I know it has been a freakin long time since I last updated this story. I sincerely apologize. I've decided that I'm going to be forced to end this story really soon. I know you all wanted to see a true ending to this thing but no longer have the interest in Fanfiction that sparked the creativity of the My Guardian Angel series. It's become dull, and uninteresting and I find myself trying to force myself to write more and more of this story. I've noticed the quality degenerating slowly ever since I went on that long hiatus. You guys deserve much more from me than a crappy rushed piece of garbage that even I don't like anymore.

So, that's it. I'm sorry but this story has been canceled indefinitely. Some day I may come back to it and finish it with a more deserving ending. Until that time (if that time comes), I will be working on another Fanfiction which I've been in love with for the past few months which really shows the depth of my passion for writing.

Thanks for sticking with me these past few years. I greatly appreciate it.

- RA Pointless