(A/N: So is it coming along ok? I really hope so. I'm having fun writing it and I hope you're enjoying reading it. I hope I give a good ending, or at least one you'll really enjoy.)

"Sakura! Hurry up! This thing is heavy!"

"All right! This stupid rope is hard to tie though."

"Stop yelling you two! Before I give you a good reason to yell!" A long silence followed before someone shouted, "You don't have to be so mean."

"Ok, so, we have three ice chests of water and juice and soda. Two ice chest of meat, one of fruits. Then four tents, each have a sleeping bag and extra blankets. Four kayaks, and Sasukes ATM card. We are set!" Sasuke shook his head at his girlfriend's craziness and pulled out his keys. He then walked over to Naruto, Neji and Shikamaru.

"Have your directions to the spot?" He asked pulling his out making sure everyone had them so they woudn't get lost (CoughNarutoCough)


"Believe it!"

"Troublesome piece of rumbled paper." But he pulled it from his pocket to show he had it.

"I don't get why we can't just follow the G.P.S. All our cars have it." Naruto said turning towards his 2007 white escape. Neji inspected his 2008 black jeep ranger and asked the same thing.

"Because the satellite connection cuts out to often for us to rely on it." Sasuke nodded in agreement with Shikamaru and turned towards his black 2008 escalade. Shikamaru turned away and waved.

"See you on the road." And he hopped up into Narutos car.

"Guess I'll be driving with Him and Hinata." Neji glared at Naruto.

"Lay one hand on her and I swear," Naruto just shook his head and walked away, "See you guys at the first stop." And he jogged to his car.

"Ditto." And Neji sat down in his driver's seat next to Tenten. Already yelling at her to change the music and he yelling back how much she liked the music. Sasuke chuckled lightly and turned to his car. He couldn't see passed the tinted windows but knew the Sakura was watching him from the passenger seat. And, as if to confirm it, his bass started pounding out in the car. He just sighed and walked to the car stepping on the rail and climbing into the driver's seat.

Sasuke turned the bass way down and turned to Sakura.

"Are you sure this is a good idea? This is the first year we're going without my brother to guide us. Not that we need him or anything, but the others may feel more confident if we brought him along." Sasuke nearly mumbled the sentence; he didn't want to admit that his brother may know the trail a little better then himself.

"I think we'll be fine Sasuke-Kun! Don't worry about it. I bet you will guide us even better! Who knows, maybe, because of you, we won't end up in a five-star hotel this year." Sakura just smiled at him and he kissed her. They we're really getting into the kiss when Sasukes phone rang out startling Sakura.

"Get it!" She shouted at him. Sasuke rolled his eyes and read the text message.

"Well, what does it say?"

"Its say, "While we're still young please." From Tenten". Sasuke waved at Nejis car and Tenten made a face. So he turned the ignition and pulled out of his driveway. Following behind him was Neji and Tenten, then Naruto, Hinata and Shikamaru.

They planned to stay in a campground about twelve hours from home. Sakura and Sasuke had been there many times with Itachi and his past girlfriends. It was the best spot in Japan, and they be damned if the didn't stay there. It was their mission to make their own high school memories there.

Sasuke's Car

Sasuke was silent as Sakura chatted about what fun they would have and everything else that popped into her head. Every little "Hn" and "Yeah" got her to keep going. Excited that he had put something into the conversation. Sakura just sipped at her energy drink and sang along to the music for the next hour and a half, waiting to arrive at the first stop.

Neji's Car

"I mean it Neji. I really am glad I got to go on this trip with you. Just me and you driving together. Talking. It's really fun!" Tenten said excitedly.

"I know. I can't wait till we share a tent." Tenten suddenly stopped giggling and stared at his smirking face as he watched the road.


"All in good time beautiful."

Naruto's Car

"Just shut up Naruto! I'm begging you now!" Shikamaru pleaded; trying desperately to get the blonde to at least quite down so he could nap.

"Ok, ok, Shika. Sheesh. I'll try to quite down for your damn cat nap." Hinata laid her hand over Narutos and smiled.

