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Midori no Hibi: Brand new days

Day 2

Midori and friends

Midori watched from afar as the love of her life walk through the school gate entering Sakuradamon High school grounds. She wouldn't join him though, she's an Ogurabashi High student, one of the top elite high school around the area. She decided to go there due to her mother's suggestion in benefit for her future. Preferably she rather go to Sakuradamon High, but what's done is done. She looked over to the school again, Seiji is nowhere in sight. He has already walked into the building avoiding the people who is spreading rumors and talking about him behind his back. Midori knew why people are acting like this towards Seiji-kun. Seiji is famous for his past reputation as 'Mad Dog Sawamura', the most fearsome delinquent around. His trademark is his right hand nicknamed 'Devil's Right Hand'. Midori couldn't understand why people treat Seiji this way, as an outsider and a fearsome man to stay away from. To her, Seiji is the sweetest and most kind man she ever know. Those people just don't understand the real Sawamura Seiji, and hopefully her friends would understand him.

Ogurabashi High


Midori looked up from her text book. Approaching her is her childhood friend, Shingyouji Kouta, possibly the only boy who understands and respects her choice under no circumstances. Kouta is a small boy, unlike all boys, he has quite of a feminine side/look that became a target to Miku Nekobe and The Crimson Angels.

"Ohayou Kouta-kun," Midori greeted. "I guess we're in the same class again this year."

"Yeah, and I hope things will stay like this for the end of the year at least," said Kouta. "By the way how was Sawamura-san?"

"Ah! Shhhhhh!!!" Midori silenced her childhood friend. She looked around, thankfully no one heard Kouta's voice. "Please be quiet about Seiji-kun, Kouta-kun," Midori whispered.

Kouta looked at her questioningly and in shock. He knew that he has the biggest crush on him, but why would she actually keep quiet about their relationship in school grounds? "What's wrong Midori-chan?" It didn't take long enough for him to figure it out. "You didn't break up with him do you?" he asked spiritedly.

Like hell I did! And why do you sound so happy Kouta-kun?

"No I didn't Kouta-kun," Midori sighed. "It's just that…" Midori stopped to look over by the desk two tables away from her. There stood 4 girls talking and laughing so happily together, Kouta turned around to look at where Midori is looking. He knew immediately what Midori's reasons are.

"I see," Kouta nodded. "You haven't told Iwasaki-san and the others did you?"

Midori didn't say anything; she turned away from them and laid her head down on her table. "I just don't know what to say Kouta-kun," said Midori. "You're the only I know who understands me well. So I thought that it's ok if you know about me and Seiji-kun." She looked at Kouta's eyes now. Kouta can see the clear look of fear in Midori's eyes, he haven't seen these eyes for a while now. Ever since she confessed to Seiji-kun he thought that she would gotten over her fear and be strong of herself.

"I just don't want them to know about me and Seiji-kun. Heck! I don't even want to know what they will say if they find out," Midori felt uneasy now. Kouta place his hand on her palm sitting on the desk.

"Daijobu Midori-chan!" Kouta assured her. Midori looked up to her friend, Kouta's finding a way to cheer her up. "Iwasaki-san and the others are your friends right? I'm sure they will understand."

"But… but…"

"When I first met Sawamura-san, I thought he was a violent delinquent," Kouta started. Kouta remembered well the day he first met Sawamura Seiji, he was going to ask him to meet Midori while she was still in a coma.

"I was going to ask him to come and see you while you were in a coma, hoping that he'll wake you up," he continued. "But I was too afraid to approach him because of his dark reputation." Midori is now paying fully attention to Kouta's story, come to think of it she never quite know how Seiji and Kouta met.

"I was so scared that I thought he will beat me up if I say something wrong," he laughed at his own joke. "I even thought that he will sell me to the yakuza and put me up on those live camera site."

Now why my Seji-kun would do such a thing? And where did you get this kind of idea Kouta-kun?

"Through the days, I continued to see him hoping that I will persuade him to see you," Kouta returned to his topic. "And eventually I get to know him better. He's a very nice guy, and I understand why I like him."

"You?" Midori asked Kouta questioningly. Kouta cupped his mouth quickly realizing what he just said may torn her down.

