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A/N: Ok, so here it is my first attempt at a crossover fic. I always liked the "Vampire Harry" idea, but never found a fic that fully satisfied me so I decided to make my own. I've also begun to play "Vampire: The Masquerade" and I thought the concept of the Vampire world was very interesting, so I decided to combine it with my fic, and Here's the result of the experiment.

It doesn't matter if you've never played "Vampire", because I'll try to fill you with the details in the prologue. Well, enjoy.


PROLOGUE : Have you ever seen?

What if one day you realized that the society in which you live has something hidden in it? We've got the feeling more than once. You surely thought of it. Well, there are always those who told you at some point during your short life that there was something off, that something was not right, strange things happened before your eyes, and you were ignoring it. That there was an entire world hidden behind the facade of the one you lived in. We often pass these "prophets", "seers", or whatever you want to call them, quickly and label them as madmen, but as I learned some time ago, you never know what piece of valuable knowledge you can find in a madman's speech.

Of course, to believe, most of us must "see". In fact, very few have such a faith to believe in something they have not seen before. They fear what they don't know and the majority are quite satisfied with their simple boring normal lives. Of course, there are those who belive in some kind of deity, but most of them are hypocrites, or too naive to be hypocrites.

Now, what if I told you that I have "seen"?

The first time I saw through that veil I was a mistreated, simple-minded, scrawny eleven year old child who accepted his fate as an insignificant bother. Oh yes, there are quite a few times that I've "seen", but we'll get into that later. As I was saying, I was lied all my life till that point. Then, something happened. Now I wouldn't qualify it as such, but back then, to me it was a miracle, a ray of light penetrating into the darkness of my life; My own Hogwarts Letter.

And suddenly I was in a new world, a world where I was someone, where I had a purpose. A world hidden behind the one I knew before, the Wizarding World. Yes, they existed. Witches and Wizards, and an entire community of other magical beings, unknown to "Muggles"(non magical beings, if you didn't already knew). But again, little I did know that there was still a blindfold before my eyes.

Yes, you guessed right, there are other communities that even those of the wizarding world do not know of their existence. As my Sire said once, "If they knew, they would be running like headless chicken and we would be doomed". That world is hidden in the shadows of the one both wizards and muggles know and accept. It begins it's activity when the sun sets, and it ceases it when the first rays of sunlight can be seen in the horizon. Our people like to call it "The Dark World", yes I know it's corny, and most of us have established what we like to call a "Masquerade" to hide it's existence, for we think that our survival, the survival of our species depends on that facade.

No, we're not the Mafia or part of a secret society who likes to practice all kind of sexual perversions during nighttime. In fact it is highly probable that you've seen at least once one of us. We move between you, we make deals with some of you, we even can stand in a high position in your social structure. In many ways, our relationship is symbiotic, although it can be seen as a Predator-Prey one, for we feed from you, and we are reborn from you.

We are the Childer of Caine, the lamia, the Undead, the Pitiful Wretches of Eternal Hell (1), we are vampires. Inmortals. We have little to fear, but we are that which must be feared. Sometimes, Some of us have even been worshipped and adored like gods, others have been scorned, but the world is always ours, and always will be.

Yes, I'm a bloodsucker, I, like my comrades, drink human blood to maintain my body. Without it, I would pass away and rot, with it, I can live forever. It is not easy to kill us, and we are only forbidden to see the sun ever again; if we did, we would turn to ashes, but aside from that, we can stand where human creations have turned to dust, and there's a whole society of beings like me, lurking in the shadows of your home.

I'm not going to bore you telling you the entire story of our race, I'll only fill you the basics so you can understand my story:

We vampires are a big community called the Kindred, and we are all the childer of Caine, the first of us. A Vampire is born when he's "embraced" by another of the Damned, given "the kiss" as we say, or to feed an almost bloodless human with our "vitae", our life essence, our blood, as my Sire did to me, and the Sire of my Sire did to her. My embrace was quite curious, you see... anyway, I'm rambling..., that's what happens when you've "lived" so much as I did... Where was I? Oh!, yes, the Sire. The Sire is the Bloodfather or Bloodmother of a newborn Vampire, and this newborn is this Sire's Childe ( quite confusing if you ask me). The Sire takes his Childe under his wing and teaches him all about being one of us, and introduces him into his clan.

