AN: Okay ppl this is going to be a Kag/Sessh fic. OOC on whose part? I don't know. You'll have to read and find out. And there is going to be some lemonade so no one under the age of 17. Oh yes I do not own Inuyasha and Moonlight on the Ruined Castle is not my song I got it from: The Hot Spring

"Inuyasha, NOOOOO!! Stop, don't do it!!" But it was too late Inuyasha had already unleashed his attack.

"WIND SCAR!!" And that was it everyone watched as Sesshomaru was hit. His head was thrown back in a silent scream. His cloths and flesh were being torn it was all kagome could to not to look away. She had to see if he died or not, for if he didn't she was going to make sure he live, come hell or high water from Inuyasha.

The group stood there in shocked silence it was finally over and kagome went to check on Sesshomaru but when she got to where she thought he was she found nothing.

How could he? Sesshomaru was his brother and he killed him just like that he killed him. Inuyasha isn't the person I thought he was. He just stands there and smiles like he did a good thing, just waiting for someone to congratulate him on his good work. Not even Sango or Miroku look to happy about what he did, and Shippo… he is in tears. No he can't be dead I will find him. I don't think I can stay with Inuyasha right now this will give me time to rethink my feelings for him. Kagome was snapped out of her thoughts by Inuyasha.

"Well isn't anyone going to congratulate me on a job well done?"

"No you idiot, I was trying to tell you to stop but noooo you do it anyways. You just killed your brother why should we be happy for you?"


"I think I have to agree with Lady Kagome he was family and you killed him. I do not approve."

"Well no one asked you, you perverted monk." Inuyasha looked back to Kagome and said

"Come on it was either me or him would you rather I died?"

"No Inuyasha if you ever really paid attention you would have seen that he never really wanted to kill you, if he did you would have been dead a long time ago."


"You know what I can't take this right now…"

"Oh no you don't wench; you can't go back to your time we have shards to find, how am I supposed to find then with out my shard detector."

"SIT!!!!!!" And Inuyasha went face first into the dirt.

"Just for you information Inuyasha…"

She said hid name like it was something dirty.

"… I was going to say I didn't want to fight but you know what I think I will go home and if you fallow me I'll SIT you all the was to hell and back."

"God damn it Kagome watch what you say that hurts."

"Good bye Inuyasha."

With that said she walked over to her friends and gave each one a hug, yes even Miroku not even he was that stupid as to try to grope her right now, she gave Shippo a long hug and promised to come back for him. She asked Sango to take good care of Shippo and that she would be back soon.

As she was walking back to the well she sensed something it was faint and far away but she would recognize it anywhere, it was Sesshomaru.

I knew it. He's not dead. I still have all my medical supplies so I don't need to get any and I have enough food to last a week. Okay I'm going to do this, I just have to my priestess powers have grown and I am more that capable of taking care of myself. Before I go I will need to barrow Kilala from Sango I don't know how bad he is heart so I to get there fast.

With her mind made up she headed back to camp.

As she neared the camp sight she searched the area to find Inuyasha. She couldn't sense him close by so she entered the camp an instant later she was tackled by Shippo.

"You're back, you're back, you're back."

"Yes Shippo I'm back but I cant stay long I just wanted to ask Sango if I could barrow Kilala."

"Yeah, no problem, but why do you need her?"

"Well I need to travel a long distance in a short amount of time… I found Sesshomaru but he is far away and I don't know how hurt he is so I need to get there fast."

"Are you sure that's wise Lady Kagome? I mean this is Sesshomaru and if he is hurt he might be even more aggressive than normal. Do you wish for us to go with you?"

"No, I want to do this myself and you guys need to keep an eye on Inuyasha I don't want him to do anything stupid wile I'm gone."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes Sango I'll be fine I have come a long way from the girl I was. My fighting skills are almost as good as yours and my priestess powers are growing every day."

"I know it's just your like my little sister and I don't want anything to happen to you."

"I know I feel the same way with you but I'll be fine, I promise and I'll be back soon I just want to heal Sesshomaru and then I'll be back please guys I need to do this."

