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Despite her cold demeanor that often invoked misunderstanding between Rei and other people, Minako found so many 'unique' habits, which fortunately, could only being caught by her. The maiko herself, occasionally had to sealed her lips from laughing over her lover behavior; not that they were funny, rather they were unbearably endearing in her point of view, so much that she, the graceful maiko, often teasing her beloved to no end..

One of the example she could point out was on one particular event, the priestess of Hikawa Jinja was calculating the shrine expending, using her bamboo-made abacus with her left hand and a thin pen for writing on her right hand, Minako noticed the slight pout from the overly beautiful feature of her dearest; this was the way the priestess express her contemplation over everything, pout. It was the first time for her to see such a 'intriguing' expression, that Minako had to choked her own throat with an overheated tea to suppress the urge to scream 'kawaaaiiii' before she let herself caught by the mikos, who would surely asked her presence in their priestess very own private bedroom.

On another occasion, the raven-haired woman was browsing over the line of shops, which were neatly located at Potoncho. A thick brown coat was draped over those slender shoulders, suddenly the wind, which was blowing rather strong that day, blew the article to the ground, and it fell right to Minako's side. It was an unintentional meeting, although she was truly glad and grateful for the impromptu rendezvous, really, the blonde never planned to meeting the other woman there. However God decided otherwise, so there was she, happily picking the coat from the stony ground whose owner was already kneeling in front of her, meaning to retrieve the article by herself. Oh we have already known Minako years ago, of course that pretty blonde head of hers had already created a sly idea ever since she saw the woman she cherished walked by her direction. Cunningly offered the brown colored coat to those pair of hands whose owner was smiling tenderly at her, she stroked with a little bit hasty, at the same time teasingly, on the unprepared woman's exposed skin on her wrist in the way that was so provoking to the rav en haired. As instant as a heartbeat, a rosy color smeared the well sculptured cheeks. This was 'habit number two' or should she say, 'reaction number two", these were where her Rei would easily expressed an adorably cute expression through the icy mask of her. It was a pride for Minako that she was the only one who could intentionally or unintentionally made the other girl showed the rare blush to the world to see.

But her number one favorite had to be the one she firstly found out at Hakone. It had to be the one she yearned to see for more from the future. When the passion was set ablaze to the sky, when their eyes clouded with intense immense desires, when every curve of their slender frames were sweating, burning like a candle melted on fire, when the air was full of their strong scents, and when their hands twined tightly, almost possessively and would never let go until the very end; Rei would sealed those bright amethyst eyes, and bit her own crimson lower lip in a seemed never ending pleasure expression.

Those were evident, real. As she saw those by her own naked eyes, but there was this annoying little doubt, mingling on the back of her mind like a haunting ghost whispered death to a living human; Worry, anxiety of how Rei truly felt for her. It was not something to contemplate before. At first, she never took any consideration of the matter, but lately… lately… after a single declaration of Hasunuma arrival to Gion, and when the date of the doom arrival seemed closer and closer, Minako could not help but afraid.

Even when she had tried to shrug the nagging matter away by forcing her self to sleep or doing another work that might distract her, it would come to seize her rationality again.

And hundreds of question bleed them self from her foul mind, and soon she was overwhelmed by the questions in which she did not have the answers

She was suffering from paranoid.

She had, in every short private event they shared, said honestly from the deepest part of her loving heart, that she loved her dearest priestess so much.

The priestess never said it back.


Minako was truly a descendant of God in Rei's eyes. Whenever her shoulder went stiff, as petrified as an old statue of grave due to her burdened responsibility, the carefree maiko would bring back the joy with a blink of the eye. And she would merely smile to a simple joke the other uttered, or whatever she was doing in that case.

Despite the fact that she was indeed a brilliant singer, Rei could spent all her life listening to that tender voice of the maiko.

And Despite the fact that she was indeed an outstanding dancer, for any human existed in the world would be fascinated beyond words for her simple performance and a light sway of her body.

There was one fact that amused her so, in a good way, from her dearest maiko. It was the fact that Minako was an extremely sadistic teaser, and a cunning manipulator, and she often used it for taking advantage of her lover in every way.

