It was a normal day at Lillian's and two of the most loved students were having some lunch at the Yamayurikai.

Everything had more than good, everything calmed and cool. No one had said a single word out of place, small talk was being made and they were both rather content with the situation…

If one had been watching them, the reality would have never surfaced unless one could hear the words…

Two educated ladies behaving in the best of ways while sitting at the table. It was a rather breath taking scene with the sun shining upon only a part of them, giving that air of intangible beauty…

"You really do like this place, don't you Sei?"

"Well I haven't only had food on this table, have I?"

The lady in front of the blonde student blushed furiously before continuing. "I think the others wouldn't be any happy to hear something like that, I would never know how you managed to…" unable to go on, she decided to simply stare at her food for a few seconds.

"Oh you're just a "tighty" pants, I don't think Onee-sama had only food on it either… Just so you know"

"Wh-what? What do you mean?"

"Come on now, don't play fool with me, you know just as well how much they liked to bet not only strawberry milk…"

"But they wouldn't… would they? They respected this place so much… I don't think they'd dare"

"Ha! You apparently didn't know your Onee-sama enough, or mine for that matter"

"I find that offensive Sei, I knew Onee-sama quite well, thank you. And I do still believe it was quite unfair for you to coarse me like you did to do such things on a common area"

"Oh please, you're just a nagging mother! Even Sachiko has had Yumi over here!"

Those words were all it took… Before she knew it Sei's ear was being pulled dragging her into the room at the end of the hall by one dangerous Rosa Chinesis.

She would now meet the true abilities of a Chinesis. She would know what they taught from generation to generation, just like the Giganteas taught naughtiness and tricks; these red and passionate roses had other charms to speak of… Sei would wish she had never called her lover a nagging mother, or a mother at all…