Tales of the Abyss: High School Chronicles

A.N.: A little fanfic about the Tales of the Abyss characters, if they were residing in our world living normal lives as high school students. But things won't be as normal as reality once you get to later chappies. Read on to find out.


"Mr. Fabre!" came the resonating yell of Dist, the Arts teacher within the faculty room. All the teachers, already used to his constant yelling, have brought out their earplugs even before the ear-splitting screech. The young student before him didn't bother to cover his ears though. Instead, he just continued to scratch his head, occasionally glancing at his Rolex.

"How many times must I remind you, Mr. Fabre," Dist hissed through his teeth, "How many timesmust I remind you to NEVER TURN THE CAFETERIA INTO A BATTLE FIELD?"

"Approximately 292 times as of this month, sir." the young boy said, posing like a military soldier as he tried to hold back his chuckles.

"Stop mocking me, you nutcase!" the teacher yelled back. "You've caused trouble for this school the first day you set foot on campus!"

"Yes," agreed one of the teachers in the room, approaching. Fixing his glasses, he continued, "In fact, he has broken almost all of the minor and major offenses of this institution."

"Don't sound so pleased, Jade!" yelled Dist.

"Oh?" Jade Curtiss, the Physics teacher asked with a soft chuckle. "Do I really sound pleased about young Luke's behavior?"

"Hey," Luke Fabre said suddenly, placing another glance at his Rolex. "Classes are about to start and-"

"You are not leaving this room until you are given proper punishment!" yelled Dist. "Really! Making such a mess of the cafeteria during Tomato Week!"

"I've just noticed," Jade said, contemplating, "That he'll never change his ways unless someone actually keeps a close eye and looks after him."

"Are you implying that we should have someone baby-sit him?" Dist asked.

"Whoa!" Luke yelled, looking a bit angry. "I won't have that!"

"Yes, well. Your attitude's getting a little bit out of hand, Luke," laughed Jade. "And your best friend isn't really much of a help to you either."

"Guy has nothing to do with this!" Luke replied.

"Of course he doesn't," Dist sighed. "I don't see Mr. Cecil getting into that much trouble, do you?"

Luke looked away with a frown. Of course he doesn't, he said to himself, I'm the one who always covers up for him.

His line of thinking was cut when a soft knock came from the door. He turned to look as the door slowly slid open. His emerald eyes widened at the sight of a girl entering the room, gracefully carrying with her a pile of papers. She tried to place some of her hair behind her hair, but they seemed to go back to her face, hanging in front of her right eye. Luke stared, as she carried herself with utmost care towards Jade.

"These are the test papers of class 1-A, Mr. Curtiss," she said to Jade, handing to him the papers.

"Thank you, Mestearika," he replied. "You're always a help to an old man such as myself.

"Please, sir," the girl replied with a smile, "30 years is still young."

Jade laughed. "Thank you. That's quite a compliment." Jade then stopped as if something just came over him. He shifted his look towards Luke, who blinked back looking confused. Grinning rather mischieviously, he turned back to the girl and said, "My dear Ms. Grants, I have a big favor to ask of you."

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