Jin'tao was running for the army of druids that had been defending Cenarion Hold from a army of a thousand Silithid. The creature's were everywhere. Each covered in a thick, black carapace, yet they all came in different shapes and sizes. Some looked like six legged spiders, some looked like giant wasps. Some even looked gigantic scarabs. Others that looked like something not of this world scattered throughout the battlefield. He had heard those particular Silithid being referred to as Tanks. The commanders of the infestation.

He had reached the front line as he ran up to the Orc known as Krogarr. The two nodded at each other and positioned themselves back to back. Krogarr wielded a mighty axe that he held high above his head and the Pandaren had his hand at his side as he grabbed the hilt of the legendary Emerald Destiny. Jin'tao had drawn the blade and closed his eyes as a blade shaped green energy formed out of the large emerald embedded in the other end of the hilt.

Jin'tao swung for one of the wasp-like insects and seared it in half. He turned around to a loud shrill, swinging again for one of the Silithid. He realized too late that it was one of the Tanks that had attempted to pounce on him.

The insect walked on what appeared to be four black crab legs with barbs on the ends. Two more of those same appendages made 'hands,' if it could be called that, that ended in the same barbs. Its body consisted of segments much like any other insect but the Tank angled downward as it leaped forward. The body had two small wings that appeared too small to actually allow for flight and, most notably, its carapace was covered in runes from top to bottom.

Before it could even land on the Pandaren, Krogarr came swinging with his axe splitting the creature in two. The insects two halves peeled from the sides of the axe, leaving a green ooze that dripped off of it. He winked at Jin as he spun around and bellowed a threatening roar, splitting another scarab-like Silithid in two.

Jin'tao threw his hand up over the Emerald Destiny and closed his eyes as he asked the ground if it could lend him their strength. The very sands of Silithis raised before the Pandarens hand and formed a wave that hardened into sandstone. The wave rose to about fifty feet before it began to crash through the Silithid ranks. The rocks crumbled on top of them, which crushed them instantly.

Fandral had taken up position on the front lines as well. He now crept towards the opening that Jin'tao's sandstone wall had created. He channeled the roots from the ground creating a wall that literally divided the Silithid's forces in two. Hamuul had sat atop a mighty Kodo beast as he charged down the line and stars fell from the sky that erupted when it hit the ground that the Silithid occupied.

All around the freakish hybrid Ouro-Rahoda the minions of some evil god devastated the landscape. Several windows were smashed out from fights that had happened within Cenarion Hold and one building was even set ablaze. The former friend of Adarin, and the entire Cenarion Council, was causing utter destruction to the city with his tail.

Adarin flew towards the abomination, and willed the Dreamwalker Armor to release the energy blades he had been informed of. The white light formed out of the gauntlets and became the main source of light on the battlefield as a sand storm blew in, which caused poor visibility. He slashed Ouro-Rahoda's frill, which caused it to tear through the middle. The insectoid maw snapped at the flying Night Elf as it flew higher into the sky.

The snake-like monstrosity coiled itself up, and jumped into the air after Adarin. Within seconds, it clamped its jaw down on Adarin who had rammed his energy blades into the roof of the creatures mouth. As Ouro-Rahoda released its grip in agony, Adarin flew free from the mouth of the gigantic sand worm.

He turned around in mid-flight and faced his palms towards the falling Silithid creature. An attack similar to what Hamuul had just did took place. Only this time, the white energy that fell from the sky was released from within Adarin as it crashed down on top of the abomination that held his friend captive.

"I am sorry Rahoda..." were Adarin last words as he forced all of his energy into the attack. He screamed as the white energy that shot from his hands grew larger and larger and larger until they eventually stopped. The ground shook as each attack made contact with the creatures lifeless body. As he waited for the dust to settle, he hovered high up in the sky, breathing heavily. Before the dust even settled, he could still hear the chuckling of a voice he recognized so well; Rahoda.

"You should be... if you thought that pitiful attack would be the end of me!" as the creature popped out of the ground elsewhere, and leaped directly into the sky. This time, Ouro-Rahoda thought to use the dark magics of the Twilight Hammer to soar in the sky as well. He stopped when the face of Rahoda was inches away from Adarin's, with his long insectoid tail dangling. He spread his arms and screamed in his former friend's face.

"Now... You will all feel the wrath of the Old Gods!" he shouted.

Moments later, Adarin could hear a loud horn being blown in the distance and several fires that illuminated the sandstorm scurried across the landscape. The sun was setting and soon there would be little light other than whatever carried the torches towards the druids that had sided with the Riders of Maraudon.

Within seconds it became apparent. From the direction the horn was blown, an army of a thousand humanoids of varying races; Blood Elf, Night Elf, Undead, Human, Orc, Troll, Tauren, Dwarf, Gnome, and even a Furbolg or two. Each of whom brought with them, what was not actually torches illuminating the sandstorm, but large Fire Elementals that were shackled to their humanoid companions.

Ouro-Rahoda slithered under the sand as the ground began to shake. Adarin flew higher into the sky so that he could attempt to survey the area for any movement under the sands but the storm was too rugged.