Oh yes, there are Bloodlines, races, clans among us. We aren't just one species. We are organized and quite capable. What were you thinking? That we are some kind of barbaric monsters? We are (almost) like any other society. We have our alliances and wars. Every clan has it's own particular philosophy and ways of viewing the no-life, but for our survival, most of us have to forge treaties with the others, putting aside our differences.

Well, let's see... First, and in alphabetical order we have the Assamites. The Assassin's clan. The majority of them has Arabic ascendance. Quite annoying goup if you ask me. Should I decide, and they would dissapear from the face of the earth, such brutality... but again, other clans might need them...

Then we have the Brujah. Bloody anarchists, to think that once they were the scholars of our society... Me and my brothers could care less about them and their autodestructive nature, although they do a nice dirty job, you know what I'm saying?

The next ones of the lot are the Gangrel. They'd say to you that they are the ones most in contact with their animal nature... Well, yes, they are quite bestial, but also they remind me a bit of those Greenpeace dudes, with all that ecology thing during my living days. They aren't brainy, so their job is usually muscular

The Giovanni are a bit creepy, but elegant in their own way. They come from Europe and are Necromancers. They are well mannered and quite chavalier, but our opinion is that working with corpses to do magic can't be good, not for the Undead, nor for the living ones...

The Lasombra. Now these ones are creepy. Fucking sadistic bastards they are. The bloody gits hide behind a fa├žade of glamour and sophistication, but they are bloodthirsty disrespectful beasts. Man, you wouldn't want to be human and be near one of those, not even we want to spend more time of the necessary with them...

Then we Have the Malkavians. Lunatics. There are some seers between them, but the majority are insane in one way or another. Talking to one of them is quite a traumatic experience; it's damn hard to separate the valuable things they say from the crap they are constantly talking about...

The Nosferatu are defaced monsters, condemned to live always in the shadows. Some of us say that the curse of Vampirism changed them as a punishment for something that one of the first sons of Caine did... bullshit, they're just how they are, like any other race. Uglier, yes, but they are goddamn good informers. It is a pity that the sewer's smell is following them everywhere. Sometimes, back on my first days as one of the Kindred, remembering my living days, I so wanted to see Malfoy and his sleeked hair turned into one of them... Ahh, that would be Karma.

Next I'll tell you about the Ravnos, Gipsies and jokers. They can't think coolly, too hot-headed for their own good, and are quite independent. When I found one of them, they always reminded me in some sort of sick way to Fred and George Weasley , minus the shared speech and the same simpathy. I only know you can't trust them to do something serious...

The next ones are the Setites, or followers of Seth. They say they come from Egypt, and that the first of them was adored like a deity. For us that's a load of crap, but we let them think what they want. They adore snakes and remind me somehow of the good ole' Slytherin house, adding to it religious beliefs, but with the same backstabbing attittude...

The Toreadores are artists. They like to live among luxury and they say that they live committed to beauty. You could describe them as beautiful lazy gits... Maybe Fleur Delacour and some other of those superficial Beauxbatons girls would have made a good couple of them. They aren't a bad company, and surely are a good laid.

The Tzimisce are monsters. Not like the Nosferatu, but in their own creepy way. They like to transform their body parts to be more "in tune" with their "Demonic Nature". They aren't called "demons" for nothing, after all. Again, if you want to know what I think of them I would say that they are just another group of creepy sadistic bastards that hide behind a diplomat mask. Some would say that they have a way with words, but their conversations tend to end with one or two bloodbaths, and we like to keep our hands clean... ...Well, we like to keep our hands where they are.

