The Fae Prince Chapter 10

"That was"

"A magnificent prank'

"Oh Great Chade." Chade grinned at them.

"I thank thee for thy praise."

"We think that a contest should be held,

"We two against,"

"You." they stated together.

"I agree, of miserly makers of mayhem - what are the rules of the contest ye propose."

"No harm done,"

"To anyone."

"The winner will out,

"With points per prank"

"Measured by those taken by staff."

"One detention is 20 points."

"The contest ends

"When Yule begins."

"The winner takes all.

"Master of mayhem from the fall!"

"But a prize, young ones, what prize shall there be? Without a prize what means victory?" The twins frowned at the younger boy.

"What do you,"

"In your wisdom suggest?"

"The prize to be - If I win for a year ye shall serve me. If you win, a year I shall serve thee." As one the twins frowned, considering.

"An odd prize."

"That may be."

"But we two, we now agree." They finished together.

"Good, then bound by word to do this deed, now may the best prankster succeed!"

Chade slid through the hall silently, his mind on his agreement with the twins - they did not know what they had agreed to he was sure. If they had known they would never have agreed. He entered the kitchen with a sly smirk. The elves bowed to him and he shook his head.

"Little ones, I have a task for you."

"The High one has tasks for us." They quivered in anticipation.

"You are to tell me all the red twins say. Make remembrance and give to me."

"Yes High one."

Chade frowned standing before the Mirror again he looked as saw the stone sitting in the mirror. It had been ridiculously easy to bypass the tests and alarms. Now he gazed at the stone embedded in the mirror in a weave of magic. Only one who didn't want to use the stone could have it. With a smirk he plucked it from the mirror - the man shouldn't have used a faerie artifact, not that he knew it was.

Albus Dumbledore sighed as he considered the past few months. The search for Harry Potter had been unfruitful and then some students were having a prank war. Many of the pranks were harmless, but some were downright mean. The Weasley twins had been on the receiving end more often than the giving end and had had nearly a thousand points removed from them - the master prank was a second clock - the prank clock. It showed 2 dials and prank points were deducted from the prank dial, not the house dial. Hogwarts only hummed when he asked why. Everything form changing hair color to sex changing potions but this morning had been horrible - animagus potion had been charmed into the pumpkin juice and all the students were now animals. And the antidote would take forever, at least enough for the entire student body. Severus had glowered after checking the pitchers of juice and left for his dungeon with a cutting remark that they should start teaching how to reverse the change because the potion would take a month.

"Five thousand points from the perpetrator of this prank." The smoke colored dial filled up with crystals. He glared at the dials and left his office to one classroom, one full of various kinds of dogs, Minerva had taken the cats. He had to teach meditation to a roomful of half-grown puppies - he wished he had slept in today.

Chade smirked as he followed Quirell; the man was using his distraction to go after the stone. Suddenly he felt teeth in his leg and looked down to see a tiger kitten with silver eyes.

"Dray, you're supposed to be with McGonagall." the kitten just gripped his leg harder. "This will be as bad as the troll." He warned. The kitten held on. "Alright." He lifted the kitten and ghosted after the man until they stood before the mirror.

"I can see it; I can see myself giving it to my master."

"It's not there Quirious." The man spun and stared at Chade. "I took it, last month."

"Let me see the brat."

"Master you are not strong enough."

"I am for this." Chade smirked as the man unwound his turban. The face on the back of his head was disgusting.

"Gods you're ugly. No wonder grandma ran away." The visage frowned.

"Do I know you?"

"Nope. But Grandpa why are you running around on the back of Quirell's head? You do now it is not a good policy to kill minions right? Or did you not get the 'Evil Overlords Handbook'? Awe, did they kick you out of the club? Sorry." Chade taunted.

"Who are you?" the enraged shade demanded.

"Me? Little old me? Just your mischievous, rebellious grandson Tommy. Say bye bye!" Chade threw a crystal at the man and a blast of magic washed through the room the body crumpled and a ghostly spirit flew at Chade who frowned in concentration managing to deflect the spirit before collapsing, exhausted. He felt teeth on his arm and looked down at Draco. He smiled. "Hey Dray, I'm tired." The kitten meowed reproachfully. "So what? I underestimated his strength, who cares - he's gone. And we should go too." He frowned and moved to stand up. "Whatever you already know I'm fae." He created a crystal and they appeared in Severus's personal quarters. "Don't get into trouble." Chade said before collapsing on the couch in a deep sleep.

Draco eyes the fae for a long moment then trotted towards the potion's lab. Pushing on the thick door it opened and he fell forward into the room.

"Chade, go away."

Meow. The man looked over.

"You aren't Chade." Draco wrinkled his nose and tried to strut over - he had no idea how ridiculous it looked. "Ah, hello Draco, why aren't you with Minerva?"

"Merrowroow." Draco jerked his head towards the room and rolled his eyes.

"Ah, you wet with Chade on some idiotic mission." Draco nodded his head enthusiastically. "And Chade is okay?" The kitten shrugged and the man frowned before casting a stasis charm on his cauldron and heading into his rooms, lifting the kitten as he did so. He frowned at the boy on his couch then down at Draco. He went to a cupboard and removed a potion. "Drink this." The kitten tried to get away. "No, it is the Anti-anamagus potion- unless you want to remain as a kitten?" The kitten stilled and opened its mouth. Severus poured the potion into the kitten and placed it on the couch. A few moments later Draco was back to normal.

"Wow, that was weird."

"Yes and you are now officially an animagus, though it will take time to learn both the spell and how to do it without a wand. What happened?"

"Um, I followed Chade, he was a plain black cat, out of the great hall and then he transformed. I followed until I caught up with him and wouldn't let him go without me we went to the third floor corridor and into the traps, there we found Quirell talking to himself. Chade said he had already taken 'it' then the face on the back of Quirell's head wanted to talk to him and Chade called it Tommy and Grandpa. Telling him off for his behavior. The he threw a crystal at it- I already knew he was fae, he admitted it to Hermione and I. And then the spirit rushed at us and Chade collapsed after it didn't get to us and brought us here."

"Hm, well at least you won't be missed. Come help me get these potions going."