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Disclaimer: I don't own anything, Midori no Hibi is created by Kazurou Inoue.

Midori no Hibi: Brand new days

Day 1

1st Day of school

What is it that every student needs in order to get through the grind of school life? Is it sports? Or maybe a good hobby? Well those things are okay, but… For me, there's something far more important. And that's…


Sawamura Seiji woke up from his bed with a huge shock, panting like crazy, as if he was just chased by a ghost. He turned his head on his left to see a green-haired girl.

"Come on Seiji-kun get up," said the green haired girl sweetly.

A girlfriend. This is Kasugano Midori, my girlfriend.

Seiji looked at her with a dumb smug lazy-like look on his face. He lied back down again on his bed and turned around to face the wall. Midori looks at him with a pout; she couldn't believe this lazy boyfriend of hers didn't care about school at all. Despite that she still loves him, for about 3 and a half years now. But still, she won't let him lie down and went back to snoozville. She tugged onto his pajamas and dragged him as strong as her little muscle can carry him off the bed. Seiji landed on his face off onto the floor completely waking him up. He got up angrily facing his girlfriend.

"That hurts," he half-yelled at her. "What the hell is that for?"

He looked at her pouting face and then towards her body. She's not wearing any normal clothes or that stupid "I Love Seiji" shirt she loved to wear. Instead she's wearing her normal blue and white sailor school uniform. He looked back at her pouting face with question marks flying all over his head.

"Why are you wearing your school uniform?" he asked her.

"It's a start of a new school year, Seiji-kun," she explained to him. "I'm beginning to start 11th grade and you are now a 12th grader. And…"

She got cut off when she looked to see Seiji with his eye-popped out of his socket and a dropped jaw that reached all the way to the floor. Silence…


Seiji run around in circle in his room with his girlfriend watching him confusingly. As usual, it seems that the holiday has finally end and Sawamura Seiji forgot that today is the day he's going back to school.

"Oh crap, crap, crap, crap, crap (crap x7)," Seiji cursed as he run around in his room looking for his uniform.

Midori watches him with a smile on her face. This is typical Seiji for Midori. Slack and unorganized, why he can't even keep in track of the date and when his school start. She giggled as she saw him in his boxer trying to put his school pants on. Seiji looked at her and then realized that his half naked in front of his girlfriend. Seiji's face immediately turned red and he quickly puts his pants back on before he gently shoed her out of his room. Half an hour later after a few helps from Midori for school preparation, they are both now outside in the hot sun walking towards to their perspective's school. Seiji looked like he's bored as usual, but Midori is as happy as usual.

"So…do you want me to walk with you to school?" Seiji started the conversation. He felt a bit embarrassed somehow.

Midori giggled at Seiji's attempt of trying to be sweet. She knew he's not exactly an emotional romantic type of person, but he had his times. She walked closer to him and pulled on his right arm hugging it tightly.

"You're so sweet Seiji-kun," she smiled at him. "How about I walk with you to your school?"

Seiji flinched then look at her. For some reason he felt a bit un-sure and uncomfortable having to have been seen in school with Midori. Or at least seen with a girl.

Dammit! I don't think that's going to be a good idea. What will the others think to see me, The Mad Dog Sawamura, walking to school with a girl?

But something else flicked his mind; images appeared right on his head.

But then again… I have calmed down for the past months ever since Midori became my right hand for a while. The positions of the other desks around me started to closed back to their original position and not many people are afraid of me as they used to be. It seemed that there won't be much of a problem to have a girl walk with me to school. Besides, I can finally prove that even delinquents like me can get a girlfriend. HA HA HA HA HA HA.

Seiji smiled and grinned maniacally at that last thought of his, Midori just watched him with a question mark on her head.

"What's wrong Seiji-kun?" She asked him curiously.

Seiji snapped back and wiped that stupid grin off his face. He put back on his usual grumpy old self face and acted coolly in front of Midori.