"As long as you promise to come back for me…"

"Of course I'll come back for you have I ever not come back to you, okay enough of this I can sense Inuyasha coming back and I don't want to see him right now. Oh yeah don't tell him where I'm going okay?"

"Of course Lady Kagome we give you our word."


With that said Kagome climbed on to Kilala's back and took to the skies. Just as she was out of sight Inuyasha came back to camp. No one said anything as they were preparing there beds for the night, everyone was laying down, each in there own worlds. Shippo thinking of his surrogate mother, Sango thinking of the a girl from another time that she has come to think of as a little sister, Miroku dreaming of girls, girls and more girls, and Inuyasha was just thinking of Kagome and what a mess he as made.

The sky was getting dark and Kagome was starting to get a little tired but she didn't stop. She was determined to get to Sesshomaru before it was too late. They were so close now but she couldn't get a good fix on him she needed to land so she could concentrate better. She gentle patted the side of Kilala's neck and said

"Take us to the clearing over there she pointed so I can get a good fix on Sesshomaru."


She said in response and they landed. Kagome immediately jumped off and sat cross legged on the ground and searched for Sesshomaru. It didn't take as long as she thought it would, and it surprised her to discover that he wasn't that far away from what she was picking up it seemed like he was in a cave in the hills just to her left. Now that she has a fix on him she is becoming a little nerves. What was she going to say when she sees him? Will he allow a mere human to help him? Or will he just kill her out right? Regardless of what she told her friends she knew the dangers and the possibility that she might not make it back alive. But she needed to do this she didn't even know why it was stupid really he has tried to kill her and her friends many times. She should be happy that he is hurt and hope some other demon kills him before he heals, but she didn't all she could think about was getting to him and healing him. Yes she was nerves but she was not scared if fate decided it was time for her to die she would die but not with out a fight and it would be one hell of a fight.

They were now standing outside the cave and Kagome searched the area one last time before entering. She noticed another aura in the cave and by the fell of it it was not here to chat. Quickly she grabbed her bow and arrows and ran into the cave, arrow notched and ready to fire. The cave was deep and it took her a few moments to find them. she made it just in time the demon was standing over Sesshomaru claws ready for the killing strike but it wasn't fast enough Kagome let her arrow fly with just enough miko energy to kill the beast. The arrow struck it in the back and the demon was no more her miko energy disintegrating the demon before it hit the floor. Relieved she set her bow and arrows on the floor and slowly approached him. He was unconscious, that cowered of a demon was going to kill him wile he slept. Good thing she got here when she did. He was in bad shape, torn and bleeding all over it didn't look like a spot on him wasn't hurt. She set to work making him more comfortable; she laid out her sleeping bag to lay him on and started a fire quickly boiling some water so she could clean his wounds. After that was done she went over to Sesshomaru and nearly died from shock. He was awake and staring at her.

"Oh god…" I said

"What are you doing here?" he asked in a cold and pain filled voice.

"I came to help you and by the looks of it you could use it your wounds look like they are starting to get infected, they need to be cleaned out and bandaged. That is what I have come to do. And good thing I came when I did there was a demon about to attack you as you lay there unconscious."

He took a few long sniffs of the air and said

"You are my brother's wench. Why would you want to help me?"

"Because no one disservices to go through this kind of pain. I just want to help."


"Will you allow me to help?"

"You do not fear me. Why?"

"For most of my life I have hidden in the shadows and feared. No more, if fate chooses this moment to be my last, then so be it. I choose to accept it rather than run and fear it."


Was all he said but he was thinking those were very noble thoughts for a human but even more so for a human woman.

Intriguing, why would she be traveling with my half-wit half-breed brother for? I must learn more about her.

"So will you allow me to help you?"

With a nod of hid head she set to work cleaning his wounds, starting with the ones on his arms and legs seen as the cloth was already removed from there. She gently, so not to cause more pain,cleaned out each cut with the worm water and bandaged them tying them tightly so they will stay on he had a long gash on his left leg going from his knee to his thigh, it needed to be stitched, if he were a human, but she just tied it a little tighter. He had several cuts and gashes on his face but they looked to be healing well his demon blood already healing the smaller cuts. After she finished that she moved to his back and chest.

