InuYasha: A Trip To The Future

Summary: Sequel to Vampire Legacy. Kagome Higurashi goes to a fortune teller to see what her life would be like in the future. Coincidence that the fortune teller is at the winter carnival? What does the fortune teller have in store for the miko-vampire?

Couples: Kagome/InuYasha, Miroku/Sango, Kikyou/OC, mentions of Izayoi/InuTaisho

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InuYasha: A Trip To The Future

Chapter 3

The Future's Prediction

Kagome and Sango sat in the house with the revolving roof. Sango was chanting something that would let Kagome see into her own future, and Sango as well. She sighed, wondering what it would be like. Would Inuyasha be in it? Would-

"Ok, we're ready!" Sango exclaimed. "Now Kagome, I just need you to place your hand on the stone here, and you will see your future!"

Kagome nodded before reluctantly placing her hand on the stone. She felt like Harry Potter when he was being pulled into the Pensieve in his fourth year. She was dizzy and almost collapsed when she landed there.

Where was there?

A little girl with silver hair and chocolate brown eyes jumped out of the well of the Higurashi shrine and ran into the house.

"Oka-san! I discovered something!" the little girl exclaimed as she excitedly ran into the house, surprisingly with a pet cat in her arms. Kagome's eyes widened. Why, that was Kirara! But who was the girl…? Why did she have such a resemblence towards Inuyasha…? She was definitely a hanyou-vampire, she could tell that much.

"Oh Sasuki, really?" the mother of the girl asked, and Kagome's eyes widened. She paled drastically. Why... that was her! That was Kagome Higurashi standing there! Her stomach was slightly bulging, meaning she was pregnant once again. "What did you discover?"

"Another world!" the little girl exclaimed. "There was a monk and a demon exterminator who said they know me!"

The older version of Kagome paled drastically and her eyes widened. "Sasuki, did you happen to catch their names?"

"The couple? Uh… Miroku was the monk, and Sango was the exterminator! Sango was very pretty!"

Kagome giggled at Sasuki and the older Kagome just smiled. "Well then, shall we go pay them a visit, darling?"

Sasuki nodded eagerly, giggling madly, just as an older Inuyasha came into the kitchen. Kagome was amazed by how… stunningly beautiful handsome he was…and all hers. She smiled as Sasuki ran over to him and jumped on his back. "Otou-san!"

"Hey there, Sasi," Inuyasha grinned at his daughter. "What were you two talking about?"

Sasuki giggled and leaned her head on her father's shoulder. "The world beyond the well," she whispered before closing her eyes.

Inuyasha's eyes widened and looked at the older Kagome, who shrugged.

"She went out to play," she said simply and Kagome had to laugh at how stunned Inuyasha looked.

"Well, I guess we'll go now," Inuyasha grinned. " 'Sides, I want to see my Oka-san."

Kagome smiled. "You haven't seen her in seven years, have you? Not since Sasuki was born."

Inuyasha nodded, ears drooped to the ground. "I miss her."

Kagome smiled and placed a hand on his shoulder. "Well, what are we waiting for? Let's go home!"

Kagome was transported to the other side of the Well, where the other Kagome, Sasuki and Inuyasha were with Miroku, Sango and Shippo. Inuyasha asked where his mother was, she was usually there... with the other two.

"Inuyasha your mother..." Sango whispered, a slight nervous as to how he would react. "...met 'someone.'"

The silver-haired hanyou raised an eyebrow. "Human or youkai?"

"Youkai," Miroku answered for Sango, who looked at him gratefully. "His name is Kai and he lives in the Western lands at Sesshomaru's castle."

"What kind of youkai is he?" Inuyasha asked.

"He's a werewolf-youkai," Sango explained. "Very different from wolf-youkai."

Inuyasha nodded. "How long ago...?"

"Um..." Miroku thought for a moment. "Three years ago. But she said she was coming to visi today because she had a surprise to show us."

The older Kagome and Inuyasha looked at each other in confusion. What could that be?

Kagome from the past was staring at the older versions of Miroku and Sango. Sango was definitely pretty as her daughter said. Miroku - if she wasn't dating Inuyasha - was incredibly handsome.

Sango then just noticed Kagome's stomach and the sleeping girl on Inuyasha's back. "Oh Kagome. I'm so happy for you!"

"Thanks, Sango!" Kagome squealed and hugged her friend.

"When did you turn her?" Miroku asked, meaning Sasuki.

"A week after she was born," Kagome said. "Shippo told me that it's dangerous to turn them after their just born - I was the one who did it."

"Oh that's right, Shippou went with you as well!" Sango said. "How is he handling your world?"

Kagome giggled. "He loves it. Says it's a lot safer, which I have to agree, and he loves all the toys, tv shows and everything."

Sango giggled as well, having been in Kagome's era before because of 'Sashina'.

The older Kagome felt something. "Guys, I sense the power of the Shikon no tama is amomg us."

Inuyasha growled and got out his Tetsusaiga, ready for anything. "Who's there?"

Kagome from the past gulped and wondered if they could see her. She stepped out from behind Kaede's hut and saw everyone's eyes widening. She just shook her head and ran towards the Well. This was too overwhelming, she wanted to go back home. She got to the well and saw 'Sashina' standing there.

"Kagome...?" Sango asked uncertainly.

"Oh Sango..." Kagome sobbed and buried herself in her arms.

"What is it? Is something wrong?"

"Oh no I couldn't ask for anything more, but..." she sobbed. "It's all too happy..."

"You mean you want something bad to-"

"NO! But I... we're not exactly so happy in our time, and it makes me sad because it'll take us a long way to get there."

"Oh Kagome..." Sango whispered and hugged her while she cried. Her eyes widened as she heard a rustle in the bushes. She brought Kagome closer as the girl was too distraught to fight back. "W-Who's..." her eyes widened as she saw none other than Kohaku step out from the bushes.

"K-Kohaku..." she whispered.

"S... Sister?" he whispered and she paled.

"Y-You remember me?" Kagome looked up from her place in Sango's arms and her eyes widened. Kohaku! He-He's here! Why?


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