"Uh I mean you! I understand why you like him Midori-chan! He he he…" Kouta quickly tried to cover it up. "The point is Midori-chan. I think it'll be okay if Iwasaki-san and her friends finds out about you and Sawamura-san." Midori looked back to Iwasaki-san who is laughing with her other friends. "I'm sure they will understand the real Sawamura-san when they met him, I did," Midori heard Kouta's words.

"Yeah, I think I might just do that," Midori replied. "Thanks Kouta-kun." She smiled at him, it soothed Kouta for seeing Midori to smile and cheery again.

"My pleasure Midori-chan," Kouta rubbed the back of his head. "Anything for Sawamura-san."

"Wha-?" she asked confused again.

"Uh I mean and you too! Anything for Sawamura-san and you too, Midori-chan. He he he…" He laughed uneasily while trying to cover it up. Midori stared at Kouta uneasily.

Girls changing room

"Kyaaa!! Did you see Mozira-senpai back there?"

"Waahhh!! I know isn't he just too cute!"

"Too bad he's gay though," said Iwasaki-san as she took off her P.E shirt (A/N No! Don't even think about it!)

"Yeah," her friends nodded understanding. Midori quietly listened to her friends chatting, she opened up her locker and return her P.E shirt back in. Listening to those girls talking about boys lead her to a perfect chance on telling them about her boyfriend. But how would she bring up the topic of her own boyfriend?


Midori looked away from her locker and faced Iwasaki-san; her normal school uniform is back on her body. "Ne Kasugano-san there's something I've been meaning to ask you," she said politely.

"Oh what is it?" Midori asked curiously. She took out her normal school uniform and put it on.

"Do you remember our conversation early on last year about the guy that you like?" she asked. Midori is shocked when she heard what Iwasaki-san was asking about. Midori looked away blushing deep red just by thinking about the love of her life.

"Uhmm yes I did actually," Midori replied. "What about it?"

"What about it?!" Iwasaki-san repeated he question. "Well as I recall, we didn't quite finish about that conversation." She add a grin to the end of her sentence, Midori knew where this conversation is going.

"Really?" Midori laughed nervously. "I'm pretty sure that we cover this already."

"No we haven't!" Chika called out. Chika was also one of the girls in Iwasaki-san's circle group of friends, she's known for her trademark pigtails. "So come on tell us what is up with you and him now."

"Yeah tell us, tell us! Did you by chance get to tell him your feelings?" Nakano and Igarashi, also the girls in Iwasaki's circle group, joined them in their conversation.

Midori looked around the girls who are surrounding her, they all are interested in their shy friend Midori. Midori's grateful to know that her friends are interested in her and would like to know more what's going on in her life. But she just couldn't bring the courage to tell them who her boyfriend is.

I'm sure they will understand the real Sawamura-san when they met him

Kouta's words echoed on her mind. Maybe she should trust in Kouta's words and hope to believe that her friends would understand her and Seiji-kun together. It did to Kouta, and he was afraid of Seiji in the first place.

"Well…" Midori started.

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" the blonde girl Igarashi pestered her. Nakano has to hold her down from being too excited.

"I did tell him that I've always loved him," Midori told them recalling the day at the park a month ago. "A month ago to be exact."

Iwasaki couldn't take it anymore, she hugged Midori in delight and happiness for her. The other girls followed the ring leader and hug Midori too. They're all happy for her to finally gather the courage and face her biggest fear. Midori is happy that they're excited, but she told them to let her go because of the awkwardness, they did a few seconds later.

"Kyaaaa!!" Chika squealed in excitement. "In a park, how romantic! That's where I always wanted Yoshizaka-senpai to confess to me!"

"I thought he has a girlfriend," said Nakano. "Anyway so what did he say?"

"Well…" Midori twirled her finger nervously. "He said that he love me too."

"Kyaaaaaaa!!!" The girls squealed out in delight. Midori couldn't take any of this any longer; it's too much for her to handle with all the screaming, and the questioning.

"Are you serious?"

"You're not joking right?"

"Oh my god! That is so sweet!"

"Who is he?"

The last question got Midori's attention. She wouldn't bother with the other questions that asked her, but the last question definitely got Midori's attention. This is the one question that she feared the most. "I'm sorry, what was that again Iwasaki-san?" Midori asked.

"Who is this guy?" Iwasaki asked excitedly. "You're telling us there's this guy you like, and now he's your boyfriend. We ask the big question. Who is he?

Here it comes. The moment I've been waiting for. Go for it Midori!!