"I'm going to need to take off you shirt so I can clean those wounds okay? I'll help you sit up."

She gently put her arms around his shoulders and lifted, surprised that he didn't complain but went along right away. When he was sitting she slowly peeled the cloth away from his skin. She had to be careful not to reopen any cuts that have healed part ways. He had lost a lot of blood already. She was shocked to see the wound on his chest; if he were a human he would have been dead. It ran from his right shoulder to his left hip and it was deep she could see some bone in places. She had to fight the gorge from coming up. When she got herself under control she cleaned it then she had to find a way to pull the peaces together and keep them there, she searched through her bag and found a roll of medical tape. She placed a strip every inch or so then wrapped some gauze around that. When that was finished she gave him a quick sponge bath to remove all the blood and moved him to the sleeping bag to rest.

"There all done. That only took three hours. Man how are you still breathing? That would have killed any normal man."

"I am no man."

"Yes I know you are Lord Sesshomaru grate ruler of the west."

When she looked to see his reaction she found him asleep.

Well I guess being hit with the Wind-Scar can take a lot out of even you Sesshomaru.

Kilala has been sitting in the corner the whole time, ready to attack if he made one wrong move. Now that he was asleep she transformed into her smaller form and went to the bed roll Kagome had laid out, instantly falling asleep.Settling down next to Kilala she watched Sesshomaru for a wile.

He looks so peaceful when he sleeps. The way his face relaxes it makes him look so handsome… wait what did I just think…no well yes he is a very handsome person. Oh well I think about that later. I might as well get some rest too. Who knows what to marrow will bring. I hope every one is doing okay.

With that thought she cuddled in to the blanket and fell asleep.


Night turned to day and the sleeping demon slowly woke. The first thing he noticed was the smell of a fresh kill something or some one had just come back from a hunt. Then he felt the worm air of a fire and smelt the aroma of cooking meat. He turned his head and seen her, his brothers wench, and remembered she had helped heal him.

That must be why I feel no pain today she is a true healer. All my small wounds are healed and the large ones should be healed by tomorrow at the latest. How long have I been asleep?

"Women how long have I been asleep?"

"My name is not women it's Kagome I will not answer to anything but that so you better get it right."

"This Sesshomaru will not be ordered around by a human woman."

"Then this human woman won't be answering your questions."

"Women you will…"


"…answer my question."

"Get my name right and I'll answer your question."


"That's it I have done nothing but help you and you can't even say my name I'm out of here"


She stopped dead in her tracks and turned around


"Kagome how long have I been asleep?"

"Umm… about a day and a half"


Kagome cheered up and went back to her previous activities. Humming as he cooked their breakfast. She had went out earlier and hunted a wild boar for when Sesshomaru woke up she wasn't sure if he ate it raw or cooked so she asked

"Sesshomaru do you eat your meat raw or cooked?"

"In this form cooked"


So she cooked the food and brought it to him, she also picked some fruits and filled a bottle with water from the stream, she took that too. She set the plate on the floor next to him and sat down. She opened the bottle of water and held it out to Sesshomaru. When he lifted his arm to take the bottle his face contorted in pain and he quickly put it back down. It seemed the wound on his chest needed more time to heal seen as it was the biggest. So with out a word from either person Kagome bent down and gently lifted him by the shoulders and held the bottle to his lips. He drank from it greedily Kagome had to stop him before he choked.

"Just a little at a time, slow down before you choke. Are you hungry?"

When he nodded she began to feed him small bites of the meat and fruit. He ate more than she thought he would and had to go get more. When he was done she laid him back down and went about cleaning the mess she made then she ate and washed the dishes. As she was putting everything away Sesshomaru asked

"What do you want for doing this for me?"


"There must be something every human wants something they never give freely."

"Well this human does I did it because it was the right thing to do and it makes me feel good to do the right thing."


The day went on and kagome was reading a book while Sesshomaru rested. She was so into the book she didn't notice he had woken up and was watching her. It was a very suspenseful book and when Sesshomaru spoke Kagome nearly had a heart attack.

