Alaia Skyhawk: Well here is my Zelda Windwaker Story. It's set four years after the end of the game. Also, I'd like to mention that the islands will be bigger than what they are in the game. It always made me wonder how such small islands could support even the small number of people you see, considering they would have little room for farming, and there's the mention that the sea has no fish in it (Treasure hunter guys and Ganon both mention it). Anyway, because of that the islands are all a lot bigger, after all, they're supposed to be the tops of mountains... they were small tops if you ask me...

Disclaimer: I don't own the Zelda series or anything associated with it. I do however own this story and any OCs, so please don't steal them.


Summary: With Ganondorf gone and Hyrule washed away, peace has come to the Great Sea... but all is not as it seems... the gods saw more in a wish than what was said... and so a time of unexpected changes will begin...


Chapter 1: Let the Story Begin, with a Present.


The waves shifted... flowing in a never ending dance of water, sweeping from horizon to horizon. Dotted here and there with islands that were once the tops of the mighty mountains of Hyrule, a land now lost, gone forever. A land washed away by the power of the gods... at the will of one man... Despite what may have been assumed, he was not a man of evil, quite the opposite. This was a man who seeing the Great Evil, Ganondorf, cling to his malign intentions to rule Hyrule as his reason for living, had realised that he too had lived bound to the forgotten kingdom... and that it was time to let the past go... And thus with a single wish upon the Triforce, the golden power left behind by the Golden Goddesses when they departed from Hyrule after its creation, the sea enveloped the once great kingdom, and began to wash it away... His prize snatched from him, Ganondorf turned his anger on those closest... The Hero of Winds, there to stop him, and the formerly lost Princess of Hyrule, whom had been Ganondorf's prisoner. In the battle that followed the evil man was stuck down by the strength of the two friends, and the power of the Master Sword, the Blade of Evil's Bane. In his dying moments, as his spirit began to depart to eternity, he seemed to finally find peace... in the breath of the wind blowing across his face like a benediction... from a world that had suffered at his hand, and yet had acknowledged that power can corrupt, that he used to be a man of honour... who lost himself to a desire to be strong...

It had been four years since that day. Four years in which many changes have come to the Great Sea. After spending a year sailing the seas, the princess, Tetra Zyara Hyrule, decided that it was time to accept her duty and take up her place as Queen. Shortly after she called together representatives from each of the islands and tribes. That day the Declaration of Unity was signed and the people united to a common banner... The Crest of Hyrule. In the three years that have followed, many of the old Moblin watchtowers were converted into trading outposts and with the help of Medli, attendant to the Guardian Spirit of the Sky, Lord Valoo, the old Hylian language was now being taught to the people of the Great Sea so that it would always be a part of the new Kingdom of Hyrule. As for the legend of the Hero of Time, no longer was it ended with, 'what became of that kingdom... none remain who know', but with, 'the kingdom was sealed away at the bottom of the ocean... to await the day when its slumber would end and peace return'... The truth of their history was now known to them, and they were ensuring that it would never again be forgotten.

As for the Hero of Winds... after his travels with the princess he spent two years helping her to found the new kingdom and solidify the ties between the islands. When the work was done, he returned home... to Outset Island... The place where his incredible journey had begun.

The waves washed gently against the shore of the island, graced by the light of the noonday sun. It was made up of two halves, linked by a length of wooden walkway. The south side of the island was dominated by the soaring cliffs that ascended nearly four hundred feet to the summits of the two flat-topped peaks, which were linked by a wood-and-rope bridge that connected the western peak and its path to the summit, with the eastern peak and its forest, which was otherwise unassailable. The north side however was fairly flat, only twenty meters above sea level at its highest, sloping down to the water's edge in a series of terraces, many with their own house and adjoining vegetable garden. The remaining terraces were covered in rows of small, stocky trees which on the Great Sea were referred to as Weed Trees, because they grew like weeds... Within hours of them being cut new ones would start to grow, reaching maturity in just a few days. These trees provided the inhabitants of the Sea with a steady supply of fire wood, as well as the bark, whose fibres could be woven into cloth or twisted into rope, and the soft inner pith which when dried could be ground into flour to make bread and other baked goods.

The island was one of the largest on the Great Sea. It extended for almost half a mile north to south, and a little over a mile east to west, with the peaks taking up two thirds of that area. The village of Outset consisted of nearly fifty houses and their gardens. Among these could be found the local weaver and blacksmith, the carpenter and the doctor. A narrow walkway stretched out from the eastern island leading to a lookout tower, the island's docking pier extended from the beach of the other. On a small promontory overlooking the dock was a house with a wooden balcony, upon which sat a young man, stitching the hem of a sail.

Link looked up from his work and looked down at the beach. The sea farming season was about to start and so the majority of the villagers were assembling the large floating platforms that would be moored in a pattern of blocks around the island. They were made up of a simple wooden frame with a grid work of wooden strips making up the bottom to support the thick layer of cloth that would line the frame. In this they would put a thin layer of sand, only half an inch thick, into which they would plant the seedlings of the sea water crops that had been set away a month before in the troughs of seawater that had been set up outside of all the houses in the village. These were now crammed to the brim with seedlings, each trough holding enough to fill several of the frames that, when not in use, were stored in the large barn like building on the highest terrace, well away from the water where they would dry out and be preserved until they were brought back out the following year.

