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Chapter Eleven - Batman – Invasion

The Batman struggled with the clawed arm gripping him. There had to be a nerve cluster controlling it somewhere.


No recognisable bone structure, it was like a jellyfish.

He could feel the claw round his throat start to cut through the Kevlar of his gorget. Black spots started to encroach his vision.

He reached down to his utility belt and pulled out a small vial of acid which he sprayed over the dalek creature.

With a hissing sound the dalek released him and the Batman leapt away like a scalded Bat.

"Nine, eight, seven…"

The numbers signalling his doom were fading into the distance as he sprinted out of the building. He could see the Joker had already escaped his bonds and had gone. He then leapt out of the window he had broken less than a minute ago just seconds before the building behind him vaporised.

This was getting to be a nasty habit.

Less than 20 minutes later a rather irritable Bruce Wayne stalked up the staircase in the Batcave towards his home and a sociable meeting with the Doctor. He stopped before the top of the stairs and took a deep breath. The muscles round his eyes and mouth relaxed and his eyes stopped glittering with fierce intensity.

By the time he opened the clock and stepped out into Wayne Manor he was once more in the disguise of the foppish billionaire of Gotham.

Alfred was standing guard outside the room. He raised a hand to his mouth to silence Bruce then whispered to him.

"I have kept them in their sir as you requested. I think they are getting a little twitchy. Be wary of the Doctor his jokey tone and attitude is but a front."

"Don't I know it," said Bruce Wayne, thinking of the time the Doctor had stolen the Batman's car. His vague smile turned fairly glacial as he thought of it. "Still I learn nothing here. Thank you Alfred, I don't think they will be staying long."

What was the Doctor doing here? Could he suspect Bruce and Batman being one and the same?

Impossible, he had fooled the finest minds of Gotham for years. Still wouldn't find out waiting in the hallway.

He fixed his face with a cheery slightly vapid smile and unlocked the door and opened it. The Doctor had his back to the door and seemed to be examining a small and chic Louis XVI style 'Pendule d'officier' carriage clock. He was doing more than examining he was just putting it back together.

He gave Bruce a happy smile. "Sorry about that, can't stand inefficient clocks. It was running ten minutes slow. Excellent quality French movement but obviously used to a different temperature variant than it gets here. I've made a few changes to the…" He stopped as he looked at Rose glaring at him and Bruce Wayne looking at him vacantly.

"I'm sorry, you came here to fix my clocks?" Asked Bruce.

"Well more time than clocks. Anyway may I introduce you to my friend and travelling companion Rose."

"Right," said Bruce. "Thanks for the introduction and you are?"

"Just call me the Doctor," said the Doctor giving him the benefit of his smile and reaching out a hand.

Captain Jack Harkness butted the Doctor out of the way and grabbed Bruce's hand as he reached over to shake it. "Hi Bruce, ignore him, I'm Jack by the way. May I call you Blue eyes?"

Rose pushed him out the way and stood in front of an increasingly bewildered looking Bruce Wayne. "You must forgive my friends they don't get out much," she glowered in there direction, "fortunately. Anyway I'm Rose Tyler. I'm really sorry we missed your party, but you know one thing after another happened as it always seems to happen with the Doctor as company. You know I used to think an adventure was not having enough salt on my chips? Anyway the Doctor is just company there is nothing going on with us."

"Hey!" said the Doctor who felt vaguely insulted but he wasn't too sure why.

"Anyway, I'm whittering now, must stop whittering."

Bruce Wayne closed his mouth. He didn't have it open for any useful exercise like breathing it's just his brain was trying to process what had been said and had quite forgotten about useful tasks like keeping his mouth closed. "I know it is an odd question and please don't think me rude but what are you doing here?"

"Ask her," said the Doctor. "She wanted to meet a millionaire."

"No I don't," said Rose her face taking on a reddish tinge.