"You can read?"


Kagome screamed and threw her book in the air.

"Oh my god you scared the hell out of me. And yes I can read." She said as she tried to slow her heart rate.


"Is that all you can say?"


"Ha-ha very funny… wait did you just make a joke."


"There you go again. Better stop or I'll start to think you have a sense of humor."


"What's next a smile?"

Sesshomaru didn't know why he was doing this but there was just something about her that brought it out in him, and to tell you the truth he didn't mind as much as one might think he would. Witch is why he did what he did.

"OH MY GOD, You smiled, I seen it no denying it, I seen it."


"Okay how about some food do you think you can manage on you own today?"

"I can manage"

"Okay then here you go."

She set the plait on the floor as she helped him sit up then she put the plait on his lap and he began to eat with no problem.

"Do you think you are up to a bath today no offence but you kind of stink?"

He discreetly sniffed the air, making a face at his smell, and said

"Yeah a bath sounds nice."

So after he finished his meal Kagome helped him to his feet and walked him to the hot spring she found not too far away. Kilala stayed in the cave. She was surprised at how well he was healing and how fast, he almost didn't need my help. When we got to the hot spring she let him go and he sat on a rock to rest. Meanwhile Kagome was undressing. When Sesshomaru looked up he noticed this and asked

"What are you doing?"

"I'm going to help you with your bath."

She is so innocent. She doesn't think twice about taking a bath with a man. But why should she, she is just helping me because I'm hurt. But why should I care she is just a human she means nothing to me. Yeah Sesshomaru keep telling your self that and maybe it will come true. She is beautiful and smart. But she would never be interested in some one like me. I'm a killer and she is pure and innocent. Kagome how could you make me feel this way in such a short time. You are the first person no to be scared of me to not fear me, no not you. You look at me like we are friends something I have never had or cared to have but with you I want It and so much more but I'll not do anything unless you hint you want it to. I will not make a fool of my self for a human.

"Sesshomaru, earth to Sesshomaru did you hear me?"


"I asked if you need help getting out of your cloths."

He looked at her like she had grown another head or something then remembered he was hurt and that yes he did need help undressing. Kagome had taken her cloths off but was wearing a bathing suit. Sesshomaru seeing this asked

"What is that you are wearing?"

"It's called a bathing suit I have to wear it when traveling with Inuyasha and Miroku; otherwise I'd be giving out a free show every time I took a bath."

At the mention of someone looking at her in that state of undress made Sesshomaru growl low in his throat, it was so low that Kagome didn't hear. After he recovered he said

"Oh okay"

Good answer very articulate.

Sesshomaru thought.

"So did you need help? I also have a towel you could wrap around your waist wile I wash you."

She said this as a deep blush spread across her cheeks. This didn't go unnoticed by Sesshomaru who smiled to himself.

"Yes your assistance will be needed."


She grabbed the towel and headed to Sesshomaru. He had a plan brewing in his head and was interested to see how she would react to it. When she got to him she set the towel down and gently opened his shirt and gently slid it down his arms her fingers would brush against his chest and arms each time making his skin tingle. If he were not a master of control this might have become a problem. When she got the shirt off all the way she folded it and set it aside. Now came the tricky part his pants. How was she going to get them off and the towel on with out seeing anything? She was having a hard time keeping her body under control. If she didn't get this over with soon she was sure he would be able to smell her arousal.

Stupid body stop acting like this it's Sesshomaru after all he wouldn't think of me like that. I should be lucky he hasn't killed me yet I would like to think we have become friends but if he found out I was getting excited wile undressing him he would be discussed and then kill me for sure.

So with no further stalling she reached out and started to untie his pants, making quick work of the ties. Sesshomaru was a little startled at her forwardness but said nothing and stood very still. This was going to be a test for both of there control. After untying the knots she lowered his pants and again almost had a heart attack.

"Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, why didn't you tell me you didn't have a loin wrap on?"

