By The Hot Spring

Chapter 3

"Sesshomaru get the fuck off of her!!!!" Inuyasha bellowed

Kagome quickly spun around and tried to calm him down. She didn't want him to find out like this, but, what's done is done, she'll just have to make the best of it.

"Inuyasha please just listen… let me explain" she said franticly but he wasn't listing

"Quick Kagome get away from him" he said unsheathing his sword but she didn't move

"Inuyasha please…" she said but was cut of by Inuyasha's yelling.

"Bitch I said move"

"No Inuyasha not till you put the sward away and listen to me."




"SIT BOY!!!"

Inuyasha hit the ground wit a loud THUD!

"We are going to sit down and have a civilized conversation or I will sit you till your back breaks do you understand me?" she said with so much force the whole group took a step back.

"Keh" was all Inuyasha managed to say

"Good, when you can move come and join us." Everyone stared at her when she started to walk back to camp with Sesshomaru at her side one passive arm around her shoulder. When they got to the camp sight they sat down and waited for the rest to join them. Inuyasha took his time to get out of the hole he was in. When he finally got out he slowly walked over to the group. Everyone watched him as he came in to sight, thinking he was going to start something again but he just stood there with his arms crossed over his chest. Kagome took a deep breath and said

"Please have a seat so we can..." but Inuyasha cut her off

"I'll stand" and that's what he did.

"Fine… whatever…" she huffed.

"Explain" Inuyasha demanded

"I never meant for you to find out like this, I was hoping to talk to you in private but now that everyone has seen us… I'll just have to tell you all." She mumbled

"Okay it all started when you hit Sesshomaru with the wind scar, I know it was only a few days ago, but, things happened." she had her head turned to the side and slight blush on her cheeks. Inuyasha noticed the blush and asked hotly

"What do you mean things happened!?"

"I'll get to that, let me start from the beginning…" she took a deep breath and continued.

"…I was just so mad that day after what you did and what you called me" she said quietly with much hurt in her voice.

"Do you really think of me as just a shard detector? I thought we were friends how could you say something like that to me and then when I was going to stop the fight before it got out of hand you blow up and automatically assume I was going to go home so that was what I was going to do." Inuyasha ears lay back on his head and he doesn't say anything so Kagome continues with a sad shake of her head

"As I was walking to the well I sensed something and right away I knew it was him he wasn't dead so I went to him and I was determined to help." She looked over to Sesshomaru and gave him a quick smile and to her grate surprise he smiled back, if you can call a slight lift of the corner of he mouth a smile. It was there and gone in a blink of an eye but she seen it and it gave her the courage to continue.

"I found him in a cave about a half hour away from the well, I made it there just in time because there was another demon there and was just about to make the killing blow to Sesshomaru but I hit it with my sacred arrow and save him. He was unconscious, or so I thought, he was in real bad shape so I quickly set to work preparing to clean and dress his wounds I nearly died when I turned around to him and found him staring at me. I told him why I was there and he allowed me to help him even though I'm, and I quote 'his brother's wench.'" She giggled and patted Sesshomaru on his knee

"Why does every demon assume that I'm his wench" she looked to Sesshomaru and asked "Cant you use you nose and smell that it's not like that? Or was your nose broken at the time?" she taped the tip of his nose with her finger and giggled as he raised a eyebrow at her behavior. When kagome heard Inuyasha start to growl she remembered what they were talking about and continued with her story.

"When I was done cleaning and bandaging him he fell asleep when he awoke again he nearly scared me to death, I was reading a book and didn't notice him till he spoke well anyways over the next few days we became friends" she looked over to Sesshomaru and smiled everyone in the group could see how happy she was when she looked into his eyes except for Inuyasha

"Well wench you still haven't told me what things you were talking about so you better fucking start talking and stop with all the looking into each others eyes crap it's making me sick. Get on with the FUCKING STORY!!" he roared this caused Sesshomaru to get angered. No one spoke to his Kagome like that. In a blink on an eye Sesshomaru had Inuyasha by the throat pined to a tree there faces inches from one another. Kagome stood up at the sudden movement and ran to the brothers.