Bruce's phone gave a muffled double beep followed by a single beep then a quadruple beep. "Well good, I'm sorry to have to rush you but I am a busy guy. Alfred show them out will you. Pleasure to meet you Doctor," He shook his hand as he ushered him out. "Jack." Jack shook his hand rather longer than necessary. "Rose." He lightly kissed her hand and looked into her eyes until she looked away. Rose giggled nervously and went to walk away. Bruce gave her a small-embossed business card. "I am sorry to be so busy at the moment my dear. What are you doing this evening?"


"Cancel it, I'm much more fun. I'll meet you at 7:30 at the Wild Fire Restaurant, corner of East and third."

"Errm why not 7?" Asked Rose desperately trying to get the initiative back.


"I've nothing to wear!" She wailed.

"You'll definitely get in then," said Bruce. "And probably some of your British tabloids as well. I can see the headlines naked British woman with Gotham billionaire."

"No I mean I don't have any clothes."

"Don't worry I'll lend you a tie," said Bruce pushing her out gently. "Alfred get them a cab to where ever they want to go."

The door closed behind them and Bruce reached into his pocket for his phone. The beep code was for a Joker related sighting. He pressed a ten-digit code into the phone and was rewarded by a small map of Gotham appearing on the screen. A small J letter was flashing on it. Also another letter, just leaving his mansion, was D. He had planted a small bug on the Doctor and Rose so he could track them.

Alfred returned. "Might I ask why you are dating the young lady tonight sir?"

Bruce was silent, his brow furrowed as he went through several menus and options on his phone. It had a direct connection to the Bat computer in his cave.

"I mean I realise she is a comely maiden but I thought you were busy with…"

"I heard you Alfred. These people are unknown and smell of trouble. I would rather know where they are at all times. Besides which I have the feeling this Doctor knows about these creatures." Bruce's manner did not brook further interruption. Several seconds later he looked up. "Daleks."

"I beg your pardon sir?"

"Daleks he called those creatures daleks. I've just been going through the logs of what they said while they were here."

"I didn't realise you recorded everything that was said here sir."

"Don't worry," said Bruce smiling, "I'll use a drinks mat next time."

"That comment was not directed at you personally sir."

"Call Oracle, get her to research everything on Daleks, inform the Justice League as well. They should be told if we have a possible alien invasion happening. And book me a table for two at the Wildfire Restaurant for 7:30 tonight. Actually better make it four, I've got a feeling the Doctor and Captain Jack will be about as well."

"Yes sir."

"Prepare my Alberto George suit for tonight as well with the red tie."

There was a short silence. "For a first date a blue tie is more respectable sir."

Bruce allowed himself a small smile. There were some battles not worth fighting. "Blue tie it is."

"We didn't even get a cup of tea?" Said the Doctor. "Did you notice he didn't offer us any tea? I mean there we were with an English Butler in an American house and he didn't offer us tea."

"Yeah well what can you do?" Said Jack vaguely as he looked back out of the taxi window as Wayne Manor disappeared into the background.

"Connections," said the Doctor.

Rose and Jack gave each a small glance.

"Connections," he said again.

"Okay I'll bite," said Jack. "What connections?"

"We missed the party right that the tardis stole those senators children from."

"Yeah they are back now according to the radio," Jack shrugged in the direction of the taxi drivers radio that was blaring out news reports. It was reported that the Batman had rescued them and it was followed by the stentorian tones of the President saying they would never give in to villains and criminals even with his family at stake.

Easy to think that now they are back home, thought the Doctor affably. "Anyway," said the Doctor, managing to interrupt his own train of thought. "This does not a dalek catch. There is something strange happening at Arkham. We are going to pay them a visit!"

"In case you haven't noticed Doc," said Jack indicating the radio in the taxi cab that was blurting out. "You're public enemy number one, two and three and you are worth more money than the winning lottery ticket."

The taxi drivers shouldered tensed a little at this comment but he carried on driving.

"There won't be a public if we don't stop them. You couldn't take us to Arkham could you please?"

"Senhor?" said the taxi driver.

"Llevarnos por favor a Arkham Asylum," said the Doctor.

"Si senhor."

