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Epilogue – Anniversary for Derek and Addison (9 months later)

Derek nodded as he tried to speak quietly into the phone, "Listen Miranda, I know I'm putting you in an awkward position but just think, it's for Addison, she'll enjoy it. It will be wonderful and everyone will have a good time."

Derek smiled as he listened to Miranda grumble but finally acquiesce once he admitted that she would also be included in the festivities and the pampering.

As he hung up the phone he checked his watch and hoped that Mark could pull away from his new fiancée long enough to be able to help him with some last minutes details that he needed to give attention to.

Addison came down the stairs with a twin on each hip that started grinning as soon as they caught sight of their father. Addison smiled as she plopped the children into his arms and said, "They are yours officially for the day. Thanks for taking care of them and getting me a spa day for our anniversary, I don't know what else could be better than a day away from the office and the twins and just take some time to relax."

Derek smiled as he juggled his daughter, Jocelyn Renee Shepherd and his son, Gabriel Richard Shepherd who grinned and showed their matching set of dimples to their mother as they snuggled contentedly on their father's hip. Addison leaned in and kissed him softly, "Thank you for this spa day. I'll be back in plenty of time for dinner, are our babysitters lined up?"

Derek nodded and said, "Alex and Izzie are chomping at the bit to get their hands on our children. Something about needing practice, what have you heard about those two?"

Addison smiled a secret smile as she shrugged and said, "I know nothing."

The knock on the front door jolted Addison from their playfulness as she realized that they were no longer alone. She walked to the door and opened it wide as Callie and Miranda crossed the threshold in sweats and with their hair pulled back.

Addison stopped and turned back to Derek in shock and said, "What's all this about?"

Derek walked over to the door where her two closest friends were standing with eager grins on their face, "This is about you getting a spa day for you and your girlfriends. Ladies have fun and make sure my wife is home in one piece for our anniversary dinner."

Addison smiled as she leaned forward and kissed him softly on the lips and said, "I love you." She then leaned down and pressed a gentle kiss on her twin's heads before she turned to her girlfriends and said,

"Okay ladies, lead the way. I'm all yours."

Miranda nodded at Derek over Addison's head and said, "We'll be back in plenty of time."


Addison leaned back as she moaned in pleasure as the masseuse released all of the tension from her upper back and shoulders. She turned on her side and saw Callie sighing in glee as she said, "I actually think I'm starting to like that husband of yours. He can't cook but he certainly does have his uses."

Addison laughed as she turned her head around and saw Miranda staring at her masseuse in disbelief. She turned to Addison and said, "I don't know if I'm too comfortable with just any man releasing the knots in my back and shoulders, that's supposed to be what my husband is there for."

Addison cackled and said, "Oh just lie down and enjoy it Miranda. It's not every day that we are allowed to be pampered, and as tight with the dollar that Derek can sometimes be, him pulling out all stops to ensure that I had all of my friends with me was something over the top and I wasn't expecting. Lest we forget the fiasco I had trying to move him out of the trailer into a real home?"

Callie sighed and Addison turned back to her other friend and said, "What's on your mind?"

Callie shook her head and said, "I need to send Mark to one of these masseuse courses, my guy is amazing. He relieved me of stress in places I didn't know existed. What's next on our agenda?"

The masseuse above Addison was the one who answered that question, "Ladies, we are just getting started. After your massage you will be given a facial, a manicure and pedicure and then we will send you over to our hair salon for primping."

Addison smiled and said, "I love my husband."

Miranda moaned and Addison looked over at her in shock and sad, " Addison, I love your husband too. Lower that's the spot."

Callie laughed as she heard Miranda enjoying her massage and turned her attention back to the one she was receiving as she allowed the magic of the masseuse's fingers take her off to another place.

Addison laid back down on the table and felt herself start to drift off into slumber on the table.


Derek opened the door as he thrust his daughter into Mark's arms, "Mark, you were supposed to be here fifteen minutes ago."

Mark scowled as he positioned Jocelyn on his hip and said, "I'm sorry traffic was a bit…bitter trip."