This event was happened a week ago;

It was a wide grass field behind the shrine graveyard. Right at that season, the field was blanketed by white snow, disguised the green color by the pureness of never ending whiteness.

The graveyard was silent and calm as much as when the world was born; the gravestones, gray and dull of colors, shaped neatly as a little child who was wearing Buddhist clothes. Most of them were old, older than the eldest of Gion, and older than the Hikawa shrine it self. Some of them, however, were new; the smell of incense was common as the resting soul relatives often visited the grave for offering prayers. But at the time like this, when it was barely pass dawn, when the sun was not even full round yet, the priestess was there, seated formally on a plaited mat; a thick blanket made from the finest wool was safely tucked to her small figure; she was not moving a hair, concentrating on nothing excluding the morning meditation ritual. Everything was calm, and aside from her closed eyes she was fully aware of her surroundings, aware by the slightest noise, aware of the rising smear of orange as the mighty sun slowly revealed its light on the sky, and aware by the flapping sound her ravens wings made.

Until someone tackled her to the cold ground and the priestess found herself speechless for a good amount of time as her attacker was clinging to her like her life was depended on it.

"Rei, Rei, I miss you! I miss you!" Minako shook her head vigorously on her beloved's chest.

…..So much for sexual harassment.

A suppressed giggle emerged from Rei's throat while she was patting the other woman's shoulder lightly. "Enough Minako, I'm chocked." She said in an amused tone.

Minako sensed the other's body slightly shook, loving every moment of the vibrating that Rei's made on her lungs when she quietly laughed on the maiko's endearing behavior.

The attacker refused to let the slender frame go, instead she arranged her position so she was propped up on her elbows, gazing on the other angelic face served by the God before her.

The blonde maiko could be… so oblivious… of her surroundings sometimes, Rei thought. It was not her place to reject such an attention though, she was in a bliss of contentment at the very moment; Her hands were finding their way to hug the other's impossibly slim waist, marveling on how they measured perfectly fit to her arms, as if the God created it exclusively for the young priestess to hold.

And Minako, for a quite long minutes, begin to stroke her beloved's hair in intense affection; those bright baby blue eyes were delving inside Rei's soul, dipping further, and further, feeling all the hollow void, casting away all the sorrowful hatred, and shattering all the unbreakable walls she had built since the depart of her mother. And the light in her eyes were fascinatingly spellbinding to the fortunate priestess.

A shiver was recognized almost immediately, coursing through the maiko's body.

"Fool, you forgot your coat, did not you?" Rei asked, scolding the maiko who was visibly pouting as the raven haired woman gave a light smack between her eyes.

"Don't blame me! Blame yourself you unthankful woman! Because of you, I had to wake up earlier and I have not wear my hair like it was suppose to be." She showed her loose long blonde hair. "I had to run for a good while." She reached to her legs, took the scandalous thick getas from her delicate feet, and shoved them right in front of the priestess face who was now wearing an expression as if she could not get more amused than she ever was. "And I have to wear this too! Can you imagine running with this?" Minako began to form fake tears from the tip of her eyes.

"It is so difficult for us to meet each other and yet you…." Minako's voice trailed off as she sat upright, distancing herself to add the effect.

Thinking that she did not ask the other woman to run and considering to have her personal revenge from the teasing Minako had given to her, Rei was initially wanting to scold her beloved further; she wanted to tell her that was the same excuse from yesterday, and the day before yesterday, and aside from that, she was also concerned the maiko's health above her own, but this had to come to halt as she noticed the tear slide down the rosy cheek.

A terrible quilt washed over her whole body when she took the side of a crying maiko.

Draping the extra coat she brought for this expected forgetful event, and adding the blanket to the both of their bodies in addition to evade illness from the cold, Rei enveloped the crying woman to her side.

"I'm sorry.. I'm sorry, I should not have done that." She carefully placed Minako's head to her shoulder, carefully stroking the velvet like hair she loved so much to touch. How could she make the most person she cherished in the world cry? She was not proud of her self and she determined to change that, all for her dearest maiko, and only for her. Of course Minako was in a hurry to meet her, she was probably so excited to see her, how could she be so dense. Forgetfulness is one of the human's natures; she should not be so harsh, especially to this particular angel in her arms.

