar freak, Darcy. You're not going to get any entertainment from me tonight," Riven told the girl on the floor firmly. However he would have felt more certain of himself if he wasn't facing such a powerful witch dressed in nothing but his boxers.

"My poor Puppy Dog, you should know by now I always get what I want, one way or another," Darcy snarled, gathering her power. "Deadly Nightshade!"

Riven couldn't see the attack, but he could definitely feel it. His whole body felt like he had just been dunked into ice-cold water. His chest constricted and for the second time that night he found he couldn't breathe. The cold cut into him like daggers and his mind went completely numb. His ears were filled with a painful roaring sound, so he didn't hear Darcy repeating her attack, but he did feel it. Wave after wave of darkness hit him and Riven felt his consciousness slipping.

And then, just as suddenly as the attack started, it stopped. Riven collapsed down to his knees, covered in sweat and shaking uncontrollably.

"Get out of here, witch," a soft but steely voice ordered. Helia.

"As if I'm going to take orders for you, art boy," Darcy shot back, sounding like she was gearing up for a fight.

And then door to Riven and Helia's room burst open abruptly and someone flicked the overhead light on. After being encased in total darkness, the sudden light burned Riven's eyes and he couldn't help but to cry out in pain. Fortunately the light didn't affect Helia as dramatically as it did Riven, and when the momentary blindness left him, Helia could see that standing in the doorway dressed valiantly in their pajamas were Prince Sky, Brandon and Timmy. Sky and Brandon had their swords drawn, and Timmy had his gun ready.

The three of them had been woken by unusual noises coming from the room next to then and when they heard Riven screaming and Helia shouting at someone to stop, they had grabbed their weapons and rushed over. Once Timmy had hit the light, they were a bit shocked to find Darcy in the room facing Helia, who had his laser glove ready. Riven had collapsed onto the floor, dark purple bruises covering his body and not looking like he'd be able to defend himself.

After a quick glance at the specialist, Darcy extended her right hand over in Riven's direction and the arrogant warrior flinched as though he had been hit.

"It's witch kickin' time," Brandon grinned, raising his green broadsword ready to attack.

"I wouldn't," Darcy warned calmly.

"Yeah, you wish!" Brandon cried, lunging forwards with a downwards swing of his blade. With a clean swipe, the tip of Brandon's sword cut through Darcy's upper left arm at an angle that was not enough to cause any real damage – she was still a girl after all – but enough to still cause her to bleed. Darcy flinched and screamed in pain, but she did not lower her right arm. Simultaneously, Riven reacted the same way as the witch, clutching his upper left arm as he trembled weakly on the dorm room floor.

"What happened?" Sky asked, alarmed at his friends strange behaviour. It was enough to make all the heroes hesitate from attacking the witch again.

Timmy suddenly gasped. "Riven's bleeding."

Despite the fact that no one had touched him, crimson liquid was flowing between Riven's fingers as he gripped his arm. Blood ran down Darcy's left arm from an identical wound.

"Are minds are link," Darcy told them all coldly. "Attack me if you want, but what you do to me you do to your friend."

"You're evil," Helia hissed, forced into a gridlock. He may have the ideals of a pacifist, but after spending the last few months in the company of the Winx Clib and his new squad mates had instilled the belief that his compassion should not be extended to the Trix and their wicked ways. However, there was no way he would be willing to attack her if it meant that Riven would suffer and he was certain that the others would feel the same way.

"I do my best," Darcy smiled with an element of smug satisfaction. "Now, you little boys are going to get out of my way and let me and Riven leave without any drama."

"As if we're going to let you take him," Brandon spat, raising his sword again. He might not be able to slice and dice the witch the way he wanted to, but he was fairly sure Riven would forgive a good, solid hit to the head if it prevented Darcy kidnapping him.

"Oh, but he'll want to come," Darcy grinned, locking her golden eyes on Riven's face. "Riven," she cooed softly. "Riven, look at me."

Riven tried desperately not to look at her. He clenched his eyes shut and turned his head to avoid looking at all costs. He knew she'd have control over him forever if he did.

"Riven, please. Look at me."

Riven's will crumbled, and he helplessly turned to lock his violet eyes with her golden ones. His mind filled with mist and the world melted away as he held that gaze.

"What's she doing?" Timmy questioned. Neither her or Riven had said anything or moved since they locked eyes, but something was definitely passing between them. A small, soft smile tugged at Darcy's lips, and Riven's eyes started to become glazed. And with the link between the two, the specialists were helpless to do anything.

"Riven," Darcy's voice called softly to the vaults of Riven's mind. Subtly, she extended her magic outwards to thicken the fog that obscured his thoughts and hindering his ability to draw strength from his own freewill. He would be completely helpless and at her utter mercy.

