All Bonds of Fellowship
Chapter One: The Luck They Live By
By: PenPatronus

Genre: Drama, angst, tragedy, adventure.
Lead Characters: Aragorn, Legolas
Supporting: Gandalf, Gimli, Merry, Pippin, Eomer, Eowyn, Arwen, Elrond, Sam, Frodo, Sauron, Galadriel, Saruman, Faramir, Haldir.
Timeline: An alternate universe piece, based on the movies, starting from Pelennor Field.
Reviews: Welcomed, appreciated, practically required!
Romance: Aragorn/ Arwen. NO SLASH, just a ton of angsty friendship moments (you know you live for those Legolas and/ or Aragorn moments where one or both is…!)
Pitch: Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli and the Army of the Dead arrive too late, and the Ring's final temptation of Frodo comes too soon. After the entire plot has been twisted, including no Army of the Dead, and when the timing for everything goes wrong, it's up to Aragorn and Legolas to save Middle Earth without losing each other.

The Battle of Pelennor Field began when Treebeard reached into the air, grabbed a fellbeast by its neck and proceeded to wing the creature, Ringwraith and all, so hard into a siege tower that the structure fell on top of two trolls, killing both. The Ents were the first line of defense as they battled from the perimeter of Minas Tirith. The eagles patrolled the sky, battalions of Elves were snipering from every balcony and rooftop, and the cavalry of Rohan were waiting to charge from the front gate.

When hell, all of it, broke loose, Legolas Greenleaf found himself guarding the busted gate leading into the city, dueling dozens of Uraks with Haldir, Aragorn and Gimli. Around them the Ents were wrestling with the trolls and catapults from both sides launched debris into the field. The Men of Gondor and the elves of Lothlorien kept the perimeter of the city in check under Gandalf's orders. Merry and Pippin stood on either side of the wizard as he led the army from the outer wall of Minas Tirith. Legolas found himself praying for the Eldar to hurry Frodo up. If the One Ring wasn't destroyed soon…


Legolas pivoted at the strained panic in Aragorn's voice. He expected to see an Oliphant stampeding towards him, and had already prepared to attack the beast himself. But what he saw terrified the Elvin prince, and he froze.

A pair of wide claws wrapped around his midsection and with a flex of reptilian wings and a screech of victory from a Ringwraith, the fellbeast took flight with Legolas in its clutches. Legolas gasped as one of the claws pierced his side. Blood slid down his arm and his bow slipped out of wet fingers to float to the ground like a wounded fall leaf. He was being lifted higher and higher by intervals in the heartbeat rhythm of the beast's wings as it flew into the skies. Legolas saw Gimli's spinning ax launched from the ground, but the Ringwraith ducked its cloaked head.

Within moments he found himself stories above the highest beacon of Minas Tirith, and the Elf anticipated what was about to happen a mere moment before the creature stretched its claws outward. The beast meant to drop him to certain death. For a moment he dipped downwards in a freefall. But Legolas gripped it's scaly leg and clung even when the annoyed creature flexed its limb to shake him off.

The Ringwraith above him didn't notice that Legolas was gradually hoisting himself up the fellbeast's back. He waited until they dipped, and the citadel was in sight, and then Legolas pounced. Using the saddle for leverage he flipped and kicked at the Nazgul, knocking it off its ride. He landed on the fellbeast's neck and with both knives slit its throat as he flung himself towards his target. Legolas stretched his arms out with all his might, and felt his ribs buckle when he crashed into the very tip of the citadel.

With his remaining strength, knees slipping from the blood that slid from his upper body, Legolas Greenleaf inched his way upwards by his fingertips, his toes dangling helplessly, his teeth grinding with effort, his ears overwhelmed by the ferocious noise from below, his eyes hazy and unfocused and dizzy, a voice tempting him to simply let go so that he could be blissfully done but he'd be DAMNED if he would give up now when he was so close to seeing the Ring destroyed, seeing Aragorn crowned, seeing Arwen in a wedding dress, seeing Gimli and telling him that he'd taken out a fellbeast all by himself and knowing that the dwarf would just chuckle and remind him that that only counted as one—

Legolas pulled himself over the edge and collapsed.