Title: The Point of No Return

Rating: 14A

Summary: Set in modern times. In a High School, Erik teaches music class and falls in love with one of the students, Christine. Raoul, who also falls in love with her, threatens to tell the teachers union about his feelings.

Disclaimer: I own nothing… save for the thought I put into this story… All character belong to their respected owners, along with the basic premise of the story.

Note: There is an age difference between Christine and Erik… I wanted Erik to posses the certain "older mans charm" that I saw in him from the movie. So for my purposes Christine is 18 and Erik is 29.


Darkness… The thick, black fog of the night consumed her and hugged her thin frame tightly. Her arms stretched out in front of her in a vain attempt to find her way. But where was she? The sounds around her were unfamiliar and strange. She could hear the movement of water and the scurrying of rats. She stumbled a few steps forward, diving into the darkness; her fingers out stretched and hoping to find something… anything. Suddenly the stony surface of a wall caressed her fingertips and she sighed in relief. She hugged the wall and sobbed softly, silently to herself. Between her nearly unheard cries, she heard a soft voice coming from somewhere around her.

"Christine… Christine…" the eerie voice floated around her swimming with seduction. A pair of hands slipped around her shoulders and stroked her neck gently. The voice continued to seduce her… "I am your angel of music… Come to me angel of music…"


It was early in fall when the school semester started. Christine trudged up the familiar steps and looked forward to her last year in this school. This school had held so many memories, both good and bad. She came to this city 13 years ago when her father died and her friend Meg's mother took her in. They were sent to a private school because it was thought best. Christine never really fit in with the other girls, save for Meg. In her mind the most important things in her life were dancing and her passion for singing, although she felt she was never very good. She had danced in school plays and performances in previous years, but it wasn't enough to satisfy the urge she had to perform. This year would be different though… she would push herself to be the best dancer at the school and hopefully get the dancing scholarship offered at Graduation. She had practiced all summer for 4 hours a day, till her ankles ached and her toes bled enough to make her dizzy. She cried in frustration when she wasn't perfect and screamed at herself in anger. It was never enough… she never seemed to be noticed.

She entered the school this year with dreams and goals in mind, and as she pushed the door to the school open, she felt those dreams slipping away.

"Try outs…" She whispered to herself. How could she have forgotten? Try-outs for the dance group were today, and she had forgotten. She hurried over to the crowd of girls congregated in front of the gymnasium.

"How long till tryouts start?" Christine asked the closest girl. "They've already started. We were spilt into groups to try-out" the girl replied, eyeing up Christine.

A teacher ushering the last group of girls into the gymnasium pushed Christine to the side. Christine's heart fell to pieces as she watched the girls prance around excitedly before their try-out began. She felt tears welling in her eyes and she retreated to the nearest room, which she couldn't recall seeing before. The room was dark and she collapsed a few steps into the room. The door slammed behind her and the tears she fought back burst forth and plummeted down her face. Feeling hopelessly abandon and troubled about how she could have forgotten about the try-outs, she attempted to calm herself by singing quietly.

"Father once spoke of an angel,

I used to dream he'd appear…"

Her voice caught up in her throat and would not let her finish. The tears continued to flood her face until the bell rang, sounding that it was time for class. She gathered her things that she dropped, wiped away her tears and ran out of the room towards her class.

Little did she know there had been a figure in the room, standing in the darkest corner. As the door slammed behind the tear-stained girl, a smile crossed his tortured face.