Unknown to the guilty woman, Minako was silently giggling behind her back; Misinterpreting the shook of the maiko's body, Rei hold her tighter and kissed the side of her face, stating her apologize over and over again to the other woman's ear tenderly.

"I will do anything that my lady desire." She declared, burying her self in Minako's pleasantly fragrant hair. "Please Mina, forgive me."

It was a sweet statement, even sugar would taste bitter if it had to be compared by the small declaration; the Kyoto dialect that was flowing from the other woman's voice was enough to make the cunning maiko was almost tempted to give in to those words.

Well, almost…..


Rei nodded, pulling away just for enough distance to see the other woman's lovely face.

Those teary eyes were gleaming, so perfectly gorgeous and breathtaking like a cloudless blue sky; they were endless. Nothing would forbade Rei to explore the depth of those orbs, and she was more than willing to know what was inside that pretty mind her dearest possessed; but now the only question was..had she forgiven her?

"I want a kiss." A barely audible whisper filtrated Rei's ear, a glint on her eyes and a faint smile from those full lips were creating a devastating impact on the unprepared woman. Oh how the priestess felt her throat went dry and how she felt her pulse quicken by such a simple statement.

With her thumb, she cast away some stray tears from the face, wishing she had not done any disrespectful thing that could upset her dearest, wishing the tears were not there.

Smiling back to the angelic woman in front of her, she leaned her self closer, intending to grant the other woman's wish….., only to be stopped by a warm palm that was covering her lips.

A swell of confusion emerged immediately to Rei's feature, but before she could form her confusion into sentence, Minako had already answered her.

"I changed my mind."

Embarrassed, but then decided to bite back her suddenly rising temper, Rei exhaled slowly. Instead, she took the delicate hand and rested her cheek against it, partly to calm her thinning patience.

"What is it then that my Mina desire?" She asked once again. The tone was not wavered by her short patience, instead it grew more tender and caring. Rei meant the promise she vowed when she said she wanted to grant the other woman's wish. She was no fool to betray her own words, nor did she wish to see the tears stained her beloved.

Cupping Rei's cheeks with the both of her hands, Minako acknowledged the uprising temperature from Rei's skin. 'A blush… ' she thought. 'How cute!'

"Ten kisses." She answered and cleared her throat afterwards, before stating the exact words in a more firm tone. "Ten kisses." For emphasis, she gave her best puppy eyes plea and titled her head. A "please..?" came later from the maiko.

'Adorable' barely even fit for such an endearing expression that Minako wore .

Rei blushed as red as the dancing tongue of fire would be, her gaze fell to the pattern of the blanket, found it oddly interesting.

A slightly shy nod came afterwards from the priestess.

They exchanged a smile.

Minako pulled Rei closer slowly, savoring every bit of Rei's devastating beauty, which was closing up every second their face went nearer.

And then Rei closed her eyes.

A chaste kiss was done as their lips met in a very brief reunion.

And when Rei opened her eyes, dissatisfied with the first kiss, she saw Minako was silently crying. "Why? Did I do something wrong?" Rei choked a question, it was no more than a whisper, yet the fact that there was sadness filling her voice as she asked her dearest maiko made the question sounded harsher. She was certain that whatever that was bothering her lover was her doing. A terrible aching wound reappeared from her heart. Hundreds questions spilled to her brain, flooded every inch of it as she remained silent, afraid of hurting her lover again. How confusing, how sick this feeling that she was shaking in ache.

"Nothing." Minako shook her head, reassuring her lover to calm down, and once again stating the word when Rei questioned her again.

The Maiko just shook her head once again, tightening her grip on Rei's jaw, heartbreakingly brushed the raven locks from the other woman's shoulder. "Kiss me, please, just.. kiss me."

It was a desperate request for the raven-haired woman's ear; she would be damned if she refused such a request. She would give anything that she own for the happiness of her beloved, but what a failure she was to make her cry like this?

