A/n: This fic is just something stupid I came up with. The chapters will be very short and very pointless. I warn you now, this is nothing serious, even though Doumeki dies. It works itself out, for some odd reason, it works itself out. Also the chapters are divided up into portions of a day. I didn't feel like cramming one day's worth into a chapter, so chapters will probably come in pairs or triplets. Okay enough rambling. Proceed.

"Do you have to do that?" Watanuki asked, as Doumeki crammed an entire rice ball into his mouth and didn't chew…just scarfed.

"I'm hungry." Doumeki answered back, in the midst of still digesting his umeboshi rice ball, but thankful that his lung passages were free so he could still speak. It was important to speak, because he was having lunch with Watanuki, and if he didn't talk back to Watanuki, it would be rude. He was a gentleman after all.

"Give me some of your tempura." Doumeki put his hand out, waiting for the tempura. It was also very polite to ask others for things you wanted.

Watanuki stared at him and didn't seem to appreciate the request.

Doumeki didn't understand how he couldn't appreciate it. At least he didn't grab it from his bento, like he usually did. Watanuki should really be thankful to him for that.

"You've got some nerve."

Doumeki not minding the psychological abuse served along with the tempura, crammed another rice ball in his mouth.

Watanuki made a face at him. "You eat like a kid."

"I have a fast metabolism."

"I don't mean it like that, you idiot!" Watanuki bellowed, looking completely put off by Doumeki's etiquette. "Where do your manners run off to when you have lunch with me, huh?"

"They're right here." Doumeki answered and shoved another rice ball in his mouth, but it was on this rice ball that something strange happened. Instead of going down his throat like all the normal, good little rice balls that had been here previous, this rice ball unlike its brothers didn't seem like it was going to give in without a fight.

Doumeki knocked his fist to his chest, but the little rice-ball-that-could still hung in there, clogging up his airways and making him cough.

"I told you not to eat so fast." Watanuki said, holding out his tea thermos. "If you choke to death, it'll be your fault." Watanuki chastised lightly, without realizing that at this very moment, Doumeki was indeed slowly being choked.

Doumeki slammed his fist to his chest and the abrupt motion startled Watanuki.

"What…?" Watanuki watched the other boy as he began to pound his fist to his chest, completely not saying anything and doing nothing else, but pounding his fist to his chest. His face also looked a bit red and it had come to Watanuki attention that Doumeki's face was never red. Only one color, and that it seemed physically impossible for that bastard to have a different shade, unless it was like a different shade of paler.

"Doumeki?" He put his hand on his shoulder, despite the cooty factor, and Doumeki's eyes still looked completely the same, still that tired, groggy face, only a bit red, and now a little bit blue. Doumeki tried to stand, like he was attempting to get away from him, but then he sat back down and then proceeded to pass right out.