Author's Note: This is just a little something we wrote in a mini writing workshop in my creative writing class. So, this hasn't had any revisions, so it's kinda sloppy, but I just had to post it for my sister, 'cause I knew she'd like it. Also, I had to use the lines to separate the stanzas, 'cause I couldn't get the spacing I wanted by just pressing enter, so sorry for the unusual format.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything pertaining to The Magnificent Seven. If I did…well, I probably wouldn't be excessively rich, but I wouldn't be trying my hardest to get scholarships to pay for school, so I can pay for my apartment and food...Maybe I would just use the money to buy clothes, and still try to get scholarships...Anyway, my point is, if I owned the rights to The Magnificent Seven, I would be richer than I am now, and I wouldn't be writing fanfiction for it, I would be making TV shows.

To My Sister, who loves all things Magnificent Seven, including Michael Biehn and Eric Close and the characters of Ezra and JD and Buck…Well, you get the idea. :-D

The Magnificent Seven

The hills roll and tumble

like fold in the sheet of an unmade bed.

The dark mass slithers

from one fold to the next.

The seven horsemen ride tall

with the dirt and grass flying around them,

their long coat waving in the wind,

their horses breathing hard.

The one dressed in black,

closest to the front of the mismatched men.

His rough face an expression

of shadowed, stern determination.