"Nothing, it's nothing," Seiji stuttered. "I was…Just wondering what dinner you'll cook tonight."

Midori smiled again and hugged his right arm tighter to her. She always come to his home to cook dinner for him, she knew that there's no one at home to cook dinner for Seiji. Although they have been dating for only one month, Midori felt that she knew him more and feel closer to him like as if they have been going out for couple of months. It's a strange feeling to her, she didn't know why she felt so comfortable around Seiji even when she was having trouble to confess to him last month. But she didn't want to know why, for now she was just glad that things are finally going good and working out for both of them as a couple.

This feeling of Midori being so close to Seiji was not a strange reaction to him. He knew that Midori had always loved him; he's been feeling her love ever since she mysteriously appeared on his right hand a few months ago. Of course at first he found it troublesome, but deep inside he felt happy to have a girl in his life. He was afraid one day that she'll disappeared and began waking up on her body forgetting all the memories they shared under the umbrella, but he knew what must be done all for the best for Midori and her family. And here they both are together again as a couple just like old times. He is just happy to have the usual annoying Midori, who use to be on his right hand, back in his life. They both continued walking towards the Sakuradamon high school.

Sakuradamon high school front gate

Chatters and mutters can be heard when the students of Sakuradamon high enter the front gate with their friends by their side starting a new year of school. Some of these students are in the final year determined to make a memorable year of high school memories and some are working hard for the sake of their future. One of the final year students who just walked in was Ayase Takako, the headstrong brunette girl who was every girl's role model. She walked inside the school gate; following behind her is her friend Makinoha Nao. She's a short, quiet and mysterious girl who was understood only by some of her classmates like Takako and Seiji. Though she's unpopular she's a very intelligent girl indeed.

"Another year of school huh Makinoha-san?" Ayase asked her little friend.

Nao turned towards Ayase; she's a girl with a few words. Not much of a talkative type but one look from her face people can understand clearly what she's talking about. Nao smiled at her friend, that's a good sign. Ayase smiled back.

"Come on let's make this year a memorable year," Ayase excitedly cheer on. Nao nodded her head.

"Let's," she simply said.

Ayase and Nao took their first step into the school ground, they both walked down passing some of the students who were groaning and some which were excited to be back to school. Soon enough Ayase met her other friend, Yukari, and they began to engage on a conversation.

"I told you to go away already!"

"Aww at least give me a kiss Seiji-kun."

Seiji? Sawamura! Ayase turned her attention away from her two friends and see her old crush. There he was standing just right out of the threshold with a green-haired girl that she didn't recognize. Judging by her school uniform she's from Ogurabashi high school, Ayase knew that's an expensive and hard high school to get into. But that didn't mind her in the beginning, what got her attention is when she demanded a kiss from him.

"Look, if you don't go now you're going to be late," said Seiji. He looked like he's trying to get rid of her.

"Not until you give me a kiss," she pestered him.

"Aww jeez, not in front of my school!" Seiji was beginning to lose his patience.

"Well fine," she gave up. "But at least let me give you this."

The girl quickly kissed Seiji right on his cheek. This brought Ayase's attention; she looked at the couple's with a shocked look on her face. She's not the only one who's surprised about it; Yukari is surprised about it too. Not only these two girls but the people who happened to saw that are as shocked as these girls are. They had never expected the delinquent student like Sawamura would get a girlfriend who looks so innocent and sweet. The students just watched Seiji shooing the laughing Midori away with a weird expression on their face.

"Go already! You're going to be late," he scolded her. "And how many times I told you not in public Midori?"

"Tee hee… You're so cute Seiji-kun," Midori giggled. "Bye bye I'll see you at the usual place." With that she left Seiji and jogged her way to her high school.

"Yeah whatever," Seiji muttered. Seiji blushed little bit by that kiss Midori gave him. He turned around to face his school only to see students looked at him surprisingly. This is normal for Seiji, he's already used to with this kind of expression, but that was because of the injuries he had in the past. This time was because an actual girl kissed him. He walked pass them all making his way to the classroom. As soon as he passed students one by one muttering and chattering starts to roam in regarding of Sawamura and "that green hair girl."