Jin'tao and Krogarr still stood back to back, now fighting off much more than just insects; but the combined support of the Twilight Hammer. The Fire Elementals were released from their shackles and one of the beings of flame charged for the duo.

Jin'tao jumped over the entity and took stance when he landed. Krogarr, however, was caught off guard and was tackled from behind by the flames. As the creature burns his flesh, a foul smell falls over the landscape. The Orc screams in sheer pain as his skin begins to bubble. Jin'tao swings his sword towards the Elemental but it swings directly through the fire beast without causing any visible damage. He opened his palm and asked the water deep underground in the caverns if it could aid him. Water began to gather around Krogarr as it doused the Elemental, but the warrior was still badly burnt.

The same scenario played over and over again across the battlefield and Jin'tao had become completely exhausted. After the third one the water stopped answering his calls and that's when the fight became a serious issue.

It was then that the air support arrived. The reinforcements from Bael Modan, that the Might of Kalimdor had gathered, sent there Gnomish Flying Machines to aid the Cenarion Circle for the mean time. They began to open fire on dozens of Silithid and Twilight Cultists across the sand dunes. Three of the flying machines began to lock-in on the serpentine-abomination, Ouro-Rahoda. The creature burst from the sand and spun, which smacked the one to the sands, though it exploded amidst the Silithid ranks.

Another one was crushed in the jaws of the creature, as Adarin flew towards him at remarkable speed. He charged up an enormous ball of green energy, something similar to the Wraith spell, though much more massive and powerful. He slammed it right into the creature's chest, where Rahoda's body was attached. The explosion knocked both Adarin and Ouro-Rahoda back a dozen or so feet as they both dashed towards each other again. The two power houses smacked into each other and when they connected it sounded like thunder.

Ouro-Rahoda began to laugh at the Night Elf as enormous black tentacles burst out of the creatures carapace and entangle Adarin. The arms of Rahoda locked his former friend in place as he began to cackle more maniacally as he burned the druids armor with the green flames that were emitted from the former druids flesh. Suddenly, enormous thorns burst from Rahoda's body as he laughed more and more. It was then that Rahoda could no longer go back. His natural abilities had been used for corrupting nature rather than embracing it. The Night Elf screamed in pain as the humongous thorns pierced through Adarin, as well as his Dreamwalker armor.

It was a scream that was heard all across the battlefield.

Though individual battles took place all across the landscape, they all stopped to witness the event that was about to unfold; Ouro-Rahoda retracted the spikes that were grown from his body and Adarin fell to the sand. The Twilight Cultists began to cheer as their armies advanced on Cenarion Hold. A few of the Fire Elementals set a good portion of the buildings in the city aflame. Jin'tao had exhausted his magic over the last few days and didn't have much in terms of 

physical strength either. He could still attack the Silithid and the Cultists, however, using the Emerald Destiny.

As soon as everyone had given up hope on Adarin, he began to slowly rise to feet, despite the fact that he was bleeding all over the place. A few of the druids noticed and attempted to heal him though it did little to heal all of the wounds. Slightly rejuvinated, the Night Elf used his last bit of strength to thrust himself into one of the holes dug by the hybrid Ouro-Rahoda. The beast was currently distracted as he burrowed underground to attack the remaining druids since he thought that his only threat was dead in the sands. Adarin flew through the hole that the enormous worm had burrowed through and grabbed its tail as it exited the sand to attack again.

As he tried to fly into the air, Ouro-Rahoda was pulled back toward the ground and was smashed directly into the tower that was Fandral Staghelms lookout, which was the last building still standing after the fire. The sandstorm no longer caused a problem with visibility because of the enormous blaze that the Fire Elementals had started.

Adarin bolted out of the burrowed hole and hovered above Ouro-Rahoda's motionless body. He dashed towards the remains of Cenarion Hold as he crashed through the frill thatRahoda's body was located on with his energy blade. Ouro let out a loud shrill, as did Rahoda but the voices were both separate now, unlike before. The lifeless body of Rahoda burst into a green flame and eventually burned to ashes that faded into the wind. The large insect carcass of Ouro, however, remained with a large hole in its chest, where Rahoda was once connected.

"I am sorry, friend, but I am sure we will meet again in a future life," was all that Adarin managed to say before he continued to fight with his fellow druids and their few reinforcements.


It was hours later and the fighting had finally ceased. Roughly half of the druids that entered battle that day had died and a few Riders of Maraudon, in addition to a few Gnome pilots, had lost there lives that day as well. Most of the remaining warriors had gathered around the remains of what was once Cenarion Hold and which was now nothing but rubble. They had used the wood to make an enormous bonfire celebrating there slight victory, but more importantly remembering those they had lost.

The remaining Council members, Fandral, Hamuul, Sylia, Tethis, Elastuul, Skorn, and Adarin, as well as Jin'tao and Krogarr had all gathered around the fire as war heroes, though they were celebrating no joyous event. They had lost nearly half of there troops and now they could only pray that the reinforcements from Orgrimmar and Theramore would arrive soon.

