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Chapter 1

This forest just outside of Konoha brought back painful memories for Uzumaki Naruto. It forced him to remember his first ever failed mission. Which was the one he haden't wanted to fail the most. Where he just couldn't get Sasuke to come back home. Now Oruchimaru had the young boy in his grasp. Who knows what he was plotting at this very moment…

Naruto punched a tree. If only he had been stronger! He could have brought Sasuke back. But that damned demon seal was too powerful, even for the first tail of Kyuubi. If only he had had more power…

Moving along, he thought he heard a crunching noise. He turned around. Could someone be following him?

"Kakashi-sensei?" he yelled back. Silence. "Perverted Hermit?" Nothing. Deciding that he must have been hearing things, he continued on, and his thoughts came back to him. It had been only four days since the incident. Everyone had tried to cheer him up about losing Sasuke, but he couldn't give up. He was going to get Sasuke to come back. Even if he didn't want to come back.

The crunching noise came back. This time it was followed by a loud crash and a curse. It was in a female voice. "Ahhh shit!"

Naruto quietly crept to the source of the sound. Something in his head told him that there may be danger up ahead, or maybe he was still getting over fighting the Sound ninjas. There was the sound of water splashing and murmuring. Naruto was sure he wasn't imagining things.

Coming to a small clearing, he saw a familiar sound ninja lying on her back. Her clothes were soaking wet with a little bit of blood on them. She looked out of breath and out of tune with reality. She breathed quickly and harshly. She muttered again and screamed, "DAMNED SAND NINJA!" She was silent then.

"Ta…yu…ya?" Naruto said uncertainly. The girl on the ground didn't budge. Naruto walked up to her cautiously, in case it was a trick. As he began to see her face, he noticed she seemed to be either asleep or unconscious. Naruto looked around. Nothing seemed unusual or suggested an illusion jutsu.

"Hmph. Serves the little bitch right for trying to stop us from catching up to Sasuke." Naruto said aloud. He couldn't bring himself to leave. The girl was helpless on the ground, with nobody to help her out. Leaving her there just didn't seem right. Even if she had been the enemy at one point and maybe she would try to fight them again later on, it didn't seem like the right thing to do to leave a wounded ninja alone in the forest for animals to find.

"Damned sense of rightousness…" Naruto muttered as he put his left hand over her body. He knew a little bit of medical skills. At least enough to find out what was wrong inside of her. It looked like she had sprained her left ankle and bruised nearly all of her ribs. A visual assessment of the girl reveled several open wounds. There was also a bit of head trauma going on.

"No wonder she had trouble breathing," Naruto muttered. Her body was in poor condition. She was dirty and scratched. But then again, that was to be expected at the least from fighting Temari. Naruto figured he could convince his Sensei to at least heal her flesh wounds and let her rest for a while. Kakashi could see the right in that. And besides, in the state she was in, there was no way she could succeed in attacking them.

He noticed her face tensing up and her eyes slowly fluttered open. Her peaceful sleeping look went away and was replaced by a pissed off look.

"You shithead! What the hell do you think you're doing huh? Get your pervy hands away from me!" Tayuya's body may have been in bad shape, but her mouth was working just fine.

"Whoa hey!" Naruto said. "I was just trying to help!"

"What could a worthless leaf shit-nobi do to help me! I doubt you're even here to help me! You came back to make sure I was dead didn't you! Well, I'm pretty much damned near, so go ahead and kill me!" Tayuya waited for Naruto to whip out the technique of his choice to finish her off, but when he didn't, she gave him a "Well? What the fuck are you waiting for?!" look.

Naruto frowned. "Look, I was just doing some damage assessment. Excuse me for trying to help you out!"

Tayuya smiled a bit. "Well in case you haven't noticed, I'm doing great. Never better!" She stood up. The pain on her face was obvious as she tried to stand on her left leg. Naruto grinned from ear to ear.

"What are you grinning at dickwad?" Tayuya frowned and put up her fists. "Come on! I got enough to finish off a worthless ninja like you any….." She didn't finish her sentence. She fell to the ground clutching her head. "DAMN DAMN DAMN!" she yelled.

Naruto put his hand over her forehead. She was too weak to slap it away. "Look Tayuya, you've got head trauma. Why don't you chill out and let me take you back to Konoha. We can get you to the meds there and-"

"Fuck that!" she growled. "I've already been exposed to one piece of shit. The last thing I need is the stinking pity of a thousand others!"

"I'm sure you'd receive anything but pity," Naruto growled back. Tayuya was silent, studying the boy's face. Then she looked away.

"Don't take me to see any of the other people in your village." Tayuya said. "It's the last thing I want. If you can't treat me yourself, then let me die here." Naruto cringed. It was like she was saying her life was probably in his hands. And that sucked.

He slowly lifted her onto his back. She was surprisingly light. He began to walk slowly back toward the village. He would have to find some way into the village without letting anyone see Tayuya. He wasn't going to ignore her request. It was against his way to ignore a harmless request.

As he walked, he heard the demon-girl's ungrateful mutters about being saved by a shit. He thought to himself, "I really should rethink my way of the ninja."

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