Finally we have the Ventrue clan. The Ventrue are the "aristocrats" of our society. The majority of them come from the old wealthy families, and they are obsessed with power. They are the ones in control of the Masquerade and their behavior reminds me of the old mafia.

And Which clan is my humble self in? Well, none of those above, my dear friend. No, I'm not a clanless vampire. Think a little, I know you can... What was I before being one of the Damned? Yes, I was a Wizard, in fact i still am, not by the same standards anyway, I "lost" my magic once I was "embraced" and I can't use a wand, but I can use the powers of my Vitae, my blood, to do spells. My clan is called the Tremere, we are sorcerers, we are survivors. We aren't the most trusted ones, shit happens, but we believe the power comes from knowledge, and in knowledge we trust. We don't need anything else. Here I am, a Gryffindor in his own right talking like a bloody Ravenclaw... Vampirism tends to do that to you...

One of my old acquintances told me once that "there is neither good or evil, but power and those willing to wield it", and knowledge is power after all. He was an evil git, but he was right after all. Hermione would be proud, if she knew about us.

Amongst the clans, there are factions and alliances, those who support the Masquerade and those who are against it, the Camarilla and the Sabbat. Then, there are those "independent" who have business with clans from both factions. We believe in the strength of the Camarilla. It can be old, and sometimes a bunch of idiots, but in a tower there's always strenght, despite the age of the bricks.

I know that was kind of boring, but if you want to follow my story you need to know the basics of the world where I live. Of course the Wizarding World isn't ignorant about the existence of Vampires, we are a pretty large community and we haven't got spells to hide ourselves, at least most of us haven't, but when i recall what they taught us about Vampires in Hogwarts, the first thought in my head is "what a shitload". If only they knew... Caine must be laughing his arse off, wherever he is. Maybe, the hardest part of the change is leaving your live in the past to live a new one, but it must be done, I learned that the hard way. You see, being a vampire changes you. At first, you recall your past life and try to live by your old standards, but soon you realize that It can't be. You've changed and you have a thirst for blood. You're a predator, and your old friends and comrades are your prey. You can live forever, they have limited lives. You are powerful, most of them are pitiful. So our character and our way to think tries to adjust to this new perspective of life.

I remember my first days amongst the Kindred, trying to adjust to my new situation. I was scared, I found myself without magic and craving for the blood of my friends. I was scared, and when some of them found out, they were scared too. You see, I already told you that my "embrace" was quite unusual. Oh yes, I was left alone for some time by my Sire, for she thought that I hadn't gone through the transformation, that she had been too late to feed me with her vitae. So I awoke newborn and alone, and of course, for some time I "tried" to live my "normal" life, but further i went with it, more I found that something was "off" with me. But that, my friend, it's a story that I'll tell you when you are ready. For now let's talk only about the basics.

Anyway, being a Vampire it's not that bad, it has it's advantages, and aside from the risk of turning to ashes in contact with the sun and our dependance on blood, the average vampire is way better than the average human. We are faster, stronger and nimble, or most of us are, and we usually turn more powerful trough time.

Oh yes, I maybe lost my normal wizarding magic the moment I was turned, but I gained something I was prophesied for; the power the dark lord knew not. Of course, neither knew Dumbledore or anyone from the order, but it seems that I was predestined to be a bloodsucker. Oh, the Irony! The savior of the Wizarding World, defender of the weak, beacon of the light being a bloodthirsty dark being ( I'm also quite smart and incredibly handsome, but don't tell anyone I said that)

This is my story, or part of it anyway. My full name is Harold James Potter, if you didn't already knew, also known as "The Boy Who Lived", and later "The Boy who Vanished" ( yes, it's lame, I know, but it wasn't I who came up with it so don't blame me!, anyway, I don't know what's with wizards and lame titles, I mean, What the hell is a "Supreme Mugwump"...), And this is the tale of how I opened my eyes and saw the whole picture for the first time in my life...


(1) Some sentences and calificatives from this part are quoted from the Vampire:The Masquerade website, therefore, they aren't my work.

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