"Sesshomaru what are you doing?" she said in a calm voice

"I am going to teach this half breed a lesson in manners. He will not speak to you in such or I will remove his head form his body." He said in a deathly calm voice that sent shivers down every ones spine, his eyes never leaving Inuyasha's. He was about to start choking Inuyasha when he felt kagome's hand on his arm he looked to her and she said

"Please Sesshomaru let him down I want to finish this so we can get on with our lives please let him down." She begged with her eyes and he slowly nodded. Sesshomaru looked back to Inuyasha

"You will reframe from speaking in that foul manner around Kagome and myself or no amount of begging will save you next time." He gave one final squeeze to emphasize his words before letting Inuyasha fall to the ground. Inuyasha started coughing and rubbed his neck, small beads of blood were wiped off from were Sesshomaru's claws pierced his neck. When he was standing he spoke to Kagome with forced politeness

"Kagome will you finish your story…" he looked to Sesshomaru who was watching him closely "…PLEASE." He ground out between his teeth. Kagome shook her head sadly and sat down close to Sango. Sesshomaru soon sat next to her and placed a protective arm around her, she leaned in to his embrace and Shippo jumped in to her arms. Kagome snuggled him close and Shippo soon fell asleep. Inuyasha watched this and felt a stab of pain in his heart. He knew what she was going to tell him but he would not believe it till she said it out loud. He could see in her eyes that she truly cared for him and the same for Sesshomaru why do I have to be such an ass all the time. That could have been me holding her but my chance has passed and if Sesshomaru is the one to make her happy now then I will stand by her but I don't have to like it and I don't have to like him. He thought to himself. He walked to the other side of the camp fire and sat down waiting for her to continue. Kagome took a deep breath and continued

"When he was strong enough I took in to a hot spring to clean him up because let me tell you he was starting to smell bad." She giggled along with Sango and Miroku but the quickly stopped when they seen the look on Sesshomaru's face."

"O Sessh lighten up a little will you" he gave a very Inuyasha like 'Keh' and looked away everyone giggled again but this time didn't get a look from Sesshomaru.

"Well anyways he was still very weak when we got to the hot spring so I had to help him. After that we were drying off and the next thing I know we were kissing and that lead to touching and well you know other things." She was now sporting a very deep blush along with Sango and Miroku had a grin on his face.

"What things?" Inuyasha demanded

"Don't make me say it" Kagome pleaded

"What things?"

"Please Inuyasha"

"Damn it Kagome tell me" he yelled

"No!" she yelled back

"NOW!!!" Inuyasha was standing now

"Inu…" but he cut her off

"Tell me Kagome I promise I wont be mad, I have to hear you say it… please just tell me… please." He whispered this caught Kagome off guard and she could feel the tears welling up she had hurt him the least she could do was tell him what happened. Just as quietly she responded

"We made love Inuyasha… I'm sorry" She said and a single tear slid down her face.

"Do you love him?" Inuyasha asked looking her straight in the eyes. She looked to Sesshomaru and smiled then looked back to Inuyasha and said

"Yes…I do love him with all my heart." Sesshomaru hugged her tighter to him and let out a content growl witch made Kagome giggle. Inuyasha smiled and said

"Then you have nothing to be sorry about. I'm happy for you. And Sesshomaru if you ever hurt her I will hunt you down and make you pay for every tear she sheds do you understand me?" he said with a death glare. Sesshomaru nodded his head and said

"This Sesshomaru swears." Inuyasha nodded back and sat down. Sango looked to Kagome and smiled

"Oh Kagome I'm so happy for you but I must admit it is a little strange after all he has tried to kill you on many accounts has he not?"