Leaning closer, she kissed Minako for the second time that morning; it was merely an innocent kiss, a sweet and long, yet remained innocent as the first snowfall.

She pulled back as gentle as she could, wanting to see if the kiss could cease the rain of tears.

To Rei dismay it did not.

So the third kiss was given, it lingered a little bit longer than the second kiss; she could taste the salt from the other woman's tears, and it pained her greatly to the point that she had to calm her self down, therefore, she broke the kiss regretfully.

She inhaled audibly, staring straight upwards to see the sky, trying her best not to shed any tear. Right now she had to be strong, when Minako was falling she had to be there to catch her, she could not be fall too.

The fourth kiss was bolder, but yet pass the border of innocence; this time Rei took better control than the first three kisses. A familiar tingling sensation was starting to spread right from the tip of her lips to her whole damned body. The tears were still there, the saltiness still tasted, until it became unbearable, Rei ceased the kiss.

And when she opened her eyes, Minako eyelids were still closed. But the frown was long gone, and a content expression was replacing it.

Feeling a drip of hope, Rei titled her head to give the fifth kiss. She held her need, scolding herself for thinking to satisfy her own crave. This particular kiss, was when the maiko became responsive to her. It was barely recognized, but Rei was sure she was not mistaken.

The maiko was smiling into the other's lips, pulling back first after adding a gentle pressure to the priestess's.

A wave of relief showered the raven haired woman's whole senses that she was too, smiling, and leaned in again; it lingered dangerously on the edge, Minako teetered at the very end of her own control, her mind reeled like it possessed it own mind, ordering her to deepened the kiss, reminding her frequently that she was kissed by her beloved, these were Rei's lips that hovered on hers, this was Rei's ragged breath, Rei's body heat, Rei's hands, Rei, Rei, Rei; it felt wonderfully breathtaking that Minako was forced to pulled away to avoid suffocation.

After the sixth kiss ended, Reaching for the other's fragile shoulder, she took the moment to scrutiny her dearest; how she preferred to see her golden like hair down like this, how she loved the smile gracing Minako's curvy lips, and how her unblemished skin mockingly taunted Rei to touched it.

For many times since this morning, Rei once again, gave a gentle swift to cast those tears, carefully she stroked under Minako's eyes by using her thumbs. Eventually she lost her self control and ended up kissing Minako for the seventh time

This time there were gentle nibbles along the kiss, this time it was not as innocent as the previous kisses. There was need, and it tasted so strongly by the faintest movement, by the body language, and by the way Rei's hands had found themselves their places at Minako's slender waist, grabbing a little more possessively by seconds.

Rei disliked the nagging fact that she needed air and disliked the fact that Minako had pulled away precisely the same time when she though about it.

The disappointment was not shown, instead her trained manner told her to wait patiently. So she obeyed like a dutiful child waiting for her reward to come.

For her satisfaction, it did come sooner than she was expecting. The maiko pressed the corner of their lips together, before Rei took the upper hand and claimed what was offered. In oblivion, they did not recognize the blanket had slide down, did not notice how Rei ended up being pinned down on the plaited mat, until the raven haired woman flinched by the sudden coldness which violently stung her hand when Minako twined their hand together in lovely embrace and tried to stilled her movement.

A giggle burst out and "I'm sorry." was coming much later from Minako. But everything that she had intended to say for more had to be postponed because Rei had reattached their lips.

It was wondrous, it was even more aggressive yet tender, it was full of sincerity, it was mind-blowing, it was anything but ordinary.

It was as if the color had drained and focused only in one person, only on Minako; her hands were sweating, her pulse were quicken, and she could only feel…. Could only sense….

Everything that had the beginning must had its end, thus, the kiss ceased in reluctance.

Rei had a hard time to open her eyes, they felt heavier that they were ever before.

But when she opened her eyes and granted by the look that Minako gave to her, Rei decided it was meaningless to do anything else but gazing at the heavy lidded eyes, the crimson lips that were still full of recent passion, the trembling chin, the steady breath, the slightly messed hair……..

Soon they were kissing, again, the tenth time that blessed morning. The sun shone warmly above, the air of Gion was fresher than any part of Kyoto, and these women were lost inside their own private world,

Was this heaven?

