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The ELF Adventures of Michael and Ronica.

Chapter 6

Ronica sat down in the wardroom with her back facing the person sitting next to her. They were waiting for the captain of the seaQuest. Michael was trying to get Ronica to talk but she wouldn't turn around.

"Ronica, I am sorry." Michael pleaded as she shook her head.

"No. You said you could drive it. You almost killed us back there!" Ronica snapped back as her back was facing her friend.

"It is not like driving a bloody car."

"You pretended the shuttle was a car? I told you not to flip us around like a stunt mad pilot but no, you had to be a big macho man and try stunts! We started to take on water!!!!" Ronica turned her seat around to face Michael. "And what gets me more, you held your precious DS in the air not to get wet while I had my foot caught under the seat! Thanks for the help!"

"Oh you Americans are so dramatic! I remember you got out of it quick enough and let us remind the viewers at home that this is your doing!" Michael crossed his arms. "You know how I get when I'm behind the wheel of something. And we took in a few inches of water before the seaQuest grapnelled us."

"Oh shut up! I am not dramatic! You... how is this my fault?

"Bloody hell, do I have to remind you who was the one who had the special remote?!"

"You say that now but watch, when we leave this place and are back home, I am going to make millions on this and I will buy out Nintendo and make them part of SONY! AND... Let's not forget your precious McLaren team will sell out to Ferrari!!!" Ronica turned her back once again to her friend.

"You... wouldn't." Michael was lost for words. Nintendo can't be ruined by Sony...

"Just to get you mad... yes I would." Ronica threatened as she grinned. That silenced him. She turned back around to get back to business. "So what do you think we should do?" Michael stayed silent. "Not again, Michael please, I was joking. I was mad and... Well… I guess you are right too… Somehow this is all my fault and... I need you on my side. Come on Capy, what are we going to say?"

"The truth." Michael finally responded after a few seconds of thinking.

"Are you insane? The truth comes out and what is going to happen? "Oh Captain Bridger sir, we zapped into this make believe world of yours just to hurt Lucas because we are certified ELF's. In short, all we wish to do is torture and almost kill him but then return him to you and have a mushy moment."

"I see your point. But what else can we say?" Michael suddenly had a brilliant idea. "We could say we are students and that... we know what Clay is up to and try to explain it like that. We had to hijack that shuttle to save the seaQuest..." Before Ronica could answer back the wardroom door opened and in walked Captain Bridger.

"He is taller then I expected... " Ronica whispered to Michael.

"You are 5 foot 3, everyone is taller to you." Michael joked back. "You are everyone's arm rest."

"That's mean!" Ronica elbowed Michael as the Captain cleared his throat. Both Ronica and Michael sat as straight as they could and gave the captain their full attention.

"That always seems to work with Children. Now you both best tell me why you stole one of my shuttles and did the stunts you did. Do you know doing those crazy stunts you did could have killed both of you?" The concerned Captain waited for his answer as he sat down at the desk.

"That was my fault and I really wasn't sure how to pilot one of those. Ronica panicked a bit but we just had to reach the seaQuest because it is in danger."

"I didn't panic that bad like Michael says. But it is true, the seaQuest is in danger." Ronica, defending herself, and suggesting the one who did panic was Michael.

"Danger you say. Now if the shuttle came from Chatton since that is where the medical staff docked, I can assume that both of you were students there… Ronica and Michael… correct?" The two nodded their heads. "So I believe that you must both have heard of the seaQuest yet have no UEO clearance or anything to do with the Navy correct?" The two nodded again. "See, that is a bit odd. As our security padded both of you down we found something interesting. Of course we returned what we thought was harmless. But… the items I have here are questionable." The captain pulled out of his back pocket UEO clearance cards and ID tags from the seaQuest. He also pulled out Dr. Smith's PAL and Ronica's wallet picture inserts. "Care to explain these to me?"

"You see, we had to steal Dr. Smith's PAL to call the shuttle here and the id tags... well... they were on the shuttle. We took it from there. Please try to forget all this; we have important news about Clay Marshall! The shuttle that is coming didn't hit a thermal! But that is what Clay wants you to think. He is after the Blue Moon... sym... oh what's the name?" Ronica was thinking too hard.

"It is called Sythium." Michael corrected her.

"Thanks. Anyways, that is what is inside of him." Ronica started to talk when Michael interrupted.

"Tony had that dream." Michael said.

"Dagwood too." Ronica added.

"The boots he didn't portray in the dream." Michael added.

