McKay was a genius.

If there was ever any doubt about that fact, it would have been dispelled with his latest brilliant show of true grace, intelligence and ingenuity under pressure.

The science staff had been trying to repair the Ancient device for three days solid, desperation had given way to crippling fear and all around obtuseness amongst the staff.

Finally, with the Wraith bearing down on them, something in McKay's head had clicked and the solution had come to him in a flash of thought which could only be described as pure, unadulterated genius.

Now that the crisis had been averted and their lives were no longer in peril (well, no more so than usual, at least) he was able to sit back, take a breath and admire his work.

"So that's the thing that saved all of our asses, huh, Rodney?"

McKay turned and saw a very weary looking John Sheppard standing in the entryway to the lab, leaning against the wall.

Rodney scrubbed a hand over his face while nodding. He was just too tired to even launch into an explanation at this point.

Sheppard looked at the device and then back at McKay before his upper lip twitched in amusement.

"Duct tape, Rodney?"


A/N:I had a minor electrical emergency earlier today and being the enterprising technological genius I am, I did what any genius in a crisis would do.

I broke out the duct tape.

Well, you know what they say about duct tape...'If you can't fix it, duct it, and if you can't duct it, then you can't finish the rest of this rhyme without upping the fic rating'.

God, I'm seriously running out of ideas and steam for SGA, aren't I? I can tell...feel slightly burnt out.

I need a new fandom. x.x