"I must agree with lady Sango" Miroku said and inched closer to Sango Kagome knew what was to come next so she waited before she answered

"PERVERT!!!" Sango yelled


Miroku was now lying on the floor with a nice read hand print on his cheek. Kagome laughed and Sesshomaru raised an eyebrow in question

"Oh this is nothing new they do this about ten times a day if not more they love each other but they don't know how to show it so Miroku gropes and Sango hits." Kagome explained she stood and asked Sango if she wanted to take a bath in the hot spring near by but she said no because she had just taken one so Kagome handed Shippo to her and gathered her things for a bath. Just as she was about to head off Sesshomaru grabbed her arm and said

"I shall accompany you." Kagome blushed but didn't stop him from fallowing her she blushed even harder when she heard Inuyasha say

"Don't stay there all night we do need to look for more shard tomorrow and you are going to need your rest." Along with Sango and Miroku's laughter, she was reader than a tomato. They walked in silence till they got to the spring.

"Is it true what you said?" Sesshomaru asked

"What?" kagome didn't know what he was talking about.

"Do you love this Sesshomaru?" Smiling she walked up to him and wrapped her arms around his neck and gently tugged till he lowered his head enough for her to kiss him on the lips. It was a gentle loving almost shy kiss when she pulled away just enough to look him in the eye she said

"Yes Sesshomaru I do. I Love you I don't know when it happened but I don't care I love you and I don't ever want to let you go." She said passionately and then kissed him just as passionately. The hunger in her kiss driving him mad he let her push him till his legs hit a rock causing him to sit Kagome immediately climbed onto his lap straddling his arms went to her hips to keep her from falling off, all the while there lips never breaking apart. After a few more moment's kagome had to break the kiss or pass out from lack of air.

"I'm not going to ask you to tell me how you feel about me I know when you are ready you will let me know but I had to let you know my feelings. Even if you don't feel the same way as I do we can have this for now." She ground her hips to his to emphasize her point. This caused Sesshomaru to harden completely and kagome to grin when she felt him bulging in his pants. Seeing her grin Sesshomaru thrust his hips against her warm center and grinned at her moan, quickly capturing her lips in a searing kiss. Kagome was so caught up in the kiss she didn't notice he was lifting up her skirt till she felt him grab her rear end she gasped in to the kiss but moaned when he started massaging it. She broke the kiss to whisper in his ear.

"Sesshomaru… I want you…I need you…now." She was grinding her center against him to the point of madness if she didn't soon he was going to spill his seed so he grabbed her hips stopping her movements and growled low in his throat.

"Kagome you have no idea what you do to me. With one smell of your sweet sent I quiver with one touch I melt with one hug I get hard with one kiss all I want to do is fuck till you cant move" he said with a grin and then using his demonic speed had her bent over the rock he was sitting on. He pushed her skirt up over her ass and nearly ripped her panties off. Sesshomaru ran his clawed fingers over her center, gently scratching his nail over her clit. Kagome screamed at the feeling and pushed her hips into his hand. Sesshomaru smiled and did it again.

"Yes Sesshomaru more…please" Kagome begged.

"All in due time my dear Kagome." He said and pushed one finger into her warm wet opening. He started to thrust his finger in and out if her at a steady pace but it was not enough for kagome she could feel her orgasm building but it would not find completion if he didn't speed things up, so she started to push her hips to keep up with Sesshomaru thrusting. He let her do this but when she tried to speed thing up he pulled his fingers out.

"No!" Kagome yelled "Why did you stop?" she asked.

"You are not the one in control tonight and I will set the pace" he whispered in her ear causing her to moan and buck her hips at his waiting fingers. "Do you understand?" he asked in a husky whisper gently nibbling on her ear. She moaned louder and said.

"Yes Sesshomaru. Pleases continue I need you…now… please." She begged not at all ashamed to be begging, it seemed to be making her more excited and the evidence of this was running down the inside of her thigh. Seeing this Sesshomaru wiped it up with his finger and as Kagome was watching he stuck he singer in his mouth and sucked it clean. Kagome felt her knees get weak at such an erotic sight and thanking all the gods in heaven that she had the rock to hold onto. Her breathing was labored and if he didn't start to do something soon she was going to have to take matters into her own hands. Seeing kagome squirming with her ass bared to the world was too much for him to handle in a flash he had his rock hard member out and positioned at her opening. He wanted to play with her a little more so he took his manhood in his hand and rubbed the tip from the base of her opening all the way to her clit paying special attention to that spot. She was crying out for release and just as she was about to get it he stopped.

"Damn it Sesshomaru stop playing with Me." she said on the verge of tears. Seeing this Sesshomaru knew he went too far in his games. Bending over her he kissed each eye before the tears fell then captured her lips in a searing kiss then with out warning he thrust in to her. She moaned loudly but Sesshomaru swallowed it in he kiss. As he started to thrust kagome met him by thrusting back making him go deeper. Sesshomaru broke the kiss to reposition him self and drive deeper in to her tight caverns. He started to go faster almost to the point of painful but all kagome did was pant and moan louder.

"Yes oh gods yes... please Sesshomaru harder… faster… I'm so close" and with a few more thrust she went over the edge and screamed his name to the sky. Sesshomaru was just about to finish when her walls clamped down on his member and that sent hem off. He shot his seed into her waiting womb and roared to the sky his satisfaction. Kagome was no longer able to hold her self up and collapsed to the rock Sesshomaru coming down gently on top of her.

"Oh my god Sesshomaru that was amazing."

"Hmm" he said and started to nuzzle his nose to her neck.

"Once I can move we need to go bath and get back to the group I am going to need a lot of rest after what we just did. I'll be lucky if I can get up in the morning." She said quietly with out a word he stood and disrobed and did the same for kagome then picked her up bridal style and walked in to the hot spring quickly he washed her and allowed her to sit in the warn water while he bathed him self. Kagome loved watching him the way the water ran down his chest and the way his wet hair stuck to him all his movements were so sensual and he didn't even have to try. She was so caught up in watching him she didn't notice that he was finished and was now watching her till he said something.

"Like what you see?"

"Hell yeah" she said without realizing she was talking out loud but when she did she blushed a very dark shade of red.

"Blush any harder and people will think you are a tomato." he said with a chuckle Kagome glared at him and crossed her arms over her chest.

"Yeah well who wouldn't like this" .she said gesturing to all his wet rippling muscles. He started to walk closer to her with lust in his eyes.

"Wow there big boy no more tonight I have to get to bed if I'm going to be able to walk tomorrow." She giggled as he came closer and just as he was about to pounce on her she dove under the water and swam away. Growling slightly he stood there and waited for her to come up when she did he would be on her before she could get away.

"You need to breath some time." He whispered to him self. He was about to dive in after her when she burst out of the water right in front him and tackled him causing then both to fall back in the water. Kagome was laughing so had and Sesshomaru was trying hard not to. When kagome got herself under control they both walked out of the water and dried off and dressed it took then longer than normal because there was a lot of stopping to kiss and touch twice kagome has to threaten Sesshomaru with no more sex if they didn't finish dressing and get back to camp. There were just entering the camp sight Sango, Miroku and Shippo were already asleep but Inuyasha was sitting in a tree watching them as they walked in hand in hand with smiles on there faces, yes even Sesshomaru was smiling, but he didn't know Inuyasha was watching when he seen him the smile dropped off his face and kagome turned to see what the problem was.

"Oh hi Inuyasha I thought you would be asleep by now." She said happily

"No I wanted to wait for you like I always do. I have to make sure you are safe before I can rest." He said quietly

"Oh Inu that is so sweet thank you for caring. Well I'm back and safe so you can rest now." She said

"Is he staying the night?" Inuyasha asked

"Yes" Sesshomaru replied kagome looked at him and smiles

"Okay Inuyasha were off to bed good night"

"Good night Kagome…Sesshomaru." Inuyasha said

"Good night… Brother" Sesshomaru said so quietly Kagome almost didn't hear it. They both looked at him when he said that but Sesshomaru just kept walking to a tree to sleep by. Kagome looked at Inuyasha and smiled and he smiled back at her. As she was walking to Sesshomaru she heard Inuyasha say

"Good night Brother."

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