He brushed a stray strand of his blond hair out of his eyes. As he continued to watch, the villagers clipped the cloth lining into place and fixed the walking planks at intervals across the frame. With that they pushed the frame into the water and out to the edge of the several other water and sand filled frames that were already moored there. He watched as they dropped the platform's anchors, two rocks on tethers fixed to opposing corners, into the water then tied the two linking ropes from the corners on one side, to the neighbouring platform. This done, they returned to shore as some of the other villagers ran along the walking planks of the platforms out to the newly placed one and began tipping the bags of sand they carried into it. He shook himself.

Come on, Link. Sitting around daydreaming isn't going to get the Red Lion finished.

He fixed his deep green eyes back on the sail in his lap and began sewing the hem once more. A few months ago he had designed and begun building a new ship for himself, and this sail was needed to finish it. To be truthful this was only a spare sail, but Link would not consider the ship ready until its full set of gear was complete, including spares. After an hour of concentrated sewing, Link cast off the end of the thread and folded up the now completed sail. He stood up and looked down at the boatshed he had built before starting the project. It was a simple structure, just a set of walls with a peaked roof, built on top of a convenient crescent of rocks. The inside had a platform around the edge leaving an expanse of water in the middle. In it rested the Red Lion, his new ship. Named after the now departed King of Red Lions, the alias of Daphnes Nohassen Hyrule. The man whom had made that fateful wish upon the Triforce to wash away the kingdom of old. In the back of the shed, on a rack, was the boat that had been the vessel for the man's spirit over the two thousand years or so that had passed since the Sealing. Over the last few years Link had realised that the small boat was no longer a practical vessel for him. He now kept it out of the water, after also discovering that the boat was decaying in places, to preserve the only remains of the once great king. He eventually hoped to build a memorial somewhere, within which he would put the boat... but until then it would just have to stay where it was.

In a single smooth motion he vaulted over the rail and landed neatly on the beach two metres below. He walked over to the shed and entered through the door on its side. Once inside he stopped to admire the ship within. It was a twenty-two foot long sloop of a sleek design. It was built to combine both speed and a moderate cargo capacity. Link's taste for sailing meant he would never be the type to stay put on an island so he had negotiated an agreement with the Rito Postal Service. Any parcels that were too big for the postal flyers to carry would now be conveyed by him while he sailed around the Great Sea. He would of course take breaks now and then to explore, but he still had to consider his family. He needed a reliable way of making a living... adventuring and treasure hunting would only get him so far and was too unpredictable to say the least. The Rito had been happy with the arrangement, the postal fees for the parcels would be given to the Service while Link would receive a set regular wage every month, with extra money added based on the number of packages he transported during that month, just as it was for the postal flyers.

Link stepped nimbly across the gap and landed on the ship's deck. Heading to the ship's bow, he lifted the forward hatch and descended the steps to the cabin compartment, lifting a second floor hatch he climbed down the short ladder to the storage space below. Finding the right crate he put the spare sail away and climbed back up to the deck. After one final look around he jumped back over to the walkway and headed for the door, pausing for a moment at the door to look at the canvas covered shape at the rear of the shed. He sighed, a look of regret in his eyes, and went through the door. He set off at a steady pace along the beach to where the path up to the first terrace started, waving at the people on the beach as he passed. He was almost to the turn off leading back to his house when a familiar voice called out. He looked ahead to see his little sister, Aryll, charge down the porch steps and along the path towards him.

"Big Brother! Did you forget again? It's your birthday!" She slammed into him and gave him a big hug. She was twelve years old now and had gotten a lot taller, though she was still shorter than him. She looked up at him with a grin on her face. "Happy sixteenth birthday Link!"

He blinked as he had a wrapped parcel shoved at his face. Taking it from her, he unwrapped the canvas from around the object. It was a brand new telescope made of polished dark wood with brass fittings. He gave her a hug.

"Thank you, Aryll. Is this from both you and Grandma? It must have been very expensive."

Aryll shook her head.

"Nuh uh... its' from everyone in the village. We thought you would need one of your own for your trips since you gave mine back to me."

He chuckled.

"So that's why everyone has been giving me funny looks, they were all in on it. I'll have to go round the village later and thank everyone."

Aryll grabbed his hand and began dragging him towards the house.

"Come on, Big Brother. Grandma is making our favourite soup!"

Laughing at his sister's enthusiasm, Link let himself be pulled down the path. As they entered the house, something very large watched them from high on the peak above, obscured from view by the trees of the Fairy Forest.


Alaia Skyhawk: I'll leave it at that for now. I picked 2000 years as a time frame since in regard to when Hyrule was sealed away The King of Red Lions said that 'hundreds of years have passed since then' (scene where you find out Tetra is the princess) and I decided that that was the best length of time for certain plot points in the story and also some character details I've had to work out. Well I hope you like this, I'll update in a few days.