Alright. I'm working on a series of one-shot TF songfics called "Somebody Told Me". The idea is a self-challenge to me, so I can test how I think the characters of Tranformers are to me, and how they would react to certain situations. Each one-shot is named after its inspirational song. Unlike those boring songfics though, and the bad ones, I place the song lyrics before the fic itself so you understand where the inspiration come from. Sometimes, you have to listen to the actual song in order to understand the mood of the fic. But let's see how you do. Each one-shot has one main character, and one minor character.
Song: Rain - Breaking Benjamin
Characters: Sideswipe, Sunstreaker
Summary: Not everyone enjoys when it rains...


Silence. It was the same silence he believed Bluestreak always tried to hide from. It was the same silence that everyone seemed to fear for some reason, as if it was going to just pull all of the energon out of any of their bodies, just so it can laugh and reap in the pleasures it gets from their screams. At least, it seemed to be that way. The silence however had its interruptions, such as the pitter patter of the rain dropping outside. He never really noticed it before, but apparently it had begun after he had gone to the quiet area of the Ark. He didn't particularily like the rain. In fact, he probably didn't like it because Bumblebee had constantly told him how horrid the rain seemed to be. Compass and Bluestreak seemed to like the rain though, but Bumblebee didn't. In fact, Bumblebee didn't like the water period. Sideswipe decided that he shouldn't like it. Not because he didn't like the sound of it, or how it made his circuitry wet, or especially how the acid rain affected him on Cybertron. He didn't like it because it hid something dear from him. It threatened to take away the very thing he lived for. The sun. His sun.

To many of the other Autobots, Sideswipe had spoken to Compass and Bluestreak in particular; but to some of the others it seemed a little corny that he even took a liking to his brother. Spike had once told him about the conflicts he had with his own brother, Buster, but it didn't sound anything like the relationship Sideswipe and Sunstreaker had. They absolutely adored each other. In fact, the only time they ever seemed to fought was when one missed a shot at the Decepticons, and the other taunted him about it. Or whenever one of them did something so completely moronic and stupid that the other almost lost his life over it, and they sat there mourning over each other, occasionally muttering the other one was stupid, stupid, stupid. Always stupid. You're stupid. And then one of the Autobots would speak up and end the emotions there, and all would go back as it usually had.

But today Sideswipe couldn't sit there with his brother and call him stupid. In fact, he didn't even have another Autobot in the room to change the subject and clear up the situation. Today, all he had was the rain, and the small spark inside him that had split in two. One part of it was screaming, the other trying to calm it down. "It's over! He's gone! It's all over! There's nothing left here for you!" The other cried, "No! He's out there. Give him a chance to come back! Don't leave here not knowing the truth!" It reminded him of the one book Carly brought over. Romeo and Juliet by some milkshake dude. He couldn't remember. But he knew the ending. Carly said it was the only reason the book became a classic. The one died for the other, thinking the other was dead, only to have the other wake up, and find the one dead, so the other killed himself, and the both of them were dead, and finally together. First Aid had once told him that Sunstreaker mentioned something about that, when Sides was out on a mission and all seemed lost. He told him that his sun was going to just get it over with and kill his spark. If Sides followed, there wouldn't be a need for either of them to worry anymore. They'd still be together. All of them had laughed over it, but behind that laugh was meaning. And that was all that had mattered.

A crack of thunder startled Sideswipe from his thoughts, and a flash of lightning whipped itself to the ground from the black clouds. The rain never ceased for a moment, and kept coming down in blankets. The thunder only reminded him of the crackle. The crackle of the transmitter as it had died out on all of them. The Ark was left in darkness, only lit up by the emergency lights that had been strung throughout its skeleton. Sideswipe felt like the Ark that evening to be honest. Left in darkness. No one had heard from Prime, Ratchet, Wheeljack, Sunstreaker or Bluestreak for the past hour. The last message sent to the Ark was from Sunstreaker, and he was cut off by the sounds of a familiar cannon. Sideswipe's entire body felt like it had ceased to function. He had died along with the transmission, and that had been when the rain begun. And it had yet to stop. He had tried one of those rain dances, and one of the sun dances. Anything to stop the rain. But it had ceased. He even had tried to talk to the moon that was still hidden behind the mountains, and even to the Ark itself, trying to find some sort of comfort. But none had worked. And so he sat alone in his and his brother's quarters. And he listened to the rain.

"Rain, rain, go away... Come again another day...All the world is waiting for the sun..." He whispered to himself, placing his back to the wall. He'd heard the song somewhere, he just didn't know where. It was another one of those human tunes Jazz had taken a liking too. Except, he had made it into a much more mellow song than it had originally been. Apparently, the real song required one in melancholy, and Sideswipe had all the melancholy in the world to give to it's melody. He silently pondered to himself the lyrics, and there was another crack of the thunder. It was louder this time, and he grabbed the front of his chest to slow it down. He wished he could stop the rain, but it had made itself as stubborn as he. The world was waiting for the sun. And the sun had not showed up yet. So it was there that the rain fell into a puddle beneath him. Small rivers began to make their way across the floor, but there wasn't any lightning this time. Only the thunder every so often when he gasped for breath, and more rain to fill the puddle. Time and time again, he tried to stop it, but it wasn't stopping. He did however, stop the thunder. That was a start.

Outside, Bumblebee and Spike sat alongside the Ark, waiting patiently with Ironhide. Ironhide looked around, shielding his eyes from the sunlight. "What could be taking them so long? Wheeljack said he'd have the transmitters fixed soon."

"I dunno Ironhide, sometimes Wheeljack can't fix everything." Spike looked up at the Autobot. Bumblebee nodded in agreement with a small chuckle.

"Well. It could be worse," The volkswagen smiled. "It could be raining,"

"Thank goodness for summer, right?"