"Darcy?" he projected back.

"Riven. Come away with me."

"But . . . My friends . . ." Riven thought weakly. His mind seemed sluggish for some reason.

"You don't need them. You'll have me."

"But . . . you . . . I . . ."

"Shhh. You're confused, my love. Come with me and together we'll rule this world. My sisters and I will rule like queens and you shall be my king, Riven. You and I: the Lord and Lady of Darkness. Everything we ever wanted we'll have. I can give it to you. Just come with me, my love."

"My love?"

"Yes Riven. Come with me."

She loved him? That was something he hadn't expected. Did he love her too? He didn't see why not. She was beautiful, smart, and she wanted him. Then why didn't he think of her when he thought of love? Why did another face enter his mind when he thought of that word? Musa. Deep down, he knew he loved her, not Darcy. No matter what Darcy might offer him, he would never be happy with her. Beside, she had him once and yet he somehow ended up in a dungeon in Cloud Tower as she went off to enslave his friends and the rest of the Magical Universe. He couldn't forget that.

"Riven, come with me."


There was a slight pause. Riven could sense confusion coming from Darcy's side of the link but with Musa's face clear in his fogfilled mind, Riven continued to struggle against her. Gradually, he saw the mist evaporate from his vision and the room and his friends slowly came back into focus.


"I don't want you! I don't care for you in the slightest and no mind games are going to change the way I feel about you! I want nothing to do with you!"

Darcy's mind suddenly fell on his with full force. It was crushing. Darcy was a skilled telepath so she knew where all the weak points of a persons mind were located and she was willing to exploit that knowledge.

"Come with me Riven!"

"No! I don't love you and I never will! I love someone else! Now leave and never come back!"

Using every ounce of will power he had, Riven ripped his eyes away from hers but in the brief second that their minds were still linked, Riven could feel her hurt at his rejection. It was a sharp and unsettling kind of pain born out of the fact that she had never been denied a person she wanted. On the odd chance that her looks failed to ensnare a mark her dark magic had always been able to keep a mind under her control. However Riven's love for another had given him strength to break out of her hold and her unfulfilled love cut her deeper than any blade.

Sky had no idea what was passing between the two minds, but the look on Darcy's face and the clarity in Riven's eyes was proof enough that it wasn't going as Darcy planned. Her expression changed from puzzled to anguish. A deep hurt that Sky never thought Darcy would experience welled in her eyes and as Riven looked away from her, something shattered inside her.

With an animal like wail of grief and hurt, Darcy released several dark darts that flew through the air and pierced Riven's body. Before the others could react, she turned sobbing in anguish and bolted into the shadows of the room, vanished back to Darkar's castle, leaving four stunned and one bleeding specialists behind. Riven was clutching his head now and blood was running out of his nose and ears. He couldn't respond to his friends as they all scrambled to his side and frantically asked if he was okay. Instead, he was nosily sick and then passed out.

Helia watched intently as his grandfather treated Riven but unfortunately he had no idea what the old sorcerer was doing. Riven still hadn't regained consciousness but thanks to Ofelia's quick summoning, the nurse from Alfea had bandaged all his wounds and cause the dark purple bruises to fade slightly. Now Riven rested on a bed in the infirmary, Saladin sitting on a chair behind his head. The Headmaster hadn't moved since he first put his fingertips to Riven's temples almost two hours ago. Saladin's eyes were closed and his face was calm, but his eyebrows were slightly frowned and every now and then he would press his lips together in a severe, tight line.

Unable to watch his grandfather 'working' any more, Helia glanced at the three other specialists who had also refused to leave their unconscious friend despite their teacher's advice. Sky was pacing backwards and forwards, his eyes locked on Saladin and Riven. Timmy was slouched in on of the infirmary chairs, struggling to stay awake while Brandon already given into sleep and was slumped against Timmy's side. It was four thirty in the morning after all.

And then, with a sigh, Saladin removed his hands from Rivens head and rubbed the bridge of his nose with an exhausted air about him.

"Grandfather?" Helia questioned, concern heavy in his voice.

"Is he alright?" Sky pressed, while Timmy nudged Brandon until he was awake.

"He'll be fine now," Saladin assured them with a tired smile.

"What was wrong with him?" Brandon asked, knuckle rubbing one of his eyes. "I mean, besides all the cuts and dark magic attacks."

"It appears that for the last year, Riven has been carrying around a physic imprint on his mind. It's kind of like a computer bug," Saladin explained, seeing some of the blank looks on his students faces. "It's completely harmless, unless the person that placed it there activates it."