It felt so good.

It felt so wonderfully right.

It felt like flying…in never ending freedom

Her chest roared in triumph over the pleasure.

Her blood rushed inside the vein violently.

She was melting…. melting over the unexplainable softness that was pressing her lips.

Everything else blurred.

And only her that came in focus…. Strong…sharp… in her mind.

They were drunk inside the world love, grateful for the never ending mercy that the God gave to them, savoring the soul fulfillment to the fullest, seeking for more, demanding for more, and finally contented inside the uncountable layer of bliss.

Regretfully partying, the both of the woman did not bother to open their eyes.

"Anything else?" came the priestess question in a breathy whisper after the kiss was ended.

There was a silence, before Minako voice, hesitantly pierced through the peaceful wall that Rei had created.

"I want… I want us to be together.. like this, forever." Minako answered, snuggling closer to the woman underneath her, "I want.. to have not to worry for other stupid people opinions.." It was a bit louder and Rei was starting to worry over her beloved. "I don't want to be Okaa san's puppet anymore, I don't want.. I don't want.."

"I will find a way for us." Rei said with determination, cooingly shushing her beloved, her eyes shone in confidence. what ever way she had to through she would surely to finish it, and she would take her beloved from this tormented cage

It was a promise.

Minako knew it was impossible, but she oddly believed in it, and she held the vow dearly in her heart.

Minako made an approval noise and nuzzled against Rei's neck before closing her eyes.

"Is there anything else?" Rei asked kindly, putting aside the thought that she was spoiling her lover.

"I want a new kimono.."

………………..A manipulating woman was all to describe Minako.


After the war of Manchuria the condition of Japan was decreasing gradually. For supporting the military needs, the food supply was taken from the citizen. Gion was included however due to the relation it had conduct for many of people that had high statues, the place was unharmed, though there were several strict rules added, but everything remained like the usual day.

The living room in the okiya was filled with a song from the small radio. Okaa san was calculating the expenses for this month that afternoon. Her eyes were red, she was distressed; these few month there had been rumor that Gion was going to be closed down.

Hanami was sitting in seiza position, sipping her tea gracefully while listening intently to the radio.

Minako was on the terrace, practicing her fingers on her shamisen like usual. She could hear the faint radio halted the song suddenly. Still plucking, she listened to the speaker for a brief moment.

Some military was sent home,


The cause was unrevealed, but that was not the one that bothering the stunned maiko.

No, it was the possibility that Kakyou Hasunuma was going to come home, to Gion, to Rei.

To her Rei.

No one could ever describe how Minako felt that afternoon. A rude clatter sprang over the whole okiya, indicating that something was broken.

Yuuko, the young servant leaped from her bed after she was awakened by a poke on her arms, she hastily helped the other servants in the okiya to search the source of the sound.

The paper door to the terrace was opened, and revealed nothing but a broken shamisen split into two on the garden rock.


All his of colleagues were ordered to take their leave from their base. And he was included in this small order from the capital. So there he was, with a black umbrella in his right hand, and a travel bag on his left hand, walking in a steady gait towards the shrine.

A smile on his lips.

A twinkle in his eyes.

He was coming home, for his beloved fiancé. He was coming home, to see her, and surely after that, he would proudly defend the place of her beloved, departing to a war.

Rei would proud.

He was full of anticipation; for so many times she checked over his travel bag, searching for that particular red box where his present for the woman she loved safely rested.

Would she like it?

He did not fancy the smell of his uniform, the dust-covered steam made a quite disturbing smell. He did not like the way his collar made it a little trouble breathing. He wished he could arranged his looks before meeting the priestess but his impatience got the better of him.

With wide steps, a little bouncy, he easily jumped over the steps.

How would Rei welcome him?

Would she smile?

Even the rain could not stop his singing soul, today he was going to meet his dearest fiancé, and thus, nothing could ruin the day.

Does she eat right? He frowned, lately the government was too strict and setting a new law of food supply. But that thought was put aside as he saw the ravens above.

They were Rei's pets. His Rei's pets.