"And the aunt in the water" Ronica added

"Tony is really a mind reader though." Michael added.

"Not Dagwood." Ronica added

"Yea, Dagwood can't read minds."

"Clay, this is all clay's doing! He will try and hurt..."

"Silence both of you. I have heard enough. You both can go on and on and try to avoid the subject that's presented here. You both cannot explain why you have my crew pictures or the ID cards since those ID cards are from people aboard here at the seaQuest and not part of the shuttle team. Let me tell you what I believe, you two are the ones after our missiles. You know everyone around here because you know their faces with the small bio on the back of the photos. You have the clearance cards to enter anywhere you wanted because of some psychic abilities. If it wasn't for us catching you, you would probably have made it..." The captain reached for his PAL and called for a security team.

"What?! We wouldn't. Please believe us that Clay is bad! We know his plans" Ronica tried to reason with the captain but with no luck.

"You can come up with the truth once both of you are in the brig." The security team, lead by Brody came in and started to handcuff the two visitors. "You almost succeeded in your plan. Almost. Lt Brody, get them out of here."

"Yes sir... " Lt. Brody grabbed Michael and escorted him out of the room. Ronica was taken by another member of the team but wasn't going quietly.

"You have to listen to us. We came to warn you. Please, they didn't hit a thermal. Dagwood was piloting the shuttle, it wasn't his fault. It is all CLAY!" Ronica shouted as she was taken away. They were walked to the Brig where they were padded down again and were removed of the remote and Michael's DS. Michael tried to get it back but Brody locked it up in a locker in the brig. Michael's eyes looked like they could kill as Brody just threw the game into the locker. The game made a loud thump as it landed on the metal floor of the locker.

"Do that again and I swear... " Michael warned Brody as he was shoved into a holding cell in the brig.

"Listen to us. You have to Listen All you think about will be girls and sports scores. You do this and you are a true moron like Lucas said!!!" Ronica shouted as she too was put in the cell with her friend. Brody gave them one last look. Maybe they knew something that no one else knew. Or they could have been mind readers hired by section seven or some other organizations. He shook his head from any thoughts and motioned for the guards to leave. The door was locked as everyone left the brig. Michael paced back and forth, wondering how they were going to get away from this now. Ronica took a seat in the built in chair of the cell. She was lost on what to do now.

"No, I won't let you do this. It is Wendy." Laura protested on Clay hurting Wendy any more. The force that drove Wendy to the wall must have been great to render the doctor unconscious. Now Clay was going to probe inside her mind. It was more than Laura could take. The monster in front of her was going too far. Before anything could be done, any chance of reasoning was thrown out the window as she felt her body jerk to the other side of the shuttle and held there. Clay looked at her like a starved dog protecting its food. His eyes were dark. The Clay that Laura knew was gone. Clay's eyes suddenly went down. A spark of the old clay was there. He was debating whether to do this or not. He took one last look at Wendy. She was once the only thing he cared about. She brought peace to his life but... the need to do more. To be the greatest and not die had taken over his life. He raised his fingers to her temple and began to scan her mind.

Dagwood was in the cockpit wondering why he got Dr. Smith hurt. He was just a dagger. Everyone told him that he couldn't do anything right. The one time someone actually gave him the chance to prove everyone that he could... he got someone hurt. What next? Darwin?... Captain?... Lucas? Hurting more than one person?. Hurting hundreds? He was built for that. He hated who he was at the moment. He looked at his hands and shook his head, convinced that he had done this terrible thing. How hard was to keep the shuttle steady? Did... maybe... did this on purpose? No.. he doesn't hurt people. He just doesn't! He banged his fists into his head. No. He will not hurt. He will never hurt.

"We need to get out of this episode. I mean this will continue. It will all go down as planned but... Clay knows what's going on. His abilities are… like huge. He will know what's up and... well you remember the movie The Last Action Hero don't you?!" Ronica asked Michael as he had finally stopped pacing around and leaned on the wall.

"No actually. I've never seen that movie."

"It is a movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger." Ronica blurted out. His last name was one she would never even try to spell. Thank goodness for spell checkers.

"Haven't seen it. I am not into those big macho action movies. Anyways, they are all the same. Someone gets in trouble with the main character. Main character gets hurt in someway to affect him by the one that is causing trouble. Give the main character a few guns and you got an action movie." Michael crossed his arms. He couldn't watch one of those movies in its entirety. They were mostly all pointless.

