Author Notes: This story picks up on another story, The ELF Adventures of Ronica and Jessica, me and Jessica wrote a while back when our pen name were Joxer and Purple Penguin (all together for the search engine!) and so, I got someone else to join along the fun with me! WEE! Thanks to Michael for helping me with this. This is a story not to be taken totally serious but.. we don't own seaQuest or its crew.. blah blah...



By Joxer and Michael.

Chapter One.

Ronica Hermosillo cleared her throat and closed her eyes.

"Chapter one: Understanding the remote. The Flight has been a very long one. Flying to London from Los Angeles is very... shall we say... tiring. To recap the final days of my dear adventures... Let's start from the beginning shall we..."


The adventures were far from over for Ronica and Jessica. They were now wanted by the UEO and were on the run. But where do you hide in a world that was supposed to be make believe?

"Ronica, can't this piece of rust go any faster?" Jessica said as she was getting frustrated. They had spent two whole days trying to find the single remote control that had brought them to this place.

"This is a classic Ford Truck. Anything that has rust around here is inside your head." Ronica snapped back as she pulled over to the side of the road. "I think this is where we lost it. Those trees look familiar."

"You said that about the last 20 thousand trees yesterday!" Jessica complained as she crossed her arms.

"Oh zip it and come on. We have to find it!" Ronica jumped out of the truck and ran towards the trees. "Aren't you coming?" Ronica yelled back as Jessica shook her head no.

"Ever heard of the Blair witch?!" Jessica shivered.

"Ever hear 18 to Life?" Ronica crossed her arms.

"Yeah, that's a nice song. Sad." Jessica replied as Ronica rolled her eyes and ran into the wooded area.

"Silly lazy piece of... well… what do we have here?!" Ronica yelled out in pure joy as lying near the tree was the remote she was looking for. She was right. It was here all this time! Ronica started to press all the buttons, trying to remember the combination when Jessica came running towards her.

"They are coming!!!" Jessica caught her breath as Ronica turned to look behind her. Before Ronica could see anyone, the wind started to blow around them. They both looked up as a chopper was above them. Ronica franticly pressed the buttons.

"Hurry up!" Jessica stressed to Ronica to which a pink tongue was her reply. The wind grew stronger as the chopper was lowering and a few dozen men started to surround them. All in UEO uniforms. Jessica and Ronica started to drool over the hot men around them... and then... still more drooling... They both snapped out of it as Ronica hit the power button on the last button to the combination. There was a bright light surrounding the two girls that was so bright, both of them had to shield their eyes.

"Take her! This was all her idea!' Jessica yelled as she started to see what had caused the light. Ronica pushed Jessica down and instead of landing on a grassy floor; she landed hard on her hardwood floor. Jessica looked around as the light was starting to fade.

"RONICA WE ARE HOME!!!!" Jessica jumped for joy as she stood up and looked around. This was her home. Jessica took her place on the couch and hugged the pillows.

"I can't believe it. I mean we didn't dream it. We lived it! And the time. It is the same time we left..." Jessica was happy. "Holy... we were so close to being caught! Oh but it was all worth it. I mean… hey, where are you going?" Jessica noticed Ronica putting her tapes back into her backpack and packing up the remote control.

"Leaving. This cannot fall into the wrong hands. I need to know why this opened the portal to the TV world." Ronica replied as she placed her backpack over her shoulder.

"Who do you know that might know it?"

"Some guy I know in London. He knows about anything electronic and is a devoted seaQuest fan." Ronica headed out the door. "Either that or if you want to keep it you're more then welcome to." Ronica grinned as Jessica shook her head.

"No way, you're the ELF queen here. Take it and enjoy. I have a test tomorrow."

"Thanks, and next time you blame me for something, I will kill you." Ronica smiled and winked at Jessica as she left the house.


'And so the prologue has been made. Taking advantage of my vacation from work and a chunk of cash... and a remote. Chapter one complete.' Ronica turned off the recorder she had been talking into as she started to feel a bit sleepy. She got comfortable in her seat and clutched her carry on bag on her lap. She felt the remote inside and sighed.

After the whole adventures with Jessica, she just had to know how this remote worked. Who else then a fellow seaQuest fan? She thought long and hard to take it to a research facility but they would not respect that the remote only works for seaQuest episodes.

At home Ronica took the remote and tried to enter the drama show Nip Tuck to be closer to a certain surgeon but nothing happened. This time Ronica had remembered the combination but nothing happened. It happened with many episodes and movies. But once the theme song for seaQuest was played, the remote almost seemed to come to life. So she had to take it to someone who knew electronics as in what they use for Nintendo and the fast technology in Formula One and a love for seaQuest that is as great as her own. A rare combination of talents that she knew of only one person... Michael Richardson.

And so it begins…