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Final Chapter

Naruto awoke the next morning bright and early. He vaguely recalled what he was doing here. He looked to his side and saw Tayuya cuddled up to his chest, sound asleep. He slowly slid away so as not to disturb her and went to get himself some breakfast.

On the way downstairs, he heard the TV turned way too far up. He could hear the sounds of some obnoxious show from the kitchen. Not that his house was that big anyways, but he still knew the television was way too loud.

Ignoring his grumbling stomach for a few seconds, he went to take care of the noisy box. As he approached his couch, he saw Blaze quietly snoozing on his sofa. He nearly screamed, "OH MY FUCKING GAWD!" until he remembered that the reformed demon ninja was supposed to be here. He wondered how late the man had come home and if he had heard anything. He turned the TV off and the sleeping ninja's eyes shot open.

"Freeze there," Blaze said. Naruto stopped moving. Blaze, in one quick movement was behind Naruto. His rank morning breath poured down Naruto's shirt. A kunai had been pressed against the boy's throat.

"Gaaak..!" was all Naruto could manage. His mind was still registering what was going on. He was about to have a fatal encounter with a demon.

"Hands in the air boy," Blaze said firmly. Naruto didn't know what the ninja wanted but he did as he was told. His thoughts raced to Tayuya, unsuspecting of the revenge of the demon. He had to warn her. All color drained from his face as Blaze repeated his statement.

"Throw your hands in the air…and wave 'em like you just don't care!" Blaze finished in a singsong voice. Naruto's eyes dropped open. The man fell to the ground rolling. Color shot back to Naruto's face as it flushed in anger and embarressment.

"YOU THINK IT WAS FUNNY!" Naruto yelled at the ninja. Blaze barely managed to speak in his fit of laughter.

"Oh man, that was too easy! Naruto-san, you are a real cut-up. The color from your face was gone. I thought I was trying to prank a ghost!" Blaze continued his hysterical laughter. Naruto rolled up his sleeves.

"YOU WONT THINK IT'S SO FUNNY WHEN I GET THROUGH WITH YOU!" the blond ninja cried as he wildly swung his arm at Blaze. The man disappeared in a poof of smoke and a log replaced him. Naruto looked around, but couldn't see Blaze.

"I was training under your teacher Kakashi last night," came Blaze's voice from behind Naruto. The young fighter looked behind him and saw Blaze crouched low with his fingers in a familiar shape. Naruto's eyes shot open.

"ONE THOUSAND YEARS OF DEATH!" Blaze declared as he finished the move. Naruto flew into the ceiling and hit his head on the fan. He fell to the floor in a heap. Behind him, Blaze was teared up from laughing.

"You know what happened to the last guy that did that to me?" Naruto asked.

"He tied you to a log and didn't give you lunch." Blaze said. Naruto's face went red again. How much had Kakashi spilled about his training?

The boys looked up and saw Tayuya entering the room. She rubbed the sleep from her eyes and didn't pay them much attention. She silently made her way to Naruto's cabinet and brought out a box of cereal. She opened the milk, sniffed it, and decided against it. She began eat her cereal, bone-dry.

Blaze recomposed himself. "Rude, but you did pick out a looker didn't you?" the man whispered to Naruto. He noticed she wore a bathrobe around herself. He smiled.

"Tayuya, your face is flushed. You look positively ill!" Blaze said as he put his hand on her forehead. Tayuya almost bit it in protest of being touched, but Blaze was quick to take his hand away. He then picked the girl up. Naruto almost felt sorry for the man. Tayuya was gonna get real antsy especially in the mornings. He saw her struggle and curse at Blaze until the man put her down.

"What the hell did you think you were doing?" Tayuya demanded. Blaze shrugged.

"You seem to have gain a bit of weight. And I sense another presence within you. Weird huh?" Tayuya's face went pale white as she looked at Naruto. The boy didn't look any better. They both screamed at the same time.

"This can't happen!" Tayuya said. She sank to her knees. "I'm….I'm…" she didn't dare say it. Naruto was in shock. He had fucked up big time, and in about nine months he was going to pay. Blaze patted Naruto on the back.

"You the man, boy!" he said with a smile. Naruto could only gawk at the man that had told him that he had gotten his girlfriend pregnant. Blaze looked into the boy's eyes.

"Hokage-sama wants to see you at noon. Both of you. She said it's very urgent." His face was pale. Suddenly he cracked a smile. "I gotta go train. Later!" With that, the man disappeared in a plume of smoke. Naruto and Tayuya looked at each other and gulped.


Naruto and Tayuya walked quickly towards Tsunade's dwelling. Naruto had given the girl a loose fitting shirt to cover any questionable buldges that decided to come out early. He knew nothing of pregnancy, and neither did Tayuya. So they had to keep it a secret til they could handle it. They hadn't spoken since Blaze had poofed away.

Naruto opened Tsunade's door and he and the redheaded ninja walked in. Tsunade beakoned for them to close the door and take a seat. Quickly, they followed orders.

