There are many different worlds connected this is the tale of what would have happened if Dudley Dursely had seen the Labyrinth when he was five.

Harry was cleaning Dudley's bedroom one day and picked up one of the broken books. He remembered when Dudley had received it how splendid it had been. He flipped threw the scribbled on pages. The book was called "Guide to the Labyrinth". There were images from the movie that had come with it.

"What are you doing, freak?" Harry looked up startled.

"N-nothing." He put the book away. "Just c-cleaning the room."

"I hate you, you freak. I wish the Goblins would come and take you away right now!" Dudley exclaimed, "Just like-" But he stopped, Harry had disappeared. Suddenly a man who looked just like the one from the movie came. "You're real?" He asked disgusted. The goblin king raised an eyebrow. "Well go away. Keep my freak of a cousin. We don't want him."

"Is that so?"

"Yes. Mum and Dad would have got rid of him years ago if they could have, but no one wants to take the freak."

"Very Well. I shall keep your cousin." The Goblin King disappeared.

Harry, meanwhile had been having a wonderful time playing hide and seek with the goblins, who where much more reasonable than they had been in the movie. Suddenly the King appeared. Harry looked up and after a moment bowed. The man smiled.

"Come here child." Harry approached him. "What is your name?"

"Um, Harry sir." The king chuckled.

"You may call me Jareth."

"Yes sir-um Jareth." Jareth smiled brightly.

"Would you care for a different name?" Harry looked confused. "It would be a new start, after all, we can't have my heir having such a common name now can we?" Harry frowned.

"Who is your heir s-Jareth?' He laughed.

"You are, Child." Harry blinked

"I am?" Jareth nodded. "Wow."

"Any idea about a name?" Harry gazed at him with wide green eyes and shook his head. "Hmm," Jareth looked the boy up and down. He removed a few charms from the boy who's hair instantaneously lengthened and began blinking his eyes, removing the glasses. There were hints of red in the boy's eyes. "I shall call you Chade." Harry, now Chade, grinned.

That was the beginning of an interesting relationship. Jareth realized several days later who exactly Chade had been. He proceeded to test the boy's bloodline. He discovered several interesting relations on his mother's side. Lily Evans had been adopted. By blood she was the daughter of Tom Riddle and Silivana Snape, a squib. Jareth composed a letter to Severus Snape informing him of the boy's existence, as Chade was legally Snape's heir as well.

"I have a cousin!?" Chade asked excitedly. Jareth smirked.

"Oh yes. And he's a wizard. He teaches at Hogwarts, the school I told you about."

"Is he coming here?"

"No." Jareth shook his head. "We are meeting him in Diagon Alley at the bank there." Chade ran off to get ready and Jareth chuckled. He could see the boy getting along quite well with his acerbic cousin.

Severus Snape stood just inside the entrance to Gringots Bank. He was to meet a child that, if the letter were to be believed, was his heir through his squib aunt, who had been wed to the Dark Lord. He shook his head to clear it. A goblin approached him.

"If you would follow me Mr. Snape." The Goblin led him to a spacious office where a blond man reclined behind a magnificent desk. Red and green eyes met his when he glanced at the small boy standing beside the desk.

"Ah, Severus. Have a seat." Severus sat in one of the proffered chairs. "Chade, go fetch Sanfan for some tea." The boy disappeared silently. "I am not sure that you fully believe me Severus."

"No, I do not."

"Of course not. You do know who I am?" Severus hesitated. "Of course not. You mortals always forget. I am Jareth, the Goblin King. The reason there haven't been goblin wars for the past several hundred years. Anyway I take unwanted children, Chade was wished unto me and I selected him to be my heir. I then tested his lineage." He pulled out a sheet of parchment. "Do not judge the boy by his parents. He never knew them. His 'relatives' treated him like a house elf." Severus was staring at the parchment.