"Did you see that?"

"Yeah no way Sawamura actually got a girlfriend?"

"No way in hell! She's too nice for him."

"Do you think he bribed her off or something?"

"No way, Sawamura has been nicer these days!"

The chattering and gossiping began to sound louder and louder as Seiji passed by more students. Seiji can start to hear some of them, which gave him some Goosebumps. He began to walk faster, and quickly got inside to the school building glad to be away from all those horrible chatters behind his back. Ayase watched him ran into the building with a questionable expression on her face.

"Looks like Sawamura-senpai found himself a girlfriend huh Ayase-senpai," said Yukari.

Ayase turned towards Yukari. "I guess there's no surprise in that," she continued. "Sawamura-senpai has been nicer these days. He even caught that molester on the other day for me remember?"

Ayase couldn't agree with her more. Ayase had been in love with Sawamura, she even confessed to him only to watched being rejected for another girl. It looked like that Midori girl was the one Sawamura was talking about. Ayase tried to wipe that bad memory off her head to keep a positive attitude of hers.

"Yeah, I did," Ayase replied. "I just couldn't believe a slacker like him actually found himself a girlfriend."

"Oh senpai," Yukari teased her. "Don't tell me you're jealous."

"What! Jealous? Me?" Ayase half-screamed at Yukari. "There's nothing for me to be jealous for at that good for nothing loser. Come on Makinoha-san." She then walked into the building with Yukari tagging along. Nao eyed her curiously as she walked into the building; she then looked at that position where Midori gave Seiji that kiss.

"I see," she thought to herself. "Looks like Midori-chan is finally back to her body." Nao then followed Ayase to the school building.

In class

"And so with that class," the home room teacher announced. "It is decided that we all should remain just where we are for this year too. Looks like you guys are stuck with me this year again!"

What kind of stupid rule is that? It's like total deja-vu around here.

It seemed that Seiji was back to his usual seating in the usual spot, the back of the class and next to Ayase. He didn't really cared much though, it's not like he care who class he's in or who he's sitting next to. He'll just sleep in class as usual and go home with Midori. The rest of the period went on silently with a sleeping Seiji.

Not long after the second period end, its break time for the students. Some of the students begin to leave class meeting their friends, some were staying too chatting with fellow classmates, but for Seiji he just sat there in his chair staring at the window thinking to himself. But he won't be doing that for long, because he had a couple of visitors.


He turned around from his desk to see his regular friends standing right next to him. Some of them include his fellow lower classman Miyahara, the figurine otaku Takamizawa, the always strict class rep Ayase and the quiet one Nao.

"What the hell do you guys want?" Seiji asked them simply.

"Ok, we'll make this simple," Miyahara spoke up. "Who was that girl that kissed you earlier?"

"What girl?" he asked confused. Then he remembered about Midori. "Oh you mean Midori? Yeah what about her?"

"Midori? Is that her name?" Miyahara asked him excitedly. "Is she your girlfriend?"

Seiji smirked at his follower's stupid act. "Since when do you guys care about me?" he asked them rudely.

"You're right," said Ayase. "And here I thought you change that rude attitude of yours this year. Guess you're as dumb as usual." She left the group walking towards the door. "I knew it," she though to herself. "So it was his girlfriend."

Seiji eyed her furiously. He never understood what's going through that complicated head of hers. First thing she's all mean, and then she's nice. Mean again than nice. Ayase's feeling had always been a mysterious thing to him.

"Damn that Ayase," Seiji cursed. "Always mocking me as usual."

"She cared about you." Nao suddenly spoke up. They all look at her. "You're her friend don't forget about that." She then left to go follow Ayase carrying her voodoo teddy bear as usual.