"We have gathered here on this night to commemorate the lives of our finest. Everyone who has lost someone close out on the field this night, please step forward and say something on there behalf!" Fandral shouted. "Because I, too, know what it is like to lose a loved one to this evil." The first of many, a Troll Rider, stepped forward and began to speak.

"Ya mon'. I comemorate da' life of a fine leader; For Krogarr!!" he raised his two-fingered hand and the crowd began to cheer. Krogarr had barely survived the fight with all of his burns being very serious. Adarin had healed both himself and the Orc to full recovery, though they both would carry scars that no healing spell could repair. The whole right half of Krogarr's face was completely disfigured, and the the Night Elf bored pale spots where the thorns had pierced through his body and armor. "And fo' da power da Loa have instilled in dis one!" he added as he pointed towards Adarin, who had removed his helmet.

"I commemorate the life of a close friend of mine. Rahoda Cloudbreaker. Though we did not know each other long we had a strange connection that I have never quite understood. I am sorry for what I had to do, but it is what he would have wanted," Adarin confessed.

"Rahoda was a kind soul. Unlike Adarin, I did know him very well. I had fought with him numerous times over the past few years and traveled with him for at least one of them. We have been through thick and thin together and yet I feel as if your journey is not over yet," Jin'tao added.

" For Rahoda!" the whole room shouted, as another person approached the bonfire.

"I, Tethis, give my best to all those who have died. Not one in particular is as important as the whole. You will all be missed."

The remembrances continued for hours on end, though the war was far from over and the Cenarion Circle knew that. They hadn't seen half of the enemy forces that still lie behind the Scarab Wall and the devastation caused by Ouro and Rahoda was barely the beginning of the horror that they would see. For the time being, however, every surviving member of the fight needed some rest.


Later that night, Adarin was sound asleep. The world begin to peel away and was replaced with a green version of itself. The tent that Adarin slept in that night was no longer there. The only sight he could see was a large golden globe high in the air which he recognized as the Eye of Ysera. He looked at his armor and noticed that the holes that were pierced through it had closed shut as he continued to fly for the golden orb despite this realization.

"Ysera... Have you summoned me again?" he questioned.

"Yes, young one, I have... Everything goes as planned on the physical Azeroth, but the Emerald Dream is more chaotic that you could ever imagine. This is no longer the place of your wildest dreams, but more your most unbearable nightmare," the magnificent Dragon explained. "There is someone else that wishes to aid you in your quest, in any way possible."

"And who would that be?" asked Adarin, inquisitively.

A mighty Night Elf approached the dream manifestation of Adarin and placed his corporeal hand on his shoulder. He looked similar enough to a Night Elf to call him one, yet large moose horns emerged from his forehead. He wore an outfit as well as a kilt crafted out of leather with yellow studs decorating the armor.

"I, Malfurion Stormrage, wish to aid you on your quest fellow druid. I believe we have much to learn from each other, and yet much to offer each other as well," Malfurion explained. "There were originally three separate sect's of druidism. The Claw, The Talon, and the Antler. Each sect circled around the their respective totems; Ursoc and Ursol, Aviana, and great Malorne. I was entrusted with the power of the twin bears. The first of Aviana's disciples was a descendant of Enron's. The first disciple of Malorne was the son of Fandral Staghelm, Valstann. He had perished one thousand years prior before being able to pass on his knowledge to anyone other than his twin brother Melithar. He has recently fallen victim to the Nightmare becoming an Unwaking. Now more than ever, we need the assistance of the Druids of the Antler," Malfurion Stormrage explained. "We must find Melithar somewhere within the Emerald Dream and free him from his captors. Only then will we be able to unify all three circles of druidism under one totem; the Druids of the Wilds. This is your destiny Adarin Dreamwalker. Embrace it as I did mine, ages ago."

"Well how can we find Melithar within the Nightmare without become corrupt ourselves?" Adarin asked.

"It will be no problem for us with our armor. Both your armor and mine are crafted of similar design. Mine holds the power of the Ursol and Ursoc. Enron now holds the armor that contains the elegance of Aviana and Melithar's possesses the strength of Malorne. Yours contains the power of all of our abilities combined, among other things,"the Arch Druid started, before being cut off by Ysera.

"This is because the Dreamwalker was imbued with every strength inherent in nature, whereas the armor of each Circle of Druidism is only given the power of there individual totem," the beautiful dragon spoke.

"Adarin, as the last remaining heir to the knowledge of the Druids of the Antler we must find Melithar if we ever hope to imbue you with the power of Malorne and if we are ever to stand a chance against the evil behind the Scarab Wall," finished Malfurion, as he motioned for him to follow him.

Adarin had entered the Emerald Dream before, but not since it had been forbidden due to the infection caused by the Nightmare. Though it had only been a year, it seemed nothing like it once was and, more importantly, Adarin had rarely ventured far into the Dream at all. He really appreciated Malfurion Stormrage's companionship more than he would ever know.