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This Fanfic Actually Has A Plot!?

On one normal soon to be life altering day, Edward walked past the door to Amaya's room, but paused as he heard something strange.

"Are you sure there is no other way?"


"If I do that, we'll be helping along what we were trying to prevent."

"I'm sorry, Sister-"

Ed opened the door a little, and he saw Amaya sitting in front of a computer screen. He couldn't tell who was actually on the screen, but according to them, they were...related to Amaya?

"If you insist, Brother. However, I don't agree with her methods." Amaya spat.

"Why so bitter? Lately you two have been at each others throats..."

"It shouldn't matter what the reason is. She has lately become a bitch and is acting like as if she is the new Jesus. I shouldn't have to listen to her, since we are equal in status."

"You really don't have that say in the matter. Now I expect for you to show up at the access point in exactly 2 hours."

Amaya looked flabbergasted. "2 hours!? I don't have 2 hours to fill them in about all of this!"

"I'm sorry, but at the current moment, it is the only one that will open for you until the next one, which is in about a month, and we don't have that kind of time to wait." the person said harshly.

"Signing off then."

"Same here." he replied as the screen turned black. Amaya sighed as she stood up from the seat in front of the computer. Ed figured that this would be a good time to enter.

"Hey Amaya, what up?" he asked casually.

Amaya turned, staring at him for the longest moment. "I need you and Al to meet me on the roof of Central Headquarters in one hour. There's something that I've been hiding from you guys." she informed him.

Ed watched her as she left the room, and after glancing at the computer, he too followed suit.

Ed and Al soon came to the roof after an hour and a half. Ed had told Al all about the strange message on the computer.

"The person on the screen was her brother?" Al asked.

"Sounded like it. She did call him her brother and he did call her his sister." Ed said quietly.

"I wonder why she never told us about this brother of hers."

"Who knows? She said that she was going to tell us about something that she had been hiding from us."

They soon spotted Amaya, who was watching the soon fading sun. She turned to face them, looking almost like as if she had aged in over an hour. In fact, now that Ed thought about it, she seemed different than from when they first met. She seemed to be an inch taller than he was (a fact that he was not willing to admit), and she had discarded her usual jeans and t-shirts for a short black shirt with a black short-sleeved hoodie over it while wearing dark sweatpants with various zippers on them. What surprised him was that she had little pink hearts decorating all over the hoodie and pink stripes on the sweatpants. Her long brown hair seemed a little shorter, no longer waist length but still past her shoulders while her bangs seemed to cover only one of her grey-blue eyes.

"So what is this thing you are about to tell us?" Ed asked.

"I haven't been completely honest about myself. Ed, during that fight with Greed, you remember those black arms that I used?" she asked.


"A long time ago, you came to me and asked if I was from the other side of the gate. You don't remember asking me though because I wiped your memories of it. But now, I will tell you the same answer I gave to you then." she said. Amaya inhaled before speaking once more.

"I'm from the other side of the gate. The future on the other side."

Ed and Al gasped. "What!?"

"But how did you get to this side?"

"What's the future like?"

"To answer both questions, I used the gate to get here. You see, every realm has some kind of access point to getting to each realm. Your realm uses the gate."

"Realm?" Al asked in confusion. Amaya laughed slightly.

"This place, Armestis, isn't the only world there is out there. There are plenty others, most that aren't even on the other side of the gate." she explained.

"The future of my world...is different. Where I come from, the world, called Earth, had been divided. War and disease plagued the planet, destroying everyone. In the end, only those who didn't fight were still alive. Mostly children and teenagers. Then again, some of us did end up fighting, and dying in the process. I live in a country that was claimed by idealists, in other words, fanfiction writers, webcomic designers, artists, people that wanted to belong, just not belong to Earth anymore. The country was originally called Canada, until me and three other people took the deserted dusty country for ourselves."

Ed and Al did not speak, instead they merely listened.

"In the future, I actually know you two." she suddenly spoke.

"What? How?" Ed asked.

"Well technically, I know you, but you didn't know me. In fact, you guys don't actually exist. In my future, everyone knows you and this world from an anime called 'Full Metal Alchemist'. There are legions of fans devoted to you two." she explained.

"I and three others lead the people of that country, all those fans of you and other people from animes. It's actually a lot of fun. Sitting around, laughing, cosplaying, writing fanfics. But quite recently, we discovered something. Fanfiction opened the floodgates to the worlds we wrote of. We were somehow able to travel to these worlds, become a part of it, take their powers for our own, and be with the people we admired so much, you remember all the fangirls that chase you? Didn't you ever wonder why they actually knew you...and yet, we didn't realize what we were really doing. Reality and Fanfiction are starting to come together. Some worlds are mixing together, as well as things from your world and other worlds are coming into ours, most of them bad. Death is starting up again."

"Some of our own is starting to drift from the group. Lately, they have become restless, so in order to pass the time, they started killing each other with our newly acquired magical powers. Pretty soon, if something isn't done, we will have two enemies: the rebels and the rest of the outside world."

"And I thought that this fanfic didn't actually have a plot..." Ed muttered under his breath to Al.

"So I and the other founders came up with a plan. To send a few of the most trusted people to the worlds, to check that everything was alright. I volunteered to come here. So you see, that is why I am here. To make sure that the homunculi didn't come to my future. But it seems that my being here is not exactly keeping this anime the way it should be. Everyone around here is crazy, different and out of character. So...I will be leaving soon."

"You can't leave!" Ed automatically stated.

"Yes I can. I don't belong here Edward. But don't worry, you guys are coming too." she suddenly smiled.

"Wait, we are?" Al asked.

"Yes. I need both of your guy's help. I need you to come with me to the other worlds and help fix the problems." she said. Suddenly, the ground and sky around them changed, turning a strange yellow. Behind Amaya, something suddenly took form, and with a stab of realization, Ed found himself looking up into the gate itself.

"You don't have to give anything up. This gate is different than the one you are thinking of." she quickly said at the looks on their faces.

"I don't know about this Amaya. What about Winry and Roy and-"

"They'll be fine, don't worry about it. Nothing is going to happen to them." Amaya assured. Ed was still unsure as he and Al looked up at the gate.

"Please help me with this. Help me save my future." she pleaded.

Ed and Al looked to each other, as if silently telepathically speaking to each other. When they faced forward, Ed grinned.

"How can I say no? Saving the future is what I do.", he bragged.

"And if Brother is coming, then so am I!" Al said.

Amaya smiled, the gate behind her starting to open slightly.

"Thanks guys. In a few moments, we'll be leaving."

The gate suddenly slammed its doors open, but no eyes or hands were there. It was just pure black emptiness. Amaya took a few steps forward before turning around.

"So guys, are you ready to crossover?"


There will be a sequel to this fic! It's called "Crossover Into What Exactly?" It will be completely dedicated to nothing but crossovers! (Even though I think I just spoiled the plot already...)

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