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Devon, the half manticore reentered the gymnasium, a severely injured yet still breathing and semiconscious Bridget Harley in his arms. Following behind was a limping Alexis Whitmore, and by the looks of her it was a miracle she was still alive as well. As the three entered the school's gym, they saw Chris kneeling next to his cousin, clearly distraught. Bianca stood behind him offering silent support, while giving him the time and space he needed.

Bianca sensing their presence turned her head slowly to the right and away from the grieving form of her fiancé. She nodded her head in their direction and let a slight smile spread across her face, thankful that not everyone was lost. She made her way over to the group and embraced Alexis, clearly grateful that her close friend had survived. "How is she?" She whispered to Devon while indicating Bridget's grave-looking condition. "Well I am no doctor, but it looks like she hit her head pretty hard. She has a large bump on her head though, which I think means she doesn't have any internal head injuries at least. I hope anyway." Bianca nodded in response to Devon's information, also hoping that he was right and Bridget was going pull through.

Bianca then helped Alex limp over to the bleachers to sit down, while Devon carried Bridget over as well. "Brittany," the young Harley witch murmured, clearly concerned for her younger sister. Bianca looked towards Devon clearly questioning about the youngest Harley. He shook his head in her direction, indicating that the young witch had not made it. Bianca's eyes filled with tears at the realization that so many had died, and many of those were still only children.

Over on the center of the gym floor, Chris had not even noticed the entrance of the others. He was too wrapped up in his own grief. "I am so sorry Prue." he whispered to his cousin's lifeless form. "I should have protected you. I should have been able to stop this." Chris paused in his declaration as tears ran down his cheeks. "I will find a way to make things right, I promise," he asserted before turning away from his cousin's corpse, finally noticing the presence of Devon, Alex and Bridget, who had regained consciousness.

He nodded in their direction, indicating that he was glad they had somehow survived. Walking over to the group he embraced Bianca and Bridget, and then made a quiet pronouncement. "It is time to go." The others nodded and followed him in silence as he made his way out of the school.

Once they had made it to the parking lot, they turned around to look back at the building which was the closest thing they had had to a home for quite some time. Breaking the silence, Chris spoke up in a more confident tone. "Going up against Wyatt, trying to fight him, it didn't work." The others looked to Chris as he put the obvious into words. "We need a new plan."

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