"You never asked"

Kagome couldn't look away this was the first time she has seen a penis up close. Her face was beat read and still she stared meanwhile Sesshomaru had to stop all the dirty thought going through is mind at that moment. They stood there for what seemed like forever before Kagome looked away and picked up the towel. Quickly handing it to him and turning away saying

"Lord Sesshomaru please forgive my rudeness I did not mean to stare but it was there and… I had never seen… please forgive me."

When he heard she had never seen one before confirmed that she was a virgin.

Good I will be her first and last…what? Where the hell did that come from? It must be my animalistic nature it has clamed her and now it will try to get me to do the same. She is beautiful and educated she would make a fine mate. Yes she will be mine but she must want the same I will not force myself on her.

With his mind made up he wrapped the towel around his waist and walked up to her gently, so he doesn't scare her, he put his hands on her shoulders, it didn't escape his notice how her arousal spiked with his touch and said

"You are forgiven now I would like to take a bath now do you still wish to help?"

"Yes of course, there's a rock by the edge of the spring you can sit on while I wash your body and hair. Okay?"

With out a word he walked to the said rock and sat down his feet in the water. He had his back to her so she watched him and admired his good looks the way the dying sun light gleamed off his pail skin and hair, he had his head back so his hair was pooling down his back and on the rock. Kagome gathered her bathing supplies and headed to Sesshomaru.

"Okay I'm going to wash your body first then I'm going to do your hair. To tell you the truth I have always wanted to wash your hair. Is it as soft as it looks? No wait don't tell me I'll see when I wash it."

She went about the task of taking off all the bandages from his body. All his wounds have healed the one on his chest and leg were slightly pink still but otherwise they were fine. By morning he should be back to normal. After all the bandages were off she got a bucket and filled it with water in the process she had to bend over in front of Sesshomaru giving him a good view of her ass.

I wonder how she would react if I grabbed her ass right now.

She slowly poured the water over his shoulder and down his back then grabbed a bar of soap and got to work on his back. She lathered it up then rinsed him off. She then moved on too his chest she didn't want o cause him pain so she gently washed around it then she moved to his shoulders rubbing in slow gentle circles, Kagome kept her eyes on her work and didn't look at him she was still blushing madly and was quiet embarrassed, she has never done something like this before and was not sure if she was doing it right.

Sesshomaru was in his own world of bliss never before has a women made him feel this way with such a simple touch. He has had many lovers in his life but none had this kind of effect on him.

If I'm not careful I just might loose control. But… is that such a bad thing?

Kagome was finished with his shoulders and was a little nervous about going lower.

"Umm… I'm going to have to wash you stomach and legs now."


To get to the lower areas Kagome has to get on her knees, this almost did it for Sesshomaru to see a beautiful half naked woman kneeling in front of him like that, let's just say it made a very erotic sight, add in the fact that she was rubbing his chest and going lower, and his control was almost gone. Kagome was in a similar state. The heat that had been pooling in her stomach seemed to drop straight to her groin when she kneeled in front of him, she has never done anything like this before and it surprised her that she didn't make a complete fool of herself…yet. She noticed that Sesshomaru was making a low growling sound thinking she finally did something wrong she stopped and put her hand in her lap waiting for him to say something.

"Why have you stopped?"

"Well I heard that sound you were making and thought I did something wrong."

"No Kagome you did nothing wrong that was a sound of pleasure not pain. Please continue."

Kagome could feel her cheeks heat up all over again but continued to wash him keeping her eyes on her work and trying to avoid his piercing gaze. She quickly finished that and moved on to his hair.

"Okay I need you to lean your head back so I can get your hair wet."

He did as asked and she poured water over his hair. She started to lather the shampoo in his hair and loved every minuet of it.

Oh my god his hair is so soft. He is so lucky why can't my hair be this soft? It's not fair, but at least I get to touch his hair with out him trying to kill me. I might as well enjoy this while I can.

Kagome was rubbing slow circles around his temples and running her fingers through its entire length. As she worked she began to sing a lullaby her mother would sing to her when she washed her hair. it was an odd song but Kagome loved it. She didn't even realize she was singing till Sesshomaru said something.

Cherry blossoms gracefully bloom o'er the fields that lie,
High up is the castle wall, where have warriors gone?
Where is the moonlight that brightly shone up high,
Shone upon the warriors who drained the glasses dry?