"You are like so wrong! Well… kinda. But this movie was making fun of that concept of action movies."

"So a comedy with Arnie in it? No thanks, after Twins... never again."

"Will you just let me make my point?! The kid that gets zapped into the movies, well.. as he comes out of the movies, characters also come into the real world and that is not good. They still have their abilities. Clay in our world... If we stay here, Clay will find out or already knows." Ronica went on. "First we have to stop thinking about what we know about the remote. Second, try to convince the Captain if we can't get the batteries."

"But Ronica, this is the episode where he dies. He will not be coming back."

"How do you know that?! We messed with this episode too much. We are changing it. The ending could be different. He could just want the blue moon and kill Dagwood and destroy the seaQuest and we are here and... OMG!"

"Stop talking TEXT TALK!"

"Are you even listening? We need to get somehow these batteries we need. I know there are some in the supply room. EVERYTHING is there. And if it is not there... we have to try once again warn the captain and stop Clay. He won't be to his full strength remember. Laura doesn't have enough... we have to do something!"

"Captain, I'd like to postpone the clinical study until we know if Wendy is out of the woods." Clay addressed the Captain after the medical room was cleared. Captain Bridger looked at Clay as a glance was exchanged. He could feel that he was being scanned but he had to play it safe.

"Fine. I'll have Lt. Brody take you to the guest rooms." Bridger felt the scan continued as Brody looked on between the two. Captain cleared his throat. "Lieutenant".

"Yes sir. Right this way." Brody started to walk ahead, trying to get the guest to follow him. Brody lead them to the quarters as he opened the hatch door and let the guests get used to their temporary surroundings. He had tried to keep his mind clear. Thinking of Swimsuit cover babes. "uh.. This is your room Mr. Marshall. Miss Fletcher's is across the hall."

Clay turned to see the Lieutenant and scanned him. Interesting in 1990, Vendela Kirsebom was on the cover that year. "Thank you Lieutenant." Brody nodded as he left the room. He stopped for a second outside the room. The two crazy kids that were in the brig. They knew what he was thinking. Women and Hockey. If they were right about that... they could... Brody shook his head. If the captain thought they were a threat, so did Brody.

"Only things in Brody's head are women and hockey scores." Clay stomped his way to a computer console that was in the room.

"He is blocking our efforts to read him. They are suspicious of us being here." Laura sounded worried. If they figured out what they were up to, it could be disaster. Clay was not a force to be messed with. She had tried to make him think other wise but he stopped listening to her for a while now. What is it with women always wanting to love the bad boy image so they could change them?

Clay sighed. "They are just suspicious of physics. That is all."

"It is more than that." Laura insisted as Clay seemed to tune her out.

"Found it. Computer port. All we have to worry about is Wendy" Trying to sooth both minds. In the back of his he wondered if he had thrown Wendy a bit too hard. But now, with the methodicane, she would be sleeping for days. He removed a piece of his finger exposing a small computer hook up that would allow him to enter any system he wanted.

Laura had had enough of this. She marched over to where Clay was and confronted him. "How could you do that to her?" She demanded an answer, she had to know. Couldn't he just scan her without hurting her this way.

"Don't whine to me. This is more important than anyone person." Clay replied. Why was Laura being so difficult? She had always come through before. He felt a small hit on his arm as Laura looked at him, a sign for him to turn around and see her.

"No it's not. And I won't be intimated by you anymore. What you are saying is that you are more important then anyone person well you're not Clay… you're not. You haven't evolved. You have devolved. You hurt a person that loved you to get your fix... your an addict... a junkie and I was your facilitator because I once blindly admired you but you haven't been worth admiring in a long time. I was just blind to it." Laura spoke from the heart. She was not going to be his puppet any more. She had given up on the Clay she once knew.

Clay looked at her. Wondering in his own mind if he was doing what was right. It will only be for a small bit. Then he could erase memories. Tell the crew what to think. But to do that kind of manipulation, he needed the Blue Moon. He couldn't do any of that if he was dead. "Laura if I don't do this I'm going to die. " Clay replied as he watched Laura give up. She was not going to help him in the way he wanted. All she was going to do was stay quiet about it.

Clay knew that she wasn't going to betray him and continued with his search through the seaQuest database. Interesting... two young prisoners were registered in the brig. Ronica and Michael. Could it be the same two from the facility? He closed his eyes and concentrated on them. Yes. They were on board. He smiled. After this little task, he is going to confront the two about a certain remote that mysteriously takes you to a different