Derek raised his eyebrow, "You better be glad that Addison wasn't here to hear you almost say that, she would've made you put some money into the swear jar."

Mark laughed as he shook his head, "Swear jar? As much as Addison likes to let those words fly, I know that you have enough in that jar to plan for your second and third honeymoons."

Derek shook his head as he patted his son on the chest trying to relieve the gas that was currently trapped in his chest that made him cranky. " Addison is a different person when she's around the kids; she hasn't put a dime into the fund. I on the other hand, am down almost $300.00"

Mark snorted and said, "You are down $300.00? I don't believe it, I would've placed money on Addison being the poor one after all of that but I guess there's just no accounting for personalities. So back to the business at hand, what's left to do before the girls get here?"

Derek rolled his eyes and said, "Women, Mark women. You better be glad that you were able to find a woman who could put up with your ways."

Mark smiled slyly and said, "Why do you think I asked the woman to marry me? Speaking of which, we need to go get fitted for our tuxes. Callie also wants the twins in the wedding and since its six months away she swears they will be walking by then and would look adorable in the outfits she has picked out."

Derek shrugged his shoulders, "If she wants to assume that Jocelyn won't throw an attitude mid-ceremony, it's on her. Now my son……"

Mark cleared his throat, "No distinctions and besides you know darn good and well that Jocelyn takes after you and Gabriel after Addison. That's actually the funny part; Gabriel looks like you with the personality of Addison while Jocelyn looks like Addison with your personality. I just feel sorry for you once you guys reach teen years."

Derek sat down and motioned for him to do the same as he said, "I'm going upstairs to put Gabriel to sleep but since Jocelyn is up you can keep her company while I get him situated and then we can handle the last minute errands I need help with."


"That does it; I'm dropping Mark for Derek. The man knows what the word pamper truly means."

Addison sighed as she sipped on her fruit juice and said, "Sorry ladies, he's taken. Besides, after the news I give him tonight I don't think you'll want him."

Miranda stilled the hands of the woman who was currently pedicuring her feet as she looked at Callie in question who just shrugged and said, "What news are you talking about?"

Addison grinned and said, "If you two can keep a secret, I'll tell you."

Miranda rolled her eyes and said, "Will you get on with it already?"

Addison sighed and said, "Well after the rheumatologist did my checkups he noticed something abnormal in my blood work and even though I was momentarily frightened, it turns out I'm pregnant again."

Callie laughed and said, "That's wonderful Addison but you already have two kids, are you sure you're ready for another one? Heaven forbid, what happens if they are twins again?"

Addison leaned back in her chair as the woman massaged the arch in her foot and said, "I trust Derek and I know that whatever life throws at us, we will deal with it together. Besides, what better anniversary gift could there be than letting Derek know that our family is going to expand again?"

"So I have the place, the food and the music but I need a song for us to dance on."

Mark sighed as he rolled his eyes, "Why didn't you tell me this sooner? I would've asked Callie to help me; I'm hopeless with that kind of stuff. I know who you can call though."

Derek reached for the phone and said, "Whoever it is, make sure they give me a good song. I don't want any old song for us to dance on, it has to be special."

Mark looked at him as he started dialing and met his eyes, "Have I ever let you down before?"

Derek paused and Mark looked at him preparing to see that old flicker of hurt but when it didn't come he exhaled happily and continued to dial while waiting for the person on the other end of the line to pickup.


Addison stepped out of the spa with her sunglasses over her face and her makeup impeccable. The spa had also boasted of a state-of-the-fashion boutique, that they simply had to try out. Addison walked in and instantly found the dress she was looking for. It was a hunter green full-length crepe gown that had a sheath skirt and a revealing plunging backline. Since those was the first time that she and Derek, had truly been out alone since the birth of the twins, she wanted to make sure she looked extra special.

Miranda and Callie came up behind her clutching similar type bags and Addison felt a tingling in the back of her mind, telling her that something was off but she was too happy with the day to worry about what could possibly not fit with the picture.

Addison sighed as she turned to her friends and said, "Next stop is lunch so tell me what you ladies have a taste for?"