"How much longer till the first stop?" She asked quietly for Shikamarus sake.

"Probably about twenty minutes. Don't worry, we'll be there soon." Hinata smiled at him and nodded. She sat back in her seat and looked in front of her at Nejis car. Tenten turned and saw her. When Tenten waved Hinata waved back and giggled at the funny faces Tenten was making at her.

Everyone! Yay!

All three cars pulled into the parking lot of a rest stop/restaurant. The parked near each other. Sasuke and Sakura exited their cars first, stretching and waiting for the others. Tenten and Neji seemed to just finish and argument and then Tenten pushed her door open with more force the needed and jumped out of the car.

"I am not riding with him the rest of the way!" She shouted at Sakura who just smiled in return.

"Ugh, I swear woman if it wasn't for the fact that you're a female I would have killed you by now!" Neji slammed his car door and walked to stand next to Sasuke who smirked and did a complicated hand thing. Sakura stood next to Tenten on the other side of the car and just smiled.

"What's taking Narutos group so long?" Tenten asked glancing in the direction of said orange jacket boy's car.

"I don't know. Maybe the tied Shika up and threw him in the make and are now finishing up making sweet, sweet love." Tenten, Sasuke, and Neji all stared at Sakura in silence. Neji broke it by rolling up his sleeves and sprinting to Narutos door. Just as he was reaching for the handle, Naruto crashed it open, nailing Neji in the face.

"Oh my god!" Tentens hand flew to her face in shock, before she ran to his side.

"Narutos in some much trouble now." Sakura sighed and opened Hinatas door. She was just reaching fro it and slipped, failing out of her seat. Sakura caught her and smiled. "Hinata, trust me, "Hinata looked at her curiously, "Narutos more your type if you get what I mean." Hinata turned red and laughed quietly.

"Whatever you say Sakura-Chan."

"Come on you guys, let go eat please." Sasuke asked annoyed and tired.

"Alright grouchy pants." Sasuke glared at Sakura and she and Tenten and Hinata skipped to the restaurant hand in hand.

"I swear I don't know why I like her so much." Neji said to Sasuke and Naruto who watched the girls as well.

"Sakura is…insane." Sasuke shock his head and followed after them with Shika, Naruto, and Neji at his heels. They entered the restaurant and were greeted by the host. Sakura waved to Neji from their table.

"We're with them." The host looked behind himself and followed his finger to the girls.

"Right away. Follow me please." The host led them to the table and pulled out their chairs for them. "You're waiter will be over shortly." Sasuke nodded and picked up a menu. The group chatted pointlessly about school gossip and sports scours.

"Haha. Can you guys believe the year is ending? This is our last weekend before our last week of school! Before our first high school summer!" The group smiled at Naruto and he raised his glass. "A toast. To surviving our freshman year!" The group raised their glasses and drank to that.

"And what a weird it has been." Hinata added. Sakura and Tenten laugh, Sasuke and Neji smirked, and Naruto smiled along with Shikamaru.

"Hello," A young waiter with black hair and turquoise eyes came up to their table, " My name is Tres! What will it be?"

"Um…I'll have the tri tip with mashed potatoes and green beans. And a coke is fine." Hinata ordered first. Naruto smiled and ordered the same.

"What the hell? Naruto are you feeling alright?" Sasuke asked alarmed.

"Haha yes. I don't eat just ramen for god's sake!"

"Ok, I'll have the ministrone soup and bread sticks. And a…Shirley Temple." Sakura closed her menu and stacked it on top of Hinatas.

"Alright." Tres scribbled down the first three orders and waited for Sasukes, "And you sir?"

"I would like the lasagna, light mushrooms and extra tomato please. Bring me a Dr.Pepper please." Sasuke closed his menu and placed it on Sakuras.

"I want the single pizza and a coke please." Tenten placed her menu on Sakuras and Sakura placed her stake on Sasukes.

"I would like the toralonie and a sprit." Neji placed his menu on the new stake and grinned at Tenten.