"His name is…"

"From the sound of it, he's gotta be a really sweet and nice guy," Igarashi interrupted. Midori immediately stop talking after being interrupted.

"Yeah," Chika agreed. "He has to be that type of guy like Yoshizaka-senpai. Smart, good looking, sporty, and not too mention killer body." She giggled uncontrollably.

"Uhmmm actually," Midori mentioned out.

"I don't really care what type of guy he is," said Nakano. Midori heard what Nakano said and she smiled at her friend. Looks like Kouta is right after all. "As long as he's not a delinquent, that's fine for me." Nakano finished. Midori gasped hearing to Nakano's last comment.

"Ah yes definitely," agreed Igarashi. "Those types of men are just so cruel. Yesterday, I saw this poor boy bumping into one of those delinquents. And what did they do to the poor boy?!" The girls waited for Igarashi's answer.

"They stripped him off and leave him at the alley all by himself butt-naked!" The girls gasped at Igarashi's story, they soon murmur about how nasty delinquent kids are. Each sentences ache Midori's heart bit by bit. Its true Seiji is a bit of a delinquent type of student, but he's not that type of person who bullies and beat up the weak.

Seiji-kun doesn't do those kinds of things!

"Lucky for him, I happen to pass by and lend him my spare jacket. I told him to keep it."

"I agree with you Igarashi-san," Chika nodded. "Delinquent kids are just the worst! Every single one of them is just plain nasty!"

"Well not all of them could be bad right?" Midori piped in. The 4 girls stared at Midori clueless; Midori needs to protect Seiji's reputation.

"Are you kidding me Midori-chan?!" Nakano asked. "Those guys are just the worst!"

"They're all the same, not in just term of looks," Igarashi explained. "They're all nasty people to begin with!"

"Yeah," Chika agreed. "It's best if we just stay away from people like them!"

Each words coming out from her friends' mouth pushed her confidences down. She was confident enough to tell her friends about Seiji-kun as her boyfriend, but with the conversations going into like this, it's just too impossible for her to bring it up now. Midori decided that this is not the best time to tell them, she quickly gather her stuff and leave the change room quietly without saying goodbyes. Iwasaki watched Midori left the change room suddenly without informing anything; she raised one of her eyebrow suspiciously.

After school

"So you didn't get to tell them?" Kouta asked.

"It wasn't the perfect time," Midori replied.

School's over and it's time to go home. Midori decided to walk out from school with Kouta, she doesn't feel like going home with Iwasaki and the girls. She wanted to discuss about recent events with Kouta about what happened in the changing room.

"They just keep on talking about how nasty people like Seiji-kun are," Midori explained. "I couldn't bring the courage to tell them that my boyfriend is one of those types of people."

"I understand what you mean Midori-chan," Kouta nodded. "Sawamura-san is different compared to the rest of those guys, so we couldn't exactly qualify him as a delinquent." Kouta took a deep breath and pause for a few seconds. "But I guess his past reputation just keeps on push him to that side even people who don't know him well will see him as a delinquent." Midori nodded agreeing to Kouta's opinion. She was about to say something to him until she noticed something strange about Kouta's attitude. He appeared to be nervous and looking around his surrounding frantically.

"Kouta-kun is something wrong?" Midori questioned his movement.

"Uhmmm, uhhh, uhmmm," he blabbered on. He's still looking around aimlessly, until he felt a huge shock struck from behind. He looked behind him, just right behind those walls, he can see the 8 eyes gleaming at him lovingly. He looked closer at one of the eye pair, it's eyes are tweaked in a shape of a cat eyes. It is no doubt the eyes of Miku Nekobe and her Crimson Angels mate.

"Kouta-kun?" Midori asked. "What's wrong?"

"Uhmmm," Kouta staggered a bit. "I'm sorry Midori-chan but I have to go now, and you're going to meet up with Sawamura-san too anyway right?"

Midori nodded. "But what's the hurry? I still have…"

"Well I'll see you later Midori-chan, Ja Ne!" Kouta waved goodbye. He quickly took a left turn in an intersection and sprint away. Midori stared confusingly; Kouta has never been in a hurry to leave before. She sighed quietly, Midori took her exit as well. She jogged a bit towards the park, the same park where she met Seiji everyday after school or for a meeting. The same park where she confessed to Seiji, it is now officially their park.