"Darcy," Helia noted, a steely edge to his voice. A quick glance at the rest of his squad confirmed that they were just as unimpressed at the fact that their friend had been so vulnerable without their knowledge.

"Correct. Darcy could have taken over his mind any time she wanted and Riven would have followed her willingly."

"But she did try that and it didn't seem to work," Timmy said, remembering the look of confusion and ultimate anguish on the witch's face when Riven had rejected her order and turned away from her.

"That's because it is possible for some to resist magic like Darcy's. It's takes a terrible amount of effort but if an individual has enough awareness, they can rip their mind free from physic control."

"Rip their mind free?" Sky repeated.

"What, like pulling of a physic bandage or something?" Brandon asked, cocking his head to one side like a dog.

"Yes. It's very dangerous. Riven's lucky he didn't ruin his mind completely. The only side effect he seems to have experienced was what can vaguely be described as an extreme case of vertigo. That's why his nose and ears started to bleed and he was sick. He's going to be very dizzy and have a severe headache when he wakes up," Saladin told them.

"So he'll be okay?" Sky asked, relief in his voice.

"Yes. I enforced some very strong mental shields, which will mean that Darcy or anyone else won't be able to reestablish the imprint again. However I think it best if this incident didn't become too wide spread. We'll have to look into the security system, but I don't think we'd be doing ourselves any favors if it became known that a powerful and dangerous witch infiltrated our campus and attacked one of the students. It may start a panic. Plus I'm sure Riven would appreciate some level of confidentiality after having his mind violate like that. Can I rely on your discreetness?"

"Of course," the boys agreed.

"Now, all we can do is let him get some rest. And I think it's time you four went back to bed. He'll be fine, now go," Professor Saladin ordered gently. The rest of Riven's squad lingered for a little bit longer, but the Headmaster managed to herd them back to their rooms eventually.

Riven woke up later that morning to a darkened room. His eyes were still sensitive to light and he found he couldn't sit up without foul waves of nausea hitting him. So instead, he lay still in the infirmary bed running things over in his mind.

Darcy loved him. He knew that now but he also knew that, no matter how attracted to her he was, they could never be together. That would be too terrible to imagine. He knew for a fact that Darcy brought out the worst in him. She encouraged him down darker paths that would ultimately end with him hurting himself and everyone he had ever cared about. Their coupling had been a selfish and toxic mix that Riven had been lucky to escape from once. He didn't think his luck would last if he even found himself falling back under Darcy's influence again. Meanwhile, there was someone out there that challenged him to be a better person. Musa gave him more patient and forgiveness than he deserved and it was her compassion that had ensnared him more thoroughly than Darcy's mind games ever could. Darcy may offer a realm of sinful delights but when compared to Musa there was no doubt in Riven's mind on who the better catch was.

However he knew he'd have to wait a little longer before he attempted anything with the musical fairy. After tonight Darcy would certainly become bitter and if he pursued Musa now that would only bring Musa into her path of vengeance. No, he couldn't do that to Musa. He'd have to bear Darcy's wrath alone. He couldn't tell anyone, not even his friends, of Darcy's feelings for him. In fact, he'd probably have to tell the guys not to even mention last nights attack to the girls. It didn't concern them.

He'd have to wait on his own until Darcy decided to take her revenge.

Darcy had spent the whole day locked in her room. She didn't want her sisters to see her like this. She had finished crying but that didn't take away any of the pain of Riven's rejection. He had been the only boy out of a long line of admirers that she had ever felt anything for. Normally she'd get what she wanted out of them and then move on, but not with Riven. There could have been something real there.

Then again, how dare he? How dare he? No one rejects her. No one! She would get her revenge on him, if it was the last thing she ever did, and then she'd go after that goody-two-shoes pixie of his. They'd both pay for her humiliation. And Icy had already told her about the perfect opportunity to begin that revenge: there was talk that those Winx losers may be sent to Resort Realm. Those nauseating fairies would have no powers in that realm, leaving them as helpless as sitting ducks.

"I'm gonna get you Riven. You and your little princess," Darcy cackled to herself as she stretched out across her bed to try and get some sleep. However no matter what she did, the Dark Witch couldn't find a way to drift off.

Darcy was still restless.


Well, there you go. I always figured there should be more to Riven's and Darcy's relationship then they let on. Also, what is Helia's relation to Saladin? Some say he's Saladin's grandson (which makes sense since Saladin looks so old) but the in 'Party Monster' Brandon introduces him as his nephew. What is going on? I guess if you really thing about it, Saladin could be both Helia's uncle and grandfather, but that's looked down on in most societies. Those crazy cartoon people. See ya!