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Spoilers: AU. TenRose. Violent. Yeah, apparently I have a latent violent streak no one told me about. I really need to knock this off. Angsty oneshot, completely plotless, just another stupid little bunny that wouldn't stop chewing on my toes. And damn it, that hurts.

They'd already lost so much. Pete, Mickey, Jack, Jake.

He heard a ear-splitting scream to his right, even over the din of sonic blasters and the scream of machinery and turned. His sight passed slowly; he felt each second of each breath he took as he turned to look.

He saw Jackie kneeling, clutching her stomach and watched as Rose tore the sonic blaster from one of the aliens twitching at her feet, running straight to another cloud of cross fire.

His hearts stopped. Right…then left…as he watched Rose scream, felt it ring in his ears as she fell to her knees. He began to run to her and watched as she flicked a switch on the blaster and tossed it as hard as she could. The crowd around her dispersed to find out the source of the bomb and she fell down to her hands as they ran away.

He skidded on his knees as he reached her and grabbed her around the waist, crying out in terror when she screamed out in pain and dropping his hands as she fell onto her side.

He rolled her onto her back, unable to keep the horror from his face as he saw her front, covered with blaster holes and bullet holes and blood, so much blood.

"Just hold on, Rose, just hold on." He moved to stand, lifting her with him but she protested and he settled.

"No, Doctor."

That was it, no, Doctor. Her blood covered hand came up to cup her cheek and he gripped her wrist, pressing her fingers to his cheek.

"Let me take you back to the TARDIS. I can fix this." He heard the breathiness, the high-pitchedness of his voice, but he ignored it when she did.

"I love you, Doctor."

"No! Rose, no, love, please." He lifted her across his lap, holding her against his chest, rocking her back and forth, feeling her blood slick against him as it pulsed from her warm body to soak his jacket and shirt.

He felt the tears start, felt them burn down his cheeks to land on her neck, but kept her close. He pulled back slightly, cupping her cheek, kissing her. "Rose, please."

But he pulled back and saw her staring at him, but not seeing him. Never again.