Callie shrugged and sad, "As long as whatever I eat doesn't mess with my hairdo, manicure or pedicure I'm fine."

Miranda was in agreement with statement to which she uttered a firm, "Ditto."

Addison looked around the neighborhood that the ritzy spa was located in and said, "Hamburgers and fries?"

Miranda smiled as she looped one arms through Addison's while Callie took the other one and started walking. Callie piped up first, "Hamburger and fries are fine with me as long as they aren't McDonalds."

Addison threw her head back in full-fledged laughter as they walked towards their lunch and the rest of their day.

"Damn it Shepherd, you couldn't have waited for the girls to return to try to dress the twins. I love my nephew and all but I swear if he pees in my face one more time, I'm never talking to you or him ever again."

Derek shrugged as he tried to smother the laugh that was just at the surface, "You should see how many times, I've been hit when changing his diaper. It's almost like he tries on purpose to get me and it would always happen just as I'm finishing up getting ready for work so I'm forced to change into a new pair of clothes. I'm learning to keep an extra pair in the car, in my gym bag and my locker at work."

Mark scowled even as he finished closing the diaper on his nephew and said, "So Jocelyn is still asleep. Do you think she'll be cranky if we wake her up now?"

Derek nodded, "Yes she will, but we don't have any other option. We need to get out of here before Addison, Miranda and Callie get here."

Mark sighed, "Okay fine, but since I handled pee-freely over here it's your turn to handle Jocelyn. I told you she has your temper so you better watch out. Where's my tux, I'll go get ready while I'm waiting."

Derek shook his head and said, "Forget getting ready, I need you to keep in your street clothes until the last possible moment. With these two children you never know when an 'accident' might happen. Go make sure that the restaurant is prepared."

Mark started off and Derek called his name, Mark spun around and said, "What's up?"

Derek stopped reaching for Jocelyn as he turned to his friend and said, "Thanks. If a year ago, I thought I would be planning a surprise anniversary party for Addison and I and you would be helping me organize it I would think they were crazy but here we are, proof positive that love and friendship can conquer all. So thanks."

Mark snickered and said, "You just want me to make the toast at the restaurant don't you?"

Derek turned back his attention to his daughter after flipping his friend the finger.


Addison pulled up to the house and looked back at Miranda and Callie in question, "Its dark in there."

Miranda shrugged, "So maybe he got called to the hospital before dinner. I'm sure he left you a note or something."

Addison sighed and said, "You're probably right, I guess I just thought that he wouldn't work tonight but I can't be selfish, he's a neurosurgeon and one of the best. So when duty calls, duty calls."

Miranda placed a comforting hand on her shoulder and said, "Come on, let's see the note he left for you."

Callie exhaled a deep breath; she didn't like deceiving her friend, even if it was for a good cause so she had asked Miranda to do all of the lying. Miranda had smirked at her and said that she needed to grow up because it was for a good cause. It's not like she was keeping the truth of Derek's infidelity from her or something.

Addison opened the door and reached for the light switch and filled the dark home with light as Addison opened her mouth in shock. She turned to Miranda and Callie and said, "Do you guys see this?"

Callie poked her head over Addison's shoulder as she looked at the multitude of bouquets of red roses that were now overflowing her kitchen.

Miranda started to look around as Callie started counting and then turned to Addison with a smile, "12 bouquets of red roses,"

Addison sighed in happiness as she reached up to wipe a tear, "A bouquet of roses for each year we've been married."

Miranda smirked as she started looking for the note and after locating it handed it to her said, "I hope you guys aren't still married in fifty years."

Addison flinched in disbelief and said, "Why would you say that?"

Miranda gestured to her kitchen and said, "Can you imagine Shepherd trying to fit fifty bouquets of red roses in this tiny kitchen?"

Addison laughed as she spoke, "He's a brain surgeon he'll figure it out. Besides, I think its sweet, well ladies I guess that's it for us. I don't see a note from Derek so I'm guessing he's either at the hospital or en route to the restaurant."

Miranda shook the note that was in Addison's hand waiting for her reading and after reading it pronounced, "Yea he's en route to the restaurant; he wants you to meet him there."

