Rather Disappointing, Really

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This just came to me a few minutes ago. Enjoy!

One day Q and Capt. Picard were sitting in Picard's Ready Room chatting about life, the universe and everything. It was really a one-sided conversation.

"And so that's how I created Neptune!" Q said.

"Hmm… Interesting. So, Q, how did you get your powers in the first place?" Picard asked.

"Oh, I got them off eBay." Q said, as if this was a normal statement.

"Really? You can get omnipotent powers from eBay?" the Captain asked in disbelief.

"You can get anything off eBay!" Q responded.

"How much did you pay for them?"

"Oh, about ten dollars."

"Oh. Okay. Hmm. It's rather disappointing, really."

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