He never asked her about Rei fondness on vowl, to him they did not even attracting. It was odd, the raven were deliberately drenched their bodies wet, there was not suppose to be bird, let alone raven flying in pouring time like this…

Was something happened?


Above, the angels must had cried their tears out from the holy heaven above for the heavy rain was pouring to the land of Gion in that particular winter day.

The shrine had to be closed down due to the heavy rain. The radio informed about a bad weather and therefore she was standing with worried expression plastered on her face when she told the young mikos to go back to their rooms, closed the doors and windows, and not to come outside.

She was checking the front hall, when a rustled sound, which certainly different from the sound of the rain, was heard.

Surprised and beyond believe of what she saw, the priestess eyes widened when a maiko appeared behind her.

She was uncoated.

Every inch of her dark blue kimono was drenched.

Her hairpin did not successful to prevent stray locks from falling, making her looked wild.

Rei hastily jumped to the other woman, offering her umbrella but was declined by the maiko.

"Where is……..?" she halted… ashamed.. Hasunuma was not there.


Minako scoffed, letting out a mournful growl in unladylike manner.

"It was so fool of me." Minako murmured to herself, hands on her face. She did not understand the sudden need for being near to the other woman. For a fleeting, terrible moment, she thought that she would never Rei again.

She thought if Hasunuma come, their relationship would never be the same again. She was afraid that Hasunuma would take Rei, that Rei would be gone forever from her life. She was being far too paranoid.

By the time she uncovered her face, Rei was already beside her. Her brows curled, she was worried; her amethyst eyes displayed anxiety as well as her gestures, she was indicating as if she wanted to hug the other woman but at the same time holding herself. The place was too risky for the both of them to exhibit any public affection.

But then, she decided to ignore all the taboo; her hands reached to engulf the other woman with all effort she could to make Minako felt the warmth of her body heat, shielding the woman she worshiped from any harm the rain caused.

"Please Minako. Don't bring illness to your self, you are more than permitted to stand under my umbrella." She said tenderly to the teary faced woman.

How sadness had caused the usual carefree face dropped into shattered pieces of nothingness. There was something that certainly bothering Minako and she failed to see that. Rei was upset with her idiotism, due to her stupid carelessness on her dense awareness of her surroundings. She had caused the dearest person in her whole life suffered. It was a shame for the priestess; even now she did not know what caused her beloved to looked this defeated.

Minako shifted, somewhat uncomfortable yet grateful beyond her dreams that she could hold the other closely to her heart, in her arms, breathed in the familiar fragrance she loved so much, felt Rei's bosom rose and fell in calm breathing, hearing the unbearably shooting words her lover uttered, and she would not want to let go, she could not, she just could not, her hands were clutching Rei's kimono tightly; surely she made the article crumbled under her hands.

Rei was slightly taller due to her geta height, and the other had to glance up to see what might Rei was expressing on her lovely face. As usual, the lips graced by the thin cold line, her oval face was pale as a snow princess might have, but her eyes, her amethyst eyes were conveying thousands of feelings as if every droplets of rain picturing each of those feelings.

Oh how the shorter woman savor the feeling when she felt her cheeks stained by redness as she was caught stealing a glance to the those intense amethyst eyes. It was a wonder, how Rei could mesmerize her without any flattery words needed to spill from those lips she possessed.

Gently, with her finger, Rei traced the soft curve of Minako's lips; they were softer than the young priestess could ever remember; if these tantalizing lips should be compared by the softness of a cotton-made bed, the bed maker would suffer from embarrassment for the rest of his life for the tenderness of the maiko's lips were not match able by anything in the world. Aside from that, the lips were warmer than the morning sun could be, that she felt her thumb burned by a simple kiss that Minako gave to the sinful touch.

Minako reached the delicate hand, holding it dearly with both of her own; she could smell the perfume which the other wore that day; probably the priestess applied some on her wrist this morning; it was as intoxicating as her natural scent were; sweet, but at the same time strong. It was understandable for the maiko that she could not help to land small kisses to those slender fingers, each kiss was lingering, each kiss represented her feelings, she was trying to express how much she cared, how much she loved the other woman, how much she missed her, how badly she was longing for her love, for Rei's love.