The aroma of coffee and stale cigarette smoke filled his office. The cleaner and his staff had long since stopped trying to make him smoke outside. He walked over to where there was a small basin and poured a jet of cold water into it. He flung some water over his face with his hands.

Gordon's face was glistening with water droplets. He had had a quick wash in the basin to try and bring a measure of sharpness back to himself.

Was he under some kind of mind control?

His throbbing headache would not go away even with a giddy combination of aspirin, red bull, whisky and cigarettes.

Mind control.

He had been controlled before, the last time by the Jervis Tetch, the Mad Hatter and he knew the symptoms.

Everytime he tried to think of Stamer his memory blurred. In fact he could not even remember what he looked like?

Damn it! He would have control!

He took a deep breath and picked up the phone. He would order his men to ignore any orders from Stamer. He would order him arrested on site.

There was a gruff voice from the other end of the phone. They had had a tip off from a taxi driver that the Doctor was going to Arkham!

"Bullock this is the Commissioner. I want…" His throbbing headache started again. He wanted rid of Stamer. "I want the Doctor dead. Shoot to kill." His headache faded and a peaceful look too his face as the conditioning took hold again. "Kill the Doctor!"

The Joker was a man that revenge came to easily. The Master had tried to kill him so in return he would kill the Master.

He had heard that revenge was a dish best served cold. He disagreed. He preferred that revenge was served hot, spicy preferably in lots of little pieces.

He was alone.

His gang had been killed by the dalek. He grinned at this. It saved him the trouble. Anyone in the Joker's gang were better off with a bullet proof jacket than a pension scheme, although most of them ended up with a plot of land. Two foot wide, by six foot long and 12 foot deep.

He knew where the Master would be.

Arkham Asylum.

It would make a change to break into the place rather that break out but he always fancied a challenge.

Deep in the bowels of Arkham Asylum lie huge caverns. Carved out of the living rock by technology way in the advance of the "primitives" that live above are thousands of vats and a giant factory floor inserting the new dalek creatures into their new shells. At the end of one of these conveyor belts a gleaming dalek glides forward and joins its brethren. Eight metallic legs stretched out from the base of this dalek and with an unnatural speed it raced towards the back of the room and up the wall.

A moth fluttered away from the movement and landed on the wall. It spread its wings and flew on.

The impression of the moth remained in perfect relief as if imprinted on the wall. The image faded revealing for an instant a white and gold polycarbide shell then that faded back to the grey wall. An eyestalk glowing yellow appeared for just a brief second before becoming invisible again.

Arkham asylum. Apart from once a year the place was never open to the public. And there was a very good reason for this. Most of its inmates were rather lacking the social graces. This was why the guard at the front gate was rather surprised when the Doctor, Jack and Rose appeared in front of them waving psychic paper in front of him that said they were there for the open day. Still he wasn't paid to think, he was paid to stand there looking mean and surly, which he was rather good at.

He waved them through.

Curiously easy?

Rose was just dimly aware of what was going on around her. An actual date! Normally she would be texting Keisha and Shareen and they would plan her big night out in crazy detail – hair, what to wear, which bar to end up in. Should she kiss on a first date? With Bruce Wayne it had to be said that was a given.

The Doctor was nice, he was fun but he was over 900 years old! Any long term relationship with him would only be long term from her point of view. While she would be pushing a zimmer frame and working out what colour pills are for her sciatic hernia he would be chasing after aliens and probably breaking another young girls hear whilst he remained in blissful ignorance.

"Rose? Rose?"

She broke out of her reverie as she saw the Doctor gesture to her. They were in a posh foyer to Arkham Asylum, all brightness and marble. A large disgruntled looking security guard wearing black sunglasses eyed them from the back of the room. The Doctor ignored him as he walked up to the turnstile. There was a slot for a security card. Using his coat to hide what he was doing he turned his sonic screwdriver onto the slot. The tools bulbous tip glowed blue as ultrasonic frequencies bombarded the workings of the lock. With a clanking sound the turnstile spun and all three of them walked through.

The guard raised his communicator to his mouth.

"The Doctor is in the building."