And here's a fic inspired by Devi's little shorty. I got this weird vision for it. Blame it on my love of Narnia and TF. :D So here's a 'prequel' to her shorty ficlet. And unfortuantely, is a bad site for not letting me link to her fic ;; But all the inspiration goes to her!

Song: Ice Queen - Within Temptation
Characters: Skywarp, Thundercracker
Summary: Mother Nature's children never took to kindly to their invasion of the planet.

Ice Queen

Battle. It was the term one used to describe smaller skirmishes in a great war, and it was the place, moreso the home to some, of the bitter-hearted and the hated. There were no kind souls here, even if you were fighting the good side of the battle, you wouldn't have such mercy for the miserable things that seemed to get in your way. It was always the belief that the Decepticons gave no two damns for the Autobots, and the Autobots gave none for the Decepticons to reward themselves with. Everyone knew this. She knew this, and here she was to end it, standing over the ridge, gazing down with hardened eyes at the battle below her.

She was such a miserable soul. She was a horrifying and ridiculing soul that gave no mercy herself, because to her, all of them were against her. The Autobots, the Decepticons, the humans, whatever you believed was the good side was no good for her. They ruined her mother's land, and they ruined her own beauty. Her cloak billowed behind her, as white as the snow that fell upon it, and her eyes and gown were as blue as the ice-flavored skies that screamed overhead. She was not here to enjoy this battle. She was here to end it.

Of course, below, and in the air, no one even saw her perch. No one could of, since they were immersed in their own battle during the blizzard. Four Autobots were down, three of the Decepticons, and still the battle raged with seven on one side, and six on another. Two in particular rose up into the air, their turbines spinning ferociously, fueling their adrenaline. Together they hit what seemed to be the peak of the sky, and then they dropped, nosediving towards an unsuspecting Jazz. Luckily or unluckily, depending on which side one could of been routing for, Jazz dived out of the way, disappearing beneath a snow dune. An explosion occured near by, and he glanced over his shoulder to see a group of humans in green suits waving their apologies from behind their cannon. Laughter filled the air as Skywarp and Thundercracker streaked across the sky. It was a game to them, for they had taken up the goals of simply diving at an Autobot, and expecting the humans to hit them on their own. That one was close. But not close enough. Skywarp rolled onto his back in the air, transforming and looking over at Thundercracker, who replicated his movements. Behind them, the humans were preparing another futile attempt to hit them, in which they'd choose another victim for them to accidently hit. They slowed, gazing over the landscape, and Thundercracker glanced over at Skywarp.

She stared at the two seekers as they flew towards her perch, unawares of the ridge before them. Perhaps they were aware, but weren't aware of the being standing atop it. Either way, she could not be seen in this weather. She would not let herself be seen. Her gaze hardened, and she gritted her teeth angrily. They were destroying her mother's world, and she did not appreciate any of it. Her mother may be dead, but never should they be allowed to ruin her creations she left for what were once known as peaceful beings. This was not peace. This was everything but peace, and it made her heart colder than it had ever been created to be. This was now her land, and as the daughter of Mother Nature, one of four, she was going to return it to the grave of the blessed.

Raising her hand straight in the air, she flattened her palm, brushing her fingers firmly against Skywarp's wings as he and Thundercracker passed over. Skywarp yelped, and arched his back painfully, screeching as his fuel lines and hydraulics froze up from her touch. A thin sheen of white covered the wing, slithering its way quickly over the rest of his wing span, before sliding down his back and legs. He screamed until the ice reached his throat, in which it stalled. Thundercracker was caught off guard, thinking an Autobot had shot at him, before he turned and realized the screaming was that of Skywarp. His optics brightened and he looked down, his gaze catching the sight of a human hand against Skywarp's wing. He lost altitude and fell below Skywarp, facing her directly, although unsure what he was really looking at. The Ice Queen stared at him, removing her hand and disappearing before a whistling sound connected with Skywarp's cockpit. The missle exploded on impact, sending the seeker spiraling down to the snow. Appearing a few feet from the wreckage, she turned and made her way back to her imaginary castle, content the message had been received. Behind her, a distressed Thundercracker screamed his comrade's name, diving into the white blanket she'd set beneath them.