Addison reached for the note and scanned it with curiosity,


Sorry I had to stop by the hospital to see a patient. I hope you enjoyed your time at the spa because our anniversary date is just beginning. You have one hour to get ready, (don't make a face at me) you know an hour is plenty of time. Invite Miranda and Callie to join you and pull out those new dresses that I'm sure you put on my tab.

Love Always,


Addison started to smile as she re-read the note over and over again and said, "This is so sweet, so girls I guess this isn't goodbye. Come on, we can get ready in my room."

Miranda nodded as the trio marched up to Addison's bedroom to start getting ready for her anniversary date with her husband.


"Damn it man, will you stop fidgeting? She will be here any moment now and if she's not, I warned you to give her longer than an hour to get ready, this is Addison we are talking about."

Derek rolled his eyes at his best friend as he looked towards the table where they were going to be sitting with the twins decked out in matching maroon, velvet evening wear. Derek couldn't stop taking pictures of their beautiful children and tried to act humble when everyone came by to congratulate him on his gorgeous children.

He checked his watch again as the door opened and Addison walked through the door. He stopped for a moment entranced by the sight of his beautiful wife. Dressed in a simple, elegant hunter green gown with her hair lifted away from her face in an elegant upsweep, she was by far the prettiest woman in the room and she still had the ability to take his breath away.

Derek started forward as he saw her scanning the crowd; he stopped in front of her with a grin. He rocked on his heels as he decided his next course of action. Addison looked at him in confusion, "What's wrong Derek?"

Derek shook his head, "You look so beautiful and I'm trying to decide whether I should kiss you or not. If I kiss you my carnal needs will be met but I'm also a selfish bastard and I want the whole world to see how beautiful you are and that you belong to me."

Addison smiled from the inside out as her love for him shone through her eyes as she looked her husband up and down before speaking, "You don't look so bad yourself Shepherd. I must admit, you've surprised me, I thought the spa and dinner was enough but this is turning out to be more than I expected. You are here dressed in a tux and I'm not looking too bad so I'm curious what happens next?"

Addison didn't have to wait long as the lights in the hotel dimmed and Addison noticed for the first time that the restaurant wasn't as busy as they normally were. She hadn't given a thought to process anything except for the man in front of her. As the lights slowly came back on she realized that she was in Derek's arms with him cradling her from behind as the restaurant lights came back on and she gasped in shock.

Addison stepped forward in the middle of the restaurant that had been transformed into a ballroom and started surveying the people at the tables who were all standing, applauding and smiling at them. Addison turned back as she felt the tears roll down her cheeks. She stood in the middle of the floor, transfixed on all the faces that she was bombarded with. Richard was there with Adele, Mark was holding on to Callie while Miranda was busy sneaking a smooch from her husband. Savvy and Weiss had made an appearance as well in addition to her mother-in-law and Nancy as she saw the happiness that resided in all of their eyes and smiled.

She turned back to Derek and said, "This is wonderful and so very special, thank you Derek."

She crossed the room and hugged him before pulling back and kissing him passionately. As his arms came around and settled at her waist, she opened her mouth up under his and grabbed onto the back of his neck as she tried to show him with her mouth all the things her heart couldn't say in this public place.

Derek pulled back and said, "If you do that again, I might have to end this evening a little early."

Addison leaned forward and whispered huskily, "That works for me," before leaning in and kissing her husband again.

The whistle cut through the boisterous clapping as Mark turned to Addison and Derek as he pulled Callie up and into his arms before speaking, "I just wanted to thank all of you for coming out to this anniversary party. I know it means the world to Derek and Addison, and after all of the obstacles they've overcome to be together I couldn't be happier for this two," He raised his glass and instructed everyone else to do the same, "To Derek and Addison."

'To Derek and Addison'

The sound of Derek and Addison caused Derek to squeeze Addison to his side tighter as she surveyed the restaurant and saw her children sitting happily in their high chairs. Addison started forward as she pressed kisses to their heads and said, "Derek, this is wonderful. There are no words to express how happy I am and how happy you made me. I never expected this in a million years, thank you."

