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Gaara doesn't sleep. Anyone who knows Gaara knows why he doesn't sleep and most of them have gotten over the feeling of guilt they faced the first time they caught a glimpse of a lone figure, on a rooftop, in the dead of night.
Sakura would say she was close to Gaara. She would say they shared a special bond. Sakura would say this because when Gaara sits on the roof, at one or two in the morning, she sits with him. Neither can remember quite when or how it started but one night Sakura showed up next to him and he didn't object.

On that night Sakura's mind had been plagued with demons and the nightmares drove her from her bed to come and sit with a real demon. Irony was never her friend. Gaara did not speak to her; instead they shared a comfortable silence until Sakura broke it with the quiet whisper of a song. Her mother used to sing Sakura to sleep when she had nightmares as a young girl and now the song was back to try and sooth her again. Gaara's head tilted up ever so slightly at the sound and Sakura noted that, while he tried to hide it, he was listening. She smiled softly, watching him from the corner of her eye.

It wasn't exactly a pleasing sound, Gaara noted, but it wasn't horrible either. Her voice was fragile sounding, quiet and tended to crack when forced into notes too high for her range. But all the same he found the melody to be calming, he felt…less burdened and that must have caused some physical reaction in his face because the next moment, the sound had stopped. He looked at her then, for the first time in however many hours they'd been sitting there. She looked back, but would not meet his eyes. "I'm sorry." She whispered. He stared at her, cold and calculating, his dark rimmed eyes boring holes into her soul and mind.

"Why." It really wasn't much of a question, more of a statement but that was the way he was. Sakura pondered what he meant. Why did she sing? Why did she stop? "Why are you sorry?" He clarified slowly after a moment. She looked away entirely.

"I disturbed you…" Sakura let the sentence hang as if she might finish it with something else but his unwavering eyes on her made the thoughts die before they reached her tongue. Hesitantly she looked back to him, and for a moment it looked like he might rebuke her statement, instead he changed topics.

"What was it….you were singing?" The redhead asked slowly. Sakura's emerald eyes lit the tinniest bit at his curiosity and she let her emerald met his jade for the first time that night.

"A lullaby my mother used to sing to me…before she died." Sakura's voice was still soft, and Gaara would not, for many more years, understand why he asked what he did next.

He moved a fraction closer to her, his eyes returning to the full moon above them. "Finish it?" He asked, barely exceeding a whisper. Sakura quirked an eyebrow at him for a moment before smiling secretly to herself, understanding flicking across her features. Her eyes followed his up to the moon, a soft lullaby starting on her lips.

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