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Thinking of you...wherever you are
chapter I: Consuming…Confusing...

The air was heavy and the mood was hot. He had his brother pinned to a tree, kunai to his neck. Sasuke had won over Itachi, finally after all these years, he had won. And panting heavily now, he pressed the kunai harder to his brother's neck. Something about him disturbed the younger Uchiha. Because, even though he lost, even though he was pinned by his little brother, Itachi was smiling. And now he was laughing.

Sasuke clutched Itachi by the collar of his cloak, pulled him foreword, and slammed him back into the tree. He gritted his teeth, "What's so Goddamn funny! You lost." Itachi just smiled back at the smaller Uchiha, "Foolish little brother...You are the one who lost." Sasuke blinked, "What do you mean? I've already got you pinned. You die." Itachi smirked and shifted his head from side to side, indicating that the younger Uchiha did not understand, "After you kill me, what's going to happen? You've spent your whole life bent on getting rid of me, and now that you have, what will you do? You have no one to go home to, no one to expect you, and nothing to live for. You're alone again, Sasuke. And you hate it..."

Sasuke shut his eyes tightly and shook his head, pressing Itachi even harder to the tree.

"NO! You're wrong! I don't need anyone! I don't want anyone! Why cant everyone just leave me alone!"

And with that, only a sharp, slicing sound was heard. Itachi had grabbed the knife out of Sasuke's hand and sliced open his own brother's throat. Sasuke could feel the hot blood flowing down his neck and chest, and becoming light-headed, he let go of Itachi and stepped back. Itachi then laughed and pushed himself off the tree, watching his brother clutching his head with his hands trying so desperately to breathe. "You want people to leave you alone? Then why dont you just do them all a favor and kill yourself. You know you've thought of it before, so why not just commit? That way, it will be all too late for anyone to even worry about you." After that, everything had gone black, and the only thing that was visible was Sasuke on his knees, now holding his neck.

"This is..strange...I've lost too much blood. So why am I still alive? Why wont I die?" Sasuke started to feel even more light-headed and so, fell over on his back, but the floor seemed to be disintegrating somehow. And soon, it wasnt there anymore, and Sasuke was falling into a pit of empty, black, nothingness. And right at the moment where he was aware of himself falling, he woke up...

With the loud buzz of an alarm clock, Sasuke shot up from his bed, sweating and panting with a terrified look on his face. He turned off the alarm and took a deep breathe, wiping the hot sweat off his neck, causing him to relax again and cool down. But his massive migraine kept him from completely relaxing, making it known to him that no matter what he did he'd never get back to sleep. So Sasuke sat up in bed and rested his arms on his knees, sighing and whispering to himself, "Damn, it's been a while since I've had that dream..."


Sakura: HEY! Sasuke, you almost beat Itachi!
Sasuke: That was a dream, Sakura. And this is only the first chapter.
Sakura: oh...
Naruto: HEY! k-san! what does the title mean?
kacey9tails: well uhhh...is Sakura gone?
Sakura: nope!
Sasuke: why are you still here? This is a Sasuhina. You shouldnt even be here. You're not in this story.
Sakura: You're so silly Sasuke, sure I am!
kacey9tails:whispers Sasuke, can you get her out of here, I've gotta find Hinata!
Sasuke: hey Sakura, why dont you go out and ask Kakashi-sensei when our next mission is?
Sakura: Because when I come back, you'll be gone! T-T
Sasuke: sighs fine, what if I go with you and let you...hold my hand?
Sakura:sky-rockets out with Sasuke

meanwhile with k-san, Naruto and Hinata

kacey9tails: knocks loudlyHinata! please come out! We need your help with the story!
Hinata: locked herself in the bathroom and refuses to come out No! I dont like this S-s-sasuhina deal.
Naruto: C'mon Hinata! The fans really like it! And it's not like it's real! or else we wouldnt be together!
kacey9tails: Yeah, so please come out! we havent even started to get to the love scenes yet!
Hinata: B-but..th-th-thats what I'm afraid of!
kacey9tails: fine, but we'll be back later. remember! Reviews are like logic, and with my reasoning of giving Hinata the only key to the bathroom during a sasuhina, I'm really gonna need some