Title: The Last?

Author: DiamondOfOcean

Beta: Kate and Jenni ┬░cuddle┬░

Genre: Humour (a drabble is a humorous text with an unexpected ending and exactly 100 words)

Main character: Severus Snape

Rating: PG


The Last?

Severus Snape grasped at his chest. When he pulled his hand away, it was red; the liquid pooled down his slender fingers and ended up on the tiled floor.

He distorted his pale face. His black eyes reflected emotion after emotion.

Rage. Dismay. Bitterness.

This was the end? They had to separate already? He had to say goodbye now?

Severus pressed a thin napkin to his chest and hoped he could prevent the worst. But it was too late; nothing and nobody could help him now.

Damn! He had bought this cape a week ago! "God-damn ketchup," he moaned furiously.


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