A coat was spread, covering the both of the women shoulders from the pouring rain. Minako noticed, it was her lover's; the priestess was trying to shelter the dearest person from a foreseen sickness. It was so kind of her, so thoughtful and gentle; Minako would not want anything to substitute the precious feelings that grew inside her for anything in the world. Even if the emperor himself offered all of his wealth, begged on his knees, and kissed her feet she would not even glance at him, for all the happiness in the world was sourced only from the beloved young priestess stood before her, smiling a comforting smile only for Minako's eyes to see.

"Are you cold?" Rei asked, leaning just a little bit for her voice to reach the other woman's ear.

A slight shy nod was enough for the raven haired to tighten her embrace. A blush crept noticeably by Minako on Rei's well sculptured cheeks, it was so unlike Rei to show any affection, unless she forced her or tricked her, she was always discreet and well mannered, in public or private. It must had taken quite a bravery to make her beloved did such a thing. Not that she would complain though, if she could, she would prefer to die this way.

Rei touched their foreheads together, seemed oblivious to where they were standing or how the rain rammed sadistically to their umbrella. Rei's forehead was warm despite the wetness of the other's forehead, her nose gently nuzzled against Minako's, and they breathed the very same air for a couple sweet seconds; a long, yet at the same time short seconds until a pair of lips, which tasted so sweet as if the honey which the heaven produced, poured to the priestess lips and transferred to the maiko's.

Minako watched Rei's eyes fluttered shut slowly; her eyelashes grazed her cheek softly in the process, sending torrents of jolt on her spine.

Consumed in the innocent kiss they shared, somehow, the maiko resisted to close her eyes. She gazed to the neatly composed features before her, gazed to the serene expression the other showed to Minako. All she could think was how beautiful this woman was, and how the God above had being so merciful for creating this one particular angel to the world, and being thankful to no end that she was actually fell in love with her.

Finally, hesitantly, partly still wanting to witness the beauty and partly wanting to savor the kiss, Minako's eyelids fluttered shut as well.

Her agony withered into contentment as the lingering kiss lasted more than a few minutes…..and more…

Until eventually, they had to break the kiss, one kiss that actually hold thousands of unuttered words; fear, longing, yearning, desire, quilt, and many more words she would not be able to spill. As soon as it was ended, Minako could not help but yearned for more. Her lips were already cold, missing the other pair of lips for another rendezvous.

Not wanting to be greedy, she chose to lean the side of her face to her most cherished person's chest, delighted by the erratic sounds of steady heartbeats. They strangely sounded similarly to a beautiful harmony.

"Now would this lovely lady share what might had been bothering her?" The taller woman asked.

Minako shifted once again, she did not bother to answer the question and just settled her self for some more comfortable cuddling to satisfy her foul mood; some of her parts enjoyed the attention the other gave to her. Perhaps she should cry more often to make Rei initiated some move to her.

"Does Minako, probably, has taken me as a boredom?"

That was enough to jar her up, she loosened her hold abruptly, not enough to let go but enough for her to glare at Rei's lovely face. She pouted and frowned heavily before stating a firm "Iya' (no)" straightly to the raven-haired woman.

She was rewarded by a playful tap on her nose..

"Then why such a grim face?" Rei asked once more, tucked a few wild strands behind the maiko's ear.

Minako averted her face, once again snuggled closer to the other's neck. She seldom spoiled her self, but she would not miss a beat of a change whenever Rei showed a sign that she was allowed to be as spoil as a rich brat could be, and she would be just that in this very precious moment.

"You never…"

"Yes, Minako..?"

"You never said you love me." It was mainly true, the main reason she was having this paranoid was because her insecurity over Rei unstated love.

A blink, and another; then a smile of fondness, continued by a lift on Minako's chin, and she was gazing right through her priestess eyes, the brilliantly enchanting amethyst eyes.

"I love you." It was true. It was sincere. Rei had declared it.

And all of this beautiful scene, the very particular scene when Minako felt she had found a new light on her life, the scene when Rei stated her love, when the day was romantically set for only this, was witnessed by Hasunuma.


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