Without Sight

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Warning: Contains soft boy to boy love.

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Chapter 3

After all of Yuuri's duties and training was lunch. The king admitted that he wasn't very hungry but because his fiancé has insisted on having lunch now made the double black boy agree. "Besides," the blonde spoke, as he led the king to the direction of the gardens, "you wouldn't want the maids to be inconvenienced by reserving lunch at an odd hour of the day. You may be the king, but I know you well enough that you're a wimp, and you'd rather go hungry than demand that of the maids. Even if you do have the right."

Yuuri smiled. He couldn't deny that. It's comforting to know somebody understood you and treated you like an equal.

Soon, he noticed that they were walking on soft grass, the sound tickling his ears. "Where are we going?"

"To have lunch at the gardens." He answered without hesitating in his stride. "I took the liberty of asking the maids to pack a basket for us along with an extra shirt for you. You're all sweaty in your uniform."

"Just the two of us?"

"Yeah. Any objections, wimp?"

"Just to your calling me a wimp." He wondered why they wouldn't eat with the rest of the royal entourage but Yuuri decided to wait for Wolfram to clear his confusion.

Wolfram slowed to a stop but did not let go of Yuuri's hand; the wimp might still trip. It's the truth that he was amazed with their training but that doesn't have much to do with this. He's no longer concentrating with the elements.

The blonde pulled the king to stand under the shade of a tree, "Stay there while I spread the blanket." He gave the king's hand a squeeze before letting it go.

Yuuri blushed, knowing how much the blonde took his safety seriously, more so that he's showing it rather openly. He heard Wolfram move around and walked toward the sound but his head hit a low branch.

He yelped, then quickly massaged his brow.

Wolfram stood in front of him, holding the king's shoulders at arms' length. "I thought I told you to stay there." His taunt was softened with concerned. "Let me see." He moved one hand to the king's forehead, pushing aside the fingers that were trying to ease the pain.

"Well, you're not bleeding. There could be a bruise later." The soldier declared. "You're not feeling dizzy or anything?"

"It wasn't that strong of an impact; I'm more surprised than hurt." He smiled in assurance, reaching forward to touch the blonde's face. "I should listen to you more often now, should I?"

The blonde leaned into that warm and firm hand, "You will see again."

"I'm hoping I will."

"I'm serious."

"So am I."

Silence stretched and Wolfram knew he should do something. He pulled out of Yuuri's touch to stand next to him. He motioned the king to the laid out blanket with his hand gently at the small of the double black boy's back. They sat down, and Wolfram handed the promised shirt to Yuuri.

The king dressed without asking or even considering the blush that unexpectedly crept up Wolfram's face. Once he got his arms into the long white sleeves of his shirt, he sighed contentedly and closed the buttons. He left three of them unfastened. He rolled up the sleeves to his elbows.

Wolfram stared. He has never seen Yuuri change with such grace.

He shook his head; what an odd thought?

Clearing his suddenly dry throat, he reached into the basket, retrieved their food and handed them to Yuuri's waiting hands. They ate in silence, save for the soft song of nature. Tranquil. That was the word to describe the moment. Who would have thought that earlier in their relationship, there were hot accusations and cold rejections? Now they're under the shade of a tree, just taking in the sensation of peace and contentment.

"Say, Wolfram, why are we not having lunch with the others?" Yuuri asked, then bit his sandwich.

"I just want to spend some time with you. Is something wrong with that?" The blonde huffed.

He just had to smile. This is right. This moment. Just right.

"What are you smiling about, wimp?"

"You. Is something wrong with that?"

Wolfram grunted, his words thrown back at him. "No, nothing is wrong. I love your smile."

The king blushed and distracted himself with his unfinished lunch. It suddenly felt awkward to be having such banter between them, even though they've been engaged for quite some time now. Wolfram never held back his emotions; he would say what he felt. Yuuri was always hesitant about his.

Yuuri knew he should say something. He's certain about his feelings, but the words hovered just beyond his reach. He bit into his sandwich and contemplated on the words. Before he knew it, the sandwich was consumed, but the words were still not there.

Wolfram handed him a cup of water.

Yuuri always tried to show his affections through light caresses and hugs. But he knew the blonde would rather hear the words. He likewise feared having to know the words, to have that as the only truth about his feelings. Or maybe he was just nervous. Blah!!! He just lost his trail of thought!

He sighed. He might have lost his mind with his sight!

Wolfram was repacking their basket when he heard Yuuri. He rolled his eyes, took the cup from Yuuri and closed the basket. Then he moved to sit directly in front of the other boy. Their knees touched.

Yuuri looked like he was backing away. But he was surprised. He has long forgotten of being afraid of the blonde. "Wolfram…"

Just his name. The blonde knew it was how it was spoken that has got him leaning into the double black boy, pressing his lips against the king's.

Yuuri sighed into the kiss. He has never been kissed before and the sensations were all too real. The blonde tried another angle and the feeling grew. Wolfram tentatively ran his tongue at the line between Yuuri's lips, seeking entrance. The king obliged, letting the kiss deepen. One of them moaned; it reverberated in their ears. Yuuri held the blonde's nape, pulling him closer. Wolfram caged his king's face with heated palms.

Yes, this is right, Yuuri thought. Will I ever see his face again? His emerald eyes? His sun-kissed hair? Will it all be just an image and forever stay like that?

No, he loves the man too much.

He gently pulled away, resting his forehead against the blonde's, his eyes kept close. "I don't think I can bear not seeing you again."

"No, Yuuri."

"I don't think I can bear having you as just an image from a memory." He swallowed. "I know you'll always be here with me, but I'd still rather—"

Wolfram cut him off with another kiss. The thought was ugly.

Yuuri pulled away, "I love you."

"And I love you. It doesn't matter if you'll never see again. I'm here."

Yuuri squeezed his already tightly closed lids, his breath coming hard between his lips. He thought that during the day, he was enjoying this blind issue. But this was just one day.

Wolfram pulled just far enough to look into the face between his hands. "Open your eyes."

"I'm not sure if I'm ready to find out."

"We'll face it together. I won't leave you."

"I don't know if I can."

"I'll help you."

Yuuri deeply breathed and tentatively opened his eyes.

The blonde knew then, as the king's eyes danced on him, that the spell has been broken.


Conrad was wiping at his lips with a linen square, just having finished his lunch with his mother. "I thought we agreed never to meddle with others' personal lives."

"I couldn't help it. It was just a mild potion from Gisela, nothing permanent. Besides, he learned more, didn't he?" the previous Maou answered.

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