Name: Chade, born Harry Potter

Father: James Potter mother: Lillian Evans Potter

Henry Potter & Serila Sefrina Potter Tom Malarvo Riddle & Silivana Snape Riddle

Severus blinked. "You swear this is true?" Jareth nodded. "You will be keeping him I suppose?" Jareth nodded. "As his only living relative I request that I may be allowed to visit."

"Of course. Ah, thank you, Chade." The boy had reappeared with a small goblin and the tea setting. "Chade, this is your cousin Severus. Your grandmother was his aunt." Chade gave a small bow.

"A pleasure to meet you Cousin." Severus nodded in response to the boy's greeting.

"Perhaps you should like to become acquainted with one another." Jareth gazed at Severus who nodded. "Chade, you may spend the day with your cousin. You may invite him to dinner if you desire. Be home for dinner. Good day Severus." The Goblin King disappeared leaving the unlikely duo alone.

"Well Cousin, shall we?" Severus nodded and the two made their way out into the alley. Severus watched as the boy stared at everything about him and realized that this Chade was just an awed child. He considered what the boy would like to do.

"Perhaps the pet shop?" He suggested. He was met with a nod. They went past the Elyops Owl Emporium to Prelesen's Pets, which was located just past the mouth of Ratdown Alley hidden within Handar's boarding house.

"Wow." Chade stared at the creatures. There were three tailed cats, pink owls, bats, and many other creatures. Then he heard a soft voice.

:Stupid humans.: it hissed, Chade looked around for the speaker.

:who spoke?: Chade did not notice Severus's odd look. :where are you?:

:A speaker: the voice sounded surprised. :I am in the back, behind the black curtain.: Chade moved towards the back, Severus stared at him before following. Chade slipped through the curtain leading to where the dangerous animals were kept. The shopkeeper noticed as Severus entered the partition and followed. Chade blinked in the darkened room. :over here, speaker.: Chade looked up and saw a small glass tank in it lay a small black snake which was looking directly at him. He lifted the lid.

:may I lift you out?: Severus gasped.

:Yesss: And Chade lifted the deadly snake which wrapped itself about his arm.


:yess, though your companion is not.: Chade looked over at Severus.


:Because you are speaking as a snake, young speaker:

:oh, would you like to stay with me?: Chade asked softly. The snake considered then nodded.

:yesss.: Chade nodded and turned to Severus.

"Did you wish to keep him?" Severus asked. At that moment the proprietor, who had been distracted by another customer appeared.

"Oh, my! Child that snake is-"

"Coming home with me." Chade replied, "If my cousin will allow." Severus nodded.

"I would not have asked if I would deny him to you. Your father will not mind?" Chade looked puzzled a moment then smiled and shook his head. "Excellent. How much sir?" The shopkeeper stared a moment and stammered the price which Severus paid and led Chade away. "Be carful not to speak in Parseltounge out here." he whispered softly. A puzzled look passed over Chade's face when the snake hissed.

:he meansss, sspeak ssnake, Speaker.: Chade nodded, understanding lighting his face.

"Shall we go to the bookstore?" At Chade's nod, Severus lead the way to yet another alley where there was a quaint looking shop with a little old lady sitting in a rocking chair.

Severus sighed as he disapperated to Gringotts. Dumbledore had been surprised that he had any relatives. He had explained that the boy was living with an acquaintance who had adopted him. Griphonk, a regal looking goblin led him to the portal. He stepped through and was greeted by a flying black blur. He chuckled as he embraced his young cousin. The boy had grown on him and now the nearly eleven year old boy was one of the only people he cared about. He had gotten to know and respect the goblin king but was looking forward to Chade's appearance at Hogwarts. He had begun staying at the Labyrinth during school breaks, though Chade had visited Hogwarts several times during the summer when Albus was not about.

"Can you teach me something new?" Chade practically begged as he moved to sit down. He smirked.

"Did you finish the assignments I gave you?" Chade nodded vigorously. "Then I suppose I can."