"Where did you learn that song?"

"My mother sang it to me when I was younger."

"Its very beautiful please continue."

Kagome smiled and continued to sing.

White frost o'er the autumn camps freezing the whole night,
Flocks of wild geese cry and pass just below the moon.
Where is the moonlight that might have shone so bright,
Shone upon the warriors' swords gleaming through the night?

Sesshomaru remembered this song from his own childhood; his mother would sing it to him before he went to sleep.

Oh, the moon is rising high in the depths of night,
Silent is the ruined site lying on the ground,
Ivies creep o'er the gate in the cold moonlight,
Rustling are the pine trees through the windy night.

Kagome noticed Sesshomaru has started to make that sound again and smiled even more when she remembered him saying it was a sound of pleasure. Sesshomaru loved the feel of her hands in his hair. At that moment he made a vow to himself that she would be his.

To rise and fall is people's fate, the moon shines so bright,
Looking down upon the world lying far below,
How sublime the moonlight o'er the ruined site,
How I love the moon that shines in the depths of night!

When she finished the song she rinsed his hair and said

"Okay Sesshomaru just wait right here and I'll get a towel to dry you off with."

But Sesshomaru had other plans he got up and quietly walked behind her so when she turns around she will be face to face with him. She did just that and got the life scared out of her, she seemed to be doing that a lot of that lately, Kagome was so startled to see him standing so close she tripped and would have fallen if not for the strong arm that caught her. He didn't just catch he and help steady her like she thought he was going to do no he pulled her flush against him and the only space between them was from Kagome's hands trapped between there bodies.

What is he doing? Is he going to kill me now? I knew this was too good to be true how could I even think he would want to be friends with a human. I had to try I'm sorry Shippo I'm not going to be able to keep that promise I made you but don't worry Sango will take good care of you.

And with that she let her body relax, took a deep breath and waited for the killing strike. But nothing happened so she opened her eyes and looked in to the most beautiful amber eyes she has ever seen. Her breath caught, she didn't see any blood lust one would expect to see in someone about to make a kill instead she seen… could that be lust?

Why is he looking at me like that?

"Sesshomaru what are you doing?"

"Shhh don't talk, don't think, just feel. I don't know why this is happening but I don't want to stop allow me to do this?"

To make sure she knew what he was talking about he bent his head and gently placed his lips on hers never breaking eye contact. He smiled the way her eyes got big and the quick intake of air.

Good she knows what I want but will she give it to me. Let's find out.

He pulled her a little closer, and tilted her head slightly deepening the kiss a little. With no protest from her he gently brushed his tongue over her bottom lip. Kagome has never been kissed before this was all very new to her don't get her wrong she knows all about this stuff she's just never done it.

When she felt his tongue she instinctively opened her mouth, Sesshomaru wasted no time in his exploration. He traced every inch of her mouth not wanting to miss a thing but saved her tongue for last. It surprised and delighted him when she started roaming his mouth and before they knew it they were in an all out war for dominance. Sesshomaru not one to be dominated quickly made her submit by making a low warning growl hearing this Kagome quickly submitted. Sesshomaru broke the kiss knowing she would need to breathe soon.

Kagome was indeed out of breath and greedily took a long swallow of air. She was so embarrassed at what they had just done she kept her face buried in his chest witch just made things worse because he had no shirt on. Sesshomaru began to kiss along her neck and jaw line gently sucking on her pulse in the juncture where her shoulder and neck meet this caused her to moan and tilt her head to the side giving him more room to work. If he had not been holding her she would have hit the floor long ago, her legs began to shake witch caused him to hold her tighter. Suddenly Sesshomaru lifted Kagome; witch in turn caused her to wrap her legs around his waist, and carried her to a little patch of grass laying her down and kneeled next to her. She was sitting half was up resting on her elbows so Sesshomaru leaned over and deeply kissed her pushing her all the way down and climbed on top of her with one of his legs between hers. Kagome didn't know what to think this was too much then she remembered him saying not to think just feel and she did just that.