"That's a nice shirt Tayuya," Tsunade commented. Any particular reason it's so big?"

"N-no," Tayuya stammered. Tsunade smiled and leaned back. Her face became serious.

"Guys, I need to talk to you about you know who," she spoke. Naruto leaned forward to show she had his attention. Tayuya couldn't stop twiddling her thumbs. Tsunade spoke again.

"Before we even knew him, Genkai was a demon as I'm sure you knew. But the reason for his coming here was a mystery to us until we found out about his sister who now resides in the Sand Village. There are certain key people and places we must never allow for him to go, lest we reawaken him." The woman held up five fingers. "First," she said as she put one down. "Is his sister. Seeing his sister may have him recall who he really is. Maybe when she's older and unrecognizable from the little girl she is today he can, but we won't be sending him off to the Sand Village anytime soon. Second, Naruto, you may not activate Kyuubi under any circumstances near him. Being the last thing he fought may trigger a flashback for him."

Tsunade paused. Then she said, "I used to know Genkai before he went bad. He was just a lonely kid with his sister. I helped him out for a while. Therefore I am the third person he must have little contact with. Since he is a ninja of this village now, it's unavoidable that he see me, but as little as possible. The last to things go together. NEVER under any circumstances talk about the past. He believes that a hurricane destroyed the village. Don't talk about what really happened or past encounters. It's forbidden. Are we all clear?"

Naruto and Tayuya nodded. Tsunade smiled. "Good. Well then I suppose you can get back to your lives. The village could use a romantic couple around to lift spirits." Naruto and Tayuya blushed.

"You're off your rocker old lady!" Tayuya said.

"She was never on it!" Naruto declared. Tsunade smiled. She was glad that the two weren't going to dwell on what she had told them. Just as long as they followed orders.

It was getting late, and Naruto and Tayuya sat together on the bench that they had tried to kiss on a while back. They were even more in love than before.

"Tayuya," Naruto said. The redhead glanced towards him. "I'm sorry I-"

"It's not your fault," Tayuya said. "I wasn't raped. I did it willfully. Now we both have to pay the consequences."

Naruto looked into her beautiful eyes and didn't care about the world around him anymore. "There's nobody else I rather had a child with," he said. Tayuya blushed and forced herself not to look away.

"Naruto, I love you. When the child comes out, I'll be proud to be its mother because I had it with you." Naruto nodded to show that the feeling was mutual. They locked lips for a minute and then gazed into the stars, into the infinite space that was eternity. It was big and empty, but they had each other, and that's all they needed.

There was a poof of smoke, and Blaze stepped out. "Hey guys," he said. They smiled and waved to him.

"No hard feelings right?" Blaze asked. They both shook their heads.

"It wasn't your fault," Naruto said. "And I should thank you for letting us know in advance. You're a good guy Blaze."

"We decided that we are committed to each other no matter what. And our baby will be proof of that." Tayuya said. Blaze blinked.

"What in the name of Tsunade's enormous breasts are you guys blabbing about?" he asked.

"Thanks for telling us that we're pregnant," Naruto and Tayuya said together. Blaze blinked.

"Did I say that?" Blaze asked. "Well whatever. You guys are a curious pair. But hey, who am I to point that out?"

Blaze turned to walk away. Naruto looked to Tayuya. She looked back at him. He could feel her love in her eyes. He wanted to hold her for eternity. This bench was where he wanted to be for the rest of his life. He was sure Tayuya felt the same.

Blaze turned back to them. "OH! You guys mean when I lead you to believe you were having a baby! HAHAHA. I was trying to deliver a message!"

"What was that?" Naruto and Tayuya leaned forwards. Something reeked, and it wasn't raw fish.

"Use a condom!" Blaze simply said. "You guys aren't pregnant! I was fooling around. But man, what a joke! I had you guys believing you were pregnant already!"

Naruto and Tayuya blinked. The romance in the air was gone. It was replaced with rage.

"YOU HAD ME THINK I WAS GONNA HAVE A BABY!??" The two screamed. Blaze rolled over laughing. It seemed that he had a unique brand of humor. One that only he found funny. The two young ninja rolled up their sleeves. They surrounded the rolling ninja. They pounced…onto a log. Their faces smashed together and a trap was sprung. It hoisted them high up in the air. They had been caught in a simple trap. Blaze came from behind a tree.

"Aww isn't that cute?" he cooed. Naruto and Tayuya screamed at him. He nodded and cut the rope, letting them fall to the ground. Naruto fell on top of Tayuya. He found himself lost in her gaze again. Their rage was forgotten, and they kissed yet again. Naruto was glad they weren't pregnant all of a sudden. He was glad that he had decided to help Tayuya the day she had gotten lost in the forest. And he was thankful to Blaze/Genkai for bringing them this close. She was his now, and he was hers. They would be together forever. Facing unknown challenges. When they finally did have a baby, they would make it out of years of strengthened love. Forevermore, would they be together. He saw tears in the girl's eyes as she hugged him. It was shocking. But he knew they were tears of joy. Naruto and Tayuya…..forevermore.

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