"I just want the rib plate with a potato and garlic bread." Shika sighed placing his un opened menu on the pile for the waiter.

"Garlic bread?" Tres asked looking up from his pad of paper.

"My girlfriend isn't here, so I want some garlic." Tres nodded and picked up the menus.

"Alright, I'll be right back with your drinks." Tres picked up their warm waters and menus and took off.

"So how much further is our destination?" Tenten asked unfolding her napkin.

"About seven and a half hours." Sasuke said. He unfolded a map on the table and pointed out where they where and where they were headed.

"Whoa that's far. Why are we going there?" Tenten asked, she pushed her plate aside for her drink to be placed in front of her like everyone else.

"Anything else before I return with your food?" Tres asked looking at everyone, his eyes lingering on Sakura a minute too long for Sasukes taste.

"In a weird way its tradition. Our group is pretty much the most popular. And since 1954, when the school opened. The most popular group goes camping in this spot. At the end of every year." Sasuke took a sip of his soda and grew quite again. Under the table holding hands with Sakura who chatted with her friends and took sips of her drink.

"So what activities do you have planned for us Sakura?" Naruto asked taking a drink of Hinatas coke.

"Some swimming, hiking, boating, jet skiing and a lot of camp fire tails!" The group smiled and laughed at Sakuras enthusiasms.

"Well, I can't wait." Naruto held his glass up to her and she held hers to him, they smiled and drank.

After eating and laughing about for another hour the group got up and stretched. At first Sasuke and Neji fought over who would pay the bill, in the end Neji and Sasuke both gave up and let Shikamaru pay. Sakura and Tenten each pulled their man outside and waited in Hinata to come from the bathroom.

"Ugh, back on the road again." Tenten grimaced. Sakura nudged her and told her it would be fun.

"No, I think that Neji and Sasuke right in one car, Me you and Hinata take Sasukes car and Naruto and Shika in Narutos car. A little difference!" Sasuke agreed and asked that it be Tenten driving his car. "Because Sakura scares me behind the wheel." Sakura huffed and walked away to his car. He plopped in the passenger seat and slammed the door shut. Sasuke passed his keys to Tenten and asked her to please be careful.

"I'm always careful." And she jogged to his car. Neji shock his head and patted Sasukes shoulder.

"Bad choice Sasuke."


"Don't you wonder why Tenten doesn't have a car?"

"No, I never thought about it."

"It was impounded for illegal street racing and reckless driving." Sasuke turned pale. And Neji just sighed. "Let's go." Neji had to drag Sasuke to his car. Pushing him into the Passenger seat. He ran around the side and climbed into his side. " Just waiting on Naruto now."

Hinata ran out of the bathroom and headed straight for Sasukes car. She smiled and climbed in the back seat. Seat warmers already on. "I love his car!" Hinata shouted. Sakura laughed and punched up the volume on the c.d. player. The bass blasted out New Found Glory, so loud the fillings in their mouths were vibrating.

Sasuke and Neji sat in silence. Just watching the girl's rock out in Sasukes car. He moaned and Neji just laughed. A full laugh. He hit the play button on his stereo and B Witched started playing. Sasuke turned the volume down and just stared, mouth a gape, at Neji.


"What?" Sasuke continued to stare. Neji suddenly got it. "It's not mine I swear! It's Tentens. She was listening to it!" Sasuke just shock his head and through the c.d. in the back seat. Neji pulled a c.d. from his visor, he punched the volume up to brain rattling status and they chilled out listening to Bullet for My Valentine.

"Naruto would you hurry up! Everyone's waiting on us." Shikamaru yelled at Naruto from his position in the back seat. Naruto fumbled with his keys and inserted them into the ignition. He pushed the medal to the floor and rocketed out of the lot. Tenten quickly followed and sped after him, not surprised in the lest, Neji followed at the legal speed and Sasuke just watched the road. 'Great', he thought to himself, 'A great start. What misadventures await us in the woods?...We are so fucked.'