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Will of the Dark Flame

A thunderous roar echoed as 9 thrashing tails blocked the full moon from view. Glowing blood red eyes glared down at the men trying to stop their owner. A swipe of one of its paws cleared the forest and destroyed the shinobi battalions who were advancing towards the monster. It took a few more steps towards the village, but halted when more shinobi attacked. Annoyed by their vain attempts at stopping it, the giant fox swung its 9 tails, causing the earth to shake and split open under them. A fanged smile adorned the monsters face as it continued towards Konoha.


The cries of a newborn echoed through the halls of the hospital. A medic dressed in white scrubs and a nurse carrying a small bundle approached the anxious father. The nurse handed the baby over, removing the cloth over the infants face. The father smiled brightly, finally getting to see his son. The little boy was small, but healthy. He had a head of bright blonde hair and even though his eyes were closed, his father bet they were bright blue. As he examined his son, the medic returned, a grim look on his face.

"Gomen, but the mother did not survive…"

The father was shocked into silence. His love was gone. They had been told she may not live through the birth but, he couldn't believe this was true. Father and son had no time to grieve as a shinobi with grey hair rushed through the doors, he was bleeding from his shoulder.

"Sensei! The Kyuubi is getting to close, we can't hold him off!"

A frown appeared upon the Yondaime's face. Glancing down, he saw his son was still sleeping. He sighed as he tried to think of what to do. Then, the village shook, like in an earthquake. Still holding his son, the Yondaime rushed to the windows. From there, he could see the giant orange fox, its crimson eyes staring straight into his own. At that moment he made his decision. Still holding the infant, he rushed outside and summoned Gamabunta.

"Gamabunta, the Kyuubi is almost to the village. We have to hurry and stop it!" Shouted the Yondaime.

"Are you sure you want to bring that child?" Asked the boss toad.

The Yondaime paused a moment. "Hai, I'm sure."

Hidden away in a realm of eternal darkness, and ancient being of immense power sat, watching the events in Konoha with amusement. Solid black eyes widened, this being knew what the young leader was planning. Self sacrifice was a trait barely seen in humans. Deciding to spare the future that would be with the Yondaime's death, the being changed into pure darkness and began its trek to Konoha, to stop its rampaging creation.

Blood red eyes stared straight into his soul, causing him to pause a moment. The Kyuubi was sizing him up, to see if he was worth the effort. The Yondaime took this time to begin the seals required for the sealing. Seeing this, the Kyuubi charged, the earth shaking with every step. As he was about to begin the second phase of seals, the Kyuubi paused, mid charge. After a moment its 9 large tails vanished from the sky, freeing the moon. It was then he saw what had stopped the great fox.

Jet black tentacles rose from the depths of the forest, and wrapped around the stunned fox. More tentacles flailed, ready to restrain. After a moment, the Kyuubi began to struggle. He swung his head from side to side, clawed at the offending objects. At his thrashing, the free tentacles immediately wrapped around his legs, and snout. He struggled to move his legs, the force they were displaying was too much for the great demon. Breaking free of the tentacle that was wrapped around its snout, the Kyuubi roared in frustration. Clamping its jaws on the tentacle that had restrained one of its front legs, he began to gnaw on it. As he did this, more tentacles erupted from below, a wall of them blocking the moon light. Like a tidal wave, these new tentacles crashed down onto the body of the fox, wrapping it completely. The Yondaime stared at the one crimson eye that could be seen from under the mass of darkness as the cocoon began to shrink, inevitably crushing the fox.

The Yondaime and Gamabunta stood in silence, the sealing jutsu long abandoned. Neither could explain what had just happened. Knelling down, he picked up his son, who had somehow stayed asleep through all of that. He let out an exhausted laugh. Out of the corner of his eye, the Yondaime saw something pitch black. Turning, he saw what looked like a shadow. Upon closer inspection, he found it was. A mass of solid darkness was manifesting itself from his shadow. After a moment, the mass began to take the shape of a woman. Once the manifestation was done, a woman with terrifying chakra stood before him. Even Gamabunta was trembling.

The woman in question was a little above average height and very slender. She had long, pure black hair and a hair band made of what looked like silver, with a black stone in its center. Forelocks framed her ivory face. Her skin seemed to glow, its pure white color a true contrast to her halo of ebony. Her eyes were solid black and her full lips were grayish. She was adorned in a mixture of a classic kimono and a Victorian gown. Though it appeared to open like a kimono, the sleeves and skirt was Victorian. The gown was black, like her hair. The end of her skirt seemed to mold with the shadow she manifested from, like she wasn't all there. A deep, silky soft voice shook the Yondaime back to reality.

"I do believe you humans have to blink and breath sometime…" She smirked while he blushed, at having been caught staring.

Soon, he finally found his voice.

"Who are you?"

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