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I don't know where this came from. Well, yes, I do. I'm just going to apologise now.

It'd started when he'd grabbed her hand.

She'd always thought of hand holding as innocent.

They'd been walking from the TARDIS to the large gray building across the street to inspect some sort of anomaly the Doctor insisted on inspecting. She'd gone to step off the kerb and he'd grabbed her hand, tugging her back as a car careened around the corner.

No thoughts of it, just natural reaction—instinct, human and otherwise. She should've looked both ways before crossing.

If she'd thought about it, she would've gone screaming back into the TARDIS.

They inspected (and fixed) what needed to be inspected (and fixed) and had stumbled laughing into the street once more.

The sight of the same little blue car going down the block, over and over had shoved the laughter right out of their heads.

They'd seen it before. They knew what it was.

The Doctor assumed his thinking position—arms crossed, staring at nothing and Rose knew he was trying to think of a way to fix it so everybody lived.

He always wanted everyone to live.

Rose knew he'd have to sacrifice her someday.

"Right. I know what I have to do." The Doctor glanced down at Rose where she leaned against the fence next to him and sighed, plucking at his bottom lip.

"It's fine. I'll take care of it." She turned and looked up at him.

"And what? Create a temporal paradox? If you come back, that'll make this a weak spot and there'll be Reapers again."

"I'll figure something out," the Doctor replied, quirking a grin that didn't quite reach his chocolate-coloured eyes. "Always do, me."

Rose leaned against the fence again and looked up. It was a little bit cloudy, a little bit cool, but all in all, not a bad day to die.

"Right, then. Tell my mum…and Mickey, tell them I love them, won't you?"

"What are you talking about?" But she didn't answer, watching down the street and he straightened up, alarmed. "Rose, what are you doing?"

He reached out to clad her denim-covered arm but she pulled it from his grasp, stepping off the kerb onto the tarmac. "Rose! Come back here."

Biting her lip, she saw the car coming and without giving herself time to think, she dashed in front of it, throwing her arms up a split-second before it slammed into her.

The Doctor screamed, watching helpless as the car smashed into her, her tiny body tumbling over the bonnet and roof before bouncing off the boot once and landing on the tarmac with a sickening crunch.

He heard the squeal of breaks as the car stopped, but he ignored it, running right to Rose. She was crumpled up, half on her side, half on her back and all the Doctor could see was blood, her blood, everywhere.

"Oh, you fool," he whispered. "What've you done?"

"Saved the world, me. 'S what I do." Her voice was ragged, choked and he cupped her face in his hands. Her eyes opened and stared at him with stunning clarity before her lip quirked in that half-grin of hers. "Love you, though."

The Doctor watched as her body deflated with that final breath, wrapping his arms around her and gathering her to him. He rocked her broken body as the tears flowed over his cheeks to mingle with the blood on hers.

There was always blood on his hands, human, alien, it didn't matter. It was always there.

He just never thought it would be hers.