Derek smiled as he held out the chair for his wife and after sitting her down he sat down himself and said, "This is only the beginning of our night Addison." He passed her a glass of champagne which Addison refused and said, "Sometimes, I might still need to breastfeed and I prefer that in not be in the twins system."

Derek raised an eyebrow in question but didn't comment any further as they started to enjoy their dinner.


As they finished up their dessert, music started to fill the room. Addison turned to Derek and said, "What now Shepherd?"

Derek stood up and held out his hand, "May I have this dance Mrs. Shepherd?"

Addison nodded as she stood up and placed her hand in his, "I'd be delighted Mr. Shepherd."

Derek pulled her into the middle of the ballroom as he pulled her back into his arms as the strands of the music started to make words, words that fit their relationship perfectly.

All the things you are to me, darling you have set me free
Always give you what you need and what you desire.

Derek held her in his arms and said, "I'll always be here for your Addison. I won't ever desert you, ever again, I will always been whatever you want, whatever you need and I want to be the only man that you desire."

All the joy and all this love, and all that it is from above
Now together there's enough to fill this world..

Addison laid her head on his shoulder and said, "All the love that we have between us, the love that we have for each other and our children, it's enough Derek. It's enough to fill every corner of Seattle and then probably Manhattan."

'Cause you are the love of my life, you are the love
of my life..and now we're man and wife.

All the things that you would do..you know I'm standing
next to you, darling I will see you through the rest.. of our
lives.. With you beside me I have won, I'm glad I waited for
so long, but there's no doubt that you are the one..for me.

Derek pulled back as he met Addison's eyes and said, "I'm here for the long run Addison. I know it might sound strange but I'm actually glad Meredith happened because; it took me to almost lose you for me to realize everything you meant for me. There's no doubt in my mind Addison, you are the one for me."

You are the love of my life, you are the love of my life..
and everytime, they'll be things, everything is gonna be fine..
Now you're in my life.

So I give you heart and soul, its yours to take wherever you go,
through the years you'll always know it's yours to keep. God has
blessed this sacred vow, Angels high above look down, see the two
of us we've found the perfect love

Addison moaned as she meet his lips in a breathtaking kiss and then smiled back at him with happiness shining through her eyes and said, "You have everything of me Derek. You have my heart and soul and whiter we build our family here in Seattle or wherever the years may lead us, I'm with you. I feel like we've found this perfect love and I don't want to ever lose it."

Derek kissed her softly and said, "We won't ever lose it Addison, we won't ever let anything touch our happiness."

Addison sighed as she laid her forehead against his chin and said, "Derek, I wanted to give you my anniversary present but it sorta pales in comparison to this surprise you've prepared for me."

You are the love of my life, you are the love of my life..
You are the love of my life, you are the love of my life..
Now we're man and wife..we're man and wife.
Now we're man and wife..we're man and wife..
We're man and wife..

Derek leaned back in question as he started stroking her face with his hand and said, "What's bothering my beautiful wife on this night so special for us?"

Addison took his hand and moved it down to her stomach, "Love of my life, we've created another one."

Derek felt the tears well in his eyes, "You're pregnant Addison?"

Addison nodded as they moved effortlessly across the floor not even noticing that the music had stopped and said, "We are going to have another baby. I hope you don't think it's too soon. The doctor said that since my lupus has been under control for these last couple of months that as long as I stay stress-free and keep with my checkups there's no reason, I can't have a normal pregnancy. Are you happy Derek?"

Derek pressed his lips to hers as he smiled in happiness, "Nothing can make me happier than you by my side for the rest of our lives with all of our children. Another child can only multiply that love if that's even possible."

Addison nodded as she looked into his eyes, "It's very possible."

Derek held her against his chest as they danced to music of their own long into the night.


Credits; Michelle Featherstone, We Are Man and Wife (email me if you want a copy of this song) Its pure love!

Also, I was so going to miss the Callie/Addison/Miranda trio so the beginning of the epilogue was dedicated to my girls. Sigh, if my Addie goes bye-bye this will be one of the things, I miss the most. Thoughts pretty please!