"why me?" is one question I'm constantly asking myself. Well a least since I was ten years old. My name is Hurano Sakura. I am 15 years old, I go to Kohona high. It's not one of those fancy private schools. It well run and almost a hell on earth.

"Hey Sakura!" screamed my best friend Ino. Ino is a blonde, boy crazy, fashion loving, pig. (yes she my bff but we came up with the nick names at age 7)

"What Ino-pig?" that earned me a glare.

"Well forehead I just fond out that the Uchiha (sp?) Brothers are coming to are lame school this year! Isn't that wonderful! Maybe I'll get to be in some of Sasukes classes!".

When I said my school was almost a hell on earth, I now know that it is the 1st level of the firey pits of hell! I have known the Uchiha boys since I was 5. I went to kindergarten with the youngest, Sasuke, and the older one, Itachi, was my math tutor for a couple years.

Our parents are the wealthiest in town. Sasuke and Itachi father owns the biggest computer programming company in Japan and their mom is one of the most famous handbag designers the world. My parents are in the same industry as each other. The medical field. My dad is the head of the Diagnostics department at his hospital and my mom is the top scientist for the f.d.a. they all met at a fund raiser when are moms where pregnant with me and Sasuke.

Ever since then are parents have been insbrable. Trying to get us to act buddy buddy. It never worked out because 1.) Sasuke is a cold hearted jerk 2.) Itachi is 5 years older that us and 3.) I am as stubborn as a mule. And that irate sasuke because he can't control me so he just picks on me. He calls me pinky, my hair is naturally pink I swear it, or bog eyes, my eyes are an interesting shade of green.

Speak of the devil her comes sasuke.

"What up tightass?" I think he'll enjoy that nickname.

"Nothin much bog eyes." He replied calmly.

At the sight of Sasuke, Ino jumped behind me and whispered "oh my god, he's hotter in person!" that made me burst into laughter.

"Tightass is hot to you, come on Ino, I know your shallow but please!".

By now I was rolling on the ground. Then all of a sudden, Sasuke leaned down and told me that this year him and his brother where going to my school and he planned to ruin my life. I stoped as soon as e said that. He got up and smireked

"later pimky."

"crap I should have got his number!" is all Ino could say.

I propley should have kept my mothes shut. Note to self: work on mouthe control.

When I said shool was now the first ring of hell, let me rephrase that. School is the 2en ring of hell and im on a one way trip heading to the next level

a/n: this is my first fic, I've been reading for a few months and thought to give it a try. The pairing are ino/shika, tenten/neji, hinta/naruto, sasuke/saukra, and itachi/suzuko(sakuras older sister) my story will be mainly and the sasuke/sasukra pairing, because if I get into the others I might forget them.