The Original Future

Summary: Just what was Chris original future like when Wyatt turned evil? This is my version about what happened and what made Chris desperate enough to go back and change the past, risking his own existence in the process. I know it has been done before but please R&R.

Chris Halliwell appeared to be a perfectly normal eighteen year old boy to the mortal world. The truth however was that he was anything but normal. He was a white lighter-witch, which for the magical community was quite a rarity. Witches and their white lighters, who acted as witches' guardians had traditionally been forbidden from having relationships with one another, and the idea of white lighter-witch offspring did not even seem in the realm of possibility.

Chris was not the only so called "half breed" that had ever been born however, but he was one of only three. Chris' Aunt Paige had been a product of an affair between his grandmother, Patricia Halliwell and her white lighter, Sam. The young male Halliwell had always wished that he had been given more time with his Aunt whom he shared this common heritage, but Chris' memories of her were few. She had died about a month before his sixth birthday; the second of Patricia's four daughters to die at the hands of a demon. In Paige's case she had fallen prey to a dark lighter.

Then of course there was Chris' older brother, Wyatt. He too had been what their mother always said Paige referred to as a hyphenate. However, since the day Wyatt turned his back on his destiny to be a powerful force for good magic, and embraced evil, his white lighter powers had slowly been replaced by demonic ones, and his orbs were now black. So when it came down to it, Chris was truly the only one of his "kind" left, what he perceived as simply another burden left on his shoulders. He felt responsible for keeping his parent's "love" alive.

Piper Halliwell, the charmed one who was always known for her temper, had died the day her son turned 14. Yes, on his birthday Chris was forced to witness the death of his mother. He had fought so hard to protect her, but in the end it was simply not enough. What had made the whole experience even worse was that his brother was responsible. No, Wyatt had not personally killed his mother, at the time he was only sixteen and had just started down his path to the dark side, but he was the one who had hired the mass of demons to eliminate one of his magic school professors.

What Wyatt had failed to tell anyone was that he had developed advanced premonitions, a power the Haliwell witches believed belonged only to Phoebe, Piper's one surviving sister at the time. Like Phoebe, Wyatt could see into the past as well as the future, but he could also get visions on command. He had used his power to find out just what had happened to him as a toddler, when he had been kidnapped from his home, presumably by a demon and was missing for weeks. Traumatic flashes of memories had haunted him throughout his childhood and he was determined to find out exactly what had happened to him. What he had found out shocked him. It was an elder, the former headmaster of magic school who had taken him away from his family in an attempt to end the boys life prematurely, believing Wyatt was too powerful to not end up corrupted.

Gideon, the elder responsible had been killed not long after he had kidnapped the young boy. He had died at the hands of a dark lighter when a mass of demons, led by the infamous Zankou had attempted a raid on magic school. However Wyatt still wanted revenge and in his visions he had discovered that his advanced magic professor, Sigmund had been in cahoots with the duplicitous elder. And so Wyatt made Sigmund his target. However due to Phoebe receiving a premonition of Sigmund's doom, things did not go as Wyatt planned.

Chris however was not aware of what had happened to Wyatt and it was only after that fateful night that he discovered Wyatt was responsible for sending the legion of demons after Sigmund. He never understood why Wyatt had done what he had but Chris knew he would never be able to forget what his brother had caused. That night haunted him every day and night plaguing him with horrific dreams.

Just last night he had, had another nightmare, and he could not help but think about it on his walk home from the drug store. It felt as if he had lived it all over again. He had been in the dining room, at the manor typing up a report for school on his birthday no less. His little cousin Prudence, Phoebe's ten year old daughter was still at school and Wyatt wasn't home. His mother and Aunt Phoebe were in the conservatory discussing something that seemed quite serious with Sigmund. That's when it happened. A large mass of demons shimmered in set on eliminating their mark.

Reacting instantly Piper immediately attempted to freeze the scene realizing that she and Phoebe were ridiculously outnumbered. The legion of slayer demons, however were immune to her power. Getting her bearings after the freeze failed Piper noticed the massive surge of fireballs directed at Sigmund, their most recent innocent of the day thanks to Phoebe's vision. Luckily Chris' Aunt had quick enough reflexes to knock the professor out of the deadly path of flames. Leaving Sigmund behind the cover of a wicker chair his mother and Aunt then engaged the intruders in an intense battle. Piper used her explosive power which only seemed to stun the demons who were unfortunately immune to most witchly powers. Using her empathy Phoebe did manage to vanquish a few of the demons, channeling their powers and incinerating them with their very own fireballs.