For this one night I'm going to let myself enjoy this he is being so gentle I can give him this even if it is just for this one night.

That was the last thing she thought and turned her body over to touch and feel. Sesshomaru noticed the change in her the moment it happened. She was no longer just feeling but reacting and touching back this made him grow bolder, he slowly moved his hand from her waist, where it had been resting, to her breast and gently squeezed Kagome moaned louder, her breath increased with each touch. She began to roam his chest with her hands and mouth kissing and nipping every spot she could reach. He began that low rumble of pleasure witch caused her to be bolder and capture one on of his nipples and suck gently, this was too much and Sesshomaru let out a small moan.

"You know something," Sesshomaru said

"Hmmm" she mumbled while kissing his chest

"you have too many cloths on."

With that he began to slice through her bathing suit. She shivered as the cold night air touched her already sensitive breasts. Sesshomaru wasted no time in attacking her breast first touching and squeezing then kissing and sucking. Kagome was on cloud nine she had never felt such a thing in her life. She threw her head back in a silent scream when Sesshomaru nipped her oversensitive nipple this caught his attention and whispered to her sending shivers down her spine as his warm breath hit her ear.

"Don't hold back I want you to scream for me."

Kagome couldn't answer she just continued to kiss every inch of exposed skin she could find. She needed this to move faster, the fire burning between her legs was becoming unbearable, she needed some kind of release, so she started to grind her hips against his leg it was working, she began to moan louder, he began to move his hips in time with her movements. The sweet release she needed was so close just a little more…

Then Sesshomaru sat up. Kagome's eyes snapped open.

"Why?" was all she could say.

As Kagome was starting to gather the pieces of her bathing suit to cover her self, Sesshomaru stopped her with a searing kiss.

"But I thought…"

"You thought wrong. If I didn't stop we would have had a little mess."

Kagome blushed realizing what he meant. He started to gently rub her arms and chest spending a good amount of time with her breasts, bending his head to her he placed a kiss on her nipple, slowly nipping then sucking it into his mouth. Kagome grabbed his hair and tried to keep his mouth in place. Sesshomaru's other hand started to slide down her body starting in her hair then moving lower. Stopping at her breast and giving it a squeeze and tweaking her nipple then moving lower. As he got to her navel she tried to pull away.

"Ticklish are we?"

"Yyeeessss." She moans as he starts to suck on her other breast.

Sesshomaru continued on he's quest to find her jewel.

As his hand gets lower Kagome starts to breath faster in anticipation of what she know is coming next.

He's fingers gently brush against her pubic mound. Kagome instinctively moves her hips against he's touch and he smiles.

I love the way she reacts to my simple touches. This will be very enjoyable. I must get her ready she is still a virgin, I do not wish to hurt her.

He slowly moves his finger against her opening not entering her but testing her to see if she is ready for him too.

She is ready. Sesshomaru, being careful with his claws, pushes one finger in. kagome throws her head back in a silent scream but at the growl from Sesshomaru she begins to moan loudly as he starts to thrust his finger in and out, in and out, over and over with each thrust he picks up a little speed. He adds a second finger. As he pushes in he scissors he's fingers opening her more. He adds a third finger. With each new felling moans, she starts to thrust her hips in time with he's fingers.

She is close. Let's finish this so I can move on to better things.

Sesshomaru rubs he's thumb against her clit and kagome cried out in surprise as her body is racked but wave after wave of pleaser. Sesshomaru quickly replaced his fingers with his mouth and tongue eagerly drinking all her juices. It took Kagome a few minuets to come down from her orgasmic high. When she did she looked straight into Sesshomaru's eyes and said

"Oh my god, that was amazing."

"Oh no my dear that was just the beginning."

She just stared at him as he grabbed his manliness and started to position him self at her opening. Her hand stopped him. With a slightly puzzled look he asked


"Let me."

Understanding he allowed her to grab his manliness and position him herself. He gently pushed his tip in and kagome grabbed his shoulders squeezing so hard her nails started to dig in. Sesshomaru was panting very hard now it was taking a lot to not just slam into her and fuck her till she couldn't move. This is her first time he will take thing slow. He started to move in a little more. Then stopped to let her adjust.

