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Prologue: Above Once More

He flew through the starry sky, keeping aloft by sheer force of will. He was looking for the house, the house were it all started, the house that turned his world upside down. Well... it wasn't the house, per se, it was what was inside the house that changed his life forever... It was a single wish, in a single act of anger, that totally toppled his kingdom, his life and his heart.

His kingdom had fallen first, almost crumbling before the girl's touch. Despite how she had complained that the Labyrinth was hard and unfair-not to him of course, to him it was 'a piece of cake'-he had never had any of the Challanged or Taken even make it past the Doors of Truth. For her to do so, even in her roundabout way, was a feat in of itself...

His life was the next to fall, not at all surprising due to the fact that he was made to really think about the fact that he 'stole' children and turned them into goblins... Her determination to get to the one she had wished away made him study the conflicting emotions she brought to him as well: It was interesting to feel something other than disdain for the first time in his life; it felt enlightening as well as encumbering, he was jealous and envious, angry and sorrowful... Who could blame him for being so cruel when he didn't even know whether he should laugh or cry when she beat his Labyrinth and saved her brother?

Last, but certainly not least, his heart fell at her feet as well. He knew that he was suppose to 'love' her, due to the story she had told her brother before her wish, but as she continued to beat every trap he set, every delaying tactic he knew, he found himself falling even more in love with her. Her kingdom was as great as his, for she had taken everything he treasured, her will was as strong as his won, for every time hers grew, his diminished...

He was surprised that a simple girl could find out the words needed to summon him when so may had tried and failed, flabbergasted that a simple girl could figure out the way through his Labyrinth, turning his subjects against him in the process, and horrified and insulted that a simple, singular girl could defeat him and take back a child he had stolen... but he couldn't find it in himself to hate her. As a matter of fact, he found himself even more determined to make this headstrong woman his Queen where others would have been left in the oubliette until the end of time.

It would have been praise worthy if her willfulness hadn't nearly brought his castle crashing down around his head...

Now he was flying over the houses that seemed to have sprouted up faster than his Labyrinth changed paths, looking for that same girl that had defied him all those-years-days?-weeks?-ago. Did that make him weak willed or did it show that he knew when to make an alliance with someone stronger than he?

He didn't know, nor did he care at the moment; right now he just concentrated on finding the house that held the girl that changed everything in the space of a few hours and trying not to pass out from blood loss before then. With all the new buildings that were dotted along the landscape and his multitude of injuries, both tasks were proving to be harder than he had first thought.

Landing on a stump in the middle of a park that looked somewhat familiar-was that a clock tower over there?-an ordinary looking owl stopped to catch its breath. To those who didn't know the coloring of the owl, not that you could see much of it under all the blood, they would think that a wild animal looking around the park was rather odd behavior.

Yet, those that knew of the story that took place years ago in nearly the exact same spot, would recognize the behavior right away. For the owl was not any ordinary owl, he was Jareth, Goblin King of the Underground, and he was looking for the girl that had called for him, only to turn around and defy him.

He was baffled that, after so many stolen children, that the one little boy that was saved had been kin to a girl who complained multiple times that his Labyrinth was 'unfair' and 'cheated' and was 'too hard', but instead of giving up and going home, she pressed forward and onward. It was as if the 'unfairness' only strengthened her resolve instead of weakening it...

You have no power over me... Oh, how he hated those words! They invoked such a hatred in him that even his most dimwitted of minions knew better than to mention Sarah or how she defeated him in the Goblin King's presence. The last one that had was suddenly the Prince of the Land of Stench, his throne under the deepest part of the Bog of Eternal Stench.

Trying to keep his wobbly balance on the tree stump, the owl saw something that set his heart to racing: a young girl and sheepdog running through the other end of the park... but his spirits dropped like a stone the next second when he saw that this girl had ember colored hair, not ebony.

Making his shaky way upward again, the owl-Jareth began to search again, passing over many more houses, a solitary tree here and there, and traveled so far that his body began to scream for release. He wanted to find a branch, a chimney, the house he was looking for, anything just so his body would not have to fly anymore!


He had finally found it, looking no different then the tens of thousands houses surrounding it, but something pulled him toward this one, something told him this one was the right one...

Sight being overcome by darkness, he swooped low peering into the window just to make sure that this was the right house and not some ploy by his beaten body to find some much needed rest.

True, the room did look different; slightly distorted, as if half the things had been moved around or simply removed... Then again, weren't humans prone to flights of fancy and changing their own lives, however small, almost daily?

Something was screaming that this was wrong, that he needed to keep flying, but he wasn't listening. He knew this was the house, he knew this was the room and he knew that, if he spoke to Sarah, he would get her to relent and be his Queen.

If his already diminished sight told him that the girl in the room also looking different, right before he smashed into the windowpane, he would just say later that he was too tired to care.