Seiji couldn't agree with her any more. Ayase may seem to be headstrong and strict to him, but he knew that deep inside there's a soft side of Ayase regarding her care and kindness towards him. He couldn't even forget the time when she confessed her love to him; he definitely didn't expect that at all. But now he's just glad that things are going normal for the two of them.

"You're so popular with the girls there Sawamura-san," Miyahara sobbed. "I wish I have a girl who actually cares about me and would kiss my cheek."

"You already have you idiot," Seiji reminded him. "Her name was Lucy."

Seiji could never forget his American friend Lucy Winrad. She was enrolled in his school once for a couple of months, she made quite a lot of friends. Being a friendly and cheerful girl really did win the hearts of the students in Sakuradamon. Sadly she had to leave Japan to return to America, but promised to visit, when though? Miyahara won Lucy's heart, but poor him apparently Lucy likes Seiji too. Much to Seiji who found her aggressive love attitude can be quite annoying.

"Yeah but Lucy-chan never visit!" Miyahara began to sob uncontrollably. "Oh that reminds me." He dug down to his pocked and showed Seiji a letter. "I found this in the mail today, all the way from America. Must be from Lucy-chan."

"Then go read it somewhere else you idiot!" Seiji yelled at Miyahara. Miyahara quickly departed the class to read his letter from his beloved crush. With Miyahara, Ayase and Nao gone that leaves only Takamizawa behind.

"The hell you want?" he asked the one who had been silent all this time.

"Just wondering Sawamura-kun," he began. "How did you get Midori-chan out of your hand?"

Yep there's no doubt about it, Takamizawa was one of the few people who knew about Midori being Seiji's right hand in the past time. He seems to have a crush on her in a very weird way in which even Seiji can't even understand. But he seemed to respect that Midori chose Seiji rather than him.

"It's a complicated matter," Seiji explained. "I don't think you'll understand."

"You're right I probably won't understand," Takamizawa agreed. "I didn't even know how she gets there in the first place. By the way did she say something about me?"

Seiji looked at Takamizawa with a different look when he replied to him. Something had been bothering Seiji for quite awhile.

"No she didn't," Seiji said. "In fact she can't remember anything what happened when she was on my right hand."

Takamizawa is slightly shocked at Seiji's response. Obviously he never thought that Midori's memories would be gone one day.

"You mean…" Takamizawa struggled for the words. "That everything you and her have been going through is all dropped to waste?"

"No," said Seiji. "It's not a waste; in fact those days when she saw on my hand were the happiest days of my life."

Takamizawa looked at Seiji with such strong passion, who would've thought Sawamura would actually feel this way. Takamizawa is touched by Seiji's memories.

"Then in that case Sawamura," he said. Seiji turned to look at him. "I will give you my prized Midori puppet so you can remember it as the Midori that was in your hand."

Seiji nearly fell off his chair when Takamizawa picked up the Midori puppet that Seiji remembered quite well.

"Here, it even includes with a free costume," Takamizawa then picked up a similar "I love Seiji" shirt that Midori used to wear when she was in his hand.

Seiji looked at Takamizawa with an angry look on his face. Obviously he never agreed on having Takamizawa to create those dolls and made it for sale one day. He angrily picked up the puppet doll and threw it out the school window. Takamizawa looked as shock as usual.

"Ahhhh Sawamura-kun! What did you do that for?" he asked him whiningly.

"Shut up!" he angrily half-yelled at him. "I thought I told you to get rid of these stupid dolls!!

Takamizawa ran out of the door to go and pick up his beloved Midori puppet before anyone finds it. Seiji sighed on his desk looking out the window lost back in his own world. It's back to school as usual.

Well people there you have it the first day/ chapter of my new fic of Midori no Hibi. Yep lots of reference from the manga there, lol yeah I loved the manga more than the anime, now anyway just in case you guys don't know some of these references than I shall happily point it our for you.

What is it that every student needs in order to get through the grind of school life? Is it sports? Or maybe a good hobby? Well those things are okay, but… For me, there's something far more important. And that's… A girlfriend.