"Faster… Sesshomaru please… just slam into me."

This greatly surprised him but he did not hesitate in complying with her wishes. Grabbing her by the waist he lifted her hip giving him a better angel and slammed into her fast and hard. Kagome screamed in pain and pleasure. He stayed very still and asked while panting

"Are pant pant you pant ready? pant"

"Yes Lord Sesshomaru!!" she all but yelled

Sesshomaru pulled almost all the way out leaving only his tip in then slammed back. Kagome was throwing her head back and forth moaning his name.

"Oooohhh Ssseessssshhhooommmaaarrruuuuu"

after about five minuets of this he moved his hips to the side just a little this new angel allowed him to go even deeper then before.

"Faster please, Lord Sesshomaru go faster!!"

and he did. Each thrust became shorter only pulling out about half ways then going back kagome tried to keep up with this new pace, but with his demonic speed she could not.

I'm getting close I need to make her come with me it's much more pleasurable that way

He reached his hand between there bodied and rubbed her clit a few times she screamed his name to the night as she came


With the feel of her inner walls convulsing around his manliness he came too letting out a loud roar to the sky


As they both come down from there highs Sesshomaru slowly pulls out and kagome moans at the feel. He lies down next to her and she rolled to curl at his side. They both stay in silence for a moment. Kagome was the first to break it.

"I must get back to my group soon I still have a mission to complete."

"This Sesshomaru knows."

"In the morning I will go back"

"I will take you."

"I don't know if that is a good idea."

"I will take you."


"This Sesshomaru will make sure my idiotic half-brother does not know I'm there."

"Thank you Lord Sesshomaru."

Kagome tries to get closer to him. Now that they are still and the adrenalin has run out the cold night air is getting to her. Felling her shiver next to him he wraps her in his warm embrace. She sleeps and Sesshomaru keeps watch over the night.

She will leave in to morning I must find a way to keep her.

When morning came kagome woke and found Sesshomaru watching her, she smiled and said

"Good morning Lord Sesshomaru"

"Good morning Kagome"

She smiled brighter.

"I must get ready to go they will be worried if I don't get back soon."

So with that said they both got ready to leave kagome gave his wounds a quick look and they were completely healed.

"This Sesshomaru wishes to thank you. If you had not found my I would not have lived."

"You are welcome. And I wish to thank you for last night it was wonderful."

"Yes it was very enjoyable"

She blushed but didn't look away.

"It's time to go Lord Sesshomaru we need to go to the cave to get Kilala and my things first."

"Very well."

They got to the cave with no problem; Kagome gathered her things and picked up Kilala on her way to Sesshomaru. When she got to him he summoned his cloud beneath his feet and told Kagome to join him. She did and they took to the sky. Kagome wrapped her arms around his waist to keep from falling and he put his arms around he shoulders. The flight was short but enjoyable. When they landed Kagome didn't let go for a moment she just hugged him then he gave him a quick but fully. When they parted she said

"Thank you for the ride and for showing me the kind person you are. I wouldn't change anything we did last night for anything. It was something special. I'm just sad that when I go back with you brother, will I be you enemy again? Or will we be… friends?"

"I too would not change anything. I want to see you again… this Sesshomaru does not have many friends, I would like it very much if we could be friends."

"Then it's settled we are friends."

She smiled at him and he smiled at her. They stood there for a moment.

"I have to go now. Will we see each other again?"


"Okay I'll see you then bye."

She waved as she walked away.

"Good bye Kagome I'll be seeing you soon." And with a smile on his face he took to the skies heading back to the western lands.

Kagome reached the group with no problems and grated them very happily

"Good morning everyone!!! How is everyone?

"Kagome your back? Shippo said as he jumped into her arms

Kilala ran to Sango and she asked

"Did everything go well?"

"You could say that."

At Sango's look she said

"I'll tell you everything later."

"It's about time you got back we need to find more shards…"

"Sit boy"

With that the group continued on their journey.

"Hey wait for me!!"

Inuyasha yelled as he dragged himself from the hole he made.

The End

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