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Chapter 1: Thinking of You

Twilight befell Destiny Islands and sent the islands into a swirling vortex of darkness. The stars twinkled with what little light they could and the pale moon shown in a crescent shape as though some giant had taken a bite out of it.

The waves, no longer blue with the night, became a mass of darkness that lapped at the white sanded shore. The gentle roar of the waves was quite comforting to some, particularly to Kairi.

Kairi sat on the beach like she always did and stared out over the ocean like she always did. She always came to the beach because that's the last time she'd heard from him. A note was the last thing she had of him and she keep it dearly. She never left it anywhere and was always carrying it around, reading it now and again just so she could hear his voice.

2 years. She couldn't believe it had been that long. 2 years ago he'd defeated the Demon King Sephiroth and the Demon Riku and saved the world. He'd defeated Bahumut and had given up his very essence just so everyone else could live and be happy. But all he'd managed to do was leave a big hole in Kairi's heart when he left. She still cried sometimes at night, imagining Sora never coming back. Tonight was no different. She sat on the beach, thinking of him and trying to hear his voice. But no matter how sweet her memories were or how deep her love for Sora was, she just had to accept the fact that he wasn't coming back.

Kairi sighed and tears began to run down her beautiful face. Within minutes she was full on crying and calling out Sora's name.

"Why did you do this to me Sora? Why did you just leave me by myself?" Kairi cried out to the darkness.

The darkness had no answer for her and only stayed as it had always been, quiet and shapeless.

Her social life had fallen apart. Many of her previous friends had abandoned her after High School and only Selphie had remained her honest, true friend. Both she and Kairi had received full scholarships to college due to their vocal talents but lately Kairi had found herself unable to sing. The joyful and melodious songs she'd used to sing had faded into depressing love songs that only served to comfort her for a few short minutes.

Kairi returned to the dorm room she and Selphie were sharing with another girl named Rikku. It was midnight and Kairi's body ached for sleep. Without stopping to change into her pajamas she simply fell onto her bed and pulled the covers up to her neck.

When she awoke it was nearly noon and her classes were about to start. Selphie's classes were all early in the morning so she was already gone and Rikku had classes at night meaning that she was sleeping away. Kairi got up, showered and dressed herself.

Just as she was about to leave she heard a crash coming from her room. Kairi quickly dashed back only to discover a man wearing a dark black cloak with the hood up. (A/N: Organization XIII cloak). He looked up at her and turned to face her.

"You are the lover of the Fallen Angel aren't you? The one called Kairi..."

Kairi hesitated but stood her ground. "Who are you and how do you know about Sora?"

The man approached her. He was only a little bit taller than her, about the same height as Sora had been. She couldn't tell his feature due to the cloak, but his voice sounded like he was about her age. Almost as if...

"You can't be...?"

"No I'm not Kairi," The man interrupted. "I am not Sora nor am I related to him."

"Then what are you?" Kairi demanded.

The man paused. "A messenger. One from your love."

"Sora? But he's-"

"Gone? He's not as gone as you might think. True he is no longer in the plane of the living but he hasn't crossed yet into the plane of the dead," The man explained. "Sora is in between, neither at peace nor in pain. But his thoughts dwell on you Kairi. He misses you greatly, much the same as you miss him."

"Can I reach him?" Kairi asked.

The man seemed to think for a moment before shaking his head. "No. Where Sora is no one can reach."

"Then how are you able to talk with him?" Kairi asked.

"You ask too many questions child. Would you not rather here what I'm to tell you?" The man said impatiently.

Kairi swallowed hard and nodded.

"Very well. Sora's message is this: Be wary of Seymour," The man stated clearly.

Kairi paused to think. "Who is Seymour? I've never meet him."

"Nor have I. All I can tell you is that things are not the same as they used to be in the Realm of the Angels," The man stated. "Now I must go back and await more from Sora. Remember his message dearly Kairi."

The Man summoned a portal of darkness.

"Wait! Who are you then? If you aren't Sora, then how do you know him?" Kairi asked.

The man didn't turn to face her, only spoke. "There are many things things that shouldn't be spoken of out loud Kairi. I am only who Sora needs me to be and nothing else. Accept this as fact or believe that I am lying to you. You're smart enough to figure out that by yourself."

He stepped into the portal and it disappeared. But his voice still remained like an invisible specter.

"Aren't you Kairi?"

And then he was gone. Leaving a very confused Kairi behind him.

End of Chapter

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