The first line in the manga, if you guys open up the first page we go straight to Seiji's thought on how he think to spices up his high school life, but instead I spiced it up by saying he finally have one

--Midori no Hibi chapter 1 (volume 1, chapter 1)

I have calmed down for the past months ever since Midori became my right hand for a while.

Ever since Midori became Seiji's right hand, Seiji began to understand people more and calmed down for the past few months. Having a girlfriend to take care of him calms his anger down.

-- Midori no Hibi chapter 80 (volume 8, chapter 6)

He was afraid one day that she'll disappeared and began waking up on her body forgetting all the memories they shared under the umbrella.

It is mentioned that when Midori left Seiji's right hand, she will wake up losing all the memories she had when she was on Seiji's arm. When Seiji found out about this he felt scared and don't want to lose her, he mentioned that he didn't want to be separated from Midori as a hand.

--Midori no Hibi chapter 65 (volume 6, chapter 11)

She walked inside the school gate; following behind her is her friend Makinoha Nao. She's a short, quiet and mysterious girl who was understood only by some of her classmates like Takako and Seiji. Though she's unpopular she's a very intelligent girl indeed.

Just to let you know Nao is not an original character!! She didn't appear in the anime but she was a regular cast on the manga starting from volume 3. It is true, she's a quiet and mysterious girl but very intelligent. She became friends with Ayase and sometimes seen with her time by time in the manga.

--Midori no Hibi chapter 24 (volume 3, chapter 3) Nao's first appearance

Soon enough Ayase met her other friend, Yukari.

Yukari is also not an original character!! She appeared in the manga couple of times, but not as a regular cast. She made a brief appearance in three chapters only through out the manga but I think that she deserved more spotlight than that.

--Midori no Hibi chapter 13 (volume 2, chapter 3) Yukari's first appearance

"Sawamura-senpai has been nicer these days. He even caught that molester on the other day for me remember?"

Seiji caught the molester who felt Yukari's butt on the train station on that same chapter of her first appearance. She's grateful for his help.

--Midori no Hibi chapter 13 (volume 2, chapter 3)

"I see," she thought to herself. "Looks like Midori-chan is finally back to her body."

Nao is one of the few people who knew about Seiji's secret of having Midori on his right hand. Her father who was the first person, beside Seiji's sister, to find out about Midori's secret. Nao was there to see it.

--Midori no Hibi chapter 25 (volume 3, chapter 4)

"Her name was Lucy." Seiji could never forget his American friend Lucy Winrad.

Lucy is also not an original character. She made her appearance in volume 4 and soon enough become a regular cast until volume 7. Lucy was one of the girls who liked Seiji, but very nice and friendly to everyone. The students at Sakuradamon high school all loved her.

--Midori no Hibi chapter 40 (volume 4, chapter 8) Lucy's first appearance and fully introduced in chapter 41 (volume 4, chapter 9)

"How did you get Midori-chan out of your hand?"

I'm sure this was shown on the anime, but I'll just let you guys know anyway. Takamizawa was one of the people who knew about Seiji's secret, though he knew about it he didn't spread the secret to the world.

--Midori no Hibi chapter 35 (volume 4, chapter 3)

"I will give you my prized Midori puppet so you can remember it as the Midori that was in your hand."

I think this was in the anime too but just let you know again. Takamizawa began to sell Midori hand puppet doll on an Otaku convention and Seiji agreed to it so he can get his share of the profit. On an another chapter, the puppet was nominated for a modeling contest, therefore making it as Takmizawa's prized puppet.

-- Midori no Hibi chapter 57 (volume 6, chapter 3) and chapter 76 (volume 8, chapter 2).

Yep guys that's about it. Well anyway if there are more questions u need to ask me just leave me a review and I'll be gladly to answer it. Well I guess I better to do my assignments now lol so uhh yeah rview for me mmkay? Lol oh and no flames… Until then wait for another exciting chapter of Midori no Hibi: Brand new Days