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(Rachel's P.O.V.)

Conan and I walked into Dad's agency. I knew I still had to bathe Conan, and shower myself.

"I'm home," I called out to Dad.

I closed the door when Conan stepped in.

"How was it?" Dad asked me.

"The beach was a blast," I answered.

"Especially since Serena and Mathew are a couple now."

"Must be a good thing," Dad said to us.

"It is," I responded.

"I'm gonna give Conan a bath, then I'll make your food. Come on, Conan. Let's take care of your bath."

Conan took my hand and we both walked upstairs to the bathroom. I turned on the water while he removed his glasses and started to undress. Conan stepped into the warm water and I started giving him a bath. Normally, I would've undressed myself and gone in with him, but not this time.

"Rachel, don't you wanna come in like you normally do?" Conan asked me.

"No, not this time, Conan," I responded.

"But if you want me to come inside, I can."

Conan was right, I normally jumped in the bath with him. But, this time, I decided to leave the bathtub all to himself. I decided to shower by myself later. I had just finished washing Conan's hair and rinsing all the soap out of his hair. I dried my hands with a towel, removed my clothes and stepped into the bathtub right behind Conan. I still had my bathing suit on under my clothes.

"Rachel, I thought you weren't coming in," Conan said to me.

"I'm gonna wash your body, Conan," I said.

I didn't care that I was wearing my swimsuit in the bathtub of all places when I normally wear it at the beach or at the Beika City Community Pool (even if I barely went there). The reason why I still had my swimsuit on was not because I was too lazy to change out of it, it was because I was caught up in getting Conan's bath out of the way from our time on the beach today. I took a washcloth and began to scrub Conan's body. A couple of minutes later, I finished and rinsed off Conan.

"Ready to come out?" I asked.

Conan nodded his head up and down. I stepped out and dried my legs off and the waist area of my bathing suit as well. I grabbed another towel and dried off Conan. When I finished, I handed him his clothes and he dressed himself. I shooed him out of the bathroom so I could change out of my bathing suit; I'd wash my suit and Conan's swimshorts a little later tonight.

I wonder how Serena and Mathew are doing, I thought when I finished changing.

(Serena's P.O.V.)

Mathew and I were relaxing in his apartment together... well sort of. I noticed he kept a scrapbook of drawings of numerous things.

"Are you some sort of artist or something away from your cases?" I asked.

"Ahh, at times," Mathew responded.

"But, honestly, I suck at drawing."

"How come these are good?" I pointed out.

"I just got a little better as I got older," Mathew said.

"Mind if you draw me like how I am right now?" I asked.

I was still wearing my two-piece swimsuit since the walk home from the beach with Conan and Rachel.

"Sure, why not," Mathew said.

I lay on my hip, facing him and Mathew began drawing me. When he finished, I took a look, and I was impressed. He even drew a background of a beach around his drawing of me.

"I'm surprised," I said.

"You drew my good side real well."

"Thanks," Mathew said, making it sound like no big deal.

"No prob," I replied.

We wrapped our arms around each other's shoulders and looked at each other. I could tell that Mathew and I would have a good relationship together.

The end.

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