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I arrived in Beika City, Tokyo in the neighborhood of Detective Richard Moore, and his daughter, Rachel Moore, looking for an apartment that I planned to stay in. I wore a yellow Yamaha motocross shirt with 2004 THQ AMA Supercross champion, Chad Reed's last name on the back and a number 22 underneath it. Also, I wore long black pants. I held my suitcase of all my stuff I had brought from my original home in the states. My eyes were terrible-looking, black circles around both of them. I even held a bottle of diet soda in one of my hands just to keep myself awake so I can get to the apartment, shower, and fall asleep on the bed. In my other hand was a piece of paper stating the address of the apartment I was going to live in for awhile. Just as I passed by the entrance of Detective Moore's building, I noticed a young peachy-skinned girl with long brown hair and wearing an orange short-sleeved shirt and white shorts and a small kid leaving for somewhere. The girl had a small bag on her shoulder. By accident, I bumped into her shoulder.

"Oops, sorry," She said when she felt the bump and turned to me.

"Nah, it was my mistake," I said.

"Hey, are you feeling okay?" The girl asked me.

"Yeah, I'm fine," I said, having enough strength to look at her.

"Geez, what have you been doing?" She asked me.

"Your eyes look super terrible!"

"Not drinking," I answered.

"I just arrived here from the airport about a good couple of hours ago, with only less than an hour of sleep. I just decided to walk and find my apartment I'm gonna live in for sometime."

"You should rest for awhile at my dad's agency," The girl said to me.

She helped me in while the kid just followed us in.

"Hey, Rachel, what's the deal with bringing a stranger in?" A tall guy wearing a suit and tie said.

I looked at him, and my eyes went huge.

"Hey, aren't you Richard Moore, that famous private detective?" I asked him.

"Yeah, how'd you know?" Richard asked.

"Ehh, I heard about you in a taxi I took after I left the airport," I answered.

"He's been walking for at least a couple of hours, dad. He didn't even get much sleep on the way here," Rachel said to him.

She took me up to her bedroom and sat me down on her bed. While I lay down with my shut eyes, Rachel set her bag down while she watched me sleep. She noticed the strip of paper in my hand and looked at it.

"Huh, Conan, look at this," Rachel said, showing Conan the paper.

"This guy lives across the street from us."

"Wow, he must be our new neighbor," Conan assumed.

"Yeah, must be. Well, this unexpected happening sure throws a wrench in our beach day, but at least it's pretty serious," Rachel said, sighing a bit.

An hour or two later, I woke up, feeling refreshed.

"Mmm, seems like somebody's finally back to normal," Rachel said to me.

"Yeah, thanks a lot for helping me out," I said.

"No problem," Rachel responded.

"I guess since you know my dad, I should probably tell you that I'm his daughter, Rachel, and this little kid is Conan."

"Rachel?" I asked.

"Mm-hmm," She replied.

"That's a pretty name," I commented.

"Thanks," Rachel said to me.

"So, what's your name?"

"Oh, I'm Mathew," I said, a little flustered.

"So, uh, if you want, you wanna be good friends?"

(End of 1st chapter.)

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