"Chade," The boy in question appeared out of nowhere. "Are you ready to go to Hogwarts?" The child nodded. "Now remember to prank everyone, not get caught and avoid Cold Iron. Your cousin doesn't want to patch you up every other minute."

"Yes, Father."

"Good, now scat!" The boy smashed a crystalline orb in his face and disappeared only to land in platform 9 and 3/4. Chade smirked as he glanced about the platform. He'd appeared just in front of the entrance, everyone else would think that he'd stepped through the barrier. He strode forward and boarded the scarlet train. The people on the train interested him greatly, he observed the older students and the new ones as he strode from one end of the train to the other. He stopped outside a compartment where a set of mischievous redheads were seated.

"Hello there." He said swinging in and seating himself on the bench across from the pair. They looked at him and he smirked. "Got room, Mischief Makers?"

"Brother, how do you think-"

"This ickle firstie,"

"Knows who we are?" Chade chuckled at their identical looks of curiosity.

"Does it truly matter how I know? So long as I don't tell?" The Weasley twins chuckled right back.

"I suppose,"

"That it doesn't"

"Matter at all"

"If you put it that way."

"But what"

"Do you want"

"For your silence?" Chade smirked.

"I want in."

"In what?" asked one of the twins.

"I am also a prankster," The two redheads exchanged glances.


"We'll give you a chance"

"But if you can't cut it"

"Your out."

"No matter what house I'm sorted into?" The twins nodded. And Chade leaned back in the bench. "Is there some kind of opening prank?" The other two shared evil grins.

Chade followed the huge man who called out 'First years this way' and wondered if the man was part giant. He ended up in a boat with a bushy haired girl, a boy who asked him if he'd seen a toad and a small girl with black hair and pointed features. Hogwarts as seen from the boats was an impressive sight-as mortal creations go, Chade was ready to admit that but no more. They were met on the stairs by a stern looking woman whom he instantly recognized as Minerva Mcgonagal. He tuned out her lecture about the houses to study the wards in the walls.

"Chade- pay attention." Her words jerked him back to the present.


"Follow me then children."

"How did she know your name?" Asked a red haired boy, another Weasely. Chade blinked at him with his oddly colored eyes and shrugged.

"And this is the sorting hat"

:Insert sorting hat song from HPSS:

"Chade" was the first name called and he strode forward, everyone else seemed puzzled that no surname had been announced. He plopped the hat on.

:Hmm, my my this is interesting. A fae.:

:Yes indead.:

:There is only one place for a fae-: "SLYTHERIN!" Chade slipped off the hat, Slytherin was clapping, but only because their head of house had begun it.

By the end of the sorting Chade was seated next to Draco Malfoy on his left and Blaise Zambini, the small black haired girl with whom he'd shared his boat.

"So no surname." Malfoy sneered, Chade just blinked at him.

"A name is a name, no one is better than any other no matter how complex or well known it is. It is the person that truly matters." Some of the Slytherins looked disgusted, but they were interrupted by the headmaster telling them that it was time to sing the school song and go to bed.

"First years follow me." The prefect called but Chade slipped away and when the prefect stopped at the door to the dormitory to warn the newbies, he frowned. "Where's the other one?"

Meanwhile Chade had joined his cousin. "Shouldn't you be with the other students?" The boy shrugged. "Very well, come along." The Prefects had just finished telling the first years the rules when Severus entered with Chade.

"I am Professor Severus Snape, your head of house and Potions Professor. I will not tolerate any dissension between the members of this house outside of these rooms. We are Slytherins, if you get caught doing something wrong, then you deserve your punishment- do not get caught. I expect to have the house cup in my office next year. Do you understand?" Murmurs of 'yes' and 'yes sir' were heard. "Always keep in mind that I require the best from you in behavior and scholarship. To your beds." Another chorus of 'yes sir's was heard and there was a scramble down the hallways. One of the prefects noticed the dark haired first year that stayed behind speaking with their head of house.