Chris having heard the commotion ran into the conservatory and sprang into action. Seeing that his telekinesis did not work directly on the demons he used his powers to redirect the fireballs back at those who were throwing them towards Sigmund who remained safely ensconced behind the piece of furniture. Many of the demons however had quick enough reflexes to avoid the redirected fireballs, and even though Chris, his mom and his aunt had managed to vanquish several demons more kept shimmering in, clearly not giving up until their task was done.

At some point during the intense confrontation one of the slayer demons actually had a logical thought, shimmered out and then back in directly behind Sigmund. Piper the only one to notice this gestured, stunning the demon with her power but clearly not deterring him. After getting his bearings the demon released a fireball directly at the advanced magic professor. On instinct Piper ran over to knock the innocent out of the way, saving Sigmund from the blast, but not quick enough to avoid it herself.

Seeing his mom take the deadly hit froze the fourteen year old Chris right where he stood. He let out a piercing scream of "NO!" One of the demons seeing he was distracted threw an athame at the devastated teenager. Phoebe although equally horrified, knew she needed to protect her nephew. She lunged in his direction knocking Chris away from the deadly weapon, but in the process smashed her head on the table, knocking her unconscious. Under the weight of his Aunts unconscious form Chris could only watch helplessly as one of the slayer demons, seemingly the leader of the group released a series of fireballs at the cowering Sigmund, who unable to avoid them met a fiery demise. With their task done the group of demons shimmered out leaving a devastated Chris.

Realizing his Aunt was unconscious but still breathing he managed to get out from under her to go check on his mother. Piper, although semiconscious was mortally wounded, losing too much blood from where she had been hit by the fireball. Piper Halliwell looked into the terrified eyes of her teenage son and muttered her last words. "I love you peanut." She managed to force out before her eyes closed and her life slipped away.

Chris, feeling helpless called for his brother repeatedly who orbed in only moments later but it seemed like an eternity to Chris. Upon seeing the scene Wyatt froze, realizing just what his craving for revenge had resulted in. Chris could do nothing but sit beside his maimed mother begging her not to leave him all the while screaming for his bother to do something "Heal her damn it" Chris screamed at his motionless brother. Wyatt, however gave no response and after several moments of taking in the scene orbed away without even trying to heal Piper.

Chris then tried to call his father. "Dad please." he screamed "Dad, answer me. Mom needs you." The young man was desperately hoping that for once his father would answer when he called, but after a few cries Chris realized his father was not coming. The fourteen year old boy not knowing anything else to do, extended his hands over his mothers chest desperately hoping that he could heal her. "Dammit work." He screamed. His brother could heal, so why couldn't he. He never before in his life felt like such a failure. Realizing that he did not have the power to save his mother, Chris simply cried over her lifeless form not knowing anything else to do.

When his eleven year old cousin, Prue eventually arrived home she looked on the scene with horror, releasing a piercing scream. Her cries brought Chris back to reality. He immediately went over to comfort his cousin and then called for an ambulance. When the paramedics arrived they treated Phoebe for a severe concussion, but for Piper, it was just too late.

It was only a few days later when Chris, beside himself felt he needed to get justice for his mom's death. With his Aunt Phoebe still in the hospital and Wyatt barely around Chris felt it was up to him to eliminate the slayer demons. He found them in the book of shadows and preceded to make the vanquishing potion before using the athame they had left behind to scry for their location. When Chris orbed into the slayer's underworld lair, what he found there rocked his world even more.

Wyatt was already there ripping into the legion leader for having murdered his mother when she was not the intended target. After the twice blessed child finished his rant, he released an energy ball vanquishing the demon. Wyatt then released a wave of fire onto the remaining slayer demons, incinerating each and every one of them. Chris could only stand there in shock as he realized his brother was responsible for the attack that had killed their mother. Upon sensing his brother's presence Wyatt was speechless. He loved his little brother and could not stand to see the horror in his eyes. He somehow needed to make Chris understand. What he didn't get was that Chris would never understand.

Chris, now eighteen had also lost his Aunt Phoebe. She had been killed almost two years ago, at Wyatt's hand not too long after he was coroneted as the new source. It was now just Chris and Prue left of the Halliwell clan fighting to protect the innocent. They were currently staying with their Grandfather, Victor Bennet, whose health Chris knew was failing, even if Victor did not admit it. Leo, Chris' father had left his family to become an elder when Chris was only three years old, and Prue's father Coop had mysteriously died before she was even born. After all he was merely a cupid and why he was a target of attack was questionable.

As for Wyatt, Chris still did not want to accept what his brother had become. He realized though that he was probably the only one who had even a remote chance of stopping the twice-blessed child and source of all evil, and he would have to do something soon. He could sense his brothers insatiable hunger for power and knew he would not just stop at ruling the underworld. Wyatt wanted to rule the whole world and Chris suspected he would make his move soon.

When he arrived back at his grandfathers apartment Prue had begun to cook dinner. She had inherited her Aunt Piper's talent in the kitchen, which Chris appreciated. It made him feel as if a part of his mother was still with him. His grandpa was seated on the couch, looking rather exhausted as he watched the news. Upon seeing his grandson return he thanked him for having gone to the drugstore to pick up his medication. Chris had argued with him earlier demanding to know what it was for, but Victor simply did not know how to tell Chris that he had been diagnosed with lung cancer, and that he was terminal.

The doctors said that the cancer was simply not detected early enough and this medication was just to make his last couple of months as comfortable as possible. Victor knew that he would have to tell his grandchildren eventually, but he needed to come to terms with it himself first. Besides that, both Chris and Prue had experienced so much loss in their young lives, and he simply felt terrible that this would simply add to their turmoil. On top of that Chris was under a lot of stress because of the whole Wyatt situation and the unavoidable confrontation he would inevitably have to suffer with his brother.

Whenever Victor thought of what had become of his firstborn Grandson he simply did not know how to feel. He hated what he had done to piper and phoebe, and the entire world, but Wyatt was still his flesh and blood, one of only two boys he had to remember his second-born daughter by.

Chris, although still upset that his grandfather was keeping something from him did not want to push the issue any further. He hated fighting with his grandfather so he decided to drop it for now. He knew his grandfather would tell him what was going on when he was ready. He simply gave Victor the medication he had purchased and went to go help Prue in the kitchen.

From the smell he could tell she was making spaghetti and meatballs, with the most delicious sauce, which was his mothers own recipe. He was not particularly talented when it came to cooking but he knew the basics and didn't mind helping out. He always felt that his younger cousin always thought she needed to take care of him and Victor, cleaning and cooking among other things. Chris however, took care of her too. He helped her as much as he could after work. Even though biologically they were only cousins, in his heart Prue was his baby sister and she felt the same way. He always felt as if he was failing her though. She was only fifteen and should be enjoying her high school life but instead she was home cooking dinner for him. She however really did not mind. She simply cherished the only two members of her family she had left, and swore she would never take them for granted.

Prue, although only fifteen was very mature for her age-she had simply endured so much that she had to grow up quickly. When Chris came in the kitchen she informed him that D.J. and Sean Morris were going to come by for dinner. They were the two youngest of the three sons of Darryl and Sheila Morris. The Halliwell's and the Morris' had always been very close as the latter were the only mortals who knew the Halliwell's supernatural secret. D.J. was three years older than Chris and they were always close, although throughout childhood it was Wyatt that was DJ's best friend. After Wyatt turned however DJ and Chris had grown even closer. Sean was 16, just a year older than prue, and they had loved each other for as long as she could remember. Other then her family he was the main source of strength that helped her through all the loss. He was the one purely good thing in her life, and she did not know what she would do if he ever lost him.

Chris was happy to hear that his friends were coming over, it meant he could have a seemingly normal evening for once, and get his mind off of Wyatt. He then preceded to ask Prue how her day at school was and she told him that nothing really special had happened; it was just another day at school. It was then that the doorbell rang signaling the arrival of the Morris boys. Over the course of the evening Chris had almost allowed himself to have fun, something he had not done in the longest time. Little did he know that this would be the closest he would come for quite a long while.

Down in the underworld, Wyatt was preparing to make his move. It had been twoyears since he had gained control of the underworld and now it was time for more. It wastime to take over the world, and if he had his way his brother would rule beside him. He hadsimply not accepted